Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for December 1 to 7, 2014

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Welcome to another week and welcome to December.

This week starts off well, and actually the energy this week is quite positive overall. We should all start to get a clearer picture of what matters to us this week. Our higher goals and aspirations are identified by our passions and drives. In career this is an especially auspicious time where responsible choices set the stage for a more stable future guided by an empowering willpower.

With Mars in Capricorn in harmony with Saturn in Scorpio now, we discover that our drives are forces that are ingrained in us, that motivate and move us. By harnessing this power now, our actions lead to long term impact. It’s a great time to take a solid stance and go after what you want.

One of the more important things to consider this week is that we are heading towards a Full Moon on the weekend. Our actions and ideas lead the way towards greater fulfillment and culmination. Whatever happens this week, and whatever you do, know that it is leading towards growth and a grander perspective of reality and purpose for your life.

Read more about the Full Moon in Gemini here.

Wednesday we have the Moon in Taurus reaching out harmoniously to Neptune in Pisces and Pluto is Capricorn. This can be an emotionally moving time where compassion for nature, earth and life pulls at our heartstrings. The feelings we have now for good stewardship and responsibility for the earth leads to the need for change and bringing higher consciousness to the world. Mali the lonely elephant is one such subject now that has been in captivity for 35 years and needs our help to help her get to live her remaining years in the presence of other elephants. Read more about her here and help her find freedom by signing the petition. The importance of the Endangered Species Act needs our attention as well.

On Thursday, as we continue to move towards this Full Moon, Venus and Jupiter are connecting positively. It’s a time of blessings. Enjoy the pleasures of the world. Window shopping is a great idea to see beauty all around you and to inspire you. Delectable, exotic foods are a delight. We may be tempted to spend a little too much, so be aware of your bank balance. Many will feel the strong desire to travel to exotic locations. Browsing travel websites for a perfect vacation, as long as it’s within budget, will be a lot of fun this week. Jovial fun is so good for you now. It’s also a great time to decorate for the holidays and have the spirit of love in your heart.

With the Sun in Sagittarius connecting nicely with Uranus in Aries on Thursday, it is a day that indicates a great awakening. A realization that you are able to express yourself according to what matters to you can suddenly arise now. You may feel the strong urge to head in a new direction, or start a new quest, which for many will start with an internal process seeking self-awareness. You may wish to stand up straight and step forward with a declaration that the choice is yours, and the path is yours to make. The personality we know ourselves to be can positively glow now.

On the same day, Mars enters Aquarius. It’s a great time for socializing and being with friends. Being with those who have a similar vision as you and desire to work towards group goals can boost your vitality. Create a vision board to inspire enthusiasm for what you aim for in the future. We are empowered by freedom now to be and do as we wish. For those who have a strong passion for social causes, this can be a time where powerful moves can be made that have lasting impact. Because Mars has had a close connection with Saturn earlier this week, responsible freedom is best. It’s a time to be intellectually stimulated, inventive and looking towards the future with the intention of actively pursuing your dreams. Know that each step with self-discipline is an empowering move towards creating your vision.

On Friday, conversations can open doors. Pay attention to key words that stick with you and open a floodgate of ideas. It’s a great day for writing freely and enjoying spontaneous run-ins with people. The insights available now in all forms of communication from television to one on one conversations to radio or random online posts can bring you new ways of thinking. It’s always good to write down new thoughts that you feel are meaningful as they can dissipate from memory as quickly as they arrive. Messages of all kinds can encourage an all new philosophy of life with Mercury harmoniously connecting with Uranus.

Saturday morning we have the Full Moon in Gemini. Those conversations you’ve been having and messages you’ve been receiving could certainly bring you to a full realization this weekend. It’s a great time to enjoy the magic and power of words and peer more deeply into the philosophical understandings of symbols and all types of communications. It’s a great time to laugh and speak freely for the most opportune messages to arrive at your doorstep. We’ll talk much more about this Full Moon in our special horoscope coming up later this week.

This week, celebrate your life. There is much abundance to be had, much of which starts with your heart and mind.

Help Mali the Elephant.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - December 1 to 7, 2014:

Aries: This week you are encouraged to use your best assets, your enthusiasm, drive and willpower, to do what matters most so you can set yourself up for a strong, stable future. Considering what resources you need, including financial resources, will help you determine what actions you should take. Career considerations, and where you’re putting your efforts, are in scope. As the week progresses you’re encouraged to be a force in the world determined by your vision of your future. Inspiration followed by action can bring you a greater sense of freedom. Whose energy do you want to be around as part of your path?

Taurus: You are blessed with earthy wisdom and inspiration. You are able to take your philosophy of life and bring more beauty and love to the world. This week herbs, plants, and decor for your home become more important facets of your way of life. Your connection to the earth and your body is strengthened when you bring a happy, abundant, philosophical approach to your surroundings. It is a week where you should focus on enjoying life and what you attract. Appreciate what you have and what you are. It’s a good time to attract and receive financial resources. Your perspective of money as energy to be received and used for good intentions makes all the difference.

Gemini: Your mind can be your best ally or your worst enemy. It is your lifelong journey to master your thoughts and your skills of communication. The thoughts you project onto the world around you are concepts that create your experiences. They attract or repel, create or extinguish, help or hinder. You are the common denominator in all that your mind does or does not manifest. This week you are asked to look outside yourself and look within to find the meaning you want. From the smallest details to the larger picture, it all comes together to create the whole. This week you may be surprised by a perspective you had never thought of before and it could be life changing.

Cancer: The beginning of the week is when you may have a new, inspired feeling about career, work and your goals. You know you need to put your best foot forward and go for it. There could be a fire burning under you encouraging you to accept the surprises and go with them. Throughout the week is a good time for you to get grounded and feel connected to friends and people that you see eye to eye with. When the weekend arrives, the Full Moon asks you to communicate from a higher place of consciousness. Prayers and incense are a good practice for you to connect with this weekend. To be grateful for all you are, what you have become and where you are going matters now.

Leo: Have fun, laugh and be joyous and magnetic with those that make you feel beautiful, loved and abundant. One of the most essential keys to life, is to enjoy it. Who you see yourself as, is who you will see yourself with. Your identity has been going through a lot of growth this year and it will continue. Next week you’ll be reexamining yourself, but this week is about expression and being true to yourself. To live authentically is a gift because so few people do. Love yourself this week. The people you surround yourself should always be those that make you feel good. You’ll know who they are by the ease of communicating your truth to them.

Virgo: Speak to, and learn from, the wise mother figures in the world. Listen to their words. They will have messages that reach you. Their perspectives and philosophy on life are key for you this week. Especially mother figures from foreign cultures, that offer a very different perspective than you are used to, will open you up to inspiration you had never considered. Pay close attention to career advice this week. If you’re not career oriented, then listen for advice on other important higher aims and goals in life. This week, you will have renewed motivation to take care of your body and mind and to get your life in order. This will lead you to personal satisfaction and a greater sense of freedom.

Libra: Whatever you discuss this week should be about love, learning, and wisdom. You would also do well to go out with some who have the gift of gab while shopping. It’s a good week for you to consider travel plans as well. The people you surround yourself with now should be those that help you to understand yourself and to respect what your vision in life is. Socializing is an important part of this week for you. Smile, have fun and enjoy where it takes you. A spontaneous attitude could bring the most amazing people into your life. Your best asset is a lovely, open heart. This week a wink and a smile may make you flutter.

Scorpio: This week you get a message that grounds you and shifts your perspective on yourself. Your identity has been going through a learning process for the past couple of years that has had some tough times. Self esteem is something to work on, for everyone at some point in life. Talking about it helps. You are likely getting more in touch with who you are more than ever now and it’s meant to ultimately empower you, and this week you are encouraged to be strong and stand firm in who you are. Knowing yourself, being patient with yourself, and trusting the process of time, helps you to understand who it is that you want in your life. Choose the groups to be a part of that have a common vision you can be inspired by.

Sagittarius: You are blessed by a lot of positive energy this week. Tap into it. It’s there for you to enjoy. Your personality shines bright when you smile bright and share the love. All you have to do to get people to feel a connection with you this week is be authentic and speak your truth. You may be surprised by encounters this week that bring out the creative, fun loving, happy side of you more than ever. Tune into the spontaneity of conversations this week. Clever, witty jokes are great ways to bond with the commonality in others. Your birthday month makes you a star. Let your heart be open to receive and share in the delights you deserve.

Capricorn: Well this is a time to be empowered. The changes that are happening for you are designed to empower you. With Mars finishing off his stay in your sign, you’re able to channel his energy of dedication, willpower and enthusiasm for what’s to come. It’s also a time to consider what people are in your life that you really want to be there, the type of people that support what you want and help ground you. You’re going to have more enthusiasm about money as the week progresses. By doing the work you can set yourself up to bring in a more stable income. A positive, energized attitude helps you channel more power.

Aquarius: What delight you could have with friends and colleagues now. The people you surround yourself with should be lovely, encouraging and easy to talk to. Being outside, soaking up some of the suns rays while gabbing will be good for you. Talking about the direction you want to go in is good for you this week, especially regarding love and money. You’re going to also likely get a newfound drive to bring forth a more empowered personality and identity. Strength, courage and determination should help you feel more confident and bold. You’re encourage to have a lot of fun this week and to just enjoy having conversations. Laughter helps you feel more whole and abundant this weekend

Pisces: This week you would do very well to get yourself into a mode of appreciating the blessings you have in your life. Career matters do best when you are thinking about how you can put love into your aspirations. The more you smile and keep an open heart, the more you will attract abundance. Being practical with the intention of bringing more fun to your routines is wise now. You don’t have to just go through the motions to get things done, you can make a game of just about anything. The energy you put into your daily activities should be focused on the big picture. Your challenges this week have the potential to bring you rewards, it’s just a matter of how you choose to approach and react to them that makes all the difference.

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