Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for October 6 to 12, 2014

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Welcome to another week. Even though we have a lot of fire energy now, with the Grand Trine in the fire signs lining up, a lot of people are actually feeling very tired lately. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio indicates, we may need more sleep as part of our natural cycle to access the subconscious mind with more depth.

Take note of your dreams where messages can come to the surface. If deciphering the meaning of your dreams is difficult now, don’t worry, take time reflecting on the symbolism and play with the possible interpretations. That process itself can reveal a lot, so trust it.

Sleep is also our natural way of recharging our energy stores so we can be on top of our game using our energy well for peak performance. Get your rest when your body tells you it needs it so you can then tap into the energetic element of this Grand Trine in Fire.

There is anticipation of this Full Moon in Aries on Wednesday which also brings us a Lunar Eclipse. The energy is increased and speaks closely to Uranus (in Fire sign Aries) emphasizing this Grand Trine in Fire further. We'll write more about this tomorrow in it's own article too.

So, to make it clear, with the Grand Trine in Fire signs we have Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius. These planets are in the fire signs, all connecting to one another as they are in similar degrees in these signs.

This is a time of balancing, completion and renewal. Where are you putting your energy in life now? This is life force energy, which of course, we each have the power to direct however we choose. Whatever we are willing to put our energy towards is what we allow to manifest and grow. For some, we have to rebel out of the old mold or conditions set before us to get on the path we really want in life.

This week largely asks us to be purposeful and go for it, to see what we have been able to live true to and now expand on that further in the vision we choose. The more authentically you want it, the more power you will have to create the reality.

Many will find an interest in space exploration, sci-fi concepts, space, aliens, and such visionary mysteries will increase this week as well.

For many this Full Moon will put an emphasis on the need for freedom and the need to no longer live according to others rules, conditions or prejudices. People will find a well of inspiration to be true to themselves and live fresh, real and honest. As the week progresses, it will become clearer that it really does boil down to wanting to be loved, respected and honored without judgment. For some this will be personal regarding self worth, while for others it will be broader, where such considerations as respect for all life, animals, nature and each other is emphasized. It is a time where justice is emphasized, and with that some will push against that which is suppressive and deemed wrong or harmful. Venus in Libra connecting with Pluto in Capricorn also speaks further to emphasizing this desire for transformation. Some will be quite ambitious about it to reestablish that love of earth connection they feel is lacking in the broader sense. It can be political. People are especially not fans of deceit now either.

As we move further along in the week inching towards Friday, we have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio readying to move back into Libra on the 10th. We will return to the choices we made a couple of weeks ago, to reflect on and think about them further. It’s a good time to carry beliefs with you into your decision making process because Mercury in Scorpio has been reaching out to Neptune in Pisces and that encourages more faith and beliefs. So carry that with you as part of your process.

Know too, that when Mercury is retrograde making final decisions isn’t a great idea, but it is a perfect time to rethink things.

As an example, if you’re considering doing renovations, this is the perfect time to look at all the options, the layout, the textures, colors, and think about how you would want it to be balanced for the proper energy flow and vibe you really want. You may go through tons of options and refine your ideas as you go, but that’s part of the fun. Be patient for final decisions to be made. Apply this idea and approach for anything you are reconsidering and working on now.

Keep a positive attitude this week. The Sun in Libra reaching out to Jupiter in Leo on Friday really should help boost the energy of the Grand Trine in Fire encouraging more light and blessings. With Mercury retrograde, you get to reshape your thinking processes, so take advantage of this time to recreate yourself in the best light.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - October 6 to October 12, 2014:

Aries: You’ve got a power packed week with your ruling planet and your sign partaking in this Grand Trine in Fire, plus the Full Moon and the Eclipse. You really are getting the star treatment. It’s a good time for asserting yourself, thinking bigger, better, and bolder and channeling your energy into self confidence, determination and growth. Be empowered this week to be you and show them what you’ve got. Focus on your blessings and they will only grow. The best way to do that is to get real and live your truth. How you identity with life could go through a revolution now.

Taurus: Home affairs get touched this week. It’s truly a good time to consider your living space and how that reflects your spirit and energy. If you’re doing reno’s on your home, or any such related work, you’re really the one to experience the plethora of options and have to deal with all the details. Visualizing and choosing can be exhausting, but know that you need to give yourself time in whatever choices you are faced with now. Looking at all the angles and weighing the options is so important. Don't overextend yourself or obsess. Be patient and things will come together. Your daily routine just needs you to focus on finding balance by putting love into whatever you do.

Gemini: It could be really easy to get distracted by daydreaming now. However, you could come up with some great ideas by letting your mind enter the more mystical oriented levels of consciousness. Friendships and relationships could take on new meaning. Something hidden could come to the surface and bring forth a revelation. It is the meaning in the messages that gets emphasized now, but know that your interpretation could be off too. Just wait and be patient. If you’re feeling an aura of judgment later in the week remember you just may not have all the information needed to form an accurate opinion. Be easy on yourself and others.

Cancer: This week you may have a revelation about your life path, whether it is your career or more personal goals, there is something that has been in the shadows that will come up. It’s a good time to rethink what you have been identifying with, what roles you play and how that manifests in your life. Considering how to grow your finances and your higher goals could really grab your attention this week. Think big. Think about what hasn’t worked. Think about the process of point A to point B and most of all why you want what you do. Rest at home will give you time to contemplate.

Leo: As part of the Grand Trine, you simply have what it takes to live true to your most ambitious declarations of purpose. Channel your most empowered, highest virtues. Your vision, your willpower, your dedication, your pursuit, each deserve your all. This is a time to be joyous, creative and driven. Your thoughts and words make all the difference to balancing the power of your life now. Use your whole self, body, mind and spirit to demonstrate to the world who you are. This is a time where you should simply live to the fullest and love life. Even if you are having particular challenges in life, you can still live true and full through the experience by being fully present and bringing forth your best energy.

Virgo: It’s a good time for you to write your deepest, most personal thoughts and feelings and to reconsider your psychological approach to yourself, and to life, in a new way. When you know yourself beyond just the surface, you get to choose better ways of living. Now, although this isn’t the best time to make any final decisions, it is definitely a good time to look at all the various perspectives and perceptions you have and see where they do or do not serve you. It could be a good time to for you to consider tapping into new resources. Your vision for your life could go through a transformation now. Think a little more magically, and you’ll start to see yourself rooted in the world in a more whole and balanced way.

Libra: You may encounter someone in the world who is determined to be their own person, and in turn it reflects to you how you feel about yourself. It could be a partner, a family member, a famous person, just about anyone that you feel a type of bond with that goes through a bit of a revelatory shift. You may feel the need to get more creative and explore the concept of beauty further from arts, clothes, even makeup. The creative options are vast. It’s not going to be a great time to make any firm decisions now, but play with ideas more. It is a good time to spread your wings and embrace positive, lively friends and colleagues. They’ll renew your energy and help you feel like a new person.

Scorpio: Connecting with the earth can be a deeply spiritual practice for you. This week is a good time to do yoga, go out in nature, and uplift your spirits through the realm of the plant kingdom, including nutritious food. You would also do really well to meditate now and get back in touch with that deeper subconscious aspect of yourself. Feeling strongly connected to spirit helps you live strong in the real world. Your drive and ambition could set the stage for you taking a serious look at your approach to getting tasks done. If you have a hard time getting started sometimes, and procrastinate, this week could flip the switch so you go after what you want and assert yourself. This in turn can only help you expand and grow in the field you choose and help you feel more purposeful.

Sagittarius: The power is within you. With Mars in your sign actively reaching out to the other fire signs as part of this energy filled Grand Trine, a force of drive and willpower within you can be life changing. What you envision can become emphasized with great anticipation now. Be prepared for the unexpected. This is a time where you learn a lot about your willpower and desires and through it you get to know yourself more fully. Focus on your strengths now. Look at what you have accomplished up to now, and be ready to go the extra mile. Accept the blessings that show up and act on them, take them a step further and integrate them into your understanding of yourself as a deserving person. Let the good that exists around you empower you so you can be ready for the next great thing. It is a time for you to be a creative force that is so empowered in what you are capable of you may surprise yourself. Add joy and humor to life this week. A smile on your face and a glint in your eye is magnetic and powerful.

Capricorn: It’s a good week for you to reconsider who you surround yourself with as well as how satisfying your work is. You don’t want to make any definite decisions now, but mulling over your goals and career aspirations is good for you. It really does tie into your identity and your self worth. To get a boost of positive energy you should do some sort of activity that really pushes you and makes you feel in touch with your higher self. Getting in the zone when exercising is the perfect way for you to recalibrate your energy. There could be a breakthrough on the home front or with a close family member this week where shared resources could play an important part.

Aquarius: You’ve got some really great energy this week with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse touching so closely to your ruling planet Uranus in Aries as part of the Grand Trine in Fire. It’s a nice time to talk about what has and hasn’t worked and to be inspired about how far you’ve come and how far you can really go. Friends, partnerships and relationships are highlighted. What energy you put in is the energy you get out. Talking about your career and the work is good this week too. Taking a look at what decisions have worked and what hasn’t is a good practice for you now. Looking at different angles helps you see your life in a meaningful way. If you feel a rush of excitement, share it in some way and focus on making it grow. Share your truth.

Pisces: You could have a realization this week that helps you get real about how your emotions impact your sense of security, and thus your wallet. You may find inspiration arises with this Full Moon. It is a culmination point, one that has you realizing that you really do have a new opportunity whenever you choose to go for it. It has a lot to do with how you live your daily life, which deserves more joy and freedom. The career you’re destined for is one where you live true to your instincts, your purpose and has you feeling driven to succeed. Go within and think about your purpose. The more you think about it, the more answers will come bubbling up for further exploration. Enjoy the process and your mind will find greater peace.

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