Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for July 21 to 27, 2014

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Just before the week begins we have Saturn in Scorpio shifting gears. After many months of being retrograde, Saturn now begins traveling direct and will retrace his steps he went over during his retrograde phase. All the deep, internal lessons we’ve learned about time, karma, debts, money, accessing resources, and the big questions about purpose, life and death now get their final push towards helping us to realize the value of time and what we put our energy towards. Where you’ve personally felt stuck will ease and you’ll be able to rise above your limitations.

As the week begins Uranus in Aries stations retrograde on July 21. Few surprises will arise in what we start, but they’ll be more subtle. It’s a time to become more insightful and conscious of who you are and how you understand your identity. Who you really are, rather than who you’ve be told you should be, becomes increasingly important as you get to understand yourself more honestly.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22, and meets Jupiter in Leo on the 24th. This is a lucky day that is auspicious and an excellent time to start something new that is intended to bring more light and abundance into your life. If you’re optimistic this week you’ll be right in tune with the blessings that are available to you.

There’s a lot of positive energy now in Leo. Many will have an aura of happiness now. Who you are gets to be expressed more fully and honestly without fear of judgment. Looking on the bright side leads to increasingly optimistic experiences.

It’s important to nurture your inner child. Play and feel free so your persona shines, which will attract blessings. Enthusiasm for life will abound.

It’s easy now for people to get distracted by excessive external fun and entertainment. With a strong desire for action and joy, going within may be less of a priority for many people now. But because it is a time when consciousness is raised, it’s important to find that time to honor self-awareness.

It’s a time to feel empowered, courageous and strong in who you are. If this doesn’t sound like you, figure out how you can harness that energy. Positive self-talk and affirmations can help boost your way of thinking about life and yourself. Clothes, jewelry, flowers and decor with brighter colors, especially oranges, reds, yellows are good to raise your spirits. Fragrances of orange, tangerine, mandarin and lavender will boost your mood. The New Moon in Leo connects with the Sun and Jupiter to end off the week encouraging fresh starts with abundance and optimism in mind. It's a time of power, status and prestige for many as well.

Also, near the end of the week, Mars will leave Libra and enter Scorpio on the 25th finding his way towards Saturn in Scorpio over the coming weeks. What you put your energy towards can come back multiplied. The law of attraction gets a boost. Your actions demonstrate to the universe where you are willing to change. Bursts of energy and determination helps you rise higher than before.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

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Aries: You may find you like yourself more than usual. Give yourself a few kind, authentic words to raise your self-esteem. You deserve a pat on the back. Sunstone and citrines are a great choice of gemstones to carry or wear this week. Mood is everything. Quickly deal with any personal, home related matters so you can go out and live it up. An infusion of direct attention into your financial picture helps you realize what wealthiness means to you. If you feel irritable this week, get more rest and try not to be snappy.

Taurus: You could have a lot of fun in the comfort of your own home. Make your space more alive and vibrant this week. Open the blinds, add some colorful pillows to your couch, put some cheerful music on. You may become attracted to the mysterious this week and find new energy in the dreamspace. Browsing a dream dictionary will be fun. Talking about the things you love and believe in gives you greater faith in your ability to receive. It’s a good time for you to write about your feelings, hopes and wishes.

Gemini: This is a good week for you to investigate your financial picture. How your day to day routines have a direct impact on your finances is highlighted. Also consider how other people’s big picture ideas don’t always jive with yours. Trust your own instincts in making decisions and you could kick off a bit of a revolution to how you deal with using your time to ensure best results. The top of the mountain is within sight. Plan your climb and focus on stable footing.

Cancer: This week, your frame of mind can be set right to help you realize it’s not necessary to be so serious about yourself. What matters is that you love and are loved. Positive thoughts about yourself can help you let go of doubts and inhibitions that have held you back, especially from creativity and fun. Trust your instincts in preparing for a fresh start in how you relate to the world. A prosperous attitude leads to stronger foundations. Art is good for your self esteem now.

Leo: It’s such a brilliantly auspicious week for you. Leo’s don’t need to gloat. When you’re confident and being your best, everyone recognizes you’ve got it goin on. This week just be you and you’ll radiate. If something doesn’t feel right and doesn’t energize you, let it go to make room for what does. The New Moon at the end of the week gives your glowing personality a boost of freshness. An abundant new beginning is yours. Delight in existence and your happiness grows.

Virgo: Talking about your feelings with friends and groups you are a part of is time well spent this week. Ask lots of questions. Interact with the world. Matters that make a difference, such as humanitarian causes, are an important part of your learning now. A lot of the ethics you ascribe to today may trace back as far as your childhood. The New Moon will bring to light faith in yourself you have forgotten for a long time. Start asking what role you play in your destiny.

Libra: Mars has been in your sign for many moons. At the end of this week he moves into Scorpio, finally. This will put more emphasis on your ability to take care of yourself and make money. Having the energy of a detective will work well for you. The relentless pursuit of leaving no stone unturned is a good approach for you this week. Speaking with bright coworkers, friends and colleagues could be the beginning of a prosperous shift for you.

Scorpio: Saturn is now direct and Mars enters your sign this week bringing you a new focus of energy. Being ambitious and driven will be the best use of your time. If confidence has been an issue, or social anxiety, or doubts about yourself, you should find yourself accessing new ways to empower yourself and move forward. Exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood and esteem. Positive quotes, and words of wisdom will uplift you. Career matters and higher aims get a fresh start when you exemplify courage and strength.

Sagittarius: It’s a good week to think about travel plans, especially to somewhere that has a lot of fun in the sun. If you are thinking of going back to school to get your college diploma or university degree, this is a good time to consider the options. However, the best use of your time may just be to promise yourself to start having more fun in life. Enthusiasm and humor are where you thrive. Reading a good book of philosophy while lying on the beach will be perfect for you.

Capricorn: You may not know what others are thinking all the time, but you can get pretty close by observing how they express their feelings. Instead of playing a guessing game, go with your gut. You may also find yourself particularly fond of talking about, or observing, romantic moments. Speak kindly and compassionately of others and you’ll create a special karmic bond that matters in the future. You may find the law of attraction as the perfect ally to starting fresh on the New Moon.

Aquarius: All of us are getting a positive boost from the Sun and Jupiter in Leo this week. You realize the significance of the people that matter to you this week. Sharing positive energy with others grows in abundance and leads to new beginnings that light up your life. Your self-talk this week shifts. Self affirming notes and reminders around you will help you feel more energized. Look for the light in others and you’ll feel illuminated. Practical meditation techniques are good for you this week. Focus on love and heart centered meditations.

Pisces: How lovely. Venus and Neptune reveal to you much beauty this week. Having fun dressing in nice clothes will be good for your spirit. Surround yourself with purples. Lavender bubble baths and amethyst stones are good for you now. Focus on creativity and be a big kid again. For the New Moon, a course of action in life that is practical and focused on a step by step approach towards abundance is best. All the world is a stage and you are the set designer.

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