Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for January 5 to 11, 2015

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Welcome to another week. For many, this is the week when work officially starts again. If you are busy, with lots of work to do, be grateful. For those of you who are seeking to gain employment or change your life goals, this week is great for brainstorming and getting in touch with your feelings about what you really want for 2015.

As the Full Moon on Sunday, January 4, has indicated, honoring our personal feelings and honest truths more authentically is an important part of who we become this week. In whatever area of life you feel that you have been transforming within, this week is a great opportunity to let go of what was no longer serving your life, to be grateful for what it has taught you, and to integrate the realizations that have come to you during the Full Moon.

Largely, this week can be a week of getting back into your comfort zone. For the most part it is our feelings that stand out most since the Moon is the main mover during the week.

On Monday though, we do have Mercury and Saturn starting off our week bringing our thoughts and practical intentions into focus. The details we can gather and use to create a plan should come together well with a little effort.

It’s a great time to get yourself organized and making a long term plan for the future. If there is anything you want to achieve this is the time to think about the structure you need to get from point A to B. Focus on putting your mind to what will make your future more stable. Setting goals and measurable achievements is suggested. Try mind mapping, brainstorming, organizing and planning. Think outside the box in creative and innovative ways. Jot down any ideas that come to you. This is your chance to direct your karma. Schedules and time-management plans are excellent to work on now.

The beginning of the week is the perfect time to get your mind around any obstacles to achievement and set the stage for the rest of the week. The more you brainstorm and come up with ideas, the more you’ll realize the obstacles are helping you to think beyond your limits and create new strategies for success that you would not have thought of otherwise.

As the week progresses the Moon will be descending away from the Full Moon. This waning process is the perfect time for us to release what isn’t working to prepare ourselves for making room for the new. Having a bit of fun as you work through the week is good for your spirits. On Tuesday when you’re working on your plans, and taking care of your responsibilities and duties, it’s best to ensure you have creativity at the foundation of what you do. Although there could be some snarls in communications, you’ll get through it best by taking a leadership approach. Bring joy to your partnerships on Tuesday and focus on a common vision.

Wednesday encourages us to add more creativity and innovative energy to all that we do. A vision board is a great idea for Wednesday. Try collecting ideas on pinterest boards, or creating a collage of images and keywords that energize you and help solidify and create an emotional attachment to your vision.

Thursday is a great day to feel in tune with your body. Nutritional choices and healthy habits are a great way to utilize the best energy of the day. Having a wellness approach to your routine helps boost positive feelings. A sense of adventure is also likely for many today as well. If you have excess energy, it’s a good time to exercise. If you allow your energy to build to high without burning it off somehow, drama, impulsiveness, irritability and short tempers can arise. Some may feel the weight of the world arises today, but remember that your mindset changes everything. Focusing on healthy ways to use your mind will help you overcome heavy feelings. It’s a great day to say no to listening to the dreadful news, and instead, find practical ways to ensure you set yourself up for positive thoughts and feelings.

Friday isn’t the best day to make decisions on the fly. It’s better to be patient. Wait for clarity to arise before you commit. Your feelings will help guide you. It’s a good day to feel good about a job interview or to network with higher ups. Again, you don’t have to make a decision today, but being receptive and absorbing information that you gain from your interactions will be helpful now.

Saturday and Sunday allows for greater intuition to reach us. Yoga salutations to the Sun are the perfect practice this weekend to help balance your ego and emotions. Breathing techniques will also bring greater equilibrium to your mental and emotional state. Though the weekend is often time-off for many, it’s a great time to get some work done. The Moon in Virgo on Saturday helps us to prepare to feel balanced with the Moon in Libra on Sunday. Getting rid of clutter at home or the office is a great practice to free up your energy and allow the chi to flow with greater ease. A bit of Feng Shui organization of your space is good for the body, mind and spirit.

This week helps you tune into your plans and longer term goals for the future with greater clarity. Trust your feelings to guide you in your actions and reactions.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - January 5 to 11, 2015:

Aries: This week is a great time to get back in tune with your goals. Creativity and innovation are highlighted for you now. Your ability to think fresh and use your intuition to guide your next moves can be brilliant. Think outside the box this week. It may feel like not a lot is getting done in the grand scheme of things but it is your ideas that come forward now, the ones that feel so right, that you should be focusing on now. Fantastic ideas can come forward when you’re speaking with others on the same wave length. It’s a great time for you to reach out to others, especially those that are older and wiser, to give you insights now. If you feel irritable mid week, burn off your excess energy with a good workout or shift the energy dramatically with a good belly laugh.

Taurus: The Full Moon could have set the stage for you to feel like a different person. It’s a good week for you to be focused on work. Projects and ideas for the future vision of your company, or your other important life goals, can greatly benefit from your attention now. Working with people on a common vision and setting up plans for the direction you would like to manifest together can benefit from your input and strategies now. For Taurus, some romantic relationships could feel a little too much like a business partnership if it’s too goal-centric on material achievements. There could be a bit of a tug of feelings between having fun now vs. planning for the future. Trust your gut to find your balance.

Gemini: This week has an air of purpose to it. It’s the start of a new year and you’re intelligent, thoughtful, innovative ideas for what you want in life can certainly arise with more clarity now. Your perception of your relationships plays an important role in how you view your future. Allow those that you are closely connected with give you ideas. The older, wiser, or more experienced people in your life can give you direction now. Trust your ideas and let them inspire you. Making a plan for what you want the purpose of your life to be can be a deeply profound undertaking. Take a mature approach to understanding who you are and what you want this week. Your rational mind is able to make responsible choices that can impact your longer term future.

Cancer: The Full Moon in your sign right before this week started is a potent force to feel your way through now. As the energy of the Full Moon wanes this week, you get to integrate your feelings more deeply now. It’s time to be grateful for what was, and know that what you let go of is clearing a path for a more mature, more thoroughly known version of yourself. Take many showers or baths this week to let yourself feel more settled and present in who you are. Practical action towards your goals this week helps you feel in tune with yourself and the bigger picture of your life. It’s a good week for you to contemplate, dream and imagine your future. Listen to your feelings, as they will guide you to knowing which of the many options you consider are your better choices.

Leo: This week you could feel like you’re getting more in touch with your feelings to understand yourself better. Of course you like to enjoy yourself, but emotions can often be a mixed bag. If you focus on completing projects as the week begins, you’ll feel productive and energized. Creating structure in your life with an organized plan helps you feel well too. If you’re single dating could teach you a lot about the direction you want to go in. Some may see the responsibility of having kids as a worthwhile goal that can energize life but also instill maturity along with a lot of creativity and joy. Many Leos will also desire to enjoy some travel now for a long-deserved emotional reprieve. Adventure is in the air. If you find yourself in a debate with someone, rather than argue, find healthy ways to burn off excess energy.

Virgo: This week is a great time to start a healthy, daily exercise routine at home. It’s also a great time to think ahead to the future. Whatever you want to achieve, it takes a plan of action, forethought and enthusiasm. People who are close to you, particularly those who are wiser and with obvious experience under their belt, can provide you with great karmic insight. You know if someone has been there and done that, they would be a good sounding board to your ideas. Direction and focus make all the difference and with a little insight from someone who knows the consequences of various actions, you can get the awareness you need so you don’t waste time unnecessarily. Wisdom often comes from experience. A great talk can lead to greater maturity.

Libra: Conversations in the spirit of wisdom, fun and the future are good for you this week. If you’re single it’s a great time to go on a date, especially if you’re interested in a serious relationship. You could learn a lot from whoever you talk to this week, especially if you discuss philosophy and the higher meaning of life. Serious conversations have a way of working in your favor this week, and actually the stimulation they provide can have you really enjoying yourself. The creative ideas and insights that are on offer this week can take you to the next level of excitement about the possibilities for your life. It’s also a great week to enjoy the arts. If you’re an aspiring artist, the challenges presented in the techniques and approach can lead to liberating realizations that take your work to the next level. Overall, take creativity seriously and you’ll find freedom.

Scorpio: Your money situation, including debt, wants your attention this week, but it also implores you to consider your sense of adventure in life. Money matters always demand that we focus on what we really want in life, why we want what we do and how to work with our resources to reach our aims. Family or those closest to you can give you great insight now. A wise woman with nurturing qualities could have the advice that really speaks to you. As the week progresses you may find friends, colleagues and comrades are the perfect connections. If you’re single, or not, a homemade meal with someone special could be the best date. Friday is a great time to network with people of importance and influence. Conversations about the future helps put things in perspective.

Sagittarius: The conversations this week are perfectly suited for planning your future. If you’re single this is fantastic time to go on a date. You may find you let your guard down and feel more comfortable with yourself when having pleasant conversations from the heart. This is a great time to boost your confidence and learn more about yourself. It’s also a good time to take practical action in making yourself look and feel better. Smart clothes and a new haircut are great ways to switch up your energy and get yourself feeling more alive and enthusiastic about where you’re heading in life. Your intelligence, wit and charm is sure to come out this week. Stand tall and proud knowing that for all you’ve been through in life, you are learning to become more fully realized. Share who you are.

Capricorn: An important part of your life, and you’ll notice it grows over the coming months, is your connection to higher ideals, spiritual experiences and divine concepts. Creating a spiritual practice that is geared towards merging your higher wisdom with how you live your life in the real world, is so important for you. Finding the path that is right for you and one that you are willing to learn more about with discipline and patience, will help you climb the tree of life. Money matters are great to discuss and contemplate this week, especially in terms of their connection to spiritual ideals. Your sense of security can be blessed this week, by realizing how you can manifest a prosperous future in tune with your spirit.

Aquarius: This week is one of great self love. The words you use to describe yourself and the thoughts you have about yourself on a regular basis strongly impact how much you believe in yourself and how much love you feel for yourself. Surround yourself with people who are wise, and look towards role models that are focused, driven and empowered. Look also at the vulnerabilities and limitations of others and how they accept them or overcome them. There is beauty in the challenges of life. They help us to see who we are and through them we get that much closer to realizing and manifesting our purpose. This is a great week to work with colleagues and those with a similar vision to talk about and create the karma and vision you want for your future. Love is a creative force.

Pisces: As one of the more spiritualized signs, you know the importance of intuition, creativity and wisdom in body, mind and spirit. This week, you are implored to access your higher wisdom of your life. Visualization is the perfect practice to engage in now, as is writing, painting, and enjoying playing or creating music. These are practices that encourage your spirit to flourish. Through such practices now you will receive insights you never thought of before, insights that can change your future. In terms of career or other important life goals of yours, this is the perfect week to create a vision board, to brainstorm creative, innovative ideas and to set your sights on your aim. Intently engaging in body and mind practices lends itself to creating a more stable, harmonious future.

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