Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for December 8 to 14, 2014

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We are stepping closer to the holidays. The Full Moon on the 6th brought us much to think about and integrate over the next two weeks. We get to start fresh again with the upcoming Winter Solstice. I think we’re all looking forward to the days starting to get longer again.

As the week begins, the Sun and Mercury make a delightful connection. Our hearts and minds have the potential to bring us clarity, understanding and insight that helps us know where we want to go. It is a good day to learn, to write, to speak and to share.

The big news at the beginning of the week on Monday is Jupiter stationing retrograde in Leo. As you know, Jupiter will be in Leo until late summer next year. Now, as part of his journey in Leo, we understand the importance of looking within our hearts for inspiration. It will be a time to learn more about the joy, abundance, blessings and hope that you hold and to make that a part of who you understand yourself to be. This greater understanding of heart centered living will be expressed in subtle ways, but will tune into the core of others.

When Venus enters Capricorn on Wednesday practicalities and goals gain in importance. If you are a big spender for the holidays, you may want to take a look at how that spending is helping or hindering the bigger picture for your life. What you most want to attain could require you to be more conscious of your wallet. In the department of romance, having an established, long lasting relationship becomes a greater priority as you place more value on relationships grounded in reality.

Friday Mercury and Jupiter connect. You could enjoy some great news as the weekend begins. If you’re in the presence of leaders or bosses, perhaps at a holiday party, it would be a great time to socialize and have conversations about growth opportunities. Use your intuition to know what the right words are, and ensure you don’t overextend yourself and get boisterous. It’s a great time to be with close friends, especially those that know what they want. The company you keep becomes your inspiration for greater things. You may also meet new people at random that help you see what your dreams are made of.

On Sunday, the Sun and Jupiter have a pleasant exchange of energy. A positive attitude with hopes, dreams and wishes can bring us the confidence we need to go after what we want. The internal growth is what’s most important now. Find that heart centered place within you that shines and let yourself live true to that with all that surrounds you.

When Venus and Neptune connect on Sunday as well, it would be a great afternoon to listen to music, write, daydream, dance and get whisked away in fantasy. It is through the emotions that we feel most alive now. It’s a good day to practice yoga and enjoy a nice steamy shower. Taking care of your body and your beauty is recommended. It’s a day to feel warm and comforted. It could be easy to overspend today though if you’re shopping. It’s important to think practical even though you may get swept up in the fantasy of marketing promises.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - December 8 to 14, 2014:

Aries: Your mind gets lit up this week. It’s a great time to get enthusiastic about getting closer to living in line with your values, beliefs and what resonates as true for you. The power of others to try to define you wanes, as you get closer to expressing yourself from your heart more authentically. Mid week is a good time to consider how your money situation lines up with the work you’re doing. If you want to have goals that work out, you need to plan. It would be a great time for you to assess your budget and look at life from a practical standpoint. In love, you benefit greatly from the intention of a long term, stable relationship.

Taurus: This week you realize that the purpose of what you are meant to do is worth your time and effort. Though your bank balance certainly matters to you, so does living from the heart in order to manifest your goals and aspirations. When you move towards a more spiritualized definition of your purpose, you become more grounded and capable of bridging your imagination with what you manifest. It is in the dreams you have for life where all the magic starts. It is in the pleasures of doing work that matters where you create a real foundation of wealth and prosperity.

Gemini: The Full Moon in Gemini a couple of days ago is an important part of your journey now. You may wish to read that here. As you integrate the larger lesson you will notice relationships from the heart will speak to the core of you this week. Those that matter can present meaningful opportunities for you to learn from. The conversations you have this week will remind you of what partnerships matter most and which have the most purpose in your life. Humor and wit is important for bonding now. Writers could find a publishing house that shows interest in your work.

Cancer: You could feel particularly on focus this week. It’s a great time to read up on how to get yourself better organized. Being on top of your daily activities helps you to feel smart and together. It could also be a time where you find health, wellness and self-care to be a dominant interest. If you care about the work you do and how you do it, you’ll shine. You may have a healthy mix of an analytical mindset that focuses on the details, with a more broad, big picture mindset. The dance between a larger plan, and the steps to get there is good for you. Love interests will look much more attractive as the week progresses.

Leo: With Jupiter beginning to go retrograde in your sign this week it’s like you get to see yourself in new ways. The internal process of self knowledge and developing self esteem increases now. A prosperous way of looking at the world, and a philosophy of abundance for your life can heal you immensely now. Conversations you have this week will stand out and help you clarify your direction. Mind and heart unite this week, and you will learn great lessons in internal growth. It’s also a good time for you to assess your love life and your money situation with the intention of realizing your goals with a more practical approach.

Virgo: It’s getting dark out early, and the cloudy skies may be blocking out that gorgeous sun, but this week you’re encouraged to open the blinds and let the light shine in whenever it’s available. Your intellect is stimulated at home. Making your home more conducive to learning is great for you now. It’s super important for you to enjoy a bit of luxury and pleasure this week. Leisurely activities will bring you joy. As long as it’s fun there is no need for guilt for spending a little time tapping into that creative side of you. You could meet someone with a beautiful heart while out shopping this week. Have fun!

Libra: Putting up the decorations at home and making your personal space inviting, cozy and luxurious is so good for you now. The warmth of the heart and loved ones is good for your soul. Baking delicious, decadent desserts and satisfying your taste buds will keep you grounded in the moment. It’s good for you to connect strongly with the earth now, in all it’s associations. Conversations about law, publishing, literature, philosophy, education, beliefs and politics is stimulating and can bring you moments of enlightened awareness about the greater purpose of your life.

Scorpio: How prosperous, stable and secure you feel really depends a lot on your mindset. Yes, external factors do play a role of course, but your relationship to material objects, and how you feel like you own or possess things, says a lot about why your financial situation is as it is. This week you have the chance to think more about this and reach deep to the core of issues about money and what you value. You also have the chance to reflect more deeply on your career and higher aspirations for life. Your home base is where you find your greatest empowerment. It is a place to summon the energy to go forth into your future with determination.

Sagittarius: Self awareness is really your talent this week. Self reflection and personal understanding to build a stronger core identity is essential now. What you think you become. You also get a much deeper appreciation for the point of it all. What is your purpose? Well that is an eternal question as we are constantly evolving into someone new. There is not a single purpose for your life, but many. This week you begin a journey of self growth and appreciation that can bring you a lot of joy the more you discover. Writing your realizations down will help you immensely.

Capricorn: To love yourself is a gift. Give that gift to yourself this week. Show your self-appreciation with little things, like taking care of your appearance, spending a little money on yourself as a treat, and telling yourself you love who you are. These little things add up to emotional prosperity. You don’t need to explain yourself to others. It is a spiritual mindset that you are developing now and a practice of self love that matters most. For a greater feeling of financially prosperity you may need to consider how you can tap into greater resources to access the money you want or need, including a more esoteric perspective. Feng Shui is a good place to start exploring these higher philosophies and ideas to creating abundance.

Aquarius: The passion for life is with you, but it doesn’t just fall on your lap. You need to tap into it consciously for it to have the greatest impact. Friends can provide you with the greatest insight. It’s good to have the gift of gab at the beginning of the week especially. Ideas that arise could lead you in a direction that feels strong and driven. If you’ve been looking for love, this week you may find that self-love and personal growth are the right approach to having the whole life you really want. An internalized perspective on your relationships helps you learn more about what you want in another. You will likely see more deeply into significant others now and how they are a part of the big picture for your life.

Pisces: This week is so good for you to enjoy the company of friends and love ones. The feelings of camaraderie can be such a soul journey for you. Writing, listening to music, enjoying the arts, are great areas for you to explore this week. A writing group, a fantasy book club, a dream analysis group, or a walk through an art gallery with someone special is right up your alley for feelings of emotional bonds that last. It’s also a great time to enjoy good foods, dinners and desserts in beautiful, cozy atmospheres. In career and matters regarding your life goals, good conversations that speak right to the core of issues bring clarity and insight that makes all the difference.

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