Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for November 24 to 30, 2014

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This week begins with a trajectory of growth. If you have been faced with challenges at the end of last week, they were important parts of your life to get you motivated to move into a new direction. Ask yourself what would excite you for the future. Focus on ambitions. Imagine what would be your dream job. What can you let go of so you can start to move towards your greater aspirations? It all comes down to feelings now. Follow them towards a path of achievement.

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On Tuesday as we start to progress through the week, Mercury will meet up with Saturn in Scorpio. Getting grounded in reality, while having a bit of a magical twist to your mindset is best. You may find a wise person has insight that can change your karmic path. This is a day for deep rooted truth. Listen to your gut instincts. It’s important that you take notes from those that have tread the path before or that have deeper understanding, wisdom and knowledge. Those with experience will have the best advice worth paying attention to. A responsible mindset has the power to attract what you need. Synchronicities that ground you in reality will show up. Pay attention to time and number patterns today. Also be aware of communications now. This is a time of beginnings and endings. Pay attention to the underlying messages, especially those that are hidden to reveal the truth. Accessing the subconscious now and your intuition is important. It will bring you to understand what you are ready to let go of and what you are ready to begin.

The synchronicities that happen today are highly important to note. It's a good day to pay attention to intuitive, subconscious messages. Deeper messages that have karmic lessons and understanding will show up now. The mind matters now. What you think attracts your reality. Practical changes can create magic. Communicating about what is ending and what you can begin is important now. Don't allow yourself to to be limited by fear. Instead know that your ambitions and what you truly want to change in your life and on a soul level are what matters more than what was or is holding you back. Lessons are meant to be learned. Learning leads to rewards.

Wednesday can be pleasurable, especially when you’re spontaneous in the moment. It’s a good day to try something new, whether it be a new clothing style, new exotic food and flavors, or exploring arts and philosophies, it is a day to be open to new experiences that inspire your senses. Venus and Uranus are in love today. Enjoy whatever draws you like a magnetic force and feels exciting. It’s a good day to have an all new perspective on love and money that takes you into a more abundant and fulfilling future.

If you are too carried away with a fantasy on Wednesday you will likely get a meaningful wake up call regarding the importance of your reality. Your power is in finding the meaning of life in the everyday world and moving forward from a strong core. The Sun reaches out to Neptune and they are having a bit of a challenging moment. If you expend your energy chasing after fantasies your direction will have difficulty finding a clear path. Keeping yourself busy instead of slipping into dreamy, lazy state will help you stay focused.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on Thursday. A philosophical mindset about your life and the world can grow beautifully now. It’s a great time to learn and blend finer details with big picture ideas. Dreaming about the possibilities for your life will start to grow more with each day. Thinking about traveling can certainly become more of an important focus now. Whether you want to go on a journey that is near or far, you will enjoy learning new ideas. Keep a notebook, or jot down of all your musings now in a phone app. The writing process will help you expand on your ideas. It’s a good time to work with a vision board as well, or flip through travel magazines and websites to get a larger perspective on the world.

Friday, emotions may be a little off. Responsible thinking may not feel like a priority. It’s the end of the week. If you want to go out and have a little fun it could be good for you. On the other hand if you’re more of a homebody, you could find great solace simply enjoying the comfort of your bed and letting your mind be free of responsibility now. Everyone needs a break.

Saturday is a good day to meditate and get in touch with your feelings. Challenging your negative feelings so you can transform yourself into a more peaceful person is good for you now. Working with your chakras at leisure is a healing practice. Be compassionate with yourself. If you’re feeling lazy, so what? Sometimes the body needs to sleep. A nice bath with essential oils or floral waters is good for the soul. Take care of yourself this weekend.

Finally, Sunday can bring some newfound inspiration. If you took advantage of resting on Friday and Saturday you will feel a sense of renewed energy and motivation that feels right. Conversations today can lead to a reality check when Mercury connects with Neptune Sunday night. If someone wants to get into a debate about what is true or not, faith and beliefs, it’s best to just go with the flow instead of having a battle of wits. Nobody knows everything and much of what people believe can simply be opinion, not necessarily reality. You know what feels right to you and that’s enough. Trying to meditate on Sunday night may be especially difficult as an internal dialogue may be difficult to turn off. If you have insomnia, getting up to watch a movie until you pass out naturally may be your best option instead of fighting the clock.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - November 24 to 30, 2014:

Aries: It’s a new week. You’ll have to do the work, and maybe even prove yourself but you’ve got the strength, courage and willpower to be your best. You have good emotional support. The responsible, intelligent attitude is an asset worth demonstrating. Knowing that you are on a path of your karmic choosing allows you to choose how to respond and react in situations so you can manifest what you desire. Your strength leads to success. You will attract what you need to learn so your philosophy of life will grow in new directions.

Taurus: This is a good week to look at the deeper beliefs you have about what you’re worth and what you deserve. A spiritual awakening can happen for you this week, suddenly. Your perspective of what you can have and attract into your life, especially the pleasures of life, can change in a flash. Those you have a relationship with, whether romantically or in business, can have a meeting of minds this week that makes the bond stronger and more deeply rooted. The real connections you have can prove to be a place of stability that matters in your life. Any changes in relationships now can be long lasting and karmic.

Gemini: Tangible, productive ideas are important for you this week. Your choices impact your reality. You may find someone has important wisdom to impart on you that changes your energy dramatically affecting your karma. Your actions transform the energy around you. Be mindful of how much your actions and reactions influence your situation. You may be asked to grow up a bit this week, no matter what your age. Rather than getting drawn into the moods and emotions of others, having a clear, direct, stable mindset will help you manifest what you want. Being honest in your communications can change everything. In relationships, love should be your most important intention.

Cancer: If you love what you do, you’ll be so much happier. A sudden occurrence this week may have you realize the importance of pleasure in career, and finding more meaning in your day to day activities. You may also find that you will be most able to bring forward your creative gifts by having a more firmly rooted mindset and intention. Discoveries of your inner wisdom can be realized now so you can manifest more authentically your talents and creative abilities. Responsible fun merged with your fantasies brings out your creative side. It’s a good week to move beyond your ego and into the level of your soul.

Leo: The energy you put into your work and your goals this week will feel right when you have a combination of a routine and flow to your day. If you start your days off too rigid and programmed, you’ll not feel balanced. You need to trust your feelings to help guide you to the activities that matter most and feel right. The energy and enthusiasm comes forward best when you are in a groove. Feeling lucky to have the opportunities you do have, being grateful and enthusiastic for your responsibilities, will attract more abundance into your life. Responsibilities at home or in family may be on your mind this week that may be leaving an impression on your soul. But having fun, enjoying the pleasures of life will lift your spirits and add joy to your life. Love helps you glow now.

Virgo: Discussing how to change your life for the better through responsible choices and actions is good for you this week. The talking is the route to self discovery. Keep the conversation going. You could be setting the stage for a long term period now. Look at your desires to manifest wealth and stability in your life from a more holistic point of view. Broad perspectives from the logical and practical, spiritual and philosophical, emotional and intuitive points of view should be explored now. Later in the week a mother figure can help point you in the direction. Pay attention to what maternal figures are saying this week, for important insights.

Libra: Philosophical considerations and your connection to artistic works are emphasized this week. You will find pleasure in broadening your perspectives on world cultures through your senses. Life is about experiences, and this week you’re implored to be light, and creatively inspired. Surrounding yourself with beauty, watching documentaries about the arts of all kinds, will help you feel a connection to the world and your purpose. Pleasant surprises in relationships, including romantic relationships could come up this week. It’s a good week to talk about romance or seek out places that give you that nostalgic, romantic mood. Body language is especially attractive this week.

Scorpio: This is a week to think for yourself. What is best for you? Wherever you have had doubts about yourself, or have felt your self-esteem could be improved, this week is a good time to look at who you are. That’s when meaningful change can happen. By getting real with yourself and really looking at your thoughts and feelings you have about yourself, you can accept your faults and transform your perspective. Your personal power comes from how you talk about yourself. Finances can get a positive footing this week when you suddenly come to a realization about how you are organizing your routine and your paperwork. A spontaneous bit of money magic could be good for you. Red is the color of prosperity in many cultures.

Sagittarius: Birthdays are a celebration of life of course, and your life is meaningful. With Venus and the Sun in your sign, you would do well to be confident and feel attractive. How you stand, how you make eye contact, what you wear, all sends out signals that say a lot about you. With the New Moon in your sign late last week, it’s time for a new you. Yoga is perfect for getting in touch with how you move your body and how you feel sensations and pleasures of being in physical form. Own your body and shine bright this week. Spontaneous fun arrives when you are willing to accept what comes to you. Lead the way. It starts with you.

Capricorn: Early in the week, it’s a good idea to be in touch with warmth and comfort. By going with the flow this week and feeling confident in who you are, you will come across as more attractive and welcoming. This helps you manifest more of what you want. Wise people, possibly older people, could give you some good advice. If it’s in line with your vision, you know you’re in good company. The honest truth is best spoken with friends and comrades now. It will solidify bonds and make communications more meaningful. Stable relationships with friends helps you feel grounded.

Aquarius: This week, talking about your ambitions and how responsibilities should play out is an important part of your career and higher aspirations for your life. The love you have with friends and those who hold a vision in line with yours is an important part of your path this week. Where you can bring more light into the lives of your friends and colleagues, it will be returned to you. A talk later in the week with a friend can prove useful to help you realize what is fantasy and what is reality. A perspective on money and building a foundation could get a reality check. Overall though, it does get you thinking more about how to clarify your purpose. You may be feeling fun and flirty this week too. Dressing up could be a lot of fun. Enjoy it.

Pisces: At the beginning of the week close bonds with friends and colleagues is good for you. Seek supportive people that make you feel good and in tune with a common vision. Career and higher ambitions is important for you this week too, but you should not become too attached to the challenges or outcomes. Instead you should find compromise and flexibility as a priority. This will help you find expansiveness by maneuvering your way through any obstacle courses that show up. Bring light, love and mindfulness to your work, whatever you do, and you will find more purpose in the mission and the climb towards greatness.

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