Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for March 9 to 15, 2015

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The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the clocks have changed giving us that extra hour of sunlight in the evening in North America. The promise of spring is inspiring and it feels great.

As a nature enthusiast I encourage you to get more flowers for your outdoor space this spring that offer pollen and nectar for the bees. As you may be aware, bees are having a rough time and dwindling in population because of the toxic pesticides used in farming practices. Bees are pollinators and are absolutely essential for our food supply ecosystem. Having native flowers in your garden will help the bees flourish in a healthy way. Also remember, honey bees won’t sting you unless threatened. They are happiest doing their thing, enjoying the beautiful flowers which is of course a pleasure to watch. It’s the little things we can do that help be part of the solution. Now, let’s talk astrology...

Monday is a day that should feel personal. Getting in touch with your feelings, your needs and trusting your instincts to guide you will helps start off the week with an intuitive approach to life. The Moon is in Scorpio as the week begins. It is a great time to tap into the law of attraction. It’s a good day to take a look at your life and ask yourself where you would like to be metaphorically reborn. Where in your life would you like to rise from the ashes and spread your wings?

This week has a lot of renewal energy. With Mars in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, connecting with Jupiter on Tuesday, there is optimism that can burn bright in us, inspiring us to action.

What you believe, you can bring forward this week. This puts a spotlight on what we want to grow in our lives. It’s a great time to get reacquainted with our energy. Mars is our will, our drive, our passion, our mission to succeed and start moving towards the goals we want to achieve. Gratitude for what you have to work with, and seeing you power as a leader in your own life, ready to make the most of what you have, creates a positive aura that attracts even more.

The Moon is still in Scorpio on Tuesday too, so carry that intuitive approach forward with you as the week progresses. The energy of rebirth and renewal with a desire to achieve higher goals is with us.

Wednesday can certainly be a power day for many. Mars joins Uranus in Aries. Wow! Now that is a lot of energy. Breakthroughs and power moments can certainly arise that encourage us to change our motivations and inspire us to take action full force towards what we want. If the energy feels intense today and causes a sense of frustration, anger, irritation, use that energy towards something good, like starting an exercise routine. Remember, energy can be redirected, it is a matter of choice and willpower. This energy represents is the desire for freedom and freedom starts with the mind.

Mars is also the ancient ruler of Scorpio, and with the Moon still in Scorpio for much of the day on Wednesday, many of us will have internal, more deeply personal shifts happening. Synchronicity and deja vu moments, could be a big part of the middle of the week. Write down any repeating circumstances that really stand out, the ones that feel like they are important and are trying to get you to wake up to an important realization. Any repeating numbers, experiences that you notice could have a message for you. This is “wake-up-call” energy. This is personal empowerment, revolution and evolution energy.

It can also be a day of spiritual evolution, as the Sun in Pisces connects with the Moon in Scorpio. A day of light bulb moments is highly likely. Mars also connects with Pluto on Wednesday. Intense feelings, strong desires and a determination can inspire great change. Being true to yourself leads to actions that are noble, focused and directed towards achievement. This is a time of empowered renewal.

On Thursday the Moon enters Sagittarius and Mercury enters Pisces. This points to wisdom and spiritual inspiration as we move forward. A higher order of intention is encouraged. Since Mercury is now newly in Pisces, it may take some time to get used to the energy. Thoughts may not be so clear overall, but meditation and visualization can certainly help. The mind aligned with a higher purpose is best now. Your ideas and thoughts will likely feel more aligned with your higher self.

If you have an addictive personality, drugs and alcohol and any mind altering substances can be more tempting than usual over the next few weeks. However, higher states of consciousness are accessible naturally without the negative side effects of substance abuse. It is a great time to work with the crown chakra, dream states, astral projection and mystical ideologies. Spending time by water can clear the mind and tune you into spirit. Relaxing baths to balance the mind are suggested.

Friday the Moon in Sagittarius connects sweetly with Mars and Venus in Aries today. Wise actions and reactions can move us forward towards living with purpose. Putting meaning behind your actions makes life feel more abundant. Spiritual purpose can determine how we feel. Abundant feelings about love and money on Friday helps us head in a new direction.

On the weekend the Moon enters Capricorn, and Saturn stations Retrograde in Sagittarius and will travel retrograde until August 2nd. This is the beginning of wisely looking within how we use our time, what our limits and boundaries are and how we are being responsible in our own lives. The value of hard work and discipline becomes more apparent as we realize our potential is based on living on purpose.

To climb the mountain we mustn’t give up, but sometimes we need to pause, reevaluate and take a look at how far we’ve come. How do you use your time wisely? Have you been devoting time to what really matters? How do you feel about how you’re spending the moments of your life? This is a time to go within and find your enthusiasm for life with more intention. It’s a time to get real with yourself about what is and isn’t working. What inside of you has been holding you back and inhibiting you from living a life that is focused and purposeful?

Finally, on Sunday the Moon and Pluto are joining forces in Capricorn. This is a day where feelings of transformation and personal power are heightened. The awareness that you can change your life, and soar is possible, but you will have to get real with yourself. Honesty is essential. The universe knows. You can’t lie to the universe. The truth will set you free. It’s a great day to connect with the earth to find your footing and see where you are in the climb up the metaphorical mountain of your life. What you personally want to achieve will be felt. It’s not what others want from you, it’s what you really want in your heart that matters most.

Tap into your spirit on Sunday and a flicker of light will come on reminding you of what matters most.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun is in Pisces
The Moon travels from Scorpio to Capricorn
Mercury enter Pisces on March 12, 2015 at 11:52 pm EST
Venus is in Aries
Mars is in Aries

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is retrograde in Leo
Saturn stations retrograde in Sagittarius on March 14, 2015 at 11:02 am EST
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - March 9 to 15, 2015:

Aries: This week can be pretty empowering. A personal awakening is ready for you. Uranus has been in your sign for years and will be for many more to come. This week, Mars your ruling planet will join Uranus. That’s a lot of potent energy geared towards self-empowerment and personal freedom. This could be when an ending is ready to take place so a new door can open for you and you'll see yourself in a new light. The change you go through this week is one that sets the stage for a metaphorical rebirth. Jupiter shares optimism with you this week. What you believe about yourself is everything. Get reacquainted with yourself and your worldview this week.

Taurus: A spiritual transformation and and awakening is ready for you this week. This can be a time where you recognize your ego and your spirit to not be enemies but important aspects of the whole you. Where you feel empowered as an individual to take charge of life for a higher purpose, you will flourish. Being responsible and living from a karmic place attracts the wisdom you need. It’s a great time to work on a plan that has your highest intentions in place. Speaking from your spirit with friends and alliances of all kinds helps you realize what your vision for life is.

Gemini: Surprises with friends and comrades can set you on a new path. Defining yourself as an individual or as part of a team is going through a transformation. Powerful realizations happen when you are seeking freedom. The desire to help others to become free and empowered in their own lives is heightened this week as well. Through others you can see yourself. Career and higher aims gets more focus this week. Your thoughts and ideas can improve the workplace. Listening from a compassionate and understanding place can help you climb higher. Karmic bonds in relationships and time you spend with others can go through an important shift this week.

Cancer: As the week begins you should be in your element. Having fun, enjoying the entertaining pleasures of life is good for you. Investigative shows and movies will be insightful. Your career could have a surprise moment this week that could alter your perspective and give you the drive and willpower to make an important change. It’s a good time to pause and reflect on the way you do things in your day to day activities. You may need to reevaluate your inhibitions and what’s holding you back. Procrastination only leads to worry. Acknowledging the smartest use of your time will help you feel tuned into your purpose.

Leo: The meaning of life can be different for everyone. This week you may get a shocking revelation that motivates you to live your life with more enthusiasm and vitality. Having an optimistic perspective on who you are and believing in yourself propels you forward. It is up to you what direction you go in, but the desire for freedom will help you lead your way to powerful changes. A strong, organized, achievement oriented daily routine will instruct your actions. Be honest with yourself about what works best and you’ll know what to do.

Virgo: Trusting your instincts is important. Fear is actually an indicator of how to make best choices. If it doesn’t feel right, that’s your gut telling you to choose another option. This week you have the power to change the way you approach getting resources you need. Whatever it is that you believe you are worthy to receive, it is through your actions that you can get there. Taking a look at your debts may be your best catalyst to figure out how you are going to find your freedom. Relationships should start to feel more soulful later this week.

Libra: Whether they be romantic, platonic or regarding business, your relationships are about to get reenergized. Refocusing on your priorities in your relationships is suggested this week. Those who are fit and healthy could certainly catch your eye. Beauty and balance is important to you of course, but what’s more important is how you feel free and alive in the presence of others. Speaking with wise, older people this week is suggested. Those who have experience and have lived through many karmic lessons can give you great advice now.

Scorpio: Early in the week is a great time for you to get in your comfort zone and take care of yourself. How you live your life from day to day, the little rituals that get you through your day could get a revamp this week. You could certainly have a shift in priorities and a boost of determination relating to your work and duties in life. Health and habits are in focus for you big time. This week you could have an epiphany or a wake up call that demands you use your energy in more productive, empowered ways. It’s a great week to change your lifestyle.

Sagittarius: There’s big power moves happening this week. Your drive to create what your heart desires can awaken you to a new reality this week, possibly quite suddenly and by surprise. If you’ve been feeling less than positive about yourself, this week starts a new process of looking deep within yourself. Take a look at your karmic road you’ve been travelling and what that says about you. This week begins a period of reflection. It is time to reevaluate the energy you put out there in the world as a demonstration of who you really are. Confidence in yourself comes from knowing yourself.

Capricorn: This week you could have some pretty intense feelings that are fuel for important changes. Home, family and those close to you are on the radar. This is where you are most likely to find catalysts that move you to assert your truth. There is a need for freedom that all of us will experience this week. For you this is very personal. It is when you are able to be most honest with yourself that you can move forward and channel your power. Where there may be frustration, there is the opportunity to start a new journey that is wiser and more aligned with your true desires.

Aquarius: This week is a good time for you to find your balance for your mind. Affirmations intended for improving your self worth are good for you now. There can be frustration and surprises when communicating with others, but know that there are always gifts in the exchanges that are meant to renew your drive towards your future. Friends and comrades you have karmic ties with can bring you wisdom. This week also starts a reevaluation of your connection to humanity in the larger sense. As the week comes to a close you will start to realize how your spiritual ideals provide you with the security you need.

Pisces: This week you could get a wake up call about your finances. There can be a strong desire for freedom that guides you and drives you to take action to ensure you have a solid and secure foundation. If you have a career, want a career, or even if you’re retired and want to travel, this week brings your higher aims into focus. How have you been using your time? Is it getting you where you want to go? This week implores you to take a step back and look at what works and what doesn’t. This is a longer process, and this is the beginning, and each step counts. You can recreate your karma. Self-compassion puts you in the right frame of mind.

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