Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for April 20 to 26, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

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The Sun is in Taurus. Enjoy Nature!
We had the New Moon in Aries a few days ago on April 18, which will continue to develop and inspire us to start fresh and move forward with a spirit of motivation. Read about the recent New Moon here.

This week starts off with the Sun entering Taurus on Monday the 20th at 5:42 a.m. ET. This will encourage us to get more in touch with our physical reality and to experience the light on a more sensory level. It’s a fantastic time to connect with your body and the earth. Walks in nature, listening to the birds sing, smelling the flowers, watching the buds grow and feeling the earth under our feet are experiences we will become more conscious of as we experience this period.

The Sun in Taurus will help us to focus on what we want and what really matters. This is an earthy vibe and so it will naturally bring forward an emphasis on Pluto in Capricorn as well. It’s a great time to purge out all that you don’t need. Get rid of the junk that has been cluttering up your life and collecting over the winter. It’s time for spring cleaning to allow you to focus more on the more important things that you want and need in your life. It’s also a great time to shed light on your financial matters. Look at where you stand and consider what you’re really worth.

Saturn, an earthy planet, is now retrograde as well, so that encourages us to take another look at how we’re using our time. Rethink why you are spending time on what you have been. The time you spend, is spent. You can’t get it back. So take this time to consider how you prioritize using your life.

With the Moon in Gemini at the beginning of the week, it’s a great time to write down and talk about how you feel. Mercury rules Gemini, and is in Taurus now, so there is a natural connection of mind, body and emotions now. A nice walk in the park can clear your mind and help you get more in touch with honoring your feelings. Our feelings are there to tell us something. I often recommend yoga. It is an all in one package really, helping us to get that deeper connection to the body, mind and spirit raising our awareness of who we are and how we relate to the world. On a nice day this week, try doing a bit of yoga outside, even just a few basic poses, and see what realizations come up for you through the experience.

On Tuesday, Mercury and Jupiter are challenging us to think about our potential. Whatever doesn’t feel right in your life, this will be the time to explore how to find solutions. How can you find ways to be more grounded so you can express yourself more wholeheartedly and authentically. This is a period to slow down. Taurus likes to bring us back down to earth so we can ask ourselves questions that matter. What do you really want? What is your purpose? How are you expressing yourself self as someone who is living a meaningful, purposeful life?

As you come to the awareness of your life by asking such questions, Mars and Pluto come into harmony later in the day. This will give us the energy, drive and willpower to push forward and get excited about the possibilities in how we can transform our lives. Being able to see deep down to the heart of the matter, by asking ourselves those questions, will help us get rid of what no longer serves us, so we can use our energy on what really matters to us. This can lead to stability and empowerment. For some, this can mean feeling strong enough to put your foot down and do what’s right for yourself.

On Wednesday, it’s Earth Day. With the Sun in Taurus, we’re encouraged to honor the earth and respect nature. With Mercury in Taurus happily reaching out to Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday, more of us will be inspired to speak up, share online and communicate our desire to make a positive impact. It’s a great day to be out and about having random run-ins and conversations that can inspire change towards a better world. This not only includes matters of the environment, but can also be geared towards political matters, and financial matters that affect our lives and the planet.

Mercury meets Mars in Taurus on Wednesday as well. The conversations and interactions we have, or the information we come across on our own, can passionately drive us to create those important changes in our own lives, and to share our points of view with others.

With Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo feeling friendly on Wednesday, they symbolize how sharing love and abundance can bring blessings into our lives and to the world. Honoring the pleasure the world has to offer can inspire us to find ways to be good to the earth and each other.

The Moon enters Cancer on Thursday. It’s a good time to trust our instincts. With the Sun and Neptune in harmony with the Moon, it’s a great time to meditate under a tree, dance in the moonlight, and stare up to the stars and ponder the universe. Spending some me-time in the bath or shower is recommended. Clear your energy and channel some light into your chakras. It’s a great time to connect to your source, your creative ideas and add a bit of mysticism to your life. Dancing to spiritualized music can help you get in touch with your inner light.

When the Moon and Pluto are standing across the sky from one another on Friday, relationships can be the catalyst to the internal shifts we need. Again, purge whatever you don’t need in your life, and that includes emotions that are weighing you down. Get rid of the old baggage you’ve carried long enough. It could be a great time for intimacy where you allow your passions and vulnerabilities to tune you into your human qualities.

Saturday the Moon enters Leo. It’s a great day to add creative flair to any projects you have. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius reaches out to the Moon on Saturday. It’s a great time to get yourself organized and work on that plan that allows you to use your time more wisely. Saturday is the quarter Moon, which means we’re half way to the Full Moon coming up next week in early May. It’s a good time to reassess how the week has gone, and ask yourself how much you’ve accomplished towards your goals since the New Moon in Aries on April 18th. Today is about making practical plans, but also ensuring that you’re having fun in the process.

Finally on Sunday, we have Venus and Uranus sharing positive energy. This is a day where you should feel inspired to be free. Be open to surprises in love and money. With the Moon and Jupiter starting off the day with a positive vibe, the day can be a lot of fun. It’s a great time for an adventure. The positive feelings can lead to innovative ideas and absolute brilliance. Enjoy it.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun enters Taurus on April 20, 2015 at 5:42 a.m. ET
The Moon travels from Taurus to Leo this week
Mercury is in Taurus
Venus is in Gemini
Mars is in Taurus

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is direct in Leo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - April 20 to 26, 2015:

Aries: With Mars in Taurus now you should be starting to feel more grounded and more in touch with your wants and desires. You can make changes this week that help you feel more empowered. By doing what needs to be done, no matter how mundane, you access your power by making changes in the physical world. Looking more closely at your finances is recommended. Making a plan and a budget to help you reach those goals will feel good. Keep the lines of communication going this week. Speak up about what you want and explore the ways to get there and you will set yourself up for success.

Taurus: With the Sun entering your sign on Monday, this is the beginning of your birthday cycle. Each one of you will celebrate your life over the next few weeks. This is an opportunity for a rebirth. We are enjoying the New Moon energy over the next two weeks and the seeds you’re planting for your life will get the glorious light of the Sun ensuring positive growth. Give yourself the nurturance you need to grow. The Sun, Mercury, Mars are in your sign now. Speak up about what you feel your purpose is. Get rid of what you no longer need. Take action towards being your best self. This is a time to focus on who you are, what you’re worth and what you want and to go for it. With Mars in your sign you could get irritated by those that choose to push your buttons, but you can rise above pettiness, knowing your personality shines bright now. More likely you'll have lots of energy to work on building yourself up now and shine even brighter. Happy birthday to those of you celebrating this week. I wish you many blessings and abundance for the coming year.

Gemini: This is actually a pretty active week for you astrologically, particularly Tuesday and Wednesday being the most potent days for you. Jupiter, Pluto and Mars each reach out to Mercury. It’s a good time to get clearer on what you truly believe and hope for, and ask yourself if it is realistic. It’s a good time to look at money and resources from a more spiritual perspective. How can you get rid of what you don’t need so you can make room to attract what you really do need. Pay attention to random insights and messages that pique your interest. They will help motivate you towards actions that are in line with your highest ideals. Your self worth grows when you seek peace.

Cancer: Spend time with friends early in the week if possible, particularly outside in nature. This will help ground you and tap into the pleasures of the earth and senses. As the week progresses you’re encouraged to connect with beauty, the arts, and the feelings love offers, from a much higher, spiritual, even mystical place of consciousness. If you haven’t started spring cleaning yet, you are advised to do so at the end of the week. This will help you identify with who you are more clearly, by understanding what you no longer need. Keep that which you do identify with and would like to take forward into your future. What you keep and what you get rid of will be a transformative process and a reflection of how you identify with your self worth.

Leo: The Sun enters Taurus at the very beginning of the week. This is good for your career. Getting down to business and paying closer attention to the numbers will help spur you to find practical solutions. It’s a good time to shed some light on what your higher goals and aims in life are. Surround yourself with those who have a common vision as you this week as well. Talk about your hopes and wishes, but also pay attention to how blessed you are. People who are on your side, especially those you love to be with, can help prompt you to express your self worth with ease. It’s also a great time to rethink your work and health routine, so they are optimized to help you build the career you know you want. Spend some time in nature this week to refresh your mind. Career ideas can inspire you to action.

Virgo: Each of us has a finite amount of time we get to experience this lifetime. Throughout our lives knowing this will prompt us to ask ourselves what the purpose of our life is. What are you doing with your life? What are you going for? What motivates you to take action? This week a light will go on that helps you access your wisdom. Listening to music, and appreciating art and nature, especially beautiful flowers, will bring you back to yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed. It’s a good time to spring clean your life and get rid of any clutter so you have a more solid foundation to work from. A clearer mind helps you learn better so you can do better. Your creativity flourishes when you’re more organized.

Libra: What is hidden can now come to light for you. It’s good for you to come down to earth sometimes. Being an air sign, your mind is often lit up with ideas and concepts, especially about how to find balance in all areas of life. The universe is drawing up plans for you to now access the earth element with more awareness. By being here on earth, you get to use resources to create and manifest whatever your mind sets itself on. Focusing on the blessings you have in life, can bring you wisdom that helps you attract and manifest what your heart desires. You could have a romantic moment this week that is a delightful surprise, but more importantly, it is how you choose to perceive love in your life that makes all the difference in how you experience yourself and others. Focus on being grounded and present so you’ll attract the people, ideas and inspiration that you need.

Scorpio: Pluto now retrograde is asking you to get rid of thoughts that don’t serve you. This is a longer trend and so you’ll notice this develop over the coming months. What you think, leads to what you say, which then leads to how your relationships unfold. This week, it is other people’s words and ideas that start to become more of a focus for you. Pay attention to what others say this week, which includes not only words, but also body language. You should find yourself more attracted and intrigued by those who are in line with a better way of thinking and expressing themselves, and this in turn helps you to understand your own perceptions better. This is exploration time, where the dance between your mind and the mind of those you encounter lead to how your experiences of life are manifested.

Sagittarius: Self worth, self awareness and identity are a longer term trend that you are going through now. This week, you will be questioning what you’re doing with your life. How are you spending your time? Is it worth it? How can you change your daily routine so that you are living more in line with your purpose in life? Many Sagittarians are active in pursuit of living a wise, abundant and meaningful life. Now you are asked to slow down a bit so you can be sure to be doing what needs to be done. It’s a great time to make a plan that brings you down to reality. It’s great to have hope, but without the details and plan to keep you on track along the way, it’s easy to lose touch with the process. You do best this week when you are actively planning. Finances are certainly an area that would benefit from your attention now. Crunch those numbers.

Capricorn: Politics is a part of our reality. We can ignore them and live in our own bubble, but in one way or another, the decisions of those in the established structure and higher echelons of society does affect us. You may be rethinking your position now and what really matters to you. Who are you in relation to the bigger picture? How can you use your talents and self-awareness to create a different world? As an earth sign, nature is important for many Capricorns, and so the environment is something to be passionate about. Now that spring is here, you’re encouraged to be outside in anticipation of the new blooms arriving. This will help you get your thoughts in order and will bring you joy. Your spiritual experiences in touch with nature, will help give you insight into your karmic path. You can make a difference in the world. Get in touch with yourself, your spirit and the natural world this week and you’ll feel better about your place in the grand scheme of things.

Aquarius: It’s a good idea for you to find your creative flair this week. Inspiration can arise suddenly for you and have you joyously communicative about your realizations. It’s a great time for you to bring more natural elements into your home as well. Open your blinds and curtains so the sun can shine in and light up your living space. This will give you a nice vibe that inspires greater communication and thought processes. It’s a good time to consider investing in your home as well as an asset. Fixing up your place a bit can help the energy flow better and thus make your life feel more settled. Talking to your houseplants, or communicating from the heart is recommended to create a positive, energetic vibe to get in touch with the earth and your spirit. A yoga practice in the morning sunshine would be so good for you.

Pisces: You may come to a realization early in the week that you need to get your daily routine squared away. How you think about your day to day lifestyle and work ethic impacts how much you get to enjoy each day or not. Friendly advice may bring you down to earth and help you realize how to think better so you can do better. In the middle of the week you are encouraged to dance, listen to music, and get into the zone to connect to your source when the Moon in Cancer connects with Neptune in your sign. This is guaranteed to shift your energy and align you to your spirit. Cleansing your energy with a nice shower or bath with essential oils will do you well and enhance your creative energy. Get rid of some of the old vision for your life that no longer feels right, and replace it with new ideas.

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