Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for November 10 to 16, 2014

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Hercules - strength, determination, focus...
This week starts off with the powerful forces of Mars and Pluto coming together. If you have been lacking energy, procrastinating or falling behind in school, work or any important tasks that need your focus and dedication, you will be strongly encouraged to focus now. This is about accomplishment and achievements that need you to be present, alert and enthusiastic about the potential and progress you can make. Keep your eye on the big picture.

It’s a good time to make a plan and strategy to reach your goals. Through the work you will come to realize you have a wealth of potential. Monday could certainly feel like a new leaf is turned so real dedication can take root. Warrior energy is emphasized now.

As Mercury and Neptune provide each other with positive rapport, we are encouraged to speak kindly, compassionately and poetically. Tuesday is a good day to create fantastic art, music and delve into writing that is divinely inspired. With wisdom on the tip of your tongue your words can move people. Dreams can be journeys of profound fantasy.

The Full Moon in Taurus Horoscope is at the beginning of the 2 week cycle that lasts until next week.

As we progress through the week relationships can have an important moment. It could be a serious heart to heart about money, time, and the deeper connection and foundation to the relationship on Wednesday. If you’re not in a relationship, self-worth could certainly be an important karmic lesson for you now. The experience of the pleasures in life is ultimately what most people want. To help others experience that goodness in their life by you being loving towards those you connect with, allows you to open the gates to receive love in return. All around it is a time to open your heart and let good karma flow. Loving yourself and loving others can change everything. Venus and Saturn offer their real-world support. Spend some time getting connected to the earth and water elements in the middle of the week. A walk by the water can tune you into pleasantly grounding energy.

Also on Wednesday, continuing to focus on your goals with diligence is good for you, but you may need a bit more focus. Ensure you have cleared away the distractions. Patience is a virtue mid-week. Even if you get overwhelmed or frustrated, know that will pass. If you can bring yourself to rise to the challenge your efforts will eventually lead you to feeling the freedom you’ve been seeking. Through accomplishment, step by step, you get stronger and your dedication becomes more solidified. Mars and Uranus are at a crossroads imploring you to be the best you can be. Carry this energy through to the end of the week and you’ll be proud of yourself. Even if you feel like there are challenges to the initiatives you want to dedicate yourself to, know that you can overcome hurdles. Strength and power are there, and the rewards are worth the effort.

The Sun and Jupiter are adding a little pressure on Thursday. Excess confidence or dramatics can lead to secrets being revealed or a side of you that maybe you'd like to keep a little more private. Be cautious if you aren't ready to let the cat out of the bag, enthusiasm can get out of hand. But, on the flip-side of the coin, you may end up manifesting an experience that leads to a wise exchange. Listen to your hunches and your instincts. If you're more of an introvert you could be put on the spot or in a situation that pushes you to come out of your shell.

As the end of the week approaches we should be feeling more in tune with our creative, artistic and optimistic side. You’ll know how far you’ve come this week through hard work and dedication if you feel like it’s ok to take a break and have some time to enjoy yourself Friday.

As we finish off the weekend it’s a good time to play around with your imagination. A feeling that your dreams can come true is important now. Neptune stations direct on Sunday after having been retrograde for many months. Now we get to enjoy the gifts of fantasy and dream. For many this could be a shift in spiritual aspirations. To get to that place where fantasy and reality become one, we can metaphorically bring heaven down to earth. Trust your feelings, as they can be important in guiding you towards the direction your spirit is calling you.

With all the strength, effort and dedication this week calls for, we finish off the week with a positive connection between Mercury and Pluto. For many, the focus has brought the mind to the right place. An awareness of our inner strength and personal willpower can lead us to know how to get from point a to point b to reach our goals. Setting your mind to it, you can accomplish whatever you imagine. Ponder and write down the deeper reasons behind your motivations and greater clarity will help move you to where you want to go. Your goals are worth your attention.

Finally, Venus enters Sagittarius on Sunday. This is certainly a time where the love of wisdom arises for many. It is a philosophical time where we experience how love gives us real meaning and purpose in life. It is also a time to understand the material world and your finances in a much broader perspective. Many will also get the itch to travel, to explore new cultures, and enjoy the pleasures of life. It’s a good time to browse travel websites or visit your local travel agency for tips on best ways to use your money to get a good deal. Package deals for resorts and destinations will be a popular option for many now. A new world view, and a new view of the world, is good for you.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - November 10 to 16, 2014:

Aries: This week you would do best to put your nose to the grindstone and do the work. The more you do the more you will feel inspired and empowered. The trick is getting started, but once you do the focus leads to a feeling of freedom. Find a way to get motivated. Use the tools at your disposal to inspire you to direct your energy. Music can help you feel alert and energized. Others may do their best to inspire and encourage you to keep pushing forward. Let them. Your career and larger goals in life directly correlate to how much enthusiasm you put into the tasks and projects at hand. Put a strategy in place with the intention of success. Try not to overdo it though. Feeling strong, good and energized is your measure to go by.

Taurus: Last week’s Full Moon in Taurus emphasized a turning point in self awareness and identity. Living by the truth of who you are is such an important lesson for you these days. Sharing your feelings honestly has set the stage for this week to feel more energized. Any anxiety or worry that built up towards the Full Moon should be waning now, making room for more positive, relieved feelings. This week is a good time for you to be responsible in your relationships with others and with money. Paying down your debt is a symbol of you taking control over your responsibilities. Developing a karmic perspective is healthy for you now. What actions you choose help lead you to the results you desire. It is a week to get real and get focused. Travel ideas could be a pleasant consideration that boosts your energy. Your level of enthusiasm for life and your goals now can lead to a new perspective of the world.

Gemini: Your words can have a lot of power, but sometimes Gemini’s may have surface perspectives and not look super deep into things. Well, with Mercury in Scorpio now, you get a push towards much deeper perspectives. They can lead to new awarenesses that motivate you to make practical plans. How you live your day to day life now is emphasized. A methodical approach is good for you, but also ensure you are trusting your feelings to help guide your words, thoughts and choices. Saying the right thing at the right time could land you a deal. Try to see underlying issues so you can voice your point of view from a more thorough angle. This would be appreciated by those you interact with. A meeting with a higher up, executive or decision maker, could go well. Be on top of your game and others will notice. Employing smart tactics are rewarding.

Cancer: The beginning of the week is a good time to be true to yourself in your interactions with others. Whether it’s in romantic relationships or business, whoever you deal with holds keys to change that are bold and strong. For some, there could be a bit of tension, even a power struggle, but remember that it doesn’t have to be. Be a good listener and see the common goals with another as something you can work on together to create the reality you want. Cooperation leads to important changes. If there is tension, be honest about your position and point of view from a kind, patient and understanding perspective to help balance the energy. If money matters are part of the concerns now, your wants and needs are strong indicators of what you need to change to get that abundance you know you deserve. Examine your motives.

Leo: This week is a good time for you to get your ducks in a row. The motivating force to reach towards your goals and ambitions will support you. If you can set yourself up for success by getting organized, your enthusiasm will grow. It could be a turning point for you that can only help you. It really is about motivation and practical action that is highlighted strongly for you now. Use your time wisely and efficiently this week to make strong gains. Tidying up your office and your home is good for you now, but don’t let it be a distraction from your real goals. Focus on the organization aspect as a means to an end so you can work and focus more efficiently. If you’re renovating, it would be best to wait. The ideas you’re having now will pale in comparison to the ideas and vision you have in a few weeks. Be patient with family as well as significant others now. Any challenges you face this week will reveal what love means to you in new ways.

Virgo: Talking with others about a common vision at the very beginning of the week can help you feel more in tune with a social circle. Discussing your dreams, wishes, hopes and aspirations, as well as concepts of higher consciousness brings forward deep realizations. Meditation is also very good for you this week and will help you see yourself and other people in a more spiritual context. Realizations about how the people in your life are part of your soul journey and higher lessons, will inspire you to be in contact with those who matter most. You can also go through a transformation this week regarding creative pursuits. If you’re single, it could be a great week to go on a date that is exciting and requires energy. A hike could be a transformative activity. Pushing your limits in creativity, enthusiasm and reaching goals is good for you now. Have fun with it. Get excited about the fun stuff.

Libra: Being true to yourself is a highly important area for you these days. You are destined to become much more in tune with your identity. Being responsible in your relationships and building good karma as a stronghold, is indicated now. Money matters are also very important for you now. Focusing on paying down debt and making smart choices that are grounded in reality are important. You can use the power of attraction as part of your mindset and the way you feel about what you are worth of is important, but it is through practical dedication that you see real results and flourish. Your choices are an important part of who you understand yourself to be. You build your karmic picture by honoring your time, putting love into what you do and shedding light on the underlying truth to your financial situation. It is a good time to meditate and visualize as a stepping stone to attracting and manifesting what you really want and what you feel you deserve.

Scorpio: What you think, so shall you be. Over the past year or so you may have been a bit hard on yourself. Self doubts certainly would have been with you from time to time. You’re in the final stretch of self realization and awakening to yourself to push you towards more lightness of being. Whatever you say and think about yourself determines your self-worth and sends a signal to the universe of what you will attract. Spending some money on yourself to reflect higher self esteem is good for you. You don’t need to spend too much, and you shouldn’t, but granting yourself the right to not feel guilty about doing something for yourself is important. Pick clothing with colors that are cheery and bright and boost your confidence. Mars and Pluto meet this week and so you are primed for an empowering shift of attitude and perspective. Talk about your goals. It’s possible you may have such strong feelings this week that they may translate into excessive energy, even irritability. Know that any anger can always be translated into motivation. Reach for your goals with determination and express enthusiasm for your potential and you’ll feel a sense of freedom you deserve.

Sagittarius: The power to change your circumstances is potent this week. Knowing that you can have a stronger foundation and sense of security can be a powerful motivator this week. A transition could happen suddenly that gets you to push forward with determination. Money matters and the desire for greater wealth can become a central focus for many Sagittarians this week. However, in your desire to have a strong foundation you should also be cautious to not overexert yourself. You may find having a spontaneous bit of fun helps you find release that you need and helps keep the balance. It’s a good week to spend some time getting your mind in tune with your spirit at home. A sacred space where you can unwind and let your mind drift into the space of imagination, creativity and fantasy is really good for you now. The ideas can flourish and give you clues to your next steps. Pay attention to your dreams. Having a spiritual perspective on money could also help you feel more in tune with the motivations behind your goals now.

Capricorn: With Mars and Pluto in your sign this week that’s a lot of power. Some will find a new-found power within themselves that feels strong and purposeful. Others may go too far and power trip and dominate others. Knowing that most of you reading this are those who strive for greater self awareness, it is in self empowerment that I’m sure many of you would intend rather than power tripping. However, we are all human and sometimes passions and instincts can get the best of us. Keep this in mind when you are dealing with others this week. You don’t need to push too hard to assert yourself. Your stance is strong enough in itself. Social responsibility can be indicated this week for Capricorns. Karmic ties and intentions can play a strong role in who you associate with now. With a common vision towards being a steward of the earth and bringing more love and a humanitarian approach to the world, you can really move mountains now. It is a time for you to know who you are and what you stand for and be a force that creates meaningful change. It starts with you.

Aquarius: You could have a spiritual awakening this week that motivates you to change your relationship to everything. A strong, practical approach to manifesting your higher vision in the world can inspire you to work hard to make a difference. Communicating an empowering, spiritual perspective you hold can be challenging, but also freeing. It could also be a personal, spiritual declaration you make to your higher self that changes everything. Whatever you feel passionate towards will also have an impact on your spirit now. This is a time where higher consciousness is very potent for you. Your career and life goals do best when you are very much in love with what you do and why you do it. Karmic intentions play a very important role
in your career now. Why you want what you do can have long term impact now on how to best move forward. Love should be at the foundation of how you use your time now. Fantasy and reality, logic and imagination dance for you now. Your established way of life, coupled with your career ambitions can be the vision you dream of.

Pisces: This week Neptune in your sign finally stations direct. After many months of being retrograde, your ruling planet now starts heading forward. This signifies progress. All the internalization that you have been through, all the self reflective awareness that you’ve been experiencing, now gets to be more fully expressed. Who you are has changed. Having tapped into your subconscious mind through dreams, therapy, or self awareness practices like meditation or yoga, would have given you a much stronger identity. Being that much closer to self actualization is good for you. Expressing your wisdom, your compassion and your gifts is about to become a very important part of your life. Your philosophy of life is needed in the world. Share it. Speak authentic to who you are and you can live your dreams honestly. Your voice is needed in the world now. You can make a difference in the collective. Traveling to foreign places, or at the least, educating yourself more about world cultures would be so good for you now.

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