Full Moon in Taurus November 6, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a Full Moon in Taurus on Thursday November 6, 2014 at 5:22 p.m. EST.

This Full Moon has a lot of positive, spiritual and vital energy connected with it that can bring us to a state of wholeness.

We all have Taurus in our chart, just as we have all signs and planets in each of our personal charts. There can be an intensity to Full Moons, where a part of our lives reach a climactic point. For some it can be celebration, for others it can be tension, but ultimately it is where something important to us that has been building, comes to a high point, and quite often a turning point, a time of fruition.

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Energy builds towards a Full Moon and it can certainly be a build up of our emotions that we feel most significantly. Like the bull of Taurus, if pushed too far, we can explode. When the Taurean parts of us are pushed to the limit, the bull can be unleashed. However, there is a lot of love associated with this Full Moon as well. So, we will be tempered according to how we make an intentional effort to give and receive love.

For many it could be a time where we are faced with others who are reaching out to us in some way that gets us to consider who we love, how we love, where we share and where we feel restricted. Of course, love is meant to flourish and be given in abundance, but life is certainly more complicated than that. Situations, emotions, conflicts of interest, all play their role in the bigger picture.

To harness the higher intention of this Full Moon, we are encouraged to be more loving in how we approach others, but usually that requires more self awareness, more honesty and more open communication. With Mercury now direct in Libra it should be easier to say what's on your mind with fairness and diplomacy so others are more receptive and understanding.

Around this Full Moon, secrets could be up for consideration. There can be pressure to do something that makes us feel like we are being moved to reveal something. Sometimes we don’t want to do something, or be in a certain situation, but we our circumstances can push us and make us feel vulnerable. With Venus beside the Sun in Scorpio, across the sky from this Full Moon, it can certainly be a time where we need to bring love forward to overcome our fears.

For Taureans especially this can be a time where identity is brought to the forefront leading to powerful self-assessment lit up by this Full Moon.

For all of us, in whatever we want to be or achieve, and whoever we are, we must stand firm like a sacred oak tree in reverence for the truth of our lives. We must face whatever we are dealt and be true in our quest for the highest we can be sharing and shining in who we are. To be whole we must love ourselves, and love others. It is a time where a sense of personal security needs to be established and rooted firmly. It is a time where we see fantasy for what it is and move into the truth and away from delusion.

With the Moon in connection with Neptune we are encouraged to become closer to our source. Through yoga, dance, meditation, nature, and creativity, we can experience our spirit with more depth. Our dreams can give us clues to where we need to be more grounded in our lives.

There is also a powerful notion of transformation with this Full Moon because of the powerful connection the Moon is having with Mars and Pluto. Dedication to move towards our goals and to passionately engage in reaching higher up the ladder of what really counts is emphasized now. This is where you will find your power.

To attract and manifest what we envision and hold dear to our hearts, we must harmonise our active and passive principles. Patience with each step, and accepting what is as we go helps us to become more receptive so we can attract what we need. Balancing your passionate, even intense actions with receptivity and acceptance now, leads to personal power and stability.

Yoga practice will teach you to flow back and forth between these active and passive states and create a centredness within yourself, a bridge between your masculine and feminine, yin and yang energies. It will also help you get in touch with the earth element. This Full Moon is about wholeness within yourself and your acceptance of your place in the physical world.

The Full Moon is always about feelings that are very personal and they lead us one step closer to self awareness as part of the process of individuation.

It's a good time to be practical. Cleaning your office or home and getting organized is a good use of your time now. Make your space feel beautiful so the energy can flow. Items placed in designated spots with intention presents a more symbolic and meaningful association to your environment.

The Moon is always changing. It has always been with humanity. Take this opportunity to reconnect with the natural elements that our ancestors and all those history too have had the privilege to connect with at some time in their lives. We are here, alive, and that is a gift. It is a romantic time where love reaching across to others deserves to be honored, given and received.

Be in this moment and bring forward the best of you that this moment has to offer. This Taurus Full Moon encourages us to stand firm and hold onto the love that this moment has. It is a special Full Moon.

Everything changes after the Full Moon.

O, swear not by the moon, the fickle moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circle orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable. - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

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