Weekly Astrology Horoscopes July 7 to 13, 2014

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Temple of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn)
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We are building towards the Full Moon in Capricorn at the end of the week on Saturday. As the Moon continues to grow it is a symbol for us all to continue on the path towards our own ambitions and goals. Press forward and climb that mountain.

To start off the week the Moon is in Scorpio and reaches harmony with the Sun on Monday. This is a great time to set yourself up to have your emotional needs in harmony with the goals you have for the week. Your intuition is the best prompt for taking the right action.

The atmosphere at the beginning of the week with Venus and Uranus relating in harmony, is perfect for sharing your love. It’s a great time for spontaneous romance with your partner or suddenly saying yes to going on a blind date. Expressing a naturally caring and comforting attitude will show off your assets. Your love and sensitivity will help keep the energy light and fresh.

As the week progresses, we continue moving towards the Full Moon and the energy builds. The Sun in Cancer, of course is a significant factor in this Full Moon, and connects with Uranus and Saturn in the middle of the week. Having the comfort of your own space in your home is essential now. A place where you can feel you can be independent and think freely and have your own time will be good for you. By asking yourself what you want and can achieve, and what your goals are, you will gain clarity and self-respect. If you’re career or goal oriented, make room for personal space to work on your projects with a balance of “me-time.”

Self-responsibility should be a priority during the middle of the week as an important part of your declaration of self-worth and ability to achieve. Procrastination is not a good idea this week, it will just make you feel heavy, full of doubt, and out of sync. Being responsible brings wisdom and healing this week.

Time, and use of time, is up for consideration this week. Use it wisely. There is no need to rush, but know that honoring time will give you a greater sense of accomplishment this week.

Set your intentions to moving towards greater stability and the right actions will reveal themselves. You can manifest your reality, one step at a time.

Many of us will get reminders during this Full Moon that we’ve grown up a lot and are moving on towards our own goals since the challenges and tension presented in mid to late April when the Grand Cardinal Cross had its peak.

It’s important to look up and acknowledge the beauty of the Moon as it grows this week. Yes, having goals are good. Getting yourself on track is great. But, being in tune with the big picture of life is also very important to give you perspective of what life is all about. So, take breaks and consider what it’s all for. Knowing what matters can be a big realization for many this week. This will help many realize what goals are really worthwhile and what results are intended in the grand scheme of things. Know that all things come in cycles. Go for what you want, but also honor yourself and your movement through life in the process. It all happens one step at a time and there is always a need for balance.

Mercury enters Cancer at the end of the week on Sunday, July 13 where matters of comfort and home come into focus.

Carrying a hematite stone is a great choice to help you feel grounded and present in the moment. Moonstone and sunstone are also good choices now to create harmony and balance of yin and yang. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas, and take breaks. Step outside in your bare feet and connect with the earth.

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Thank you so much for reading, sharing and enjoying. Have a wonderful week.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

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Aries: You’re heading towards finding your balance this week; a balance of energy and motivation. Seek out what it is that gets you interested. Honesty and truth are important for you so don’t be afraid to work towards ensuring that is a priority for those you connect with. You’ll feel lightest in the comfort of your personal space. Home is where the heart is. If there are any challenges at work, bring your best foot forward and your reputation at work can transform for the better. Choose to share lightness and a feeling of comfort.

Taurus: The beginning of the week asks you to learn by connecting to others on a karmic level. Sun salutations by the lake would get you in tune this week. With your feet on the ground and your head in the sky, you reach heights of wisdom only the body-mind connection can bring. Drink plenty of fresh water, and herbal teas. Writing with a fountain pen will help keep your pace up with your flow of thoughts. Uplifting messages will arise. Lots of learning gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Gemini: You’re smart enough to get on the right track this week. Your feelings will help guide you towards putting all the right steps in place. Practicing gratitude and your own unique take on the law of attraction would start the week off nicely. Be willing to take a look at what external resources you need to achieve your aims. Having a bright disposition, and feeling good about where you stand, helps you to be able to accomplish a lot. Ask and you shall receive.

Cancer: You should start your week tapping into a creative streak. You may find the night to be most inspiring. Later this week the Sun in your sign stands directly across the sky from the Full Moon in Capricorn. Have your eyes, ears and heart open. Other people can transform you immensely. Your intuition should start to peak and other people will give you omens and signs. Listen closely. Be an observer and take it all in. You’re growing towards your higher aims.

Leo: Theater was once the cream of the crop in dramatic art form before television, radio and all the other offshoots. There is something magical about the patterns of practicing, repeatedly going through the motions, and memorizing lines. It’s very much like a ritual of sorts. In fact, many ancient rituals were practiced in highly theatrical ways with costumes and props for an intended goal. How you demonstrate your daily routine speaks volumes to what you're manifesting this week. Bring forward a greater expression that speaks to you personally and that supports your goals.

Virgo: If you speak honestly about your feelings, you’re bound to make a shift worth your time. Too often people bury their feelings. Talking about emotional concerns will help clarify them and bring you forward with the intention of improving your karmic debts for a lighter future. Be careful that you don’t judge yourself too much in the process. If you can focus on letting go of the past so you can lighten your load and your spirit, the end of the week will have you feeling more fulfilled and accomplished. Life is meant to be fun.

Libra: Out there, millions of miles away is the Sun. The Moon is our most personal heavenly body, outside the earth. This week, they relate as a symbol of goals that lead to personal satisfaction. If you have home renovation projects, or need even minor changes to your personal space, work towards ensuring that you make one key achievement. Complete a task at work, that you’ve been wanting to accomplish and you’ll feel it’s worth the effort. The comfort you crave sets in after the tension has been used towards good aims. It’s all part of the balance.

Scorpio: The week begins with your intuition as a key to your learning about yourself. But what does that really mean? Well, turn off the external distractions, close your eyes and go within. Only you can find the real meaning for you. The answers will bubble up in your dreams and your internal musings. So start asking the questions and put pen to paper and you’ll start to know more near the Full Moon at the end of the week.

Sagittarius: The Moon comes home to your sign in the middle of the week before the Full Moon in Capricorn. Trust your feelings and listen to your intuition. What are you building towards? Start off by tapping into the higher purpose of your responsibilities and you will be able to see a clearer path towards finding security and stability in your life. Dream by the moonlight and watch it grow. Burn smudge incense on a rock and send your intentions to the heavens. Be willing to ask people who care to shed a little light. The magic is all around you.

Capricorn: Setting your sights on achieving depth-of-self is right for you now. Self-realization comes from doing the work. Coming home to yourself, and coming full circle is an important part of your journey this week. Seeing the light in others brings you to a sensitive, caring place and gets you to realize how much love for existence you hold and can share. Your learning this week raises you to new heights. Feel it in your bones.

Aquarius: Get your ducks in a row. Get right with your spiritual side. Creating a ritual that is all your own is so good for you now. A routine of sitting by the water as the sun rises or sets can change you this week. The work at the beginning of the week leads you to reach deep inside and know what type of karma you’re creating for yourself. At the end of the week, give yourself the chance to feel abundant and wealthy in soul food. Time for getting to know your spirit is enlightening.

Pisces: Your week begins and ends with a lot of harmonious support. Your karma is getting a dose of wisdom this week. Be open to learning from others. People who are creative and lighthearted are your best allies now. Surround yourself with those who want to achieve something great and can show you the ropes. Or, at least pick some role models that are honest and know what they want. Emulate the best and you’ll bring out your assets.

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