Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for December 29, 2014 to January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Written by Symbolic Living

Welcome to another week. Happy Holidays. We are just about ready to finish off 2014 and enter an all New Year. Thank you so much for being part of this astrological journey with us as we move forward into a future that we all can play a part in orchestrating with our intentions, communications, desires and willpower.

We hope the new year brings greater sharing of love, caring, honesty, wisdom and opportunities that give your life meaning and purpose where mind, body and spirit become more holistically integrated. May we all become more conscious and bring forth greater awareness that is loving and healing to ourselves and others.

This week we are continuing to grow and sow new seeds as indicated by the New Moon in Capricorn at the Winters Solstice on December 21, 2014. So, we are growing from that place of newness towards the Full Moon in Cancer coming up this weekend as our lives move through the cycles of the cosmos around us.

Early this week is well suited for emotional awareness granted by the ups and downs we ponder and consider from our experiences of the holidays, who we encountered, what was said, and how we felt. All this leads us to understanding what truly feels right to us, who we like to be around, who we respect and perhaps who we may want to avoid due to differences of opinion, energy, and awareness.

We are all on unique journeys, but our paths cross in one way or another giving us opportunities to learn what really matters, who we like to be around, and who we are becoming in the process. We are all united, but also divided by uniqueness and sometimes vast differences of awareness and opinion. As the early week progresses who we are and who we know ourselves to be becomes more apparent. Practical experiences and interactions with others help us feel and know what is right for us, and our dreams can also bring us clearer indications and realizations of who we really are.

It is a wonderful time to celebrate life and each other, but it’s also a good opportunity to know who you are and what is right for you. With Mars and Jupiter in the mix with the Moon on New Year’s Eve, many will certainly overdo it and get a little wild. When New Year’s Day arrives and all is said and done, those who may need the added prodding to become aware of themselves may certainly be feeling it in their bodies and minds. The reminder of knowing what your limits are can certainly be present with Mars and Jupiter standing across the sky from one another. Yes, many will find their physical capacity has been exerted, but of course, that is ultimately a choice.

Other’s though, that have been feeling out their energy earlier in the week will likely be able to contain themselves with greater measure. We can use the awareness of Mars and Jupiter at New Year’s to choose willpower and drive as motivators to start the New Year with focus, attention, hopes and greater intentions.

Either way, New Year’s day is certainly going to give most of us the opportunity to put what we really want in perspective.

Then, as the New Year begins, the real energy of this week comes together on the weekend.
On Saturday, January 3rd, we have potent energy of the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Pluto preparing us for the Full Moon the next day, on Sunday.

Saturday could feel like a day to be a bit of a rebel, by taking the lessons of New Year’s Day and really feeling like you need to live true to your heart and soul. With the Sun in tough aspect to Uranus, we could feel like we need to give our all, knowing we can move mountains and live according to a strong will and desire. This awareness can come on suddenly for many, where an epiphany makes us realize it is time to get our future in order.

Then as Saturday progresses Venus moves into Aquarius. This brings softness and warms our heart bringing us new ideas. It can also attract us to the rebellious aspect of life, or adore recognizing the rebel in others; those that live true to their hearts and desire a future of their own making.

Then the Sun, moving through Capricorn, hits exact precision in alignment with Pluto. They meet in the sky and we know through and through that we are ready to transform our lives and make an impact in the world that matters. Many could experience a profound shift of consciousness now that comes from a deep realization that is grounding and gives us deep roots in where we stand. From there we can shine bright with wisdom.

On Sunday we have Venus now in Aquarius reaching out to Saturn newly in Sagittarius. These are new places for these planets, being at the very beginning of these signs. It can feel like a new beginning in relationships where honesty and the direction we are going gets honest.

Then Mercury chasing after Venus, enters Aquarius on Sunday. Thoughts, ideas, conversations gain clarity, and we are geared towards pondering our futures. Mercury loves to be in an air sign where the mind can flourish, contemplate and become more inventive and intrigued by really cool, new ideas. With Venus close by, our minds are seeking to find pleasure. Each of us will find ways to be true to our own hearts regardless of what others may want of us, and in the process our inner rebel may come alive.

Finally we reach the culmination point, with the Full Moon in Cancer at the very end of Sunday night at 11:53 p.m. EST. It’s a good night to stay home in general and feel a connection to those close to you, your body and your emotions. The personal transformation now is particularly dominant with Pluto standing right across the sky from this Full Moon. Many get very emotional on Full Moon’s, so don’t be surprised if you may feel like the energy is really potent and moving deep down into your soul. A warm shower or bath and taking care of yourself, honoring your body and releasing any pent up emotions is wise. We’ll talk much more about this Full Moon in it’s own article in the coming days.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! And thank you again for enjoying our horoscopes, for sharing these article with friends and for being a part of this journey through the cosmos. May 2015 be full of love, joy and happiness and may any difficult times be the catalyst for soul growth you need, helping you to reach closer to understanding and experiencing the purpose of life and love. May you use your life to help others as well this year. May you give people, animals and nature your very best care and compassion with an open heart and best intentions. Together, we can each play a part in changing the world.

Wishing each of you great blessings for a New Year.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - December 29, 2014 to January 4, 2015:

Aries: Although you may feel like New Year’s day is when it all begins, and you’re motivated to start a resolution or do more, if you overdo it you could just go a little too far. Pace yourself. It could actually be the perfect day for you to take the alternate route and relax. If you’ve done a lot in 2014, then starting your New Year with a shift in energy to honor yourself as is, can be a good thing. Balance is key. This reiterates that you should be cautious on New Year’s Eve so you feel well the next day. Start 2015 with good intentions to put your energy towards a future of growth and abundance. As we head towards the Full Moon, live true to your heart. It can be a good weekend to think about the balance between home life and career. The need for transformation can be potent and motivating to your New Year. Solid goals and a plan help you overcome obstacles and reach the summit.

Taurus: This week indicates your New Year is guided by the desire to have a wise direction to head towards your future. One where you know yourself and you know how to love others, and have goals and plans to reach your career aims. Your higher aspirations teach you how to develop a path that is responsible with the intentions of improving your karma for yourself and all those whose lives you touch. Declaring who you are to others, and declaring your love as an act of being true to yourself starts off your New Year with empowerment and a future where you attract good people into your life. Encounters over the holidays have likely taught you who you like to be around and who you do not. As the year begins, you get to choose to be around those you see eye to eye with and it can help your career and aims in life. The Full Moon indicates conversations and communications can give you wisdom that transforms you immensely. Your inner rebel may also become more evident as you stand true to your own heart and you assert your truth.

Gemini: This week you may just get that message you need that propels you into a new future for a New Year. Wisdom is on offer and you will likely be able to interpret and use the information presented to you to forge a path that gives you a greater sense of purpose. Secrets could come out this week too, all of the sudden, that prompts you to know what to let go of and move on as a truer version of yourself. Your heart knows the truth, and you deserve to experience that truth. The Full Moon can be quite magical for you. Materialism and money matters are in focus and so is the law of attraction. This could be a time where you realize how potent self-transformation is in creating the world around you in the way you would like it. A bit of practical magic can be fun to explore. Herbs, oils and candles are ways to communicate your intentions connecting the real world with higher aspirations.

Cancer: This is a big, beautiful week for you. One where you know the growth you experience is personal and gives you power to be true to yourself. Knowing yourself and being able to express that is such a gift. Pretty much everyone is working on being able to do that more fully throughout their lives, but this week, you have the Full Moon in your sign, so you are in the spotlight. Both Pluto and the Sun reach out to you with potency this week, and Uranus is also closely tied to your Full Moon, indicating this could be a breakthrough, transformational time for you. Others play a role in the changes you are going through now. Who you are becoming is connected with your relationships, including romantic and business partnerships as well. This sets the stage for you to start your New Year with goals and aims that work in cooperation with others so you can more fully express yourself as your true self, showcasing your talents, wisdom and skills. Shine bright like you know you can.

Leo: Since Jupiter has been retrograde in your sign these days, your self-understanding and wisdom is coming from a place that is more personal. External factors always play their role in shaping us, of course, as we live in a world of interactions, but the main factor is your internal perspectives about yourself that allow you to be more in tune with the real you. This week you may have a potent external force, quite possibly another person’s energy you encounter, that impacts you. This encounter and resulting impact could change your future. You would be wise to take a step back first and assess yourself so your reactions aren’t taking you somewhere that ends up being too much. It’s good to check in with yourself and know your limits. The Full Moon also encourages you to be assessment oriented as well. Ensure that your actions, routines and plans you choose are for your highest good and are guided by intentions in line with higher consciousness.

Virgo: This week is so good for you to get yourself in planning mode. Your best intentions thought through and put in order will do you well. Your future depends on your choices and how you approach your higher vision. To get there you need to focus on the details. If you want a certain level of health and wellness this is a great starting point. Dressing smart is also a good way to get yourself on track. If you’re in your housecoat all day you’re simply not going to have the same level of alertness and direction as you would putting on an outfit suited for the office. It is the little changes you make that set you up for reaching the future you really want. It’s a great time to have conversations with people of like mind with similar goals so you can brainstorm and collect ideas that motivate you. The Full Moon indicates fun with friends on the same wavelength is your best option for enjoyment now.

Libra: This is a good week to have fun and to be out and about. It can certainly be great for singles who enjoy dating as well, especially for those who are interested in a future with someone special. Being with someone who is of like mind and has a similar vision and ideals is great for conversations leading to greater romance. Of course, whether you’re single or attached, many will be attracted to the aspects in others that are exciting, a little bit different and rebellious as well. Those who are quirky, even geeky can also be interestingly attractive now. Sci-fi movies can be a real hit for many Librans this week. With this Full Moon many questions can come forward about what you really want to spend your time doing between your home life and your career or other higher aims in life. How you identify with being settled vs. going out in the world and reaching for your goals can give you mixed feelings you need to sort out now. Ultimately the questions can bring you to a deeper understanding of yourself and who you feel you’re destined to become.

Scorpio: Now that Saturn is out of your sign and into Sagittarius, you should start to feel some release of self-doubts that may have felt like they lingered for too long. Saturn really is a gift in disguise though. Challenges can offer us our greatest learning that stays with us for a long time. Now you may start to notice your earned income and sense of security is in focus, prodding you to get more focused and responsible in financial choices so you can get to where you want to go. These considerations are designed to help you to learn more about your purpose as we enter the New Year. The Full Moon is quite potent for you as well, which emphasizes the importance in realizing the meaning of life. It is conversations and deep thinking about your goals that is most highlighted now. Let this Full Moon bring you sensitivity and understanding in what you say and believe as well. The power this week to start your New Year is in learning about your philosophy of life that feels true and right to you deep down into your bones and in your heart.

Sagittarius: Now that Saturn is in the initiating phase of your sign, you’re getting to know yourself better through experience. For some this can be a heavy feeling of doubt. For others, this can be a chance to rise to the occasion and make firm declarations knowing you can put in the time and effort to become the best version of yourself you’ve ever known yourself to be. You could find yourself in a discussion this week that gets you hot under the collar. The purpose of life vs. the challenges humanity faces can be a hot topic. We all want a better future, one where we are able to put our best foot forward, yet it can take a lot of energy to get there. Are you willing to be a force for the betterment of the future of life in the world? This week you get to take a powerful look at what your gifts are. The Full Moon asks you to tap into your subconscious mind to help you realize how to manifest change in the physical world that matters.

Capricorn: You've got a lot going on this week to start off the New Year with potent energy. With Saturn, your ruling planet, having changed signs recently from Scorpio to Sagittarius you have a shift of energy that moves you towards living a more responsible and spiritualized perspective on reality that will continue to grow. The Full Moon in Cancer speaks right to the heart of you as well, and can be a moving, transformational time that allows you to see yourself reflected in others. It can be a highly sensitive time for you, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you got emotional. It’s all designed to get you to transform on deeply personal levels and to like yourself more as a person that feels connected to the world and to others. The New Year and the Full Moon asks you to experience other people with more heart, nurturance, sympathy and understanding and in turn also feel that for yourself. Trusting your intuition to guide you, will help you realize other people show up in you life to teach you who you are and how to love more deeply. An authentic hug can move you. Deep down, you know you are a good person.

Aquarius: This week gives you a chance to know yourself and to love yourself. The affirmations you make to yourself, the words and thoughts you say about yourself, should be rooted in love. The New Year can get so many people doubting who we are, and trying to change ourselves drastically. Of course there is value in wanting to be the best you can be, but seeking perfection is often a false perception in our own minds. Just know that you are who you are, and where you are, as you are meant to be. You don’t need to look outside yourself to get approval or to try to rise to others expectations. It is you loving yourself, honoring yourself and valuing yourself that matter most. Other people’s points of view will always be their own, and can be subjective. It is your own point of view that holds the most power. As the Full Moon approaches the New Year begins it is a time to get yourself feeling right with yourself and on track. By living according to your higher ideals with an eye to being a responsible, vital force in the world, you can create a plan of action that makes your New Year powerful, granting you a path of higher wisdom.

Pisces: You can have a spiritual wake up call this week that reminds you of how important it is to create a plan that encourages fun, growth and abundance in your life. The drive to bring higher ideals into your future is with you. A strategy to create your future according to a higher level of consciousness is essential. This Full Moon is in tune with you enjoying life and feeling comfortable in your own skin, especially in social situations. It can be a great time of healing, by realizing you are able to enjoy life by being nurturing and having a humanitarian approach to connecting with others. Laughter and joy helps you connect with others and allows you to light up the room. Your presence can heal and transform others and attract people who are in alignment with your vision of a better world. The most interesting, quirky, self-proclaimed people can surprise you, and remind you of how to be grateful for all that you have. Bring a smile to your encounters and you can change people deep to their core. You have a role to play in the butterfly effect.

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