Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 1 to 7, 2014

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Welcome to September! Autumn is my very favorite time of year. All the colors and crisp air is a sensory delight.

Last week we had the New Moon in Virgo which set the stage for new developments we are now living through. You can read more about that here.

Next week, we will have the Full Moon in Pisces, which I will talk more about then as well.

So here we are, traveling through space and time. Our lives are growing each day, changing moment to moment leading to our personal evolutions and towards our collective reality we experience. Our thoughts and dreams leading the way to each next step we take.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to get your thoughts and your daily routine more organized over the past few weeks with Mercury in Virgo.

As we enter this week, the importance of learning more about the meaning of our life is felt. A positive attitude and a broad vision and imagination helps us attract the information we need to learn now. Synchronicity will arrive, opening our eyes to just how magical and meaningful life really is.

On a day to day practical level, your clothes and jewelry should declare happiness to enhance an aura of positivity. Wearing mid chakra colors like oranges, yellows and greens is best for developing an enlivening and enthusiastic energy and opening the heart at the beginning of the week. Then as we move towards the weekend, wearing higher chakra colors in the purple and violet spectrum is best.

With Mercury entering Libra on Tuesday, those of you who have a tendency to worry and overanalyze things, will likely find this week helps you feel a bit less anxious than you may have felt in the previous few weeks.

A more laid back approach is great, but be careful procrastination doesn’t sneak up on you. Valuing the importance of living in the moment is essential to having balanced days this week.

Even though Mercury leaves Virgo and enters Libra this week, the Sun in Virgo encourages us to continue to intelligently and intuitively navigate our day to day lifestyle and routines. If you’re having trouble concentrating, take some time to practice mindfulness breathing. A daily walk in the sunshine is a good practice now.

With Mercury in Libra, it’s a really good time to take a look at all the different angles and possibilities before signing on the dotted line. However, because indecisiveness is in the air, writers block is certainly a possibility. Second guessing is highly likely.

If you find yourself being indecisive you may find asking for a second or even a third opinion helps you make the right choice. Balanced thinking is key now. It’s also a good time to consider fairness and taking a more diplomatic route in your interactions with others.

An attitude of teamwork for the good of all is important now. How you personally relate to others this week will reveal to you, how significant your role in your relationships is. Communication is a two way street.

Communications will go smoother when fairness and peacefulness is held in high regard. In relationships from business to romance, politics and law, setting an example of diplomacy can lead to positive outcomes.

Your interactions with others can provide clues to the bigger picture in how your frame of mind, and therefore, how your choices, impact the world around you. From the personal, to the global, we are all responsible in some small way for what direction we are moving towards together in this world. Nobody is an island. We are each partaking in a larger cosmic dance that is leading us towards creating the reality we envision together. Your level of consciousness determines where you are heading and what you are attracting into your life.

The Sun reaches out to Pluto in harmony on Wednesday giving us greater insight and clarity into ourselves. Honest self-assessment is empowering. This has the capacity to help us make meaningful changes in our lives in working towards our higher aims and goals. The following day, on Thursday, the Moon unites with Pluto which enhances the potency of the relationship between the Sun and Pluto helping us to feel our personal changes hitting home. Therefore, Wednesday and Thursday is a great time to get down to the root of your feelings and understand your motives. A psychological assessment can bring to light subconscious motivations. Dig deep to reveal the truth.

Venus enters Virgo on Friday. It is a good time to take practical steps towards bringing greater beauty and love into the world. For many, this starts with self acceptance and loving ourselves. A healthy lifestyle is emphasized as a key approach to living day to day in accordance with a more loving perspective of ourselves. How much you love yourself greatly determines the level of love you can give to others, and how much love you are able to receive from others.

How much do you love yourself? How much do you value yourself? How much do you criticize yourself? What kinds of things do you say about yourself that reflect your level of self-worth? Do you judge yourself critically? As the weekend arrives work towards nurturing self-love and you will increase your sense of self-worth.

Valuing your body as a temple is called for now as well. You may have synchronistic moments this week that remind you of important caring for your health and well being is.

It’s also a good time to be more mindful of your environment, and your relationship to the beauty and pleasures the world has to offer you. Pay attention to colors, smells, sensations all around you and accept the gift of experience they are granting you. There is beauty surrounding you that will remind you of how valuable the experience of life really is.

We are all evolving towards living a more conscious life. This week we can manifest greater wisdom, self-appreciation and self-love, and faith in a higher purpose. Personal changes impact the collective on unseen levels. We each have the great opportunity to actively bringing greater beauty and value into this world. This is a good time to realize that we all deserve to be creative beings that can create pleasure and receive pleasures of the world.

Living in the now is where the power for transformation really is, but envisioning the future helps you make choices today that lead to what is created next. Use your power wisely. Move towards a more conscious lifestyle and have faith that you are evolving and helping to evolve the whole.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - September 1 to 7, 2014:

Aries: The week starts out with you in learning mode. If you are starting school, college, or studying for an exam you will likely feel the importance of integrating wisdom. Learning is part of your process towards your higher aims in life, whether it be a career goal, designation, or other goal you’d like to achieve. Putting your nose to the grindstone with your best efforts is encouraged now. Set yourself up for success by doing the work. Procrastination could set in from time to time so remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel and your efforts are worth it.

Taurus: Getting your house in order and making it feel inviting will help you feel more comfortable with yourself. The beauty you want to see in yourself should be reflected in your surroundings. This week is about setting yourself up to be able to intentionally receive joy, and that requires you to devote more attention to self-love. The love you should have for yourself is like that of a nurturing mother for her child: unconditional love. From there, you attract the right people with the right energy into your life and share from the heart. It all comes down to intention for you this week. Focus on the change you want to see in your relationships and the world around you and you can make it happen, step by step. On the weekend try to have some fun enjoying the beauty and pleasures of life. You deserve it.

Gemini: What you want to create starts with your thinking process. How you communicate with others means everything. Try to have a joyful mindset that is kind and fair this week to bring out your best. Others will notice. Bonding with like minded people should be pleasant. Keep peace a priority. Although you may have felt the need to hide your attractions to someone, that attitude can dramatically change as you focus more on what you honestly want and why. Learn about your motivations. What’s at the root of what you are reaching out for? Consider your relationships as a way to nurture your best and you will find the route to establish the kind of love you really feel comfortable with.

Cancer: With September now starting, you will likely realize how important getting yourself in order is. Being organized and enthusiastic helps you rise to the challenge. However, because you may be feeling drawn more to the big picture, getting down to the details will require more effort. You may be a little impatient, wanting to achieve your target, but each step will have it’s rewards. How you communicate and respond to others has the power to change relationships dramatically. Focus on mutual goals and you can work together for the better. By the end of the week you’ll be much wiser. Tap into your need for progress and channel your intuition, and you’ll be that much closer to your dreams.

Leo: You can change your sense of your security dramatically this week. An all new approach can completely shift your perspective on finances. Money is energy and you have the power. It takes a smart, intuitive step by step approach to manifesting what you desire. Your self worth significantly determines what’s in your wallet. What you think about and talk about is going to change this week. Be honest. Speaking your truth makes all the difference. A new way of balancing your thoughts, perhaps with mindfulness practices, will help you overcome any tendencies to procrastinate. Writing and communicating with others by phone, email and on social networks about love and money is highlighted this week.

Virgo: Self worth is a theme for many this week, but for you, it will increasingly become more evident as the week progresses. In the middle of the week you should feel the shift arise. Tapping into the power of your creativity can be a potent gateway. By the weekend you’re going to be seeing yourself in a new light. Loving yourself is essential. Seeing yourself as a creative being that has the potential to manifest the life you desire will surely be pivotal. An awakening to who you really are rises and you shed some old skin so your light can shine brighter. Be sure to balance your checkbook so you are more aware of your footing. From there you can weigh your options.

Libra: It’s a good week to do a self awareness assessment. Your relationships with colleagues and peers are an important part of your life, but as the week progresses you may feel that a relationship of a higher order is needed in your life. Having a special bond with a higher ideal, perhaps a deity or spiritual quest becomes more valued now. It’s not so much your object of affection that is so important, it is how you go about living from the heart in tune with higher consciousness that matters most. Creating a space in your home, like an altar, can be a power spot for you to connect to your heart and higher consciousness now. It could be as simple as a yoga mat and a symbolic representation, such as a statue, that is enough for you to feel like you’re choosing to honor that higher, spiritual part of yourself. You get to know yourself best when love of a higher order is actualized this week.

Scorpio: You know the power of karma and you know the power of communication, particularly the intuitive kind. The power of important relationships as part of your life is being emphasized these days for you too. This week asks you to focus on your hopes and wishes, and communicate them with those you intuitively feel may be able to help you. Those who would respect your vision can be allies to helping you making a power move or a powerful decision. Be sure to look at all the angles, and perhaps meditate on your options for a bit. By the end of the week you should be able to tune into the flow of blessings that are offered to you now and they could be quite lovely. Choose love as your motivator and blessings are multiplied.

Sagittarius: The beginning of the week is a good time to improve self awareness and your intuitive abilities. By feeling in tune with yourself and the big picture of your life, you can flow with the tides of life with greater ease and comfort. Your financial picture has a direct correlation to your career now, and this week you may want to make a power play that strengthens your position. Your daily routine and approach to your goals impacts your wallet and sense of security. At the end of the week loving what you do is going to be a big consideration. Do you love what you do? How can that impact your financial picture? How can you create a joyous relationship between work, career, daily routine and your sense of security? Learning how to do that, unique to you, could be your key to greater joy and abundance.

Capricorn: Self empowerment is an internal process of transformation. This week a lightbulb goes on and you learn a great deal about how to uncover the power hidden deep within you. Your ego gets a boost this week in a healthy way when you take note of how your daily routine is teaching you how to burn brighter. The people around you can be examples. Observe them. What are they doing wrong and what are they doing right? Those who use their intuition to guide their actions can be especially important examples. If you feel the urge to travel to an exotic location, it could open you up to a new way of knowing yourself, the world and love. At the very least do some virtual traveling by looking through magazines and online. It could make you excited about the possibilities and start the ball rolling for a future travel plan.

Aquarius: Having conversations with friends and loved ones can be pleasant this week. Small talk is delightful and can bring forth gems of wisdom. It’s also a good week to travel. Since your mind will likely enjoy slowing down a bit now, leisurely travel can be the perfect way to keep your mind balanced where you’re not required to think too much. For those of you that are working this week, procrastination is possible. If you’re trying to write or put your mind to the task, writers block and finer details can go amiss. Relaxed, broader musings on the meaning of life will be easier to handle. Brainstorming ideas is a good practice now. Love and relationships can go through a dramatic shift. The law of attraction and more spiritual ideals can play prominently in any changes in the arena of love now. Keep an open mind.

Pisces: You need to have fun this week and love life. Enjoy the luxuries of life now, especially appreciation of beauty in the arts and theater. It really can make your life more enjoyable to appreciate all that is out there that is beautiful and wonderful. It will help you feel more abundant and happy. To love what is, makes you more open to love. Peers, friends, colleagues, partnerships and romantic relationships are highlighted this week. An important shift can take place that changes who you have in your life or how you relate to others, which will impact your daily routine as well as shifts your goals. Your hopes and wishes you’ve long held on to could change when a light bulb moment hits and you see the bigger picture of your relationships.

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