Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 22 to 28, 2014

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This week is a pretty active week. Monday is the beginning of Autumn. This is the Autumnal Equinox. It’s a wonderful time to reflect on the past six months and welcome the next half of the astrological year.

Astrologically speaking, the year begins when the Sun is in Aries in the spring, so now we’re at the halfway point where the days and nights are equal in length. Read the New Moon in Libra horoscope here.

As the week begins we get a big shift when Pluto stations direct on Monday evening. Pluto has been retrograde in Capricorn since the middle of April of this year. Now we get to pause for a moment, and feel the shifts that have been happening in our lives since spring. Many of us let go of a lot of things this year, physically, emotionally and energetically since the potency of the Grand Cardinal Cross hit a peak in April.

So, as this week begins many of us will feel that we have been transformed and that this is a significant moment to move forward towards our life goals. It could feel like a metaphorical rebirth. It can be a time of greater decision for many of us.

With the Moon in Virgo reaching out harmoniously to Pluto on Monday, we get an extra dose of the earth element. This helps us to make a choice that feels grounded in reality. What is it that you can choose to let go of that isn’t serving your best interests, so you can move forward towards greater ambition with an eye on accomplishment? Trust your feelings to help you make the right decision and guide you toward a logical, grounded choice that feels right.

With the Sun moving into Libra at 10:29 pm EDT on Monday evening, just a couple of hours after Pluto stations Direct at 8:35 pm EDT, we are ready to move towards greater balance and harmony in our lives because of the transformation we now choose. It may not feel like it at first though. Remember that change can feel tense and stressful, but again, because the Moon is connecting nicely with Pluto now, we can feel through the experience by being both logical and trusting our feelings.

With the Sun entering Libra we are encouraged to focus on letting what is just and true shine in our lives. The New Moon in Virgo on Wednesday encourages this further. It is a time to feel the beauty of your life begin to grow.

Jupiter and Uranus connect sweetly on Thursday which shows us that taking on a new, ambitious attitude can have dramatic results. Be a leader in your life so you can grow and flourish. You just might surprise yourself and others how much you have to share in who you are. Focus on enjoying the twists and turns, they have the potential to lead you to new vistas you hadn’t considered. Wisdom in synchronicities is on offer this week.

At the end of the week Mercury leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. As Pluto rules Scorpio, it’s a good time to tap into that Pluto, transformational energy moving forward. Assess your psychological state and use intuition as a key to new discoveries as you step towards your goals and ambitions.

Finally, on Sunday Venus enters Libra as she works her way towards the Sun. Relationships get more attention now at the heart level. Finding commonalities will bring balance. Be peaceful, graceful, creative and embrace the changes in yourself and in others. It’s a good time to be social with those that feel true to you.

Because Pluto is such a power mover this week and we have a New Moon in the middle of the week, remember that this is a good week to stop doing something you know you’d be better off not doing, so that you can start doing something that better serves your higher goals and ambitions.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - September 22 to 28, 2014:

Aries: Expressing yourself as a natural born leader is something you can do well. It is within you. You may get the message this week that you can show off your true colors. You just might surprise yourself and others with how much power you really do hold within yourself. You may have mixed feelings this week about your higher purpose and not be clear on where exactly you want to go. But have faith that your instincts will head you in the right direction. Be open minded and be excited about the future. Have faith in yourself and the abundance the world has to offer. Be the star in your life.

Taurus: This week you will become more grounded in the truth of yourself. This works best for you when you are on schedule, on time and in tune. The beauty of the world around you is heightened through the change of the season. Textures, smells, sights, sounds, and tastes can bring you into your element and into a new frame of mind. The transformation you feel this week gives you purpose, and more meaning for life. Focus on new ambitions and a part of you will feel reborn. Keep yourself motivated and in tune with the power of now so you can make the most of this transformative time. Laziness won’t serve you. Seek the pleasure in responsibilities to find the motivation that keeps your balanced.

Gemini: This week, ensure you enjoy fun moments interspersed with your more responsible daily requirements. Playtime helps give you that change of pace you need and helps keep your mind balanced. You may find you think more like a detective this week, even when it’s not about serious matters. Perhaps gossip will be on your mind, but you can also make your daily routine like a game of discovery. Whether you’re hunting for clues or a receipt buried in a stack of papers, the act of searching keeps your mind agile. You will likely feel more instinctive and intuitive this week. Let that power of curiosity be a part of your transformation. The desire to know will help you define your goals with greater potency. Let go of your fear of change and any cynical outlook and you will become grounded in your power.

Cancer: People in your life and how you relate to others changes when you change. You become like those you surround yourself with, and you attract those who are in tune with your vibration. As you find new ways to get comfortable with your past and thus with yourself, you realize just who it is you want to take into your future. Focus on love and beauty this week and you’ll begin to plant the seeds that bring greater balance into your life. This will help you feel more energized by the end of the week and ready to tread new territories. Don’t focus on disappointments in love and failed relationships. Know that your feelings will set the stage for those that enter your life. Bring positive energy and an open heart to change your energy and thus the reality you manifest.

Leo: Although you may feel a surge of energy this week with a desire for your creative, empowered self to flourish, your energy gets its best footing when you are ready to make practical, grounded changes. Your bigger goals get inspiration, but you also need to have the plan to climb the mountain towards them. To grow you must embrace the new and reach beyond your comfort zone a little and put in the time and effort so your inspirations can become reality. Have plenty of conversations about your big ideas and have fun brainstorming. Focus on how to honestly turn those ideas into plans. Allow lightheartedness and spontaneity to encourage imagination. Direct your imaginings towards reaching a particular destination.

Virgo: This week, feeling the energy of others is healing. By gently stepping out of your logical side a little, you enter a more dreamy perspective to who you are. This helps you relate to others on more subtle levels. The natural world calls for your newfound attention to the beauty around you, leading to your self-worth becoming more grounded and balanced. Reading between the lines with an intuitive approach to deciphering the world around you gives you an all new way of understanding the power of your mind. Put your thinking cap on to soak up discoveries. From that place of depth you can rise like a phoenix into a new direction. Learn new ways to articulate yourself, to bring clarity to your ambitions. A rebirth in creativity and fun is on offer.

Libra: It’s an active week for Libras. We’re now halfway around the zodiac and you’re the center of it all. The Sun enters your sign at the beginning of this week, while mid-week the New Moon in your sign further enhances the feelings of a new beginning for you. It’s a great time to honor yourself and take care of yourself. It’s a good week to assess how you value yourself and work on embodying new energies that others will feel connected to. Your body, the physical world and life’s pleasures become more dominant in your life now. Your magnetism comes from your diplomacy. Bring forth the best of your fair and true self. Whatever changes have been happening at home and with family, the energy shifts significantly now which leads you towards more concrete, goal oriented choices. Tension tells you what to let go of, and where to focus more on what you want.

Scorpio: Think new this week. New beginning and new you. It’s time to shift the way you speak and think away from self doubts and towards your power. It won’t happen overnight. You know you’ve been learning a lot about your identity and how you relate to and perceive yourself. You still have more lessons to learn about who you are through your inhibitions, and for some Scorpios a resulting defensiveness. But, how you speak about yourself now gets a great opportunity to transform. Your words are essential to how you feel about yourself. Use empowering words to describe yourself. Loving yourself on a spiritual level, while also exploring how your psyche works, is a great key to your transformation. Be patient with yourself as you work on rising from the ashes towards new heights.

Sagittarius: Happiness brings wisdom. A sudden, creative inspiration could take you by storm lifting you up to have a broader picture of the world and your philosophy on life. The people around you now should be warm, creative types that are respectful, balanced and diplomatic. On the contrary, if there is tension on the home front, it is likely because the energy between yourself and others is just a bit muddled. Where there is confusion and mixed signals it can be felt. In that regard, it may be best for you to get out of the house and be around friends and colleagues you can see eye to eye with. It is often said friends become the family you choose. Have fun and be spontaneous this week. Be on the move with an independent streak to carry your optimism towards a great variety of insights.

Capricorn: This really should be a powerful week for you. Pluto stationing direct in your sign on Monday starts off an all new energy shift in you. The power you hold gets a new, empowered flavor that implores you to own your potential. People will bring you new ideas so connect with those who you know that have a mind for helping you discover new things about yourself. This is a good time to ask yourself who you have become over the past 6 months, and where you will choose to go from here to reach your goals. Now is the time to make a choice with a healthy outlook on life as the foundation to your next chosen steps. Be flexible, but logical and feel out the possibilities. Your career sector is highlighted with this New Moon. Weigh your options and you’ll choose wisely.

Aquarius: Feeling abundant with those you relate to leads to great moments. New conversations could strike up new relations that open you up to more fun. This week offers you intelligent wisdom, the kind you can feel. Surround yourself with the most beautiful open skies this week and you’ll feel grounded in body and balanced in mind. The big shift happens in your spirit this week. Your practical goals are colored with a spirit of higher purpose and vision now. Tap into your crown chakra and channel the power of your life towards a higher vibration. You could have an awakening moment of satori this week. Let go of the past 6 months and move forward with greater wisdom and self-empowerment. Keep yourself away from those that you can not trust, so your energy focuses on your higher purpose, your wisdom and your productivity.

Pisces: You find the greatest freedom by being productive. This is where your power is this week. Surprise insights show you how to sow the seeds of a strong foundation. From there you can take a step by step approach to creating the life you want. You could attract new resources on offer from smart, trustworthy and warm people. Be open to weighing any options presented. If you’re not clear how you feel about yourself regarding career and goal matters now, the best approach is to let your gut instincts and intuition dance it out. You could find yourself leaning towards a powerful stance on an issue you feel matters. Dedication makes the difference. You have power in the world, especially when working with those with similar goals. The people you surround yourself with may go through an important change now. Pursue truth and gather facts and you can create a strategy that ensures your goals are well supported.

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