Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for August 4 to 10, 2014

Weekly Overview Horoscope:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below. 

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This week we start off with the power of emotions to lead us to manifest what we desire. The law of attraction can captivate us, leading to powerful transformation. The type of thoughts and emotions that you put out there makes a difference.

To improve your energy at the beginning of the week, make time for water related experiences. Whether you do a steam, dance in the rain, take a bath, or walk by a lake or the ocean, the power of water to purify and cleanse your energy is strong.

As the mid-week approaches our beliefs can motivate us to keep moving. Be sure you are interpreting situations properly before making any practical decisions. It’s a good time to take a step back and look through that dream dictionary, book of symbols and read about psychological analysis for clarity to make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

At the end of the week, Mercury unites with the Sun in Leo with Jupiter nearby. Having an open mind is paramount this week. It’s a good time to be open to learning about other cultures, religions and world views so you can expand your knowledge and wisdom about life. If you are closed minded, you are effectively telling the universe you don’t want to know anything more, which of course, only limits you. Through expanding your knowledge you get to know yourself and the world better, which enhances your potential. Conversations bring unexpected insights and light bulb moments. Meditation in the presence of the Sun can bring the most fantastic insights.

We are building towards the Full Moon in Aquarius this week. Each day marks a period of growth in your own life towards understanding yourself as an individual and how you relate to the intentions of peers and social groups. An innovative vision for the future can change everything. Learning is key. Reading and respectfully discussing concepts with others helps us makes progress.

Freedom is highly valued with this Full Moon. Effectively overcoming emotional blocks needs to be worked on. Diplomacy and consideration for other people’s points of view is required to reach that goal. When transcending the ego is a true objective, greater peace is possible.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: Keep the conversation going this week. You are in a prime period to impress others and show off leadership skills. Your willingness to honestly share what you know can expand your opportunities. What you think matters. Be resourceful and show tenacity to impress. What you desire can change everything. Your willingness and drive can show you are able to face obstacles and push forward with determination that makes a difference.

Taurus: Your career and higher aims are highlighted this week. Keep your eye on growth and you’ll get there. Working with a group that has a vision that is aligned with yours keeps the motivation going. You may find the arts speak to you this week bringing you off to realms of fantasy that feel good. Turn up the music and surround yourself with color. Your home says a lot about you. Accentuate decor that reflects wisdom. Make it feel like magic is present.

Gemini: Gossip can be fun, but you know when to pull back and shift your focus towards more important things. Keeping an open mind is very important for you this week. Have conversations that look at the many different perspectives. Light shed on any subject helps you see yourself in a new way and leads you towards a much wiser, abundant future. With an open mind clarity arrives that you would never have known otherwise.

Cancer: Living with a touch of fantasy can be healthy. It doesn’t have to mean you are delusional, it can simply mean that you are bridging higher thought with everyday reality. This can make your life feel a lot more inspired and creative. Your self respect comes through when you hold love and compassion for yourself. Use the law of attraction to be a stepping stone to accepting more abundance and prosperity into your life. Resourcefulness helps your future.

Leo: You are the sunshine. Think highly of yourself and you’ll radiate more and more. Other people will notice your light. Be open and honest for best results. Surprise insights this week can completely shift your view of yourself and of the world. A philosphical approach to your identity leads to greater wholeness. The meaning of life depends on how much wisdom you are willing to tap in to. Keep learning and your future gets more magical.

Virgo: A visit to the theater would inspire you greatly. If that’s not going to happen, then at least use your imagination to see the world, and your part in it, in a more theatrical way. As Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage…” Talking about more spiritual matters and your role in the world as a spiritual being, is important for light bulb moments now. Consciously move towards this Full Moon with the intention of a more organized, efficient future.

Libra: Define yourself as a creative being this week. Other people can inspire you greatly, so look for role models that are creative in fields that make you feel optimistic and expansive. You can design your future to be more fun. Look forward with an eye on innovation and your confidence blooms. Like a beautiful flower, you can grow towards joy. Emphasize feeling good and you’ll reach up the ladder of success and towards brighter days.

Scorpio: The right kind of music can empower you and awaken energy you forgot existed within you. Experiment and have fun with how the power of sound changes your energy levels. With the right energy you can be magnetic. What you send out reflects back to you. You may have an awakening regarding both home and career this week. Keep an open mind and let your energy and passions drive you to choose your future wisely.

Sagittarius: The more you know the better you are able to communicate who you are and what you want. Wisdom is your ally, speak your truth and share your vision of the world. Expanding on your interpretations and your philosophy of life can lead to satori, a sudden awakening. Enjoy it. Write down your wisest words of wisdom. This week you get a chance to send and receive messages that are enlightened and can change the future.

Capricorn: You have the power of transformation in the palm of your hand. The trick is to go deep within to unlock the secrets that are within you. Being resourceful helps you open the door. How you come to great realizations this week may surprise you. Let synchronicity guide you. Messages could be hidden in movies and books. Thinking more about money matters and building a strong foundation during this Full Moon can lead to personal empowerment and breakthroughs.

Aquarius: The week starts off with the potential for you to work through emotional obstacles in your career or higher aims. As you learn to overcome what’s holding you back, you’ll feel progress in moving towards a greater sense of personal fulfillment and self awareness. It’s easy for you to put a lot of your hopes and wishes on relationships now, but the real power is in you. You’ll have vivid realizations towards the end of the week that liberate you.

Pisces: It’s an important time for you to get your everyday reality in order so you can think clearly and focus on the task at hand. Having your mundane life more organized without feeling so cluttered is essential to your mind-body-spirit connection now. The symbols and metaphor in visual arts pleases your soul. Your life is part of a bigger, cosmic plan. Incense helps you tap into your higher consciousness which can reveal to you the potential of your future.

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