Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for March 16 to 22, 2015 and the New Moon in Pisces March 20, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
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It's officially a New Moon in Pisces on Friday, March 20th, 2015 at 5:36 a.m. EST.

This is a big week. Not only do we have the Uranus-Pluto square happening as the week begins, but we also have a New Moon in Pisces and Solar Eclipse.

I know, a lot of people get stressed or worried about this Uranus-Pluto square, and I think mainly because many people are afraid of change. This connection between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn occurs at 10:54 pm EST, but remember, these are slow movers.

The need for change we will feel is a process. Hope and faith helps guide us.

In sun sign astrology we know that the ascendant sign is such an important part of astrological interpretation and understanding who we are as individuals. It represents our identity. Well, the signs that are in square to the ascendant are in the sectors ruling career and family. If you think about these areas of life, they definitely do present us with countless challenges that do demand that we assert our individuality, to know ourselves more fully, to live to our potential, to demonstrate and share our skills, to adapt and to put in the effort required to bring satisfying results to our life.

The Pluto-Uranus square is about realizing and defining our lives, finding our freedom and living to our potential, to put in the work and effort, and to adapt by accepting and creating change we want. With Pluto in Capricorn it is about doing the work, being practical and ambitious. With Uranus in Aries, it is about asserting who we are and realizing new beginnings that are aligned with our desire for freedom. Through this we understand who we are as individuals and how we relate to others and the collective.

This is a defining time. This is about breakthroughs, transformation, and being willing to climb the mountain to reach the peak, and knowing what we want, why we want it, and what we’re capable of. This is about moving forward owning who we are and what we desire.

If you're feeling impatient, it's not a great time to blurt something out or take action without a plan. Make sure that if you are the cause of any changes, they are changes you really want.

On this same day, on Monday, we also have Mercury in Pisces reaching out to Saturn. As you know, Saturn is now retrograde in Sagittarius. Saturn is also the ruler of Capricorn, where Pluto now resides. This all ties together asking us to look at where we are living in reality or in a fantasy. It’s a good time to ask ourselves some tough questions. Even if the answers aren’t clear we will be able to wade through the waters, walk through the fog, and follow our intuition to help guide us. The internal knowing and wisdom that arrives now can be elusive, yet when something sticks we know it is important.

It’s also an important time to think about money matters, debt and our choices play a karmic role in our lives. It also points out how we are using our time in our lives purposefully and meaningfully.

If you are feeling disillusioned, worried, depressed or doubtful at all, positive affirmations can help you see a different perspective and bring in more positive beliefs. Remember that the challenges we are presented with, can wake us up. Perspective is everything.

On Tuesday, Venus comes home to Taurus. This further places emphasis on finances and self worth. Wanting to live a life that enjoys the pleasures and the finer things can motivate many to find ways to build a solid foundation that allows the comforts in life to be experienced. What are you building in your life? How much do you love yourself to honor yourself by ensuring you have your wants and needs met? What do you deserve?

On Wednesday, Mercury meets up with Neptune in Pisces. It can be an inspiring day where imagination can grow and elevate us. It’s not going to be a highly logical day, but rather one where vision and ideas flow. Write down your thoughts, read between the lines, expand on the concepts. Ideas can come and go like clouds. Meditation is an excellent practice mid-week to help us find serenity.

Then as we head towards the end of the week, we are in New Moon territory. The New Moon in Pisces and an eclipse can shift us to a higher vibration and a higher state of consciousness. It can be a moment of revelation and awakening. Instant awakening “satori” or a eureka moment is likely for many.

This is a total solar eclipse. The Sun’s light will be blocked by the Moon, giving us a reminder, and a moment of awe, of the larger picture. The grand forces working all around us, and as a part of our lives, captures the attention of the world, uniting us in deep appreciation for the majesty of the cosmos.

This New Moon in Pisces happens at precisely 5:36 a.m. EST. This happens at the very end of the sign of Pisces, and so it should certainly create shifts on much deeper, personal, subconscious levels. We may feel the experience but not be able to clearly articulate it in words. So if you don’t have an obvious eureka moment, it could be happening on more subtle levels that will reveal themselves more fully as you grow into the awareness naturally. Greater sensitivity, self-compassion, faith and compassion for others is likely to arise for many as well.

In the evening on March 20, the Sun enters Aries, marking the official moment of spring beginning. This is something so many of us have been waiting for. Spring is always a time of new beginnings where the seeds of life stir to start their journey towards growth towards the light.

Finally at the end of the week, on Sunday, we come full circle. Mercury in Pisces reaches out to Pluto in Capricorn in harmony. Thoughts and feelings associated with the grand climb and transformation of our life washes over us and reminds us of the Uranus-Pluto square that started off the week with a bang. Now is a great time to fantasize, imagine and dream about the possibilities, our ambitions and what it’s all really for. What are you working towards and why? This puts a highly spiritual perspective on why we are transforming our lives.

We are about to start a new journey of honesty where reality becomes an all new journey, guided by our desire for freedom and our need to do the work to get there. Plant seeds this week that symbolize a journey that you define on your own terms.

This is a week that gets us to consider wholeheartedly what we are reaching towards, who we are in the process and who we are willing to become. If you have worked hard, permit yourself to celebrate, and gratefully accept who you are. Turn over a new leaf with the the intentions of accepting blessings and success as your birthright.

Many will find a renewed hope and faith now, that reaches above any discomfort life may present, and shows us the higher truth.

Make sure you plant new seeds. This is a new beginning.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun enters Aries on March 20 at 6:45 pm EST
The Moon travels from Capricorn to Taurus
Mercury is in Pisces
Venus is enters Taurus on March 17 at 6:14 am EST
Mars is in Aries

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is retrograde in Leo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - March 16 to 22, 2015:

Aries: This can be a really amazing week of transformation for you. New beginnings often happen when something comes to an end. One door closes, another opens. This week brings a sense of self-identity forward. Whatever you have worked towards, accomplished and put real effort on, that has been a long journey in the making, now you are at a climactic point that is pivotal. This is especially significant in your career, ambitions or higher aims in life. Transformation is a process, and now you are aware of how far you’ve come, with the door open to where you now want to go. Celebrate your journey.

Taurus: This is a week that defines your purpose. What is the meaning of your life and how do you define that through your personal, spiritual journey in life? How do you practice being true to your higher self? This is also a week where you realize your self worth and what you deserve. How are you connected to others, and what resources do you know you deserve? Be true to yourself this week. Advocate for yourself as being worthy of more and you’ll see where others truly stand. You deserve to feel good about who you are and to honestly feel valued for all you do and all you have done. It’s a good time to acknowledge how finances can reflect what you know you are worth.

Gemini: You will likely have epiphanies that transform the vision you have for your life this week. What other people want compared to what you want, can help you to figure out where your own power is. How independent are you? If money matters challenge you this week you may find yourself at a crossroads. You’re likely to have a defining moment about what you believe wealth and prosperity really means to you. Are you independent or are you tied to others financially, including institutions? Relationships, including romantic, and business, ask you to get real this week. Meditate on your karmic bonds and spiritual aims in life. Find your freedom.

Cancer: This week is pivotal in your relationships and your career. When you do the work you may surprise yourself with the results. The New Moon and eclipse can bring you highly spiritual epiphanies. Love, compassion, freedom, friends, higher aspirations and life goals all come together this week raising you to new levels of awareness. Take a moment to look at how far you’ve come, and all you’ve been through. Let the eclipse wash away the past so you can move forward with more wisdom. Your vibration can raise dramatically this week to a new plane of awareness.

Leo: It’s a new dawn. This is a week to awaken to wisdom. A change in your daily routine is inevitable. It can be the key that is tough to unlock, but once you do, the way you see life will change. When the Moon eclipses the Sun later this week, take a moment to reflect on who you are. The energy you put out, and the energy you may hide behind the curtains, are all part of the whole package. It is your intention and your willingness to receive that determines what you attract into your life. In the blink of an eye you can change how you act and react in life. Become the change you want to see in the world and watch the magic happen.

Virgo: Debt is no fun. However, a lot of people get into debt by having fun. This week could bring you an awakening of how you are balancing your life. Opening up a new credit card doesn’t lead to real freedom. It only provides a false sense of freedom that is temporary. Your relationships, your family, your karmic bonds and how you find your freedom are each highlighted this week. How you relate to and perceive these aspects of your life determines your experience. When the Solar Eclipse happens at the end of the week, it will symbolize an eye opening realization in how you relate to others, yourself, the world, money, everything. What is your place in all this. Think about how can your new choices create your future. Have compassion for yourself and the right energy will follow.

Libra: Relationships and those closest to you, including family, could present issues that you need to deal with that open doors to new found freedom. Later in the week is a good time to consider options for investing or checking in on where your financial resources have the potential to grow. This New Moon and the eclipse puts emphasis on how you live your day to day life. Do you have a practice that connects you to your spirit? Visualization and meditation is recommended. Your dreams can have the most profound insight this week, but most likely if you don’t write down the messages, they will fade away quickly. Working with your heart chakra will help you attract abundance.

Scorpio: What you think, what you say and what you do are pivotal, powerful forces in the world. What are you working towards and who are you being in the process? This week can bring a truth defining moment where you realize who you are because of what you are putting your energy towards. The New Moon will also awaken you to realizing what brings real joy. Creativity is encouraged this week. Any exploration in the arts is sure to bring you to new states of awareness worth remembering. Negative thoughts and feelings can be washed away this week. Compassion, understanding and right thinking wake you up. Make your choices based on wisdom. Your actions can lead you on the path to freedom.

Sagittarius: Your self worth is a work in progress that is tied closely these days to the thoughts and feelings of those close to you, especially family or mother figures. The truth is though, that nobody knows you the way you do. You are the one living it. Regardless of what others may say, it really is up to you to be who you know yourself to be. You could have a breakthrough moment this week. If your money matters are in conflict with the fun and creative spirit you would like to have, you may find yourself having an epiphany that sets the stage for newfound freedom and determination.

Capricorn: Only you can own your life. It’s up to you to work through the challenges life presents to find the freedom you seek. It’s up to you to walk the walk and talk the talk. This week opens you up to a new way of thinking. It’s like you’ll realize that your frame of mind wasn’t really in your best interest, and new pathways in your mind will start to communicate in harmony. Intuitively you will know what new words and phrases will serve you best. This is time to unload karmic debt to make room for more positive affirmations that represent a higher ideal. This week is about transforming who you are from a balanced, more centered place within yourself. When surprises arise, you get to choose which ones deserve your energy.

Aquarius: Freedom can light you up and help you feel in tune with your spirit. Talking about and thinking about the big picture of your life, where your ambitions and drive is, and what new directions you want to go in, helps energize you. It’s also important to remember where you come from and who has been there for you and helped you reach towards your aims, your vision and your sense of security. The New Moon can bring forward to light how you’ve grown, and who you’ve become as a spiritual person through the process. What you have was once what you wanted. Gratitude paves the way.

Pisces: You’re in focus this week. The New Moon in your sign near the end of the week reveals so much about who you are. The spotlight is on you, but for a brief moment an eclipse will hide that light. This is an awakening moment where you can let go of what was to let yourself grow forward in a new light.  What you think, say and believe impacts many areas of life now. If you’re presented with challenges at work this week, your ideas are important, but timing is everything. Friends and colleagues could play an important role as catalysts to your drive towards financial freedom. Above all, have faith in yourself.

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