Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 29 to October 5, 2014

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Welcome to another week. Mercury and Venus are in new signs this week.

Mercury is already in Scorpio as the week begins, having entered on Saturday September 27th, while Venus enters Libra on Monday at 4:52 pm EDT.

Mercury will be in Scorpio for a couple of weeks. He begins retrograde in Scorpio on October 4th and will therefore reenter Libra on October 10th, while he travels backwards through the zodiac.

Now that Mercury is in Scorpio it is a time where we can become more psychologically oriented in our thinking. An interest in dreams and dream interpretation will heighten and could bring some hidden truths to the surface. Curiosity of the unknown and mysteries will strengthen. Divination, psychic phenomenon, psychology and matters of the subconscious will increase.

Esoteric subjects such as tarot and other forms of cartomancy, palm reading and numerology can be a lot of fun. Synchronicity and deja vu experiences may also increase. All these matters of exploration of the power of the mind are on tap now. Also pay close attention to words people use that may have deeper meaning or linger in your mind. Interpretation and symbolism of the world around you can be a fun and interesting exploration now. There is an increased metaphysical association to this week.

The need to know that which is unknown is heightened now. For some, the lower vibration will lead to doubts, insecurity and jealousy. Tapping into the higher vibration will help you look at all the different angles and help increase your awareness with a more responsible attitude. With greater awareness comes greater opportunity for more perceptive choices. From there you can make magic happen.

Venus rules Libra, so once she enters her sign, she feels right at home. Balance of love is emphasized. Finding the truth and beauty of what love really is, reawakens. What you think about attracts that energy into your life. It’s like tuning into a radio station. With Libra, we are implored to look at our choices and weigh our options. So which way are you going to turn the dial to tune into the signal you really want? Set clear goals and have honest motives in how you relate to all matters of love whether they be romantic and affectionate, bonding with family or friends, or with your relationship to the material world itself on a heart level.

The beauty in architecture and the patterns of nature can remind you of how magnificent and majestic the world can be when you look at the world with more loving eyes. It’s also a time where many will feel a pull on their heartstrings about what is right and wrong in the world, where justice is needed.

You can learn more about the currrent Libra energy by reading the New Moon in Libra article here.

Near the end of the week, the Sun and Pluto connect on October 4th. If you feel like you’re having trouble opening up and being honest, just know that working through challenges to overcome such rooted obstacles within you, is a signpost and gateway for you to dig deep to find out why you are holding back your light. It may not be easy, but that is where your greatest rewards can be found. Light shines brighter after the darkness. Lift the veil and you’ll find your balance. You can choose to be a master of your own domain.

We also have Mercury stationing retrograde on October 4th. The tides turn and we go within to psychological realms and reevaluate ourselves. This is the beginning of greater internal dialogue where real transformation can happen. It is often said that people try to change the world instead of changing themselves. Well, this is a time to work on your own way of thinking to transform yourself and your life. It can be an important, personal time of beginning a journey of internal growth for many. Meditation is encouraged now. Quotes by Carl Jung could be a starting point.

Finally, we have a wonderful configuration of a Grand Trine coming into place in the fire signs when Mars and Uranus have a sweet connection. Mars in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries and they both connect sweetly in close trine with Jupiter in Leo. That’s a lot of wonderful fire energy. This is happening very close to the center point in the fire signs which speaks to creating balance. It can be a passionate, philosophical, creative time that can lead to a feeling of inspired newness and drive to do something meaningful with your life. It can be full of surprises and be lots of fun. If you tend to be lazy, procrastinator, drained, this renewal of fire energy can be the ticket to having more vigor and feeling like luck is on your side.

Overall, it’s a good time to recharge your batteries. Visualization and a journey into the subconscious is a great way to go within to access your source.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - September 29 to October 5, 2014:

Aries: Your attitude changes everything. It’s a good week to act like a leader, no matter what you do. Whether it be your personal life, your career, or your hobbies, acting like you have what it takes to step up to the task, whatever it may be, shows you have guts and willingness to take charge. That creates a positive energy force around you that others will notice. Portray your abilities this week and know that a positive, lucky, even humorous attitude will be recognized. The value you put into your relationships comes back to you. This week you should be able to bring forth lots of inner strength and show you care and love what you put your energy towards. Be sure to laugh. Exercise is really good for you to feel alert and energized this week too. Channel power.

Taurus: Be graceful, be sharp, be quick witted and you will triumph. This isn’t about competition. This is about you being empowered and on the ball with your own life. Bring balance to your daily routine this week by putting a lot of love into what you do. You need to step outside and into the beauty of nature this week to feel balanced. Take some photos at just the right angles of your favorite fall colors and textures. It’s also a good time to connect with others on a more psychologically rooted level. Talking about your feelings, motives, and sharing deep insights can be transformative. Your relationships with others could feel more perceptive. You may feel super intuitive, even telepathic. The signals are there. It’s up to you to interpret them. A nice change to your home this week could be good. Trust your intuition and your spirit.

Gemini: Mercury is in shadow now and will start his retrograde phase later in the week. It’s really about mind over matter for you. The law of attraction is just the tip of the iceberg really. It comes down to energy. Synchronicities are heightened now. In your daily routine you may notice more repeating numbers or coincidences that are just too interesting to ignore. You may want to get a little nostalgic and look at old black and white photos of psychics from the past. Your curiosity of how to incorporate a bit more of a magical mindset into your daily lifestyle just makes it more interesting and more fun. Daydreaming will balance your logical and intuitive side. Have fun and share your heart with a warm smile this week. The truth of who you really are, at your core, is love, and there’s no need to hide it.

Cancer: Let your mind flow this week. Your creativity improves when you can go within to those places that are hidden, forbidden and even taboo. Go beyond what you’ve been conditioned to settle for. By opening up your pallette of colors you can create a masterpiece that goes beyond logic, and reaches deep down into the most exquisitely mysterious realms. Your home decor is a reflection of you. Find your balance at home now by bringing a lot of love and beauty into your surroundings. Set the stage for comfort so your more philosophical and creative juices can flow. Look to nature for ideas. It’s a good time to revamp your creative force.

Leo: You get a lot of support from your fellow fire signs this week. Mars and Uranus speak to Jupiter imploring you to step it up a notch and identify with your power. An attitude of abundance grows when you are you're out and about having fun. Your creative inspiration can get fired up this week. It’s a good time to do a little travel and get yourself out into the world in fresh, new environments. Be spontaneous, be fun, be energetic, smile, honor the joy within you. Being in an artistic environment that is imbued with beauty is the perfect place to strike up fantastic conversations. Think light, cheery and charismatic and you’ll attract the right people to have with you. Be honest and down to earth. Home is the perfect place to ponder your dreams and practice a little divination. Your favorite tarot deck may want your attention or you may try your hand at palmistry or automatic writing. Staring up at the night sky from your bedroom window can lead to phenomenal, magical thoughts.

Virgo: If you want a foundation that gives you a sense of balance, putting love into what you do will certainly strengthen that now. If you have a significant other, working on your budget together, doing some number crunching can be good for understanding where this relationship stands and where you want it to go. An honest look at your wallet and future plans can show you where to put your energy. It’s also a very good time to talk about loans, taxes and such financial considerations. You may be feeling a bit less analytical than usual, so put on your intuitive thinking cap to expand your perceptions. You may get caught up in gossip and uncovering secrets this week. Ponder psychological implications your words have on others. It could be best to keep a tight lip. Consider your karma in all you think and say now.

Libra: Having an affinity for refinement comes naturally to you, but now you get an extra boost as Venus enters your sign on Monday. It’s a good week to feel the love and light in your life. A bit of self care to beautify yourself is good for your esteem. Surround yourself with luxurious surroundings and shiny objects for a boost of confidence. Your mind may be on your money and your sense of security. It’s a good time to start rethinking your stance. Your thoughts directly correlate to how strongly rooted you feel now. A more enthusiastic approach to talking to peers, friends, acquaintances and love interests can bring you some luck and surprises. New people may enter your life. Show your charm. Being natural, earthy, nurturing and grounded is a good combination for you to attract the right kind of people now.

Scorpio: You have Mercury in your sign all week. He’ll start to go retrograde on the 4th. Your thoughts impact your feelings about yourself now. Know that you can change your mind at any moment you choose. You can think the best or you can think the worst. It’s up to you. You should try to read a few positive quotes each day that speak true to you. From there you get down to the core of who you wish to be. Channel those words and affirm them so you can create yourself in whatever fashion you desire. The parts of you that you no longer identify with should be up for consideration now. How big you want your career or life goals to be strongly correlate to your desires and how you feel about the meaning of life. Bringing fresh energy to your daily routine helps you feel grounded and on track towards your goals. Putting your energy and efforts into building a strong foundation can teach you a lot about what your life-goals really should be.

Sagittarius: You’re one of the lucky fire signs this week. You’ve got power player Mars in your sign and he’s reaching out to Uranus later in the week. Jupiters energy of blessings also gets heightened because of this. What you do reflects who you are. How much energy you put into being your best teaches you more about the meaning of your life. You need to have fun. Spontaneous, fresh, humor is so good for you now. Laugh it up. Excess energy may be strong so releasing some of that through exercise is so good for your sense of well being. Molding your body through yoga, weight lifting, pilates, running and the like gets your energy flowing and intentionally directed. Meditation is also good for your spiritual equilibrium now. You may find you’re drawn to someone of like-mind; someone who is beautiful and charming in many ways. Friendship could be enough, but romance can be good too. It’s the sharing from the heart that matters most.

Capricorn: You may be seeing that you should reap more rewards in matters of money through the work you do. If you don’t feel like you’re getting what you deserve, it is a question of self worth and valuing yourself more. This may feel a bit challenging, but the consideration is certainly worth it. This could be a bit of a turning point for you that gets you to identify more strongly with the power of choice. You may feel the need to demand better for yourself and start the steps towards getting the balance you wish for. You may feel like you’re having a bit of birth pangs in terms of your career and higher ambitions now. See yourself as a professional to get clues to the best choices. It could be a good time to rethink who you surround yourself with. Colleagues and friends who you feel are most honest and worthy of your time can be good to talk to. The conversations themselves could bring up key insights you hadn’t considered.

Aquarius: There’s so much love in the air with Venus entering fellow air sign Libra this week. For you, this is more of a philosophical approach to life where you realize how the meaning, purpose and vision of your life depends a lot on how much love you share with the larger world. This also speaks to the meaning of the material world, how you value, respect, cherish and honor life. Sure, love can certainly have a romantic aspect to it, but love is so much grander than romance alone. Love is Divine. The life force itself is an act of love. Such considerations and explorations on what love is are good for your sense of balance in your life now. You should keep your inspired conversations going this week. Be open to talking to having random conversations and you may meet great people to share your heart with. It’s a good week to look at the psychology and mentality surrounding your career and goals.

Pisces: Your instinctual smarts are heightened now and colored by a philosophical outlook. Think deeply about what you are attracting into your life. What kind of frame of mind needs a bit of rearranging now so you can have a more magical experience of perceiving the world around you? It’s a good week to dive into some psychology books to stretch your perceptions and alter your philosophies. Ask questions. Be a sleuth when it comes to finding out what really matters and what really means something to you. Exploring divination such as runes, tarot, dowsing, and the like can be a fun way to explore concepts of reality with more breadth. The dance between fantasy and reality is where your creativity can flourish. Daydream on the shapes in the clouds in the day and stargaze at night. The beauty of the material world helps you find balance this week.

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