Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 15 to 21, 2014

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I’m honestly quite surprised it’s the last official week of Summer already. It really did go by so very fast and the cooler weather is starting to settle in.

Next week we have the New Moon in Libra, marking the halfway mark of the astrological year.

If you read the Full Moon in Pisces Horoscope you’ll have an understanding of the spiritual lessons we are integrating now, preparing us to enter the next phase of the astrological year with the New Moon in Libra next week.

Mercury is in Libra now, while Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in Virgo. There is a dance happening between the heart and the mind. It really is about choices now and weighing your options; choices about what you love and what matters.

Mercury also reaches the North Node in Libra this week which brings significant focus to our destinies, where we’re heading and what we're striving towards collectively. As we seek to balance our thoughts and perceptions this week with a strong sense of purpose behind our choices, we can release indecisiveness so we can reach better decisions.

The mind is really what it all boils down to. I’m sure many of you have heard the ancient Hermetic axiom, “All Is Mind.” This speaks to how the universe is conscious, and we are each a unique perspective able to choose how we perceive and partake in the cosmic unfolding of reality. With the Moon in Gemini in a pleasant connection with Mercury in Libra as the week begins, our thoughts and feelings merge with one another. Assessing our best thoughts and feelings can lead to the right decisions.

All our perceptions, focus and experiences all depend on our mind. All our actions and choices start from there. Everything else points to how our thoughts and feelings change and thus how we choose to experience reality.

Mercury enters Shadow as this week begins. This is the period before Mercury retrograde occurs. it is where Mercury will return to in the sky during his retrograde phase.

It’s a good time to write down your thoughts and feelings each day so you can return to them in a few weeks. Make note of how you are judging yourself and others, where you may be self conscious, how you are relating to and perceiving others in love, business, partnerships and friendships. Pay particular attention to how and when the concept of right and wrong shows up in your life and in your thoughts. What are you prioritizing and what are you eliminating that is not essential? What do you feel your best choices have been each day?

Who are you talking to? What feels right? What are people saying? What is true, what is honest? Is what you are talking about, reading about, writing about, geared towards balanced, truth, justice, honesty?

Also pay attention to where you may be cold, frigid, and too analytical. Venus can bring warmth to those areas of our lives now. Surround yourself with beautiful environments, objects, clothes, and intentionally emphasize more receptive, accepting, affectionate thoughts and feelings. This will bring a warmer spirit to your relationships with others. At home, moving art around will help give you a sense of well being by enhancing your space with intentional beauty.

If you are dealing with any higher ups in the middle of the week, transformation is molded both ways. You are one side of the coin. If your tasks and routines aren’t clear, try not to let your mind obsess with the possibilities. The fog will roll out as the week progresses.

With Mars newly in fire sign Sagittarius, people can act and react with excessive energy, and excessive dramatics. Some may not know how to direct their newfound energy with focus. If you are a commuter, witnessing or feeling road rage is possible when you or others feel the need to break out of the crawl. This is part of the choices factor this week holds. Choose to hold back a bit so you can direct your energy more wisely for more goal oriented matters.

As mentioned, this week we are integrating spiritual choices and perspectives of the last Full Moon in Pisces to help us gain greater equilibrium we need in body, mind and spirit as we step closer to the New Moon in Libra next week. This is a time to make choices that are based on sound spiritual wisdom. Weigh the options before you this week with faith, fairness and balance regarding who and what you want in your life. Consciously draw spiritual perceptions into your life, bringing that higher consciousness down to the earth so you can work from that place of greater self-awareness and harmony when the New Moon arrives next week. From there you will be able to create and choose how you act and react to life from a place of greater spiritual wisdom.

Venus is currently in Virgo and she is the ruler of Libra. Just before this week begins, on September 14th, she reaches out to Pluto in Capricorn. This is a harmonious interaction and speaks to transforming our lives with the power of love in real-world experiences. You may have stronger faith in doing what needs to be done to change the core of your existence from the ground up. Our goals get an infusion of what matters and has you assessing what’s worth it. Look for the beauty in what you do. Do you love what you do? Make a plan that you do love, to work towards your goals. That is where your power is and that’s how you will create tangible change that satisfies.

Next week Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. Be patient during the transition of Pluto from retrograde to direct as we get closer to the end of this week. It could feel intense at times, but a warm approach in your daily routine sets the stage for blessings. Focus on what you love to do and who you love to be and you will help soften the transition.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - September 15 to 21, 2014:

Aries: You certainly may have moments of confusion this week trying to figure out where you fit in. You may be questioning your routine. However, using your willpower and directing your energy wisely can clear away the confusion. It may be challenging, but the best outcomes usually arise when we have to make strong choices. Doing your best and putting a lot of care and love into what you do makes all the difference. This can set you up for big career changes or shift your goals. Put your self-worth at the foundation of your decisions. Know your value and you can make better choices.

Taurus: This week could really kick up a creative transformation in your life, one that you intend to love. You are the creator of your life and you get to make the choices. Your wellbeing depends on your self worth. How much you value yourself is reflected in how you take care of yourself. Your daily routine needs balance. Making the right choices day in and day out lead you to step closer to your destiny. This week you’ll feel better after you have an important talk with yourself about self-criticism and self-love. Have fun with artistic endeavors this week as a way to authentic self discovery that can change your sense of purpose in life.

Gemini: It’s a good idea for you to get connected to the earth this week. The fresh air and walking through the grass helps you feel better, and think better. Beautifying your home helps you feel more lovely too. If you can see the bright side of your daily routine the most mundane activities could actually be a pleasure. You could be tempted to gamble this week, hoping for a big pay off to help you reach your ideal destiny of a more balanced life. Have faith that more stable money matters related to real-world progress can be your greater blessing. Place worth in yourself to lead to meaningful change.

Cancer: Talking to someone you love or value about the purpose of your life and your higher calling is good for you now. How you approach people in love speaks volumes about how much you value yourself. The same goes for your finances. Your relationship with money has spiritual implications. Money is just energy and it is very much dependent on what you think and believe. Your willingness to share your love goes through a transformation this week, as does your relationship to money. Keep a journal about how you think and feel about these matters and come back to it later in October to see how much you’ve changed.

Leo: As the week begins you may feel like your personal priorities change, as well as how you feel about others. It could come about through a conversation, or you may have a light bulb moment while you’re working steadfast on something important to you. Your independence and dependence on others gets you thinking about your bigger vision for your life. Overall, your greatest breakthroughs happen when you focus on doing what you love. It can really change everything. Weighing your options helps you decide who you want in your circle that plays a role in your goals and path of prosperity.

Virgo: You’re a practical sign and this week you get an extra dose of self worth that does you well. It’s the kind of self worth that relates strongly to your karma and how you use your time in life to share who you really are. What you reveal this week could be a personal realization or you may want to share something with someone else. Regardless, you can gain the self respect you deserve. Through this, you set yourself up for great changes that lead you towards enjoying life with a goal oriented approach to living true to your power and creating the life you want. It all starts with self-love.

Libra: Your starring roles comes into view as we head towards next week. This week you get to be true to yourself and speak your truth. You may surprise yourself by overcoming self limiting doubts that free you to come into your own. By speaking well of yourself, and feeling that loving connection to your higher self, you start to walk a more destined path of truth. Nurturing your truth leads to great transformation now. Family may play an important role in you waking up to yourself in a new way. Be grateful and affirm to yourself that you have purpose.

Scorpio: Friends and colleagues could remind you of how much you’re worth. Loving yourself by letting go of doubts and worn out ties to the past helps you feel like you’re getting yourself in order. It’s time to let go of the judgments and bring more warmth into your relationships with your best friends. You don’t need to hide your vulnerabilities, those inadequacies you label yourself as having are actually some of the best parts of what makes you loveable. Be willing to talk about how you want to change your life and friends will support you. You’re going to feel the shift building as we head into next week. Enjoy it.

Sagittarius: You’ve got an extra dose of energy this week. With Mars in your sign it’s a good time to activate yourself and step into your power. You’re best when you’re friendly, sociable and outgoing. Channel that optimism. You could be leading towards greater prosperity now. The love you put into your work, career and goals sets the stage for you to reap rewards that change everything. You could feel your footing shift this week. Your sense of security is going to develop strength and bring you a sense of personal power as we head into next week and beyond.

Capricorn: You’ve got the wisdom of the earth within you to help you stay grounded through any changes that come your way. You may feel the desire to get yourself a better education to set yourself up to powerful shifts in your life. Look into higher learning options this week. Some of you may want to travel and surround yourself with love and luxury. Go ahead. You need to enjoy the process of your life and feel the blessings in all you do. By softening judgments, you get to know yourself better too. Your career may be going through changes where you get to choose what happens next. The decisions may not be easy, but hold onto your power and you will come up with great ideas.

Aquarius: What do you want to learn? How can gaining wisdom head you in the direction where you feel like you’re living the most meaningful life? Well, this week how you think and what messages come to you will help you figure out how the next part of this astrological year is going to go. Your career and how you make money is important this week. There’s a positive shift in your financial perspective that could feel grounding and healing. If you focus on doing what you love you’ll realize the effort is worth it and will reap rewards that have lasting impact. How you live your day to day life will reveal to you how your are transforming spiritually, and it’s empowering.

Pisces: Your day to day routine, how much you love yourself and take care of your body and well being is important for you to feel balanced. If critical analysis is an issue for you regarding your romantic relationships, they should feel warmer now. Partnerships all around should feel more connected and magnetic. Being creative and having fun early in the week helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin. If you’re feeling moody, desire an escape, or have insomnia later in the week, exercise could help you let off steam. The value you place on relationships including romantic, business and friendships will start to shift this week. Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings now.

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