Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for February 2 to 8, 2015 and the Full Moon in Leo February 3, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

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It’s officially a Full Moon in Leo at 6:09 p.m. EST on Tuesday February 3, 2015.

*Usually we post the Full Moon and the Weekly Horoscopes separately, but since this week we have the Full Moon so early in the week on Tuesday, the Weekly and Full Moon Horoscope Overview are included together here.

This week we have the Sun moving into position in Aquarius in preparation to shine his light across the sky for the Full Moon in Leo. On his journey there he connects nicely with Uranus in Aries.

This is where the power of air and fire meet and inspiration can light us up. Even if you’ve had any emotional bouts to deal with, a light can be turned on that helps you move on and put your crown back on your head.

This connection between the Sun and Uranus can give us a desire for freedom, a need to march to our own drum and assert ourselves as we look forward into our futures. The creative, self-determined impulse can be empowering. It is a fine way to prepare for the Full Moon in Fire sign Leo on Tuesday.

When Tuesday arrives we can feel that a fruition is ready for us. Before the Full Moon hits exact precision in the early evening, the Moon connects with Mercury. This reminds us that although the past and future are important, it really is in the present moment that counts the most. Wherever we have been, and wherever we want to go, it all comes down to how we perceive this moment.

Mercury gets us to think, and when retrograde as he is now, patterns of introspection become more frequent and evident. Our thoughts determine just about everything in our lives, of course. How we respond, how we react, all reveals a bit of who we are in that moment. Now is a time to think about who you are as an independent person, and who are you in relation to other people?

When the Moon lines up across the sky from the Sun, we will have the Full Moon in Leo at its full glory. This is what we have been building towards over the past two weeks since the New Moon in Aquarius, which you may wish to read again here. Now, a phase of our lives has come to fruition. This is when we realize our power. Who are you as an independent person? Who and what do you allow to have authority over you, and where will you take your own stand as a courageous authority in your own life. It is so important to stay true to yourself now.

For some this can mean going a little overboard, as the Full Moon can emphasize things to a higher degree than we may usually experience. It is of course not a good idea to be domineering to others, to power trip or too overbearing, overly dramatic or bossy. This would reveal only the more negative qualities of channeling power.

Instead, this can be a time where we choose to elevate our strength as human beings and bring forward more noble qualities. To be confident does not mean one must dominate others. In fact, true confidence is where we can create bridges, not divides. The ego may be vying for your attention during this Full Moon, but a healthy ego is one where we can shine and bring light to others and the world when we know who we are and know where we stand.

With the Sun in Aquarius reaching across the sky, lighting up this Full Moon, we are encouraged to find the right balance between our need for independence, but also to uphold our humanitarian qualities of connecting with others.

We always have a choice. So if you see yourself having negative qualities emphasized this will reveal what areas you need to work on for a more holistic approach to living.

Working with the solar plexus and heart chakras is a good practice now to bring forward your strengths and higher qualities. It is a time to be mindful.

This Full Moon is part of a wave of energy, a build up of power. As it settles we will given a chance to plant new seeds again in a couple of weeks at the next (the second) New Moon in Aquarius. We'll talk more about that then.

A few hours after the Full Moon in Leo hits precision and the Moon begins to move forward in Leo, she connects with Jupiter early Wednesday morning. This can remind us of where we feel blessed in our life. It can also encourage us to shine even brighter and be an example, a demonstration, of following our true desires and to live from the heart with abundance.

On Thursday, Saturn gets attention from Mercury and the Moon. This can be a day where we are at our best when we are mindful and productive. Thinking outside the box, and looking at what has worked in the past and what hasn’t, helps us to make better choices. We are reminded that we need to get ourselves, our thoughts and our daily routine in order in order to feel grounded. There can be pressure today to get things done, and some may feel the burdens of procrastination come on, or even guilt about not being on top of things, but a shift in your thinking process is really all you need to get on with things. Just remember to not be too hard on yourself and that a little effort can really go a long way.

Friday the Sun and Jupiter stand across the sky from one another. When the Sun sets you should start to see bright Jupiter on the other side of the sky starting to rise. This can remind us of how what dominates our attention and focus really does determine how we see ourselves and express ourselves. This is a great time to feel connected to other people and to be free to be yourself night and day. A feeling of confidence is healthy and can be quite an attractive quality now.

As the weekend arrives we get to feel more balanced. There is a nice flow of harmony on Saturday. It would be a great time to relax, spend time in bed, reading, thinking, dreaming about the future. If you’re feeling energetic, chores and duties attended to will help bring a healthy dose of balance to your life. It would be a great day to be creative and enjoy feeling a bit luxurious. Fair, respectful and diplomatic interactions with others will bring harmony today.

Sunday is the day to experience a shift in your experience of love as Venus and Saturn connect in harmony. There is a harmony between fantasy and reality now that come together like magic. The potential for emotions and feelings of love to emerge and rise like a phoenix is possible for many of us.

Money matters perspectives on wealth approached from a more energetic, spiritually conscious perspective, gives us a new take on our material world. The most moving experiences on Sunday are when we are grounded and connected to the physical, natural world yet we also see the magic in the most mundane aspects of reality. Herbal baths, with essential oils is good for the soul. A deep look in the mirror at yourself, with love and appreciation for who you are and the miracle of life, can bring you into a new experience. Love can move mountains.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
Sun in Aquarius
Full Moon in Leo February 3, 2015 at 6:09 p.m. EST
Mercury retrograde in Aquarius
Venus is in Pisces
Mars is in Pisces

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is retrograde in Leo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - February 2 to 8, 2015:

Aries: This week you start off with a positive energy where you get to see the value of how others play an important role in your life. The people you choose to align with can bring you gifts of awareness. The Full Moon is pleasing for you, in harmony in fellow fire sign Leo. Enjoy the surprises of drama, the surprises from friends and comrades, and the reminders of the blessings in your life. If you’re not too busy, this is a good week to enjoy entertainment in the company of others. A creative spark can enliven you this week, inspiring you to be empowered and owning your light. Actively pursuing spiritual practices that are centered on energy work is good for you.

Taurus: This week can have you in a bit of a power struggle with family or an authority figure of sorts. Although positive resolutions can certainly come from this, it is important to realize how the ego plays a strong part in how you and others are acting and reacting. Working with the heart to realize the power of love raises you up. There is a great opportunity for you to realize the higher purpose and intention that love is meant to bring into your life and the world. Your intuition is a helpful guide in helping you find the balance this week. Sharing light as a higher aim this week lifts you up. Time to yourself and spiritual practice from the heart is good for your soul this week.

Gemini: There is always magic in the air. You just need to tap into it. This week you get to realize deeper truths about yourself and it has to do with your willingness to learn. The ego plays a role this week in your learning process. Communication is essential. The Full Moon in Leo asks that you express yourself and share from the heart. Power tripping will not serve you, but feeling empowered to live authentically and being true to yourself is important now. You may need to backtrack on something that was said, and learn from it. Ultimately there is an opportunity for your heart to be opened more abundantly this week.

Cancer: The early part of the week allows you to feel connected to yourself. Self care and nurturance helps you start off the week on the right foot. The Full Moon can bring up some realizations about your sense of security and stability. Some Cancerian’s will feel overly emotional during this Full Moon though. The hot, fiery, outgoing energy of Leo can be quite stimulating. A great way for you to get grounded is to take a hot, steamy shower. The weekend offers you a chance to learn from your dreams, but it also asks you to not procrastinate on your responsibilities. If you do, you’ll likely feel stressed. Rest and relax after you get a good dose of duties out of the way and you’ll feel so much better about your much deserved downtime.

Leo: The Full Moon in your sign brings the spotlight onto you. This is a time where you get to feel like you’ve accomplished a sense of self-realization and that you are coming into your own. Your ability to be strong, and feeling abundant in who you’ve become is deserved. Who you are has gone through some great transformations in the past six months. You’ve grown. Now you get to acknowledge that growth and be proud of who you are today. Other people will remind you of the importance of your relationships and your role in them. As human beings, we all have aspects of ourselves that define who are as independent people, and we have other aspects that are defined by our relationships. This is a time for you to shine and be recognized for who you are as an authentic person, and to share your light with others.

Virgo: This week spiritual growth is on the radar for you. Higher consciousness that comes from the heart is emphasized with the Full Moon. How you live your life day to day, and all the personal decisions you make certainly lend themselves to your spiritual growth. Your health and wellness are lit up this week by making conscious choices. Rethinking your routine and looking at where it can be tweaked here and there, for more refinement is good for you. With a healthy lifestyle, you bring forward your very best and feel confident to share your higher ideals with the world. Creativity, entertainment and relationships should bring positive discoveries and joy at the end of the week.

Libra: This should be a pleasing week for you overall. The Full Moon encourages you to be sharing your light and expressing your enthusiasm and joy for life with friends. If you’ve had a vision you’ve been working on, this Full Moon could mark an important milestone in your journey. It can inspire you to keep the momentum going and be proud of all that you’ve done. It also encourages you to see more light in humanity with a greater joy. The people and role models that you find inspiring should certainly get more of your attention now. It’s a great time for you to think outside the box and to enjoy a mindful approach to creative endeavors. Love and family is a work in progress, that can benefit from your warmth and comforting approach now.

Scorpio: Your career and higher aims in life are highlighted with this Full Moon and asks that you shine a spotlight on the blessings you have received. What you have worked on and what has grown in your life should be shared with enthusiasm. It is a great time for you to nurture your intuition and imagination. Bring forward those qualities that make you stand out. Your accomplishments deserve to be acknowledged for what they are. Later in the week arts and entertainment are emphasized. The weekend is a great time to take in a movie or to visit an art gallery. Let yourself get whisked away in your imagination. Conversations about alternative currencies will peak your interest in considering what money really is and is not.

Sagittarius: It should be a pleasing week for you in terms of gaining a new perspective of the world. The bigger picture of life gets emphasized for you with this Full Moon. It is a time where the philosophical perspective of life reminds you about meaning, purpose and how joy is such an important part of this life. Talking about your changing perspectives is good for you, especially with friends that can relate. Conversations will give you a new way of seeing yourself as well. Personal realization comes about through effort, through introspection and through sharing. Acknowledging and working with your limitations is a healthy part of the individuation process. Remembering how having fun opens up the world to you, will bring forward wisdom you can integrate and use to feel more fulfilled, abundant and free.

Capricorn: Your sense of security gets emphasized this week. What you are able to build towards requires you to reflect, ponder and reconsider what you see the future to hold for you. This Full Moon shines light on your ability to change and attract resources into your life. With enthusiasm, courage, determination and a strong belief that you deserve abundance, you can achieve much. This week offers you an awakening and a shift in attitude that you can harness to your benefit. A joyful, abundant attitude has a greater chance in attracting abundance and prosperity than fear and doubt does. Your ability to receive blessings now can come through in mysterious ways, especially when you keep the lines of communication open and discuss how you relate to abundance and what you deserve.

Aquarius: This Full Moon stands across the sky from the Sun in your sign. You get to shed the light now on others and influence partnerships and relationships of all kinds. This is a strong symbol for you to share your heart, to be light, cheery and to reach out to others in a joyful way. You bring so much abundance to others, and that is reflected to you. It’s an excellent week for you to continue to think in alternative ways. You may notice encounters with others who are more emotional and live from their ego this week. Your intuitive perspective can bring more light to the situation. Your ideas can be brilliant, but most of all it is how you perceive yourself that benefits everyone most now. The conversations that you have this week should be inspiring and liberating.  Read between the lines and you’ll see there is more there than you originally thought.

Pisces: The Full Moon this week should remind you of how joy, entertainment, creativity and all around fun is such an important part of lifting you up. Your daily routine deserves to have something to look forward to. This is a reminder that to plan for fun is as important as planning for work, chores and duties. Accessing higher thought, intuition and creative ideas now is recommended. Other people in your life, or role models you observe and take note of now can remind you of how love for yourself can be so very freeing. As a compassionate sign for others, you can often neglect yourself. This is a time to enjoy some deserved love and compassion for you. Release judgment and instead focus on what you love about yourself. The love you want to see in the world, starts with you.

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