New Moon in Libra September 24, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

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Scales and sword of Justice
It’s officially a New Moon in Libra on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 2:13 am EDT.

As we know, the moon signifies cycles. During the past two weeks as the moon has been waning, it has been a time of integration from the Full Moon in Pisces towards this New Moon in Libra. You can read more about the Full Moon in Pisces here for a reminder of the energy that has been settling in towards this New Moon.

It is common for sensitive people, even those who don’t pay particular attention to the phases of the moon, to feel their emotions shift close to a New Moon. It can vary from person to person, but because it is at the end of the cycle of integration when the moon is waning towards the New Moon the energy can feel lowered, depressing, and blah for a number of people. Then, once the New Moon hits, the energy shifts and renewal begins and the energy starts to build. On the other hand, for some, a sense of anticipation and welcoming the renewed, fresh energy dominates.

The Sun just entered Libra on Monday, and the Moon joins him in Libra on Wednesday. This is when we enter the second half of the astrological year, which begins with Aries in the spring.

With this New Moon in Libra it is a fresh start, where we get to practice building more of a balanced approach to our lives. Where is it that you honestly aren’t balanced in your life and you could choose to do things differents to bring better equilibrium?

Truth, honesty, fairness and diplomacy are front and center with this New Moon, so be honest. Where is it that you are doing too much, or not enough of, that could use a change? Don’t be too hard on yourself or others though either, because that’s not being fair. Some may feel the need to swing the pendulum to the extreme to find balance, but gentle is often better. Remember the integration of compassion that the Full Moon in Pisces encouraged a couple of weeks ago.

Transitions take time. While the New Moon continues to build you can practice developing greater balance in your life.

Right now Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in Virgo, while Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is in Libra. So, there is a dance between the energy of these two signs and planets now. This New Moon is meant to bring us harmony, balance and beauty to our lives.

Our self-worth is tied to our opinions and judgments now. What do you say and think about yourself and others? Why do you identify with certain opinions, and are they fair? How can you choose differently so you bring more love and harmony to the world?

With this New Moon we can turn over a new leaf in how we love ourselves and others. What we do demonstrates how we value ourselves and others. Our actions are reflections of our thoughts and thus represent who we are.

Having empathy, seeing another’s point of view, is encouraged with this New Moon. It is about relating. Reaching out to others from the heart can transform you.

Because Libra is about weighing options, the dance of duality, and relating, it can be a time of healing for those who tend to be self-conscious. By focusing on the giving aspect from the heart, you can turn the focus away from judging yourself and instead focus on what you are bringing forward for the benefit of others to create harmony. To give from the heart is not done for approval or needing validation from others. True giving, is unconditional, and Libra strives for living with truth.

It is a good time to practice an unbiased approach to perceiving and connecting with others so you can get closer to the truth without having a predetermined perspective blanket the world around you. Objectivity is recommended. It’s also a good time to simply be real, be honest and be yourself without having to apologize for your faults.

Since Pluto is now Direct in Capricorn, we can choose to leave behind what was not serving us, leave the ghosts of the past behind, and harness our power, climb towards our goals and move forward with the fresh start this New Moon offers. However as the New Moon builds, it is in a bit of a tough angle to Pluto, which requires us to put in the effort, do the work, make conscious choices. To be lazy and expect harmony to happen doesn’t work. It is rather a time where you make it happen by choosing. Luckily Mars is in harmony with this New Moon and encourages us with a boost of energy to use our willpower to press forward and manifest the outcome we desire. Use your wisdom.

Although the Libra energy doesn’t like to ruffle feathers, passionate Mars reaching out to this New Moon will enhance the desire in some to voice and demonstrate a strong opinion especially relating to justice, human rights, animals rights, environmentalism, politics and subjects that draw on heartstrings regarding right and wrong.

It’s a great time to practice the law of attraction, but follow up with action so you’re demonstrating to the universe what you are going for, rather than just depending on wishful thinking.

In business, it’s a good time for employers to assess the work and if employees are being paid fairly according to their work including fair wages, breaks, vacation days, sick days, etc. Employees will also be encouraged to see how efforts are being fairly compensated and that standards are in place. Honest discussions regarding a plan of action along with expectations can help strengthen the balance.

Because Mercury is in Shadow in Libra now, a couple of weeks before he goes retrograde, the indecisive quality of this New Moon can be emphasized. If you have a lot of choices to make now, you’ve really got to sit down and focus on a plan that makes sense so you can weigh your options. A second opinion or advice may help and two heads can be better than one now. Indecision can be a good thing though, as it helps you work on ensuring you make the best choice. If you’re not sure, and you aren’t stuck to a schedule set in stone, it may be best to wait until later, in November.

While this New Moon energy is growing over the next couple of weeks, Venus will enter Libra in the next few days, which is great for enhancing and recognizing the harmony of aesthetics around you. It will be a great time to dabble in artistic pursuits, and getting in touch with colors, textures, tastes, and all types of sensory pleasures. Going outside and soaking up the beauty of mother nature displaying all her colors and fragrances for the autumn season is a great way to access this energy.

"Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature." ~ Steve Maraboli

What’s happening in with other planets in the sky around this New Moon is discussed more in this week’s Weekly Horoscopes you can read here.

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