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Jupiter moves into Leo July 16, 2014
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The next two weeks are very active astrologically and it’s actually quite exciting. Lots of shifts are happening now that represent how we are thinking, feeling and moving in new directions.

Now that Mercury has moved into Cancer from Gemini, it’s a good time to trust how information comes into your life and arrives on your doorstep. Trusting your intuition is heightened now.

There are a myriad of ways information can come into your life and impact your next steps. Whether it be through google search, or being lead from one subject to another by clicking around on wikipedia, or how people share information on social networks, whatever you encounter trust the process. Your intuition will lead you in the right direction.

Also pay close attention to who the information comes from. Pay particular attention to maternal figures, those who have a motherly disposition and a nurturing quality to their personality. Those who have a caring intention to what they have to share with you can bring you much to think about.

Trust information that comes to you in dreams and in the ponderings and musings at night. Writing in the comfort of your bed is also a good choice. Putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, in a free flowing, automatic writing approach can have you getting the information out that is important. Many will find their interest in dream interpretation peaks. Get to know what the symbols mean on a personal level.

It’s a great time for creative writing. Putting energy and intention into writing will feel blessed. Imagination and fantasy are heightened with Mercury connecting beautifully with Neptune in Pisces. How the information arises and flows, how it merges and comes out of thin air or bubbles up from the depths of your subconscious mind will be a great exploration now.

A big mover this week, Jupiter into Leo on July 16, is highly anticipated by many. It’s certainly a wonderful time for hopefulness, vitality, generosity, passion and optimism. We are entering a time where we are able to bring more confidence into the world and express ourselves more authentically and true to ourselves with courage and boldness.

The heart will be so important during Jupiter in Leo. Enjoy a heart healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet. Open your heart working with the heart chakra. Smile into your heart and hug people more. Feel the energy of love radiate and share your warmth with others. The desire and will work together to give and receive love. When you open your heart you open up to the truth.

The Sun, ruler of Leo, is also associated with the solar plexus chakra. Explore these more during your meditations, opening up to a feeling of abundance to these centers of your body. beginning a yoga practice of Sun Salutations is an excellent way to get connected to your inner light.

With Jupiter in Leo it’s a time to be creative, spontaneous and fun loving. Many will feel the urge over the next year to travel to warmer locations, places where you know you’ll be focused on fun and sunshine.

If you notice that some people are very boastful and seeking attention, arrogant and egotistical, know that it is just a heightened expression of Leo energy. Some people need to go to the extremes a bit before they recognize in themselves where they can most effectively use the energy in the best way. So, the pendulum may swing but it will balance as people learn to integrate this energy in their lives.

It’s best to hold a feeling of abundance now so that you can feel that confidence radiate into all that you do.

However, note that with overconfidence and high expectations some people may become lazy because they are just waiting for good things in life to find them. Don’t expect everything to magically fall into place without some help from you doing the leg work. Being lazy for long is not actively expressing your abundance and the energy will just build and could lead to over compensation in an attempt to find balance.

Jupiter in Leo is a very active energy and tuning into actively reaching for bigger possibilities for your life gets you on the right track. It's a time to radiate joy and to be giving. By using the abundant Jupiter in Leo energy well, you'll find you can make things happen, step by step, and growth with multiply. Gratitude will be your ally.

Learning through dramatic, creative inspired displays are enticing. Going to  enjoy theater, performances and movies with the scintillating, lavish spectacle will be a pleasure inspiring you to be more outgoing and abundant in your own personality. It’s a great time to wear reds, yellows, oranges and purples are good for raising our energy and reflecting feeling more alive and energized. Be courageous and live from your heart.

Although the energy is high, pace yourself. Overexertion can suddenly bring you out of balance. Ensure that you don’t overtax your heart by going all out and pushing yourself too hard. It's a good time to be heart healthy with joyful exercise and a diet that supports a healthy circulatory system.

Venus also enters Cancer this week to join Mercury. Venus in Cancer brings a lot of love energy into the family and home. Beautifying your home will continue to be an inspiring way to clear up your energy. I spoke of how moving furniture and purging your personal space has been important building up to the Full Moon in Capricorn a few days ago. Having a home space that feels neat, tidy, purified and beautiful helps to establish a healthy place for clearer thinking, better intuition to flow and for the auspicious energy to flow between you and those you love, especially those in romantic relationships.

Good energy at home will also help dissipate any challenges at the end of the week. It’s possible for tension to arise where right and wrong become an issue, where core values can be tested and where one’s feelings disagree with another’s thoughts. Beautifying and putting love into your home environment will help the energy to stay balanced and become resolved more easily.

At the very end of the week Saturn stations direct in Scorpio. I spoke of Saturn quite a bit in the Full Moon in Capricorn horoscope posted a few days ago you may enjoy reading. You may notice a shift in your perception of time as the week ends. We can make time more of an ally than an obstacle. Going with the current of time and working with it, rather than fighting against it, is a valuable lesson. Where have you learned you need to be more responsible in your life so you can have the life you want? Now you can use the lessons with greater intention towards manifesting what you desire. Karma and debt have been big lessons for many. Are you ready to turn over a new leaf?

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

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Aries: It’s a great time for you to focus on productivity. If you need to take a day off to get to other things that have needed your attention, go for it. It’s okay to put your needs first. Being the leader that calls the shots in your own life encourages an effective use of your willpower. Taking action on your own behalf brings you through the week with a renewed zest for life and confidence that leads to bigger and better possibilities. Make it fun, like a game, and you’ll feel like a winner.

Taurus: Talking about and thinking about money matters is a good way to gauge your sense of comfort with your lifestyle. Home decor, gardening, landscaping and all things around the home get lit up. Check out magazines and websites about interior design. Think big and beautiful. Get your creative juices flowing. Pondering exotic vacationing spots is inspiring. Dressing bright and colorful, even loud, is a lot of fun. This type of outlook leads you towards feeling more abundant. Laughter at home is good for the soul.

Gemini: There’s no place like home. You may feel a bit like a homebody this week, but you will also have an increased desire to chat about big ideas.Your ideas can be highly subjective now, so creative brainstorming is an excellent use of time. Pay attention to your dreams, especially around themes of security and money. Throwing coins into a water fountain is a nice symbol of good luck this week. Watching foreign films will hold special messages.

Cancer: Go for a drive to get a fresh perspective. Bathing with essential oils and drinking herbal teas will be good for your body and mind this week. Daydreaming about future possibilities brings hidden meaning. Your dreams may have a sci-fi quality. It is the end of a cycle for you, but the beginning of new potential in your finances and sense of security. It’s time to expand on what you have. Think big and expect the best to help lead you to a place of greater joy.

Leo: You’re the big star this week. With Jupiter entering your sign for a year you are full of potential. The blessings you have start with you. Think bigger and better about yourself and you’ll radiate joy. Have fun learning lots of new information to help you become wiser. You may have the urge to travel, so start saving. If you have conversations this week, bring your light to them to avoid disagreements. This week you should have fun with a new look, something that speaks to who you want to be this year. Amethyst is a good stone for you to carry this week.

Virgo: Talk to lots of people this week, especially those that you know respect you and hold your values. The common bond helps elevate the conversation to new heights. Who you choose to be around should be largely guided by what feels right. Trust your intuition. Your spirit gets renewed this week. A feeling of excitement and abundance should capture your soul. Having a sacred space that is theatrical and decorative is a place that will bring you much wisdom. Fast paced yoga could be your ticket to renewed energy.

Libra: If you’re feeling like you have a lot of energy work is not the place to vent. Bringing solitude and tranquility with a glimmer of light helps calm the waters. Going for a brisk swim in the sun will help dissipate your energy and ease your mind. Learning about exotic cultures, and finding your commonalities with foreign people and places opens you up to a new way of viewing the world. This is a new turning point for you to become more actively involved in expanding who you hang out with that have similar goals. It can make your life a lot more fun and dynamic. The future is big.

Scorpio: Your interest in learning gets a boost. Feeling engaged with the flow of life and where it takes you teaches you a lot of meaningful insights. Your wisdom grows this week. Participate in life’s creation. Romance novels may call you, while the beauty of the arts should be sought by others of your sign. At the end of the week you get a turning point. You’ll have a moment of self-realization. Who you are changes and you know that your karmic direction is shifting. Be patient. Take your time to integrate lessons.

Sagittarius: It’s a fantastic time for you to be participating in life. You should definitely lean towards your creative side. You’re now beginning a new phase of empowerment that brings greater meaning to your life. You may have a lightbulb moment that has you take note that there is a shift happening that is bringing you through the halls of wisdom where the doors are ready to open for you. Trust your passions and your ability to be a leader. Your humor is an asset that people will appreciate as well. Smile.

Capricorn: Your insights are your key to transformation. Your big ideas are born from a deeper, subconscious place that bubble up to the surface now. There is a dance of active and receptive qualities to this week where gears shift around you and within you. Your internal wisdom starts to become reflected and explored in the world of everyday reality. You may notice the karmic tides shift this week with those you spend time with. You’ll want to be around those that have similar aims. It’s a good time to explore your resources to help build a more exciting future.

Aquarius: This week starts off feeling very personal. Trust your intuition and your dreams early in the week. Getting your thoughts in order and creating a plan and process is good for you this week, it helps you feel collected and grounded. Order, coupled with a healthy acceptance of going the flow, helps you immensely. Focus on the blessings that others bring to your life and you will grow together. People who have leadership qualities are most attractive and inspiring now.

Pisces: Mercury and Venus both enter your fellow water sign Cancer this week, which is delightful news for you. There’s a lot of beauty in life and you can appreciate, or even create, stunningly beautiful art and poetry now. Tap into your intuition and creativity will find you. This week also starts off a very wonderful time of actively engaging in life with enthusiasm that grows. Get yourself in order, and you will be lead to greatness. The work you do will become increasingly evident in meaning and purpose. Your karma and wisdom is shifting gears for the better.

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