Full Moon in Cancer January 4, 2015 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a Full Moon in Cancer on Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 11:53 p.m. Eastern Time.

This Full Moon in Cancer has been a pleasure to watch grow. Over the past few days you may have noticed the moon coming more into her fullness in the sky each night signifying our own growth as we move through the cosmos. You may enjoy reading the New Moon in Capricorn horoscope here which set the developments in place for these past two weeks.

This Full Moon will feel particularly special for many, especially those of you that have a strong emotional connection to the world and to people close to you. With this Full Moon standing across the sky from the Sun in Capricorn, right next to Pluto in Capricorn, it’s a time where we know our personal growth matters and is changing us deeply. Understanding how we have structure, or lack of structure, in our life so we can reach our goals has been developing as we work towards reaching the peak of this Full Moon on Sunday night. We are also encouraged to fully feel our emotions and work with our feelings to come to greater understanding of who we are and our place in the grand scheme of things.

How you experience and relate to other people in your life can be a potent catalyst to seeing more deeply to the truth of who you are now. We are encouraged to return to the feminine, to the nurturing, motherly qualities of life and to recognize these qualities in ourselves and in all those around us.

Now that we are in 2015, we are in an 8 year numerologically speaking.  Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac as well as it being on the 4th day of the year. Certainly from my own personal experience which I believe many of you can relate, the synchronicity of the numbers 4 and 8 have certainly been showing up a lot as we've entered the New Year and work our way towards this Full Moon in Cancer.

A couple of days ago while watching Downton Abbey (a show I absolutely love), I paused the program at random and noticed the time viewed to that point was 0:04:40 while the time remaining for the program was at 0:44:44. Such a coincidence obviously would stand out, especially because of many other recent similar occurrences. Because such things stand out, and demand our attention, they allow the potential for contemplation, association, interpretation, learning and realization. 11:11 which also add up to four has been showing up often as well over the past few days. Four has a lot to do with structure, material reality, order, patience, and manifestation.

This Full Moon emphasizes our connection to our goals and aims in life. Watch for numbers that appear in your life, especially at significant moments. Pay closer attention to repeating numbers that show up that intuitevely feel significant to you. They may be worth writing down and musing over. Fours and eights are especially potent now and will show up for many now, pointing to key moments and key realizations.

Many of you will also notice that this Full Moon is encouraging a lot more connection to water and what water signifies in our lives as well. This is a great time to spend time in the bath, especially in the evening when the Moon is shining bright in the sky. Turning down the lights and enjoying the bath by moonlight would be the perfect way to connect with the moment and with your mind, body and spirit now.

With Mercury entering Aquarius as well on the same day as this Full Moon, it is doubly good to lay back in a warm bath contemplating the future and allowing your innovative thoughts and ideas to come forth.

This is very much a Full Moon that reminds us of nurturing, family, safety and comfort. Feeling like these aspects of your life are gaining in importance now is very likely for most of us. It is also a potent time to get reacquainted with our bodies and honoring and nurturing our physical selves.

The urge to be a domestic goddess and enjoying the pleasures of a clean and uncluttered environment and feeling more in tune with the energy of your home is important now as well.

This Full Moon encourages the feeling of beginnings in our lives, as Cancer is a cardinal sign. Although this is a Full Moon that is about culmination, there is also a fresh energy with us now. It's a good time to acknowledge that when a part of our lives ends it provides us room for new beginnings to also enter our lives. Over the next couple of weeks, contemplation of what we are ready to let go will provide us the space within to bring in new energy.

This Full Moon can feel very personal. It also can have many feeling a closer connection to the feminine energy of the universe and the ancient archetypal energies that are Goddess oriented now. It is a time to feel nurtured by the cosmos and to honor and trust there is divine feminine energy that we can tap into, embody and experience as part of our path to wholeness. Some of you may find you’re gravitating towards more feminine spiritual practices as well that honor the sacred feminine in your life.

Earth and water mix well, and so earth signs and water signs will each find this Full Moon to feel significantly potent. No matter what your sign is though, you will have always have water and earth in your personal chart, and those areas of your life indicated in your chart by the planets in these elements will certainly be highlighted now. It is, as mentioned, a great time to spend time with the water element in a bath, shower, enjoying tea, wholesome soups, skiing, skating on ice and the like. It is a great time to explore the element of water in all its facets. It's the perfect time to get reacquainted with your plants and water them for their nourishment.

If you have a strong placement of the moon in your chart, or if your moon is in Cancer you may find this Full Moon to be extra potent, energizing and emotionally relevant. Some do get depressed when the Moon is at it’s peak due to an overwhelming emotional energy. There are a lot of hopes associated with this Full Moon as well, and for some that can be stimulating, but for others it can be a reminder of what is lacking. However, remember that any emotions that are less than positive that have you thinking about what is missing in your life, is an opportunity to fill in the spaces with newness. The journey is always about soul growth.

Full Moons bring consciousness to light. As we spend the next couple of weeks with a waning moon after the Full Moon peaks, you are encouraged to integrate your feelings and realizations that were emphasized during the build up towards this Full Moon. From there you will be able to come to further personal realizations that you can find comfort in. Nurture yourself so you can move forward with new energy in a couple of weeks with the next New Moon.

This Full Moon gives us a chance to see our emotions and who we are in the full light. The depths of our souls can be awakened now. We are invited to become more aware of the sensitive, feminine, intuitive aspects of our lives.

We are also given the opportunity to work with the transformational power of the earth to change our lives and the world around us with greater ease. With this Full Moon we can feel what needs to change deep to our core, which will point the way to manifesting our honest wishes for our lives.

This is a great time to reconnect with your body and your emotional self as a spiritual practice. Healthy food and nourishment brings forward greater awareness. It is a time to be present and honoring yourself and connecting to your inner self in mind, body and spirit.

What this Full Moon brings forward to teach us, above all, is to trust your feelings.

What’s happening in with other planets in the sky around this Full Moon is discussed more in this week’s Weekly Horoscopes for December 29 to January 4, 2014 you can read here.

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