Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for November 17 to 23, 2014

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This week we starts off with the new shifts that Neptune and Venus have brought to us continuing to grow. Neptune now direct in Pisces, after having been retrograde for many months, creates a shift in our perceptions of reality. Venus now in Sagittarius brings us enhanced energy encouraging us to move towards the things we want that really matter to us. Right off the bat we start this week with a shift in our direction. The inspiration is with us to create a tidal wave of change in our lives.

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When the Sun and Saturn meet in Scorpio on Tuesday we get further encouragement to move towards a stable future with more maturity. This is a time to consider longer term planning and to clear out old baggage that has been swept under the rug but needs to be acknowledged. The insights and intuitions that arise on Tuesday should be taken seriously. Focus on what you need to do to be responsible and you’ll discover greater clarity in your direction. It’s a day to take a practical, hands on approach and to be very honest with yourself about what matters.

The beginning of the week holds a lot of transformational energy and opportunity. Work with this energy for a couple of days to allow yourself the time to settle into the changes and feel their importance on deep levels of your being.

On Thursday, Venus and Neptune are at a crossroads. This is a good day to see how much you’ve been able to follow through with the intentions earlier in the week to create a shift in your reality. When you are on the journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, what we all really want in life is to experience the very best. You can honor yourself and others now, knowing that we can each help create a heaven on earth if we each gave and receive our very best. This is a time where we can challenge our doubts and choose to create the reality we desire. It all starts with the higher vibration of our imagination being brought into the world to manifest from love. It’s a good time to consider how you are moving towards your desires from a place of higher consciousness now.

Friday is a day to speak authentically, and if the situation calls for it, to speak passionately. Be willing to voice yourself honestly and speak up about what you really want. Saying what you really mean can be such an important step towards directing your will that shows you are ready, willing and able to accomplish what you want in your life. Saying what you really feel like saying can be an empowering act of courage. Mercury and Mars encourage us to be direct and follow our instincts.

On Saturday we have the Sun entering Sagittarius as well as the Moon. They join forces bringing us the New Moon in Sagittarius. This is such an empowering New Moon where we reach out to new vistas. It really can be an all new beginning for many where life takes off in an all new direction. Follow your instincts and broaden your horizons in the direction that you really feel is right for you. It can be a time of asserting yourself to become more than you have been. It can be a time of great learning. We’ll speak more about this in the New Moon in Sagittarius Horoscope which will be available later this week.

Finally, Mercury and Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) connect on Saturday after the New Moon. If you’re out in the company of others you may certainly be in the presence of those who may be boastful, proud or overly dramatic. You don’t have to take that route or meet ego for ego. Instead, focus on the optimism that you hold for the future. This is the day of the New Moon after all, so be mindful of how you are using your words to set new intentions for yourself. Be hopeful and realistic about what you want.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - November 17 to 23, 2014:

Aries: You could certainly find yourself having a conversation at work or regarding your career this week with someone of importance. Showing how you are passionate about what you do and also that you are resourceful will be impressive. Be honest and your words will reveal your enthusiasm for the goals that are important to you. You may also feel a shift in your spirituality this week. Dreams could become interesting and point the way. You may wish for a vacation this week, or a new perspective. Follow your heart.

Taurus: With Venus now in Sagittarius you should certainly already be feeling an extra burst of energy and motivation to go after what you want with more enthusiasm. It is what you’re passionate about that matters. Go for it. Be resourceful and driven to attract what you want from life. Living with purpose and dedication with the intention of creating a more pleasurable, meaningful life is important for you now. If you love it, you will find pleasure in it. Relationships get highlighted this week with a measure of maturity and honesty. A long term plan can solidify your partnerships and your direction.

Gemini: The beginning of the week for you pushes you towards transformation in your habits. Right before this week began you’ve like felt this urge to get things in order so that you have better access to the resources you need to reach your goals. As the week progresses you will likely get another reminder and a burst of motivation to get things going in the direction you want. Your daily routine is essential now. Get your facts and figures in order and you’ll feel empowered. Being on top of things helps you release worry and doubt. When the weekend arrives, people will appreciate you being honest about what you’re doing, rather than you painting a false picture to pretend everything is perfect. You get a better reaction when you’re humble.

Cancer: Life requires emotion to be fully human. Without it we would be too robotic and miss out on the joy, pain, sorrow and love that all work together to bring our hearts to fuller experience. This week, many of your emotional experiences come from your balance between your responsibilities and your need for lightness and joy. Add creativity to your productivity this week. Be aware of the intention you put into what you give and receive, and you can manifest great joy in your relationships. Put love into whatever you choose to do and you will be well on your way to feeling more alive and in touch with humanity.

Leo: Home matters are important this week. Putting things in their place and decluttering is good for you. Knowing where everything is at, and being aware of how your space is creating a nurturing environment for you is important now. If you are doing renovations or anything of the sort you should look at the finer details and make sure you have access to the right resources. Talking about what needs to be done with and honest approach is best. With Venus in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, going out and have fun shopping, exploring the arts or visiting a comedy club could be good for you. Balance the responsibilities at home with some fun-time and laughter. The New Moon wants you to have a bit more fun in life.

Virgo: Your words have the power to create potent changes in your life this week. You would do well to use affirmations and positive thinking now. The law of attraction starts with thoughts. Being passionate about something helps you feel more grounded. Merge your thoughts and feelings this week to create a direction that empowers you. A psychological assessment designed to tap into the subconscious mind would be great for you now. It’s a good time to turn over a new leaf. New decor for your home and adding a piece of beautiful art will shift the energy. At the end of the week you may find it challenging to have an honest talk about more spiritual matters, but the challenge could lead to new wisdom you need.

Libra: Talk about what you love this week. Talk about what direction you want to go in. How can love take you there? What about your financial situation? How does that impact where you want to go? The dreams you hold for yourself are mainly based on what you know and what you imagine. Exploring more ideas about the world will help you get a more abundant picture of the possibilities available to you. You may not know the steps to get there but if you have a vision and play around with ideas, in time, the way to get there will reveal itself. What you value, and what you love are the beginnings of where you can go.

Scorpio: This week you get a burst of awareness about who you are. It comes through when you are able to release the burdens and doubts that have been a part of you. Your thoughts are the foundation of what you believe yourself to be. Let yourself feel lighter this week by intentionally releasing the heaviness on your shoulders. Your thoughts are pivotal to your experience of life now, including your career. Believing in yourself can only happen when you exchange negative, conditioned thoughts to more positive, abundant thoughts about yourself. Your self-worth and how you value yourself are of optimal importance now. They build your foundation. Do the work to bring the light into your life and you will rise high. It is time to rise above delusion and create reality now.

Sagittarius: Venus is now in your sign. This can be a really pleasing time for you to love yourself more and to focus on feeling valued and worthy of love. The New Moon later in the week will give you the power to start new, to see yourself in a new light and to become more aware of who you are. Self-worth is such an important part of you now. It can motivate you to do and be who you really are meant to be. You can create yourself. You are the art and the artist that creates you. Optimism is in the air for you. Doing the work to raise your spiritual vibration this week will help you to understand the meaning of your life. Accept the challenging spiritual questions that arise as tools to grow into a higher vibration of yourself.

Capricorn: You get a dose of reality this week about who is in your life and why. Focusing on a mature vision for yourself helps guide you towards who is meant to be in your life now so you can manifest a more stable future. What you talk about can have meaningful impact and showcase what you believe about yourself and the direction you want to go in. You could have an important, random conversation this week that opens doors and gets you going in the right direction. Be willing to listen and speak to those that are interested in conversing with you. Speaking from your gut is important this week. The honesty reaches deep into the heart of others. It’s a good time to visualize the beautiful, spiritual, and magical now. It can give you that feeling that raises your vibration and empowers you.

Aquarius: This week can solidify your stance in terms of career or your higher aims in life. Responsible action can lead to lightbulb moments of awareness. Talking about career matters and your higher spiritual goals can motivate you to go passionately forward to make something meaningful with your life. You could have a moment of reflection that has you trying to figure out the balance between your relationships and your higher goals, such as career matters. This week, you may be tempted to have fun, but make sure you don’t get too distracted from your goals because that’s where the power is now. Sometimes friends can give you all the love you need. Following your vision this week can bring real pleasure.

Pisces: This week Neptune is heading direct in your sign after having been retrograde for many months. This is a shift in energy and direction for you that can give you a different perspective on yourself. Who are you really? What personal lessons have you learned about your identity while Neptune has been retrograde in your sign? This New Moon can bring new beginnings for you that may provide you with a bit of a challenge. The goals you go after now need a new direction infused with love. Whether it’s career or ambitions that reach closer to your heart, you can start fresh by pushing through any personal obstacles. The illusions you may have held could fall away now, so that you are able to move forward with a greater grasp on reality. You are asked to flow into a new karmic path, shedding light on old fears, and moving forward with a new worldview.

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