Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for February 23 to March 1, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
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This week we start off with the need for a reality check. The Sun and Saturn are at a crossroads. It’s time to ask ourselves with greater honesty what direction we’re going in our lives, what are our reasons and why do we want what we do?

This week implores us to ask more personal questions about our own reality, so we can bring more awareness into our lives.

Having the intention of developing greater awareness will help you make concrete changes that matter.

Being true to yourself requires a dose of reality. When you get real with yourself the steps necessary to get yourself heading in the direction that will be truly satisfying becomes much more apparent.

Facing facts will help you make plans so you can take proper action. This week the best learning is through real experiences. Having compassion for yourself too, will help you feel lighter.

On Tuesday, as we head further into the week, inspiration provides motivation. Venus in Aries and Saturn in fellow fire sign Sagittarius positively connect. It’s time to realize what you’re capable of, and who you’re capable of being. It’s time to address what has held you back so you can move beyond your limitations.

In love and in material success of all types, there is a newfound appreciation for what is possible. Who you want to be in your relationships takes on a new energy.

There is also a greater appreciation of the importance of self-worth with us all now. You can turn your faults into assets. Your unique qualities you may have once frowned upon can actually be gifts. Allow yourself to be more loving and accepting of yourself this week. The most interesting art is that which is not predictable or expected. In fact, art that is “perfect” can be downright boring. It is in the unique qualities and characteristics that create the tapestry of life.

It’s also a great time to appreciate other cultures. What you may have once felt foreign and distant, can now gain your closer interest. Whether it be philosophy from across the world, ethnic foods, exotic plants and flowers, or designs, patterns and use of color in fabrics or works of art, beauty and fresh appeal holds greater intrigue this week.

It’s a great time to try wearing something new and different to accentuate parts of your personality that may usually be dormant. This is a great week to go outside your comfort zone and learn about the diversity of options available to you.

Financially, it’s a great week to figure out how your bank balance serves you or holds you back. Debt is a reality for nearly everyone in one way or another, whether it be student loans, a mortgage, credit cards and the like. We all want to enjoy the pleasures of life, but debt can certainly get in the way for many from enjoying life to the fullest.

Well, this week the desire to do something new, to travel, or to buy the things you want, can be an eye opener to the reality of your financial picture. Are you worth more? Are you getting paid enough? Is your time being valued? These types of questions are inner promptings that really come down to self-worth and value.

How does your financial picture reflect how you value yourself? How do you value others? Do you deserve more? Is your money situation allowing you to do and have the things you want? Are you open to giving and receiving?

Venus is an archetypal energy that symbolizes the love to receive and enjoy pleasure. When she’s not getting what she feels she deserves or wants, she can certainly have a twinge of envy or jealousy. She knows she deserves the finer things that others around her are enjoying. Now that she’s in Aries, you may find that you’re taking a look at your finances, and taking a look at those around you, and wondering where you stand and how your money situation defines your lifestyle. How does your financial picture reflect who you are?

When was the last time you traveled? When was the last time you bought yourself a nice outfit or a piece of jewelry? When was the last time you went to a nice restaurant and didn’t worry about the bill? How much longer do you need to wait to have the financial picture you want and deserve?

Maybe these things seem a bit superficial, but they are a part of reality. A healthy bank balance of course can bring a level of pleasure to our lives and open more doors. All these types of things now can inspire us to choose a direction and to take action towards what we want to be and do in life. Getting your finances in order, and facing the reality of how to get out of debt so you can enjoy pleasure more freely, will be emphasized this week.

This is a time of understanding who you are, where you stand, and owning it. How you value yourself, and what you feel you deserve and what you are worth, is you owning who you are.

When you know what you are worth and who you are, you are able to set healthy boundaries and standards for yourself.

It is important to value what you do have and to be grateful for what is. But, as creatures moving towards the future, it is just as important to be mindful and honest about what you desire and why. This is a great week to find that healthy, realistic relationship to the material world.

Mars in Aries connects in harmony with Saturn in Sagittarius on Wednesday. It's a great day for courage, strength and determination to move our lives in a direction that feels more grounded and secure. What we do now can lead to longer term results that matter.

The Sun joins Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday night. Dreams could be full of fantasy bringing us greater awareness and enlightening insights. They may be hard to grasp and disappear from memory quickly though. Astral journeys can be a popular experience. Ancestors and past lives may play a role in our dreamstates.

As we move along towards the end of the week, conversations and communications can help us clarify our vision for the future. Mercury and Uranus enjoy a healthy connection. New perspectives arise out of the blue. Write down your best ideas, and key phrases that arise in your conversations. You may also find that in conversations where there is a debate or a slight disagreement can actually bring about new awareness that you would never have known otherwise. So, rather than avoid the debate, allow it to unfold and bring forth realizations. An open mind is the best way to learn.

When Mercury in Aquarius stands across the sky from Jupiter in Leo on Sunday, conversations with others could have a bit of dramatics in the mix. A logical, diplomatic and understanding approach helps. Being humane and mindful of what you say in your interactions can bring out the best in others and yourself.

Merging logic and creativity can be a lot of fun on the weekend. Creating a vision board of your biggest ideas will be an inspiration to create your future.

If you have the urge to gamble at the casino, play poker or play the lottery, it's best to be smart. If you play, make sure it's just about the fun of playing, rather than the need to win. Those are two very different energies. Going overboard with a belief you'll win it all, can lead to an empty wallet. Be realistic. Play smart and within your means.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun is in Pisces
The Moon travels from Taurus to Cancer
Mercury is in Aquarius
Venus is in Aries
Mars is in Aries

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is retrograde in Leo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - February 23 to March 1, 2015:

Aries: This week you’ll feel like you’re in your element. Appreciation for yourself can make you radiant and attractive. Others may remind you of how proud of you they are, or how valued you are. What you do and who you are can inspire others. Your interactions with friends and colleagues should be lighthearted, but be aware that your words have weight. What you say out of the blue can have a big impact on others.

Taurus: Early in the week some much needed personal time is recommended. It’s a great week for getting in touch with your body and your spirit. Get into the zone by meditating, exercising, or get a massage. Energy work like tai-chi would be so good for your body, mind and spirit. Intimacy is heightened. It’s also a good time look at your financial resources and assess how you feel valued. How you connect with the material world is a spiritual question.

Gemini: You are always learning. It’s important for you to have an open mind now. Be open to concepts and ideals that are foreign, and you’ll have wise insights. New perspectives you encounter from the people in your life can be delightful. TV shows about travel will be especially inspiring now. Try some ethnic foods to expand your palette. People may present big ideas and opportunities. Your logic will tell you what’s worth entertaining.

Cancer: Encounters with friends, acquaintances and colleagues could help you become more self aware this week. The way you do things, especially in terms of career and higher aims in life, is in focus. Be honest with yourself. Money is basically numbers. What you do to make and organized those numbers is a matter of choosing what system works for you. Get real about how your daily routine contributes to your bottom line and you’ll step closer to living prosperously.

Leo: Optimism takes you more quickly where you want to go. The way you think about and interact with others, is a reflection of who you are. Whether you’re single or attached, words are magic. If you’re over the top, others may think you’re showing off. Trust your intuition and you’ll manifest fantastic relationships. Financially, foreign investments can go well. Take advice from someone who has experience.

Virgo: You’re smartest to make practical decisions about your future. If you’re going on fun, and luck, just because it feels good, you need to take a step back to reality. You make your best decisions when you’re taking a down to earth approach. If you need financial backing and are inspired to take action, consider your resources with an enterprising attitude, but also consider how debt affects your family and home life. For best results, think about all the angles, pros and cons before taking action.

Libra: Courage, strength, and leadership is attractive. Your pulse may rise and your eye may be drawn. Virile, empowered, direct energy can grab your attention. Getting outside your comfort zone and speaking with unique, interesting people can make you feel alive. Be true to yourself and go for what you want. Let the spark of energy you find intriguing about others, become a part of your own way of life.

Scorpio: This is a great week for you to be actively engaged in a daily routine that empowers you. Do something you love that makes you feel more fully present in your life. Exercise that makes you sweat and feel strong and embodied is so good for you now. It’s important for you to access this kind of energy as a way to feel on track. Approaching life with a strong will and determination can help you feel secure. A direct approach in money matters is wise.

Sagittarius: If you’re feeling like you’re not so self-confident these days, this week should help lighten your mood. Refocusing on the joy and pleasure of life helps alleviate worry and doubt. Expending your energy on having fun is a healthy way for you to feel your life force is being channeled well. If you're single, it’s a great week to date as a way to boost confidence. Talking about the future and the meaning of life can inspire you to have more fun.

Capricorn: Talking about spirituality and thinking about reality in a more evolved, conscious way is great for you this week. The light can come on for you when you are expressing your ideals in ways that move you beyond limiting beliefs. Some skepticism is not unhealthy. It helps you think more clearly and identify what feels right for you. Pessimism on the other hand can feel draining. It’s up to you to bring light to your thoughts and words. It’s ultimately your choice.

Aquarius: You may be thinking a lot lately about who you are. You could look externally for validation, compliments and the like, but ultimately it’s what you think of yourself that matters most. It could be a fun week to date if you’re single. Be aware that some people you encounter may embellish their characteristics beyond reality. Keep it light and fun. A talk with a friend or colleague could help you see reality. At the end of the week a conversation can bring the perspective you’ve needed.

Pisces: The sun in your sign reminds us all that Pisces gets a renewal around this time. It’s time to celebrate your life and your wisdom. This week is a great time to be honest with yourself about who you believe yourself to be. What are you aiming for in life and why? What is your time and effort working towards? Courage, desire, money, love, and how these things bring you a sense of security help you identify what you’re going for and who you’ll become. At the end of the week you’ll likely get a surprising and wise insight worth noting.

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