Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for December 22 to 28, 2014

Happy Holidays!
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

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Wishing a very happy holiday week to you all!

This week starts us off with the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn and the Winters Solstice and Uranus direct, which all happened on Sunday December 21st. Now were bringing that energy into our week as the New Moon’s energy continue to grow with us. To understand the foundational energy of this week read the New Moon in Capricorn Horoscope here.

As the week develops, of course we are all gearing up for the holidays enjoying people, places and things in our lives. There is a fresh beginning with us with this New Moon that brings us back down to earth to realize our place in the world and with those close to us. For some this can be lovely moments with loved ones, or awkward moments with those we haven’t seen in a while. The awkward moments are those that get us to realize who we are in relation to others as a mirror for our inner truths. From insecurities to self acceptance, to pride and personal aims in life, we are faced with knowing who we really are in the face of whoever we encounter. Hopefully, through the interactions we grow to love ourselves and others more.

Saturn enters Sagittarius on Tuesday. Travel issues can certainly arise for many during this holiday season. Even though this is true for just about every holiday season due to the rush, it may certainly be more pronounce this year. So, know that time is precious and must be honored. Getting yourself prepared and having everything ready as early as possible is best. Of course, there will be unforseen circumstances of which may be out of your hands. Knowing you can’t control everything, patience will be a virtue.

Many will find comfort in spiritual traditions during the holidays as a way to unite us. But there can be differences of opinion of religious ideologies now, and debates aside, we can come to understand the root of all true spiritual traditions is rooted in love at their very core. Anything that sways from that foundational understanding of love being the core of any religion, is merely politics and is a distraction from the truth. The holiday spirit is ultimately about love and joy, and the boundaries that different religions and belief systems can impose, can be dissolved with an open heart. Love can always move us beyond whatever divisions the mind and the ego creates.

With Saturn in Sagittarius it really is about honoring the connection between the physical and the philosophical. Yoga is the perfect practice to connect us with the body and earth to the deeper purpose in our lives. Moving through the challenges to being present, centered, conscious, aware, patient and in tune with our physical body, brings greater self knowledge and wisdom. Pushing through our limits and doing the work with determination, realization happens.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a long trend which will be with us for a few years. This is the starting point of much more to come as Saturn works his way through Sagittarius encouraging us to learn many lessons that bring us closer to realizing our purpose and the meaning of our lives. Stand up straight and push forward. You will learn much in the process and gain a new level of wisdom.

On Wednesday, Mercury and Uranus are in square. Information can arise suddenly, perhaps through a conversation with a surprising topic of discussion, that can instantly change our perspective. How the information is conveyed could be as surprising as the message itself. You can entertain new ideas and trust yourself to know if it is something you want to accept and take with you into the future, or if you would prefer to leave it. Either way, it can shake up the energy in new ways, and it’s up to you to choose a response that honors yourself and keeps you grounded in your own wisdom.

On Friday, the Sun and Neptune are having a pleasant interaction. This could be a highly spiritualized day full of fantasy and magic. You can change your reality and bring more light to the world today that is touched with a mystical vibration. It’s a great day to create a sacred space that feels earthy and light. A perfect day for a spa experience where you enjoy the pleasures of a massage and a steam bath, good food and drinks and a lot of daydreaming. Poets, artists and musicians will find the day especially enchanting when engaging in their practices.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - December 22 to 28, 2014:

Aries: With Uranus stationing direct in your sign this week can offer a personal turning point for you. For many, where you stand in career and the goals you aspire to, brings new awareness and realization for the future. Whatever efforts you must tend to during this holiday week, you are sure to realize how important being present, conscious and loving in the process is. If your buttons are pushed this week, and certainly they may well be, it will provide you with the willpower and determination to be true to yourself and choose your own future by following what feels right in your own heart. Regardless of what others may say or think about your path in life, it is what you think about yourself that matters most. Follow your heart and be with those that honor and respect you and your vision.

Taurus: This week could be a new beginning of a personal spiritual journey. Something new, fresh, innovative, unthought of before can arise within you and inspire you to reach your higher self. With Venus as part of the collective energy in fellow earth sign Capricorn, your spirit is being surrounded by new wisdom you can feel deep down into your core. It would be the perfect week for you to get in touch with your body to a new degree. More structure and a regular routine is so good for you. Yoga practice would be the perfect practice for you to commit to now. It’s important to get reconnected to the earth element, especially good food and your body. There is much wisdom for you to learn about yourself. Consider your life a journey and each moment will bring you more opportunities for love, wisdom and intelligence. Honor your time with others.

Gemini: This week you may have an encounter with someone, perhaps a friend, colleague or someone that enters your social circle, that changes you. You could have a sudden shift in perspective that impacts you deeply and psychologically. It may be something that is not so easy to hear or that challenges your established way of thinking, but can be a catalyst for you to become much more resourceful and helps you realize how to work towards greater achievements. Pay attention to the underlying messages this week that are connected to your encounters. Whatever someone offers you may have deeper implications. Different types of people and personalities may enter your life this week that may challenge you, but ultimately helps you change the direction of your future. Decide what kind of people, and the mentality they represent, that you want to be a part of a new beginning.

Cancer: This holiday season is much about love for you. If you’re single, it’s a good time to be open hearted and social. You never know who could show up and impact your life. For all Cancers this holiday season, relationships of all kinds are important. If you feel like you need a career change and the future is in your hands, surprising advice and insights may come your way. Not everything will be easy to hear though. Truth has a way of getting to the core of us, so if you are lacking in an area of life, someone could bring that realization out in the open. However, embrace it, because life really is all about learning and growing. Be patient with those you interact with for they are on their own journey. Know that whatever people do bring up, you can use it to be more self aware and choose to respond from a level of heart towards them, as well as towards yourself.

Leo: This week Saturn moves into fellow fire sign Sagittarius, the ruler of Jupiter, which is in your sign. Finding yourself, and increasing your self confidence and wisdom can require you to do more of the internal work. With so much energy in earth sign Capricorn now, including your ruling planet, the Sun, this is a time for you to make a plan of action towards the transformation you want in your life. Creating a daily routine that supports you in feeling grounded and growing, is healthy for you now. It’s work, yes, but it is rewarding. The trick is to take your life seriously enough that you know you deserve to have fun in the process too. Life is meant to be enjoyed and you can do that best by acknowledging how precious and valuable your time is.

Virgo: You have a responsibility to be creative and to express yourself. Conversations can be rewarding now. During the holidays you should definitely be out and about taking in the theater, symphony, art exhibits, or simply enjoying the celebratory parties of friends and family. It is in the warm smiles and bonds that lift you up and remind you of how transformative joy can be. It’s important for you to be patient with home related matters this week as well. New ideas and cultures could come closer to home that has you considering how the traditions you are used to are changing. Perhaps including a more diverse and inclusive array of decorations will be in question. Like other earth signs this week, it’s time to definitely enjoy good food and delights of the senses. Laughter and conversations will help you remember the value in sharing your authentic personality with an open heart.

Libra: How you communicate with people will start to change this week. The exchange of ideas will feel like they have more weight. It may be a good idea for you to brush up on what you believe to be true so you can effectively share that without doubts. Family affairs will be in focus this week. The exchange of gifts, thoughts and feelings all come together to transform your experience of family. When you’re faced with people and situations that make you feel uncomfortable, you always have the right to step away and ground yourself. Practicing a bit of yoga, with a focus on deep breathing through with each movement, will help you find greater stability in your thoughts and emotions. Some Libra’s will be introduced to someone new, out of the blue, perhaps at a family gathering or party of sorts, and it could be the beginning of an important relationship.

Scorpio: This is the time of year where you’ve got to just let yourself shine through your words and actions. Conversations, small talk, gossip, big picture, life goals, politics, love, core beliefs, it’s all up for discussion now. The information that surrounds you and comes from you is a magical mix of intelligence and emotional wisdom. Speak the truth and you will find you’re able to transform the energy around you. How you process and apply information is able to bring you rewards. Focus on your wishes and achievements, and make a plan of action. Ideas will come up this week to help you realize how to take steps towards the future you want. Keep the conversation going and keep track of the stand out, inspiring messages you find.

Sagittarius: This week the big news for you is Saturn moves into your sign. A lot of people associate too much heaviness with Saturn. Well, Saturn is the one that will make you grow. He makes you face reality so you can learn by experience. So often, it is Saturn that is a gift in disguise. This week starts the beginning of a journey for you to gain more self respect, to know yourself more honestly, to honor your time here on earth and what it means to be in the physical world. Your relationship to yourself is going to grow firmer roots, as you get to work through your doubts to find the respect you deserve. Your identity is about to start a journey of realization that asks you to get real. The greater focus is on your karma. What you do, and how you treat yourself, will determine the lessons that arise for you. It’s also an important time for you to respect your mind, body and spirit, as well as your relationship to the energy of money matters.

Capricorn: Well the New Moon in your sign is now growing. It’s time for a new you. You can attract the love and wisdom you need now, and the best way to do that is by sharing the love and wisdom you have with others. With the holidays requiring many of us to be in the presence of relatives and close family members, be assured that self confidence is never anybody elses choice. It’s always your own choice. So if people push your buttons, and they very well may, it is up to you to brilliantly steer the conversation and the energy towards the lighter energy you want. With the Solstice here and the light growing in your sign now, you are the one who can bring the light to any situation. Operate from your heart and you’ll be able to confidently and respectfully be yourself. Saturn, your ruling planet, is beginning a journey in your spiritual sector. It’s your duty to bring more conscious wisdom into the world now.

Aquarius: The holiday season is so good for your spirit. With so many planets in your spiritual sector of the sky and Pluto reaching out to Uranus, your ruling planet, you are certainly in self-transformation mode now. The collective consciousness benefits from your voice. Wherever you feel like you are shifting gears and starting fresh, that change in your life can impact the bigger picture of life around you. It’s time to celebrate, loud and clear, the delight of higher wisdom as part of your journey in the world. You’ll also find that your vision for your life takes on a more karmic tone, where you know that what you work towards with others of like-mind can have a great impact. Your responsibility as a teacher and sharer is going to start gaining more emphasis. Teach by example and use your wisdom for your highest goals.

Pisces: It’s a magical time of year, and friends and socializing is so good for you this year. The people you feel most comfortable with and that are on the same wave length are your best choice to surround yourself with now. You’ll likely attract surprising situations and encounter people that feel karmic, where the right place at the right time plays a pivotal role in who you attract into your life. Be open minded and have an open heart, and focus on the commonalities between yourself and others rather than your differences. It’s also possible that you’ll have a wealth oriented shift suddenly pop up and lead you on a new trajectory. It is most likely to arise as a winning plan that has the potential to change everything. Thinking it through and talk about it. Plant seeds and rewards will find you in due time. This is merely the beginning.

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