Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for November 3 to 9, 2014

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The very beginning of this week is a good time to get into a flow, making your practical actions meet your instincts. By setting yourself up to feel like you’re heading in a direction that feels comfortable and at a pace that works for you, you can create an approach that manifests your desires more easily.

Then later on Monday we’re encouraged to bring our strengths forward. Do something that helps you feel renewed. It is a time to be active and go forward with plans, start something new to build up towards the Full Moon.

It is the act of starting something that gives us the most comfort. Use the energy of excitement and newness to carry your forward.

Harness the power of innovation on Tuesday and look to your most creative inspirations on Wednesday. Other people that inspire you can help you realize how to think in a more balanced way. If you tend to be an angry or negative thinker, Wednesday is a good day to look outwards to see how people think in different ways. Challenge yourself to release old thinking patterns and adopt new ones. Be fair minded in your interactions with others weighing different ideas before you feel like you have to commit or provide an answer.

Thursday we get the wonderful Full Moon in Taurus. It can be a very lovely energy since the Sun and Venus are so close now. With Venus in Scorpio trusting that you are worthy of receiving is encouraged. Live in alignment with that receptivity, and also consider how you are giving to others.

This Full Moon encourages us all to get in touch with our bodies, with food, with the pleasures of the world. This is how you will find the most inspired experiences. Make your experience of the day extraordinary by engaging in tastes, textures, arts, fragrances and the joy of touch. It’s a good time to hug those you love and feel that special connection. Yoga is a good way to be present and grounded in your body. Embodying a firm stance channels a strong energy of this Full Moon, but be sure to not be stubborn or immovable in your daily life. Remember to also incorporate going with the flow for greater harmony. The natural instincts of love for yourself and others will help guide you this week. We’ll talk more about this Full Moon in the Full Moon article in a few days.

As the week comes to a close over the weekend Mercury will enter Scorpio. Our dreams take on more significance and we get to tap into our psyches with more depth. It would be a great weekend to browse through your dream dictionary or read up on Carl Jung’s psychological and symbolic understanding of life. Perspective is everything.

The law of attraction, positive thinking and a more magical point of view is important now. Synchronicities will be more evident starting this weekend. Pay attention to repeating patterns and interpret their personal meaning for your life.

In the arena of love, be careful not to place expectations on how others behave. Control issues will create conflict, especially for those who highly value their freedom to express themselves for who they are. Issues of jealousy can be a wake up call to how to create and share more joy within relationships. When you express love you should feel abundant and whole.

Be sure to not overindulge on the weekend by making too many purchases or eating too much rich food. Know your limits so you don’t reach into the territory of excess.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - November 3 to 9, 2014:

Aries: Getting in touch with your emotions helps you to get to know yourself. You feel your best when you don’t procrastinate. Once you get started the energy just flows. Your most innovative ideas and taking a chance early in the week is good for you. A practical approach provides you with comfort and a good sense of being grounded. This week is a great time to focus on your money matters. If you’re in a relationship talking about how you are a team working together for a solid foundation is good for you. Borrowing money for a practical project could be good and you’ll feel best if you get a deal where interest doesn’t have to be paid for a while. The extra time allows you to save. Your power is in the act of planning now.

Taurus: Who you are is a big focus this week. It can be a deeply personal time. The truth of who you are deserves to be honored. If you put love at the forefront of your relationships, you will know how to stand in your own light and shine your truth. It is a time to know your strengths, to look in the mirror and see the things about yourself that you love. The most beautiful characteristics are those that are real and honest. You will likely be emotional at times when seeing love demonstrated in other people’s relationships, even in the smallest ways. Self-love is everything now. It can be a week where you have profound realizations about yourself. Stand firm and know that you have the right to choose to be you. The side of you that you often push under the rug can be liberated by the light now. Share the love, by starting with you. Love is at the heart of who you are.

Gemini: You’re a thinker and you’re capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. This week is a great time for you to align your actions with your spiritual beliefs. Your faith in yourself, or something higher, can make a big impact on how you perceive your day to day life. Life really is all about perceptions. What we manifest in the world starts with a thought. Your ability to have fun and be witty is pleasing, but at the end of the week you’ll likely start to shift your mind towards practicalities. To get the most productive work done, it would be a good idea to set yourself up to have a nice, pleasing space. Fragrances, colors, the right decor and plants in your office or work area make all the difference. A little ritual to bless your space would be really good for you. Set your intentions and you can do just about anything.

Cancer: The people in your life are quite important. They reflect who you are. Who you choose to be friends with speaks volumes to those parts of yourself that you encourage and enhance. The vision that you have for your life can be emphasized by those around you. Pay close attention particularly to how you feel around certain people. Your personal feelings about situations can tell reveal to you what you really want. Family could be on your mind, particularly anyone close to you that has the nurturing, maternal instinct. Your need to express yourself and enjoy life increases as the weekend approaches. Overall, have enjoy any fun that is offered now. The theater, concert, or performance of any kind would be good for you to enjoy now. Anything that is artistic and allows you to enjoy life, good food, wine and desserts are on the menu. Try something different.

Leo: This week your career and higher goals in life get emphasized. There is an empowering aspect to what you feel is most important to manifest in your life. The energy is there. Harness it. Your home life also gets lit up but if you have the urge to make purchases, you risk possibly going over the top. Make sure you don’t spend too much, especially when the weekend arrives, as this is when the urge to use credit may really find you. Nobody likes excess debt, so think smart. Whatever you choose, light, earthy decor is good for you. A water feature may also be pleasing. The balance between your comfort of home life with your determination in your goals is good for you. You may find something you’ve been working towards finally comes to fruition in your career sector.

Virgo: This week brings forward a feeling of having learned how to stand on your own two feet. You’ve accomplished many things in life, but now you get to take a moment and look at all that you’ve done that has brought you to where you are today. It’s healthy for you to acknowledge what you’ve built and what you’ve learned in the process. Your money matters are likely on your mind. Tying up any loose ends and ensuring you bank balance is in check and on track is good for you. A good budget makes your best use of your gift for detail and practicality. As the weekend approaches you will appreciate the arts. Exploring music, even singing in the shower, is really good for you to feel alive. The beautiful vibrations will clear your mind.

Libra: Contemplating who you are certainly is a good practice for you this week. To reach conclusions about yourself that elevate you, it’s a good idea to do the work. This could be writing in a journal, or speaking to yourself in the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with having a heart to heart with yourself. The Full Moon this week encourages you to get grounded and in touch with your body. It also encourages you to be honest about your finances. It could be decision time for you regarding a purchase, or borrowed money. To feel most grounded you need to be smart. The best use of your money now is where it counts towards building something that is lasting. Reach deep into your psyche to find the honest truth about what you really need and want to feel secure and financially stable.

Scorpio: You’re at your most magical when you love yourself. When you let your light shine for all to see, you touch people’s lives. From all your trials and tribulations in life, you have the power to refine yourself into a higher vision. Loving yourself allows you to love others. This week you’ll see in others just how important sharing the light is, from the heart. Spending some money on yourself, as long as you don’t go overboard and overindulge, shows that you care about yourself and you’re also responsible. That’s a great combination that will give you confidence and push away some of your long held doubts about yourself. Be empowered by love this week. Venus is on your side.

Sagittarius: How you demonstrate your daily routine speaks volumes about how you feel about yourself. Yoga really is the perfect practice for you this week. It encourages mindfulness and a strong, stable connection to your body. Spend some time being present and focused on each step on your way to manifesting what you have your eyes set on. The power of believing in yourself, and having faith in something higher than mundane reality works wonders for you to develop a more holistic way of life. Having a spiritual perspective of money is also good for you now. It is energy that you get to choose to direct according to your will. What does your relationship to money say about you? With an open heart and a higher perspective of your life purpose you will be able to move mountains. Take a step by step approach with love and belief as your guide.

Capricorn: With the Full Moon in fellow earth sign Taurus, this should be a week that feels pleasing to you. As long as you are grounded and in touch with your ability to manifest as you wish, you should be able to enjoy yourself with courage and strength that’s empowering. It’s a good time to spend with friends especially your more artistically inclined confidants. If you are working towards a common goal, the money should be reasonably supportive now. The motivation and determination to be true to yourself helps guide your choices. Be sure to socialize and be in the company of those that inspire you to enjoy the beauty of life. You may attract the right people at the right time now to help you with your vision. Shopping could be a nice day or evening out, but be sure to not spend yourself into the red. It can be easy to indulge yourself into debt now.

Aquarius: Feeling comfortable and supported at home is good for you this week. You may be very grateful during this Full Moon for those closest to you. You may also find that your career or other such elevated life goals really are very close to your heart. Through your work you can impact others. When your heart is in it, it makes all the difference. That is when you shine the most. The work and effort you put in speaks volumes of your strength and reveals a lot about who you are. Some may have a bit of a fling with someone at work actually, which could make life interesting. Be sure you don’t go too far though. Fun can get you into predicaments if you take it to a place that goes a little too far. Those of you working with colors, tastes, textures and the pleasures of the senses will feel appreciated as people will recognize more clearly how these elements impact the final product. Food made with love tastes so much better.

Pisces: You may get some good news that feels right this week. Something you’ve been waiting to hear may finally come through. This is a week where delights in life give you purpose. Things you never even thought you would be interested in will stand out. Earth elements, tastes, fragrances, all hold so much information, and you will appreciate them more this week. It’s like a lightbulb comes on and you notice things again for the first time. Seize the experiences and the learning that comes through them. Enjoy them. Speak of them. Keep the dialogue going and the interest will only increase. Rose fragrance will be particularly alluring for most Pisceans. A bath with rose petals is the perfect representation of how you should feel this week when you engage in the appreciation of the beautiful things life has to offer. This can teach you so much. A colorful vision board is good for you now. Beautiful images on Pinterest could be your indulgence that leads to new ways of thinking about your life.

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