New Moon in Capricorn for December 21, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a New Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 8:35 p.m. EST.

Happy Holidays!

This is a New Moon that can change everything. When the Sun enters Capricorn at 6:02 p.m. EST on December 21, 2014 we are officially starting the new season with the Winter Solstice. Just 18 minutes before the Sun enters Capricorn, Uranus stations direct in Aries. This is a potent symbol of change, a new beginning and a new future. After a few days, the sun will start to rise out of the depths of darkness and promise new light in our lives and ascend towards the heavens.

With Pluto in Capricorn relating to Uranus, this is a time of transformation and the strong desire for freedom from that which holds us back. We are ready for new found freedom and light. A strong urge for a new beginning, one that changes everything with anticipation towards the future is with us.

It is a time to honor the physical world at its most fundamental level and bring the earth into our value system with more awareness. Our understanding of materialism is going through a powerful transformation now. Our connection to nature, our physical bodies and money is shifting and directing us to renew our ambitions and aspirations in life with greater consciousness.

For those of you who feel closely connected to nature or who live a holistic lifestyle, your understanding of your relationship to earth, your body and plants will start to grow even more now. For those of you who live and practice earth based spirituality you'll notice the desire for that to become more prominent in your life so your mind, body and spirit will evolve and reach higher degrees of wisdom. Food lovers will delight in the holidays, of course. It's a great time to improve your understanding of how food connects to you and transforms into your body, and honor yourself as a temple. Changing perceptions of how money matters and finances are a part of our lives, will lead to awakenings now as well. For many the shifts in reality come quickly.

With the tension between Pluto and Uranus two planets, on a grander scale, strong demand for change that emphasizes the differences between nations is a continued issue and surprises ensue. Many will feel like rejecting the structures in society that others create for us, for various reasons, in favor of our own, more personal approach to living as we wish.

Many will want to be freer from any fear based mentalities projected from the larger structures of society, which could include governments, media, religious organizations and the banking system. How negative is the news that can bombard our minds if we let it? Good news would be a nice change for the global population. Imagine how the vibration of the world would change if we focused on the positive; encouraging and enhancing that about the world instead. Thoughts are seeds. They will grow once planted and transform the material world.

This New Moon also encourage us to let go of the fears we have that may have been conditioned to adopt from others around us throughout our lives, that reside within our own minds that we hold on to for far too long. For many, this is a time to have new, personal realizations about the conditions that may be imposed upon us so we can rise above them.

With this New Moon in Capricorn, it is a great time to implement a new plan for your life as well as business goals that focus on achievement oriented outcomes. It is a time for more structure within our own lives, but structure that we create ourselves, and that works for us.Structure in your life that has more intimate meaning for you that relates to your own personal goals and higher aims in life is indicated.

It is important to start a practice that connects you with the earth now. Many people will find a personal practice in yoga to be a potent symbolic gesture of living more in tune with one’s own connection to choices and actions. To feel this moment in time and to be in tune with your mind, body, spirit can be a revelatory experience. Encourage new, positive pathways in your mind and body to be travelled more often.

This is also a great time to have a conscious approach to money matters. With the holidays here, shopping is on just about everyone’s list of to-dos. People are in the mood to receive and to give. It is important to be conscious enough to know that you are deserving because you are worth it. But it is also important to recognize that gifts from the heart mean much more than simply gifts from the store.

It’s also a good time to start to be more business minded, to be goal oriented and to understand what it means to live up to your potential. Reading more on how to operate and function better with your plans is encouraged.

To live up to your potential, you must become conscious to who you are, what you are worth and what you deserve. Venus in Capricorn encourages us to realize this. What do you really want to give and receive in life? And why do you want that? What is at the root of why you are doing what you're doing to achieve what it is that you want in life? Is it fear or is it love?

With Venus in Capricorn, know that the intention of love in all that you do attracts to you more of what it is that you really want and are capable of. This is about living fully in tune with your potential and that means taking off the shackles that weigh you down. The holiday story of Scrooge reminds us of this lesson.

This is a time to break free from the old rules, beliefs and conditions. Not just those imposed on us by external establishments and structures of society but the conditions we place on ourselves in our own minds and in our own hearts. It is a gift you can give yourself to say you love yourself, and to truly believe that you love who you are. This is a time to move beyond the external viewpoint. With Uranus striking a chord during this New Moon, it signifies the rebel for your own heart and a new beginning. Being true to you rather than the conditions imposed on you by others or society. Thoughts determine your emotions and your behavior.

Mercury is all about mindset and the exchange of information. It is time to replace our old thoughts with new ones. This is about deciding to turn the light of the Sun in Capricorn into reality and knowing you can climb the mountain and reach the summit. This is about knowing who you are and loving yourself. Practicing affirmations that support a positive, healthy, optimistic mindset, sets the stage for you to do better with your life and to make a difference in the world.

This is about bringing more love into the world, turning off the bad news that infiltrates your mind and imposes negative thoughts, and instead working on bringing more love into the world. The Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn brings us a lot of energy to work with that can literally transform us.

Make a plan. Be aware. Be on top of things so you can achieve real goals. What are your goals? What do you want to create and manifest in the world? What new beginning do you want? A real, practical, down to earth plan is how goals are achieved. Bring your dedication, your insight, and your joy to new levels by setting goals and making a plan that fulfills you.

This is a new beginning, a new way of thinking, a new way to approach your life and the world. This is a time to work through the obstacles in life so you you can find the truth and the freedom of what matters. What is truly worth your time and the attention of your heart and mind?

I hope you enjoy this holiday season. Thank you so much for enjoying our forecasts, for sharing and for being a part of the journey to realization with us. The next Full Moon is in January. Stay tuned for our Weekly Horoscopes posted every Monday afternoon.

Happy Holidays! May good spirits and blessings be with you and your loved ones.

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