Full Moon in Aries for October 8, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a Full Moon in Aries on October 8, 2014 at 6:50 a.m. EDT.

Not only is this a Full Moon but there is also a Lunar Eclipse, and it all happens so very close in conjunction with Uranus.

Since this Full Moon is in the Fire Sign of Aries in close connection to Uranus, it speaks directly to the Grand Trine in Fire connecting with Jupiter and Mars. 

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If you're wondering when the Lunar Eclipse happens, it begins at 4:17 a.m. EDT early Wednesday morning when most are sleeping in North America. The Moon will set on the western horizon at 7:01 a.m. EDT when the Sun rises on the eastern horizon.

This can be a revolutionary time. The past couple of weeks has likely been a time of personal awakening and realization for many. This Full Moon Eclipse implores us to be attuned to what has been hidden in our lives and to open up to seeing who we have become in a new light.

If you have been diving deeper into astrology for personal awareness, or other forms of divination, or even visiting a psychologist or learning more about philosophy, meditation and deeper consciousness, your personal awakenings can certainly be deeply profound now. The inspiration can arise spontaneously giving you that eureka moment of newfound awareness.

Look back to what has been inspired and initiated within you recently or close to this Full Moon. A key realization of self worth and self-love is emphasized and destined for us. This is about living your truth, being true to who you are, and being fair. Justice and equality is deserved.

Some could get fired up, feeling empowered in knowing the importance of being true to oneself and living it. It can be a personal rebellion to the status quo. To go beyond the limits imposed on you by others, to overcome those conditions others place upon you, and to feel the courage to be who you really are - for some that can take a lifetime. But now, many of us feel the drive to live freer with more personal power with more urgency.

What you want, who you want to be, and what you truly believe, is so important as part of this Full Moon. It is like the veil is lifted.

It’s a good time to go within, to tap into your personal power, and perhaps even get real with the secrets you hold and ask yourself why are you hiding a part of yourself. If you can be real and authentic, you can be empowered. Find your real inner voice. You don’t need the approval of others to be your true self. It is your birthright, and your soul’s journey wishes for you to declare nothing but the truth. To love yourself and honor yourself is something you deserve. You deserve unconditional love.

Some may have outbursts, even aggressive tendencies in declaring their truth though. The rebel can take over. It is a time of revolution, personally and on a more collective stance because people are becoming more aware of the value truth, honesty and accountability to be held in high regard and declared more abundantly. The enthusiasm for life’s greater purpose can spread like wildfire.

For some, if there is a strong intolerance of opposing opinions or anything perceived as suppressing in nature, then aggressiveness can light up. However, it is wisdom that can temper any flames and create bridges to awareness for the highest good.

The Sun in Libra is directly across the sky from this Full Moon, while Venus is in fairly close orb to the Sun, across the sky from the Full Moon.

Because this Full Moon is also in close orb to the South Node we also may find an apparent desire to move away from the past self. Light can be shone on our past to help us wake up to who we once were and who we are becoming. In a way this too can be part of the rebellious side of us wanting to become something different. Here we are able to recognizing what was not ideal as part of the past self that thus, in turn, motivates us to move towards the future. We know we can choose better.

We all know deep down that we are better than war, whether it be small personal disagreements, war with ourselves, or larger global conflict. Love is our highest calling. Love can really make the most impact. Love overcomes all and transcends all. Through even the darkest hours, the light of love can shine through. With love, all that separates us is banished.

It is a good time to stare up at the sky and dream of the possibilities. Futuristic, sci-fi concepts and far out, magical thinking is going to be really fantastic to tap into with this Full Moon. You could be surprised with the creative capacity you can channel. From there you get to integrate a new reality, a new version of you and really own it, and make it your own.

Celebrate life and all that it deserves. Celebrate the real you. Celebrate your higher self shining through and bringing enthusiasm for life and love into the world. From there you can make a difference.

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