Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for January 12 to 18, 2015

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Welcome to another week. On Monday we get a shift of energy when Mars enters Pisces. It is a great week to act on your creative impulses. If you are creating a strategy for your life or for work, it’s a good time to ensure that you are encouraging others to bring their creative, inspired ideas forward.

When people are engaging in their lives from a highly inspired place that’s when magic can happen. To get your energy flowing, spiritual exercises like tai chi are recommended. Warrior pose in yoga would be great to practice your subtle energy in conjunction with your stamina and determination. Dancing is a great way to raise your energy as well, and tap into that intuitive flow of movement. In all that you do, your energy can be used for a higher intention.

For those of you familiar with spiritual energy work, this is a good time to bridge the root chakra with the crown chakra. It’s a time to understand how our instincts and desires are a part of the larger picture of what our higher purpose on earth is all about. Kundalini yoga is a practice to be explored now. For beginners, it is best to start with exploring the root chakra to get in touch with all the associations we have with this foundational part of our being.

Visualize the booming lava of Mars and the cosmic light of Pisces. It’s all energy. It’s all connected.

With Mars in Pisces we are also encouraged to do what is for the highest good, and so releasing our ego a bit more so we can bring a measure of compassion forward in all our actions is wise. This is not a time to be doing things from a self centered place, but rather a more encompassing place where you understand how your actions impact others and vice versa.

Mars will be in Pisces until the later part of February, so exploring how your physical energy is related to your spiritual way of life is encouraged.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Venus and Mercury in Aquarius reach out to Uranus in Aries. Ambitious, creative, innovative ideas are best expressed with an attitude of confidence and leadership. Working in groups with those who are inspiring is encouraged. This can be a time to have fun all of the sudden. Perhaps you’ll pick up your paint brushes and enjoy creating something where the results surprise you.

Tuesday is a great day for singles to go on a blind day and prepare to be delighted in the spirit of fun. Established couples will benefit from doing something spontaneous and fun too. On Wednesday Mercury is emphasized, where new ideas and insights can arise with greater ease. Pay closer attention to words and the lines between the words. An all new perspective can reach you now. It’s a great time to explore scientific ideas, visit a science fair or enjoy a sci-fi movie.

Thursday is a good day for many to recognize where balance is needed to make it easier to reach our potential. Destiny unfolds best when we can be flexible enough and know that life isn’t just about strict planning. There needs to be room for flexibility and pause as well. Life is a dance, and that requires that we release rigidity and preconceived notions so we can allow more flow to be a part of our lives as well. Choreography is one thing, but the best dancers express movement that has feeling, flow and intuitive subtlety that no robot can replicate.

With Mars squaring Saturn on Thursday as well, speaking of dancing, voice and movement is a great way to explore who you are, where you are restricted and inhibited and where you allow energy to flow more freely. Try laying down on a mat feeling your breath, and allowing yourself to move, and release sounds that coincide with the movement and release of tension in your body. It is freeing and a wonderful practice of getting in touch with feeling, emotion and the energy of body, mind and spirit. You may discover blockages and restrictions that are ready to be released. This is a really fantastic practice I certainly encourage you to try where you can make deeply profound discoveries about yourself. How you feel about and react to situations in you life will certainly be evident on Thursday.

Since we are heading away from the Full Moon in Cancer and integrating that energy into our lives, we are also in a phase where it is important to release what we no longer need, including emotional and physical energetic restrictions. The New Moon in Aquarius is coming up next week, so this is a the perfect time to prepare yourself by letting go of what is no longer serving you so you can bring new energy into your life next week.

As Friday, Saturday and Sunday approaches the Moon will connect with Saturn in Sagittarius, reminding us again of what is holding us back in life so that we can move beyond it an become wiser for having the experience. As we move forward with the Moon in Capricorn, we will find that we feel more grounded and comfortable in the world. The Moon will connect with Mars in Pisces on Sunday and we’ll feel like we’ve come full circle this week with a greater sense of how our actions are leading the way towards creative, inspired goals that feel right.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - January 12 to 18, 2015:

Aries: This can be a week of spiritual awareness for you. You may encounter experiences this week that have you face reality, redefining your purpose and motivating you to actively participate in life from a more spiritual perspective. Friends and colleagues could bring up progressive ideas that delightfully surprise you. You could be reminded of the importance of humanitarianism and charity. It’s a great time to talk about inventive ways to make money. Artistic, creative people are most attractive now.

Taurus: Your spirituality is going through long term revolution. Your career is highlighted this week with new perceptions and new creative ideas that are guided by spiritual revelations. A higher wisdom is asking you to pursue your goals with new awareness. Yoga practice and meditation are essential practices for you this week. This is where your best ideas will dawn on you. Enthusiasm and hard work brings value to the common vision friends and colleagues recognize.

Gemini: Exploring new ways of thinking and ideas about the future is recommended this week for you. Insights, especially the most spontaneous and synchronistic ones, will give you a sense of personal identity and purpose now. Brainstorming helps you gain new perspectives. Conversations about your future especially with a romantic partner will give you hope and enthusiasm for what’s possible. Discussing traveling would be a lot of fun this week, bringing excitement about the future.

Cancer: For you, home is something that is largely dependent on your frame of mind. How balanced or unbalanced you feel inside often correlates directly with the state of your home and your closest relationships. As the week progresses you may be interested in getting away from home for a bit of entertainment or discovering the fun, expressive side of your life. Later in the week you will feel the need to get your life in order so that you can address the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward with passion and purpose. Your imagination will heightened this week, enjoy accessing it.

Leo: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but it is a good week for you to get yourself in order. Your practical actions can lead to great results now. Relationships will be more interesting this week. Intelligence and beauty catches your eye. Spontaneous wit and humor strengthens relationships now as well. Being compassionate with others renews your energy and helps you to peel away the layers so you can discover more about who you truly are.

Virgo: You may find this weeks brings some attention to your financial situation and your sense of stability. These days you are destined to get more in tune with your money matters. Discoveries can lead to a more practical route. You’re encouraged to be forthcoming with your ambitions, unafraid to express what you really want to do. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly come across a new way of doing things that opens up a world of possibility. Perspective is everything.

Libra: Early in the week you may feel more attuned to your emotions which leads you to important self understanding. If you’re shy, you may feel pushed to move beyond that and transform the energy this week. It’s a good week for romance, and blind dates could be a lot of fun for you. Try something different. Go out to enjoy entertainment that is a little more unusual. It’s a great week for creativity, writing and pondering futuristic concepts as well.

Scorpio: Spiritual, creative energy is good for you to focus on and explore this week. It’s also a week where you need to have more compassion for yourself, especially regarding your sense of security and money matters. You’ll get to where you’re going, but you need a little more patience. Having an enthusiastic attitude about enjoying life is encouraged. It will raise your spirits to new heights. New ideas in organizing your your daily routine, and your personal space, will enliven you.

Sagittarius: Somebody close to you could push your buttons this week, but it could be the perfect catalyst for you to take a moment to pause and reflect on who you identify yourself to be. Your self doubts may get some emphasis now, but you can certainly move beyond them. Each step of self realization is worth it. Many Sagittarians will have the gift for gab this week, and the arts will be especially intriguing to ponder. It’s a great week for you to be surprised and delighted by entertainment. Go out and enjoy yourself.

Capricorn: This week is a great time to think about what things are worth, the value of love, money and material objects and what it all means for your future. New ideas can take you by surprise and head you in a new direction. Spirituality is a topic of conversation this week that can lead to a new purpose grounded in karmic, compassionate ideals. Your life is surrounded by magic, you just need to tap into it.

Aquarius: With Mercury and Venus hovering close together in your sign, you’re poised for greater awareness in self love this week. The conversations you have can be moving and inspiring. Unexpected ideas come up that make you realize the greater value in who you are. Be open to talking about yourself in the intention of self awareness this week. Friends and comrades can remind you about the purpose of life. Compassion for yourself leads to wisdom.

Pisces: With Mars in your sign now it’s time to get creative. Your imagination should be awakened now with newfound energy and vitality. Your career may feel like it’s holding you back from being your truly creative, authentic self, but there is a time and place for the different roles we play. This is a time to feel empowered, to believe in yourself and know that you can overcome great obstacles, all designed to make you more real and more alive.

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