Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for March 30 to April 5, 2015 and The Full Moon in Libra April 4, 2015

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Welcome to another week. This week we continue to head towards the Full Moon in Libra which officially hits its full glory on Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 8:05 a.m. ET.

This will also be a Full Moon Eclipse which will make this Full Moon ever more potent. If you haven’t started spring cleaning yet, this week you are well advised. To purify your space and get rid of the old is a great way to welcome in fresh energy as we head towards this Full Moon. Whether there is a New Moon or a Full Moon, spring is all about new energy that we create while flowing through the cycles of the cosmos.

This Full Moon in Libra and eclipse emphasizes balance, trust, and truth, respect, equality, diplomacy, particularly in relationships and partnerships of all types including business, platonic and romantic relationships. This celestial event we are growing towards collectively will bring to light and uncover what has been unfair and in need of honest insight. It is a time to stand up for what is right.

With Pluto in Capricorn reaching out to the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon and eclipse the truth and reality of the structures in our lives need to be transformed. We can, and in many cases must, choose how we are going to be a part of that change we desire in our lives. This tension is especially represented by issues in business, with bosses, our professional goals, government organizations, authority figures, political issues, the establishment, traditions, financial systems, social status and societal structures. Humanitarian and animal rights are also in focus. Becoming aware of reality and finding out the real truth and how things are run will be highly important for many now.

When you know better, you do better.

Where do you feel suppressed and where are you seeking freedom, balance and harmony? Where are you rigid and inflexible or holding others back from harmony as well? This is a time to bring to awareness where there is inequality and a lack of fairness so you can consciously transform your reality and be a part of the transformation for others as well. Innovative solutions can put you on a more honest, truthful path with the intention of peace.

Let’s take a look at what is happening this week leading up to this Full Moon in Libra.

On Monday, we have Venus and Pluto connecting nicely. This is a great time to reconnect to your body, your physical environment and appreciate nature more fully. The feelings of appreciation of all things connected to the earth element in our lives can bring us closer to feeling grounded, rooted and give us a nice foundation that we can reach towards our goals from. Romance, love and sexual energy can bring us down to earth.

Mercury enters Aries as well on Monday later in the evening around 10 p.m. ET. So, over the next few weeks with Mercury here, quick thinking and decisiveness will be notably easier. It will be a great time for strategic thinking and problem solving. If you have a project you’re working on, this would be a great time to get yourself in gear and get things in order. Assertiveness gets you where you want to go and an active imagination with the ability to brainstorm new ideas will help you get straight to the point and heading directly towards accomplishment. With everyone having their own point of view, too much assertiveness can lead to arguments. However, if you’ve got logical thinkers flushing out ideas, whatever makes the most sense will be easily agreed upon as you work towards solutions that are for the best.

On Tuesday Mars enters Taurus. This is when we get more serious about our money matters and are encouraged to work towards greater focus in creating more financial security and stability in our lives. It can also mark an increase in our desires for pleasure and an increased sex drive. The creative life force energy finds the physical world to be more magnetic and supportive. For those tempers, if the energy builds to a boiling point there can be explosive moments where the Bull energy is unleashed. This can nicely translate into passionate moments. Those that like to work hard will find an energy boost helps goals get the attention they need.

The Moon enters Virgo just after 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday as well and colors our way into April. This is a great place for us to all feel more connected to our daily routine. Emotions can impact how we choose to work. Dressing smart and sophisticated can help boost your mood. Feelings lead the way in how we operate.

As we continue, on Thursday, April 2nd Mercury and Saturn are happy campers. Smart thinking can help us lift off any burdens that have been needing our attention. The right solution can arise when you put your thinking cap on for a few moments. The right choice is the mature choice. Enthusiasm for the new helps us overcome doubts that have lingered. The ability to concentrate is enhanced. It would be a great day to study or read new content that inspires you.

The Sun and Jupiter also have a healthy connection on Thursday as well. A philosophical, intuitive approach to life is lovely. Take a look at how fun and entertainment are a part of a happy, meaningful life. Life isn't always meant to be so serious after all. It is in the joy and enthusiasm we bring to the world that makes people smile. Happiness is one of the best ingredients life has to offer. Bring more of it to the world. Enthusiasm and a light heart can bring feelings of luck and abundance. Sharing happiness can bring luck to you and others. Joy is where you will find the freedom you seek.

The Moon enters Libra on the 3rd preparing us for the Full Moon we are all looking forward to the next day. This gives us some time to feel our way towards the balance this Full Moon in Libra asks of us.

Decisions that need to be made will find their climax close to this Full Moon. These are decisions that lead us towards our destiny. Our choices matter significantly now. It can be a major turning point for many.

This Full Moon asks, “What are you striving for? What are you working towards? What is your destiny? Are you doing what is right for you and is also in harmony with others? What can you do to find balance in your life? Are you aligned with truth and honesty? Are you being treated fairly and are you treating others fairly? Are your relationships in or out of harmony and why?”

In ancient Egypt, when one had passed away and crossed over, the heart was weighed against the feather of Ma'at, the Goddess of Cosmic Order, Truth, and Harmony. The weighing of the heart is a symbol of justice according to the truth one has lived.

The hidden truth can be revealed at this Full Moon. Once the Eclipse is over, it will feel like a new leaf has been turned. We are able to move forward integrating the lessons over the next two weeks. Whatever is revealed is meant to help you know yourself and others more fully

On Sunday, the Moon enters Scorpio, then the Sun will reach out to Pluto. It is the truth that is most important now. It is what can transform everything. The truth can inform and transform your entire life. After the Full Moon, you will have time for self discovery, and to understand where your own personal power is. As you move forward, be true to yourself while also respecting others. As mentioned, when you know better, you do better.

Remember there are 2 sides to every story: the truth and the other side. People can try to spin ideas in an attempt to convince others of a perspective in their favor, and sometimes it works, but it is always the truth that really matters most. An eclipse can bring up a moment of confusion, but truth prevails. Follow the truth and your integrity.

Have a Happy Easter Weekend!

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun is in Aries
The Moon travels from Leo to Scorpio
Mercury enters Aries on Monday at 9:43 p.m. ET
Venus is in Taurus
Mars enters Taurus on Tuesday at 12:26 p.m. ET

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is retrograde in Leo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - March 30 to April 5, 2015:

Aries: With Mercury entering Aries on Monday it starts off your week with brilliance. Your mind will become increasingly sharp. Focus on your potential. This is the beginning of new ideas. The Full Moon will remind you of the importance of those in your life. Your relationships, the people you interact with at work, romantically and otherwise will be a mirror to you. Prepare for a revelation with this Full Moon. Awareness is yours. Be conscious of your blessings this week and live from that place and you’ll shine. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Taurus: This week will continue the trend for you to become more attuned to your self-worth, loving yourself and realizing your value. The Full Moon and eclipse can have you reassessing who you are and what you are putting your energy towards every day. This Full moon can bring you the epiphany you need about what you have been working towards. You may need to take off the blindfold to be truly honest about where can you expend your energy in more valuable ways. You can transform your life.

Gemini: Your interactions with friends and colleagues take on a new energy this week. You may be tempted to say whatever is on your mind, but you may want to pause a moment before you blurt out whatever you’re thinking. It’s a great week to put together an achievable plan or get that paperwork together you’ve been ignoring. Fun and creativity is recommended for you during this Full Moon. You just might realize how gifted you truly are. You don’t need to step on others to reach your goals. Diplomacy is essential.

Cancer: The Moon rules your sign so whenever there is a Full Moon and an eclipse you’re going to feel it significantly. This Full Moon may bring you some challenges, some family issues or home issues to deal with, but the wake up call can help you step closer to authentic relationships. Where do you feel the give and take is balanced or not? Be honest about your feelings with those close to you and your need for fairness. After the Full Moon you’ll have time to integrate the lessons more fully, taking some down time.

Leo: The Moon is in your sign as the week begins. The feelings of self worth you have for yourself are revealed more noticeably through your personality. The way you use words to speak about yourself and to speak to others is emphasized with this Full Moon and impacts your relationships. If you hold back your truth, you won’t have the authenticity in your relationships you desire. It is when you are open, vulnerable, and real that you attract the people and experiences that get you closer to your destiny.

Virgo: You are the organized worker of the zodiac with an eye for detail, but you can also be a worrier. Being secure and stable helps you release worry and focus on what matters. This Full Moon will help you shine a light on how your relationships play a role in giving you that sense of security you appreciate. Who is in your life that feels like they are there to support you mentally and emotionally? A key moment can remind you who is worthwhile. Spend time talking with those that really matter to you, those who feel like you can share with honestly. Be with those that feel like they’re a part of your destiny.

Libra: The Full Moon is in your sign shining a bright light on who you are. What do you love about yourself? You are the sign that can bring great balance to the rest of us by association. With your ability to be kind, generous, fair and with an eye on equality and peacefulness you can teach people higher values simply by being you. Take a look at how far you’ve come. How can you use your unique gifts and talents to raise others up, to overcome divisiveness and overcome obstacles to a more enlightened way of living and thinking? Live your truth and you’ll be on the right path.

Scorpio: Relationships are on the radar for everyone, but for you especially considering Venus is in your relationship sector. Venus also reaches out to your ruling planet Pluto as the week begins. Expect to learn a lot from those you love and those that touch your life in meaningful ways. Walks in natural settings will bring calm and patience. The Full Moon reaches may mark a turning point that is karmic and lead you towards closer communion with higher consciousness. What you trust and truly have faith in can be revealed in grand ways. What you discover through your daily routine helps you own your power.

Sagittarius: A step backward can give you better footing to spring forward from. You need to be patient with yourself. Reach out to people that you feel are truly worthy of friendship. People you can trust and have a peaceful attitude are good to have around now. They can reveal a truth you’ve been needing to realize. You may need to go back to somewhere you once were, but with a fresh perspective, it changes the experience. It could be a place, or it could simply be revisiting an idea or concept. Speak kindly to yourself to lift any burdens. Positive affirmations are recommended.

Capricorn: Hopefully you enjoyed getting in touch with the earth element more fully last week as recommended. The love of the earth is such an important part of your personal path right now and can transform everything. You may feel the love vibe more intensely this week as well, or you may just want to go to town on the most delicious, most decadent, most delightful dishes and desserts. This week you deserve to give yourself a bit of joy, and will find it indulging your senses. You could also have an epiphany in your career or goals that wakes you up to walking more in line with your destiny. The truth will set you free. The world is your oyster.

Aquarius: Truth and honesty take you towards your destiny and remind you of your purpose. Communications get increasingly important this week in terms of finding your balance in relationships. Your place in the world is not yours alone. We are all interconnected. By being more conscious of the unity of all things you get closer to living in line with the truth. A sense of responsibility, integrity and a positive attitude helps you wake up to a clearer path forward. Talks about your vision in life can be karmic.

Pisces: Mercury shares the final lessons with you regarding how you think and talk about yourself before heading into Aries this week. You should find your focus shift towards money and career matters. The way forward is to consider what has been. The future builds on the past. The Full Moon brings up the truth for all of us. Whatever has been hidden for too long, or whatever has been brushed under the rug can come out in the open. You’ll likely need to make a firm decision this week that helps you affirm your direction with greater sincerity and clarity.

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