Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for February 16 to 22, 2015 and the New Moon in Aquarius February 18, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

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It's officially a New Moon in Aquarius on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 6:47 pm EDT. 

This week brings us the second New Moon in Aquarius in the past 4 weeks. You can read more about the first New Moon in Aquarius here.

As the week begins, there is an air of creative, original thinking with us on Monday when the Moon meets Mercury. Imagination leads to interesting ideas, and intellect is stimulated giving us a good balance of right and left brained thinking.

Meditation can lead to great visualizations early on Monday.

Mercury can bring a bit of superficiality into our lives though, where we may lack deep self-analysis or awareness. Gossip is the perfect example of how this energy can play out, where talk is very surface oriented and lacking real depth. Life is much more than what a tabloid publication would ever have us believe.

Many may find themselves to be overly stimulated Monday evening, with an abundance of thoughts which can lead to difficulties sleeping. If you do get to sleep, dreams will likely have themes of rebellion against the status quo. New age ideas are emphasized as well, where values and important causes that are important to you are up for consideration.

With the Moon continuing her journey through Aquarius on Tuesday the themes of Monday will continue. We’ll also feel inspired to take action that matters and prepare for new beginning of the New Moon. As the moon wanes and the crescent becomes smaller before this New Moon, it’s a good idea to wind things down and put things to rest that you don’t want to carry forward after the New Moon hits.

When the New Moon in Aquarius arrives on Wednesday evening at 6:47 pm EDT, this is when we can move forward starting fresh and leaving behind what we no longer want in our lives. It is a great time to bring a pioneering mindset front and center.

This is the second New Moon in Aquarius in a month, with the last New Moon in Aquarius just 4 weeks ago. This New Moon reiterates and emphasizing once again the importance of starting again and taking the next step, in what the previous New Moon promised.

This New Moon is also near the cusp of Pisces, which you can read more about here.

It is a time of initiating new beginnings with the promise and hope of growth. Intelligence, concentration, and logic have a great ability to impact the collective consciousness. What you think about grows. You have the ability to change the future. It is a matter of choice.

This is an important time to understand yourself and what you stand for as an independent person, yet one who makes a difference in the world and impacts the lives of others. You are independent, yet a part of the whole. Your thoughts and choices influence the world. Your vision matters. This is a time for those who are into self-awareness and becoming more conscious get to lead.

Within just 3 minutes after the Sun and the Moon align in Aquarius for the New Moon, the Sun and Moon leave Aquarius and are then both in Pisces. Essentially this New Moon is right on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. So right away, as the Moon prepares to grow, this symbolizes how we are entering a more spiritual phase of growth in our lives. This bridges consciousness and spirit, and together takes us to new heights.

Meditation and visualization would be the perfect practice during this New Moon. With the intention of hope and a vision for the future, we can choose to live in alignment with our higher selves and make a difference in the world. Group meditation, or solitary are both beneficial. It is the intention that matters most, rather than the method.

On Thursday, Mercury and Saturn help us see facts and details more clearly. It’s a great day to think about long term plans that will inspire growth and learning. Smart choices can go a long way, so put your thinking cap on. This can also inspire financial smarts where the role of debt in the bigger picture of your life is good to address. Think about your future and your way to get there. What you work towards, always starts in your mind. This can be the beginning of implementing a step by step approach that respects the process. A patient attitude leads to steady progress.

Later on Thursday, Mars leaves Pisces and comes home to Aries. This is a great time to get inspired, empowered and driven. This can bring powerful physical energy and virility. This is a great time to start an exercise routine to get your blood pumping. Assertive action and bold actions demonstrate strong willpower and are best used towards good aims and the intention of planting new seeds. Actions should be about initiating new, enterprising endeavors which is great for business and personal intentions of moving towards success. The most important part of action is the will.

In the political arena things could get more heated. Mars rules Aries and does reference war, but if we are living from higher intentions rather than the ego, we can put our best intentions forward instead of our lowest. Remember, the New Moon is encouraging us to have a higher vision to create from. Any negative, war-like news, will encourage many of us to bring forward the importance of peace and encourage a counter culture.

Venus enters Aries on Friday, following Mars. This may not be a particularly satisfying place for Venus because she enjoys what is already present, whereas Aries is more about beginnings and starting fresh. However, immediate reactions to beauty will be increased. New flower bulbs ready to bloom can inspire us with anticipation for the beauty of spring on its way.

Regarding relationships, with Venus in Aries, dating may be more for the immediate experience rather than the promise of long lasting relationships. When Venus joins Mars in Aries on Sunday, the emphasis on love life can be the joy of passion and new experiences. Those who are starting an exercise routine as mentioned above with Mars in Aries, may find looking in the mirror to be addicting. Visual aesthetics and beauty will be motivation for many to do the work.

Overall this week brings us fresh energy to work with. The energy of this New Moon in Aquarius, brings forward a lot of spiritual elements this week as it begins growing towards fullness while in Pisces. It is a good idea to work with spiritual perspectives early in the week. Meditation and working with the chakras is recommended. Then as the week progresses, the inner awareness gained will help guide you towards better choices, real-world action and intentions for new beginnings.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
New Moon in Aquarius on February 18 at at 6:47 pm EDT
Sun in Aquarius enters Pisces on February 18 at 6:50 pm EDT
Mercury direct in Aquarius
Venus in Pisces enters Aries on February 20 at 3:05 pm EDT
Mars in Pisces enters Aries on February 19 at 7:11 pm EDT

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is retrograde in Leo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - February 16 to 22, 2015:

Aries: This week is great for new-found enthusiasm about yourself and your potential. Plant new seeds. Look back at what you started at the New Moon 4 weeks ago and expand on that. This week you’ll be able to put more energy into your identity so you can bring more confidence to all that you do. Passions should start to increase. Find something that you care about and go for it.

Taurus: This week will inspire you to think more about your goals and what you can do to manifest your future. It is a particularly spiritual week for you. Yoga and meditation will be enlightening. A passion for nature and the beauty and fragrance of flowers can draw you in and bring you back in touch with your senses. Love and passion are spiritual experiences.

Gemini: This New Moon is about learning for you. If you are open minded and willing to listen and entertain various points of view, you can find new purpose and meaning in your life this week. Original ideas and taking a rational, intellectual approach are encouraged. Look for facts before deciding. Creating a practical plan to achieve your goals will bring you a feeling of greater stability.

Cancer: This is a good time for you to tap into resources. To make best decisions think long-term. Consider how your choices lead to your future. The big picture is important now. This is a week where you can start fresh with new energy. Career and life-goals get an infusion of empowerment. Your willingness to make things happen strengthens you. Think new. Start fresh.

Leo: Your relationships deserve a fresh perspective. Who you are in relation to others is a two way street. Now is a good time to think about who you would most prefer to have as part of your future. Who do you envision to be a part of your life in the long run? Plant new seeds this week that give you enthusiasm. Be enterprising and live with purpose and determination to grow, learn and succeed and you’ll feel like the leader you know you can be.

Virgo: Your organization and planning skills get better this week. The more attention you pay to your routine and mold it towards benefiting your future, the more empowered you’ll feel this week. You’ll also find your actions to be powerfully magnetic now too. What you put out comes back in the long run. Passion and attractions can arise in unexpected ways. Enjoy it.

Libra: Infuse your life with new ideas and your happiness elevates. This is a time to grow. It’s also a time to be entertained. Promise yourself you’ll have more fun. Relationships could get interesting this week. Virility and passions can be emphasized for you and your life life can feel more intense than usual. New beginnings should be fun. Be sure to enjoy a bit of spontaneity.

Scorpio: New beginnings are centered around home and family this week. It’s a good time to think about your mortgage, debt or money matters so you can get clearer about what you want for your future. It’s also a good time to make an exciting plan and routine that you can put your energy into. You should work on increasing your willpower and your drive this week. Be active, smart and determined and a new, empowered chapter will open. .

Sagittarius: Your self-talk is essential. What you say about yourself has the power to open new doors. Quash self-doubts by focusing on your vision and your future. Talk about what excites you and what makes you stand out as an awesome person. Fun, laughter and creativity can bring you so much new energy this week. Single or attached, go on a date. Your strength of character develops when you’re enjoying yourself.

Capricorn: Your financial situation is connected to your spirituality now. Being logical can break down barriers and limitations. What you think you create. Be attentive to your frame of mind and how it is helping or hindering you, and change your thinking accordingly. Think long-term about your money matters, so you can make a plan that makes sense.

Aquarius: It’s a new beginning for you. What you think, you become. You have the power to think in new ways about yourself, and to see yourself in a new light. From there you can know and feel secure in yourself. Talk about what you’re passionate about. Talk about love and relationships. The conversations will lead to new awareness and help you create a new now and a new future.

Pisces: This New Moon can be a spiritual high point for you. New wisdom, new ideas, new ways of thinking are ready for you to bring into your life. Career planning can be positively influenced by your new ideas and your new way of seeing the world. The Sun enters your sign this week and so your birthday is on it’s way. This is a time to celebrate your light and to share it. Be passionate about what you want to manifest in the world and focus on fresh starts.

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