Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for April 6 to 12, 2015

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Jupiter's Throne - Jupiter Direct April 8, 2015
Welcome to another week. Last week we had the Full Moon in Libra. Now, as the Moon wanes over the next two weeks, we get to integrate the lessons learned from the Full Moon and eclipse. Being in tune with the cycles of the cosmos leads us towards realizing our unity to all things. Our actions and reactions are our karmic paths that take us towards our future. We can become more conscious every step of the way. The world is a school. We’re always learning through our experiences. Gratitude helps us wake up to the gift of our life.

What did you learn leading up to the Full Moon in Libra? Now is our chance to bring that wisdom more consciously into our lives and make it a part of living in reality with greater awareness. We can always create our reality in new ways. It is every one of our choices that lead to what we manifest. Each step builds on the previous and each choice is a transformation from what preceded. We can always choose to live more consciously. Knowing everything is interconnected and everyone is a part of the whole, we can choose to grow and evolve emotionally, spiritually and intelligently together to ecperience a better now and to create a better future.Our choices are the future. We are the future.

Let's see what's happening in the sky this week as we continue moving forward from the Full Moon.

On Monday, Mercury in Aries connects nicely with Jupiter in fellow fire sign Leo. This is a great time to write down and think about the gifts that you have in life. Gratitude is the key. Affirm your life in enthusiastic ways and think in terms of abundance. Quick wit, inspired ideas and great expectations can get us fired up to create the life we know we deserve. Pay attention to the supportive messages that arrive now that have you thinking bigger and better for your life. Dreams can become reality.

Also in Aries on Monday, the Sun joins Uranus. The news and inspiration of the day is heightened in importance. Whatever new idea comes up today could most certainly deserve a spotlight focus. The more you focus the stronger the energy becomes. The more dramatic events and people in your life can actually have surprising insights that are worth considering more deeply. Trust the inspiration that arrives today.

On Tuesday, Mercury continues to be in focus and reaches out to Pluto in Capricorn. Keep the conversation going, even when it may be difficult. Gems of wisdom are often hidden below the surface. Interpretation could be off slightly, so try to look at what others say from different perspectives before deciding. The truth is what matters most now, but also do your best to be kind in your interactions. You will get more hummingbirds with sweet nectar.

Again on Wednesday, we have Mercury flying on winged feet in Aries where he joins Uranus. New ideas, insights, brainstorming, synchronicities, deja vu and surprises can be most brilliantly elevating. With Mercury so active now, it’s a good week to think about investing. He does have a strong hand in commerce and the act of exchanges. If you’re smart you could make a great investment geared towards growth. Do your research and think strategically. My advice is always What you put your money towards is a vote for what you want more of in the world. If you invest, do it for something that matters to you and is good karma.

Jupiter goes direct this week on Wednesday. With Mercury in fellow fire sign partaking in the action this week, we have the gift of positive energy and positive ideas of moving forward towards abundance. Be smart and strategic in whatever you choose to move towards with an eye on growth and the energy will flow nicely. Think blessed, feel blessed and you will attract more positive energy into your life. Affirmations that get you thinking better about yourself is great food for your mind. Read and write your ideas more. Create a vision board, or take another look at one you already have an make updates.

Jupiter direct is positive momentum and Leo is such a great sign for this fiery planet's energy. Wisdom comes from seeing the world through a childs eyes, with hope, optimism and abundance. Perceive the world like you did when you were young, with curiosity and knowing that you can live a happy, full life. Your philosophy of life will improve dramatically when you make fun, happiness, joy and creativity the cornerstone of all you do. This is a great time to get excited about your life... Read more about Jupiter direct here.

Late Thursday and early Friday morning, yet again, Mercury is the power player is sharing the magic. He joins the Sun in Aries reminding us of how our thoughts can light up our life. New, inspiring ideas guided by the heart and by intuition helps us clarify which way we want our lives to go. Keep the conversation going and keep writing down those brilliant ideas so you can expand on them further.

Saturday, Venus enters Gemini. The body-mind intelligence come together. This is a great time for Yoga practice. One I particularly find suitable for this body-mind connection is Yoga Nidra you may enjoy exploring. Focus more on how love is a part of your life. How do you connect with others not only at a mind level but from the heart? How does your heart communicate with those you encounter? Body language demonstrates what you’re thinking. Smiles and hugs are essential now and will create close bonds that matter.

This is also a time when many will become more conscious of arts and the beautiful. As well many will become much more conscious of nature including the food we eat, how we honor, love and respect the earth and the beauty of life in its many diverse forms. Reading about, and discussing environmental concerns is likely to increase, and will be more notably shared on social networks.

Finally, at the end of the week Mars in Taurus connects nicely with Neptune in Pisces. This is a great time to get into the zone, whether you are playing a favorite sport, practicing yoga, going out for a jog and especially dancing to your favorite music. A drive out into the country to connect with the elements will be especially pleasant. A hike that gets you breathing in luscious oxygen and burning energy will create a sense of communion with nature that revitalizes you. Do anything that demands you have a focus and aim, and you’ll feel grounded, rooted and empowered.

This week there is a lot of positive energy that helps us prepare for the new beginnings we want to start in our lives coming up in a couple weeks for the New Moon.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun is in Aries
The Moon travels from Scorpio to Capricorn
Mercury is in Aries
Venus enters Gemini on April 11 at 11:28 a.m. ET
Mars is in Taurus

Longer term trends:
Jupiter stations direct in Leo on April 8 at 12:56 p.m. ET
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - April 6 to 12, 2015:

Aries: There's a lot of energy in your sign this week and Jupiter going direct in fellow fire sign, is really good for you. Think big. Be spontaneous. Be smart. This week is all about you trusting your instincts and thinking positively. Affirmations that provide you with good thoughts will build momentum within you. Happiness, abundance and gratitude are states of mind that you can grow and develop. The better the energy you hold, the better the choices you make, the better karma you create for your future. Inspiration for the new and wonderful will guide you.

Taurus: We know life isn’t all about money, but the reality is if you’re not living on a self-sustaining farm off the grid, we all need money these days to acquire the essentials of our needs and wants. You should have a better sense of self worth that you’ve been developing with Venus in your sign over the past few weeks. Now that Venus is entering Gemini, your money situation is going to come more into focus. It is pretty much fundamental that every Taurus needs to feel financially secure in order to flourish. Whatever your financial picture is, now is the time to think and talk about it more. Having security in your relationship is also essential. A courageous, bold attitude will help you decide the best ways to receive the sense of security you deserve.

Gemini: Friends and colleagues are becoming a more important focus for you these days. But also you’re going to start getting more in tune with your body and your sense of self worth. Whatever surprises arise this week, insights and opinions of others, they can be catalysts for you to see yourself in a new light. However, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says, what’s most important is how you think and feel about yourself. Affirmations that support a healthy, loving frame of mind about yourself is recommended to help you raise your vibration. Talking about big ideas and creating a vision board for your hopes and wishes is essential.

Cancer: The start of the week should be pretty good for you. Playing around with the idea of the law of attraction with an inquisitive approach is best. Instead of taking the laws of the universe so seriously, a fun, creative, exploratory approach will serve you best. Send your intentions out there and see what kind of synchronicities come about. Your career and higher aims in life could have some surprises this week. A new, positive way of looking at your money situation is recommended. The possibilities of growth and abundance that gives you a sense of security is on the horizon. Other people can transform you this week. Reach out and model those who are a success.

Leo: Jupiter stations direct in your sign this week. Are you excited? Mercury in fellow fire sign Aries reaches out to Jupiter this week too. How you perceive the purpose of life is about to go through a wonderful evolution. Think highly of yourself. See yourself as the courageous, driven, happy-go-lucky, successful light that you know you can be in the world. After having gone within for months to discover the abundance of who you are, now you get to step forward and express all you’ve learned about yourself more confidently. Be the success you know you are. You are the ticket to living a wise, prosperous life.

Virgo: What you attract and create in the world really is a magical process. It all starts with the magic of your mind. What you think so shall you become. Your spirit can soar this week, and wisdom can seem to arise from the most divine inspirations. Have fun with the process. This is a great week to think in new ways about how you attract the resources you need and want in your life. Your career is also affected by your willingness to receive. It could be a good time to ask for a raise. If you’re doing what you love, and you know you deserve more for what you give, communication is the key to finding your place. It’s a great week to be a good listener.

Libra: That Full Moon in your sign last week with the eclipse really was a special time to build towards for all of us. For you, now you are in integration mode, absorbing the lessons into your life and being the representative for a more honest destiny. Your qualities of fairness, equality, justice and peacefulness are what we all need to have more of in our lives. By being an example to others in who you are, demonstrating the potential we all have, you share your gifts and in return karmic laws reward you. This week Venus enters your fellow air sign Gemini. Speak your truth. Bring more love into the world and more meaning into the lives of all of us and you will feel the love grow. Speak openly in your day to day encounters and your social circle will grow.

Scorpio: There is a power in emotion. Feelings are essential components of the human experience and for you, this week starts off with you getting in touch with yourself. It’s a great week to feel grounded in your relationships with others as well. A down to earth quality suits you, but so does an empowering attitude. Those who are energized, driven and goal oriented can be a great influence now. As we progress towards the end of the week, sharing your true feelings about what you are aiming towards in life helps you make sense of the changes you need to make to get there. Every day you should be doing positive affirmations that are connected to your career and goals in life. They will help open you up to the positive energy required to grow in the direction you desire. Start thinking of new ways to approach your daily routine that will ensure each day is inspired.

Sagittarius: This week can be a lot of fun. The fire signs are lit up so you’re in good company. Most notably Jupiter, your ruling planet, is going direct in Leo. How fantastic. You’ll feel the momentum start to build and the New Moon coming up in a couple of weeks will be highly energizing for you. The purpose and intention of your life is going to feel like it is waking up and getting on track. A creative attitude with a childlike approach to seeing the world in new ways will help you feel more abundant. Also, pay attention to great news this week. It could show up spontaneously and get you thinking in new, inspired ways. Synchronicities will show up suddenly handing you wisdom, insights and fresh ideas. Life is a stage, and you get to choose your best role.

Capricorn: The emotional connections you have with others are important as the week begins. Are the people that you are socially engaged with in tune with your vision? What kind of people are you attracting and what does that say about your vibrational state? As you progress through the week you’ll come to understand your feelings well, and by the weekend a heart to heart with yourself will help you know yourself more deeply. Try to have some fun with loved ones this week. Arts and crafts are recommended for that creative outlet that creates healthy bonds. As the week comes to a close, you’ll get a better sense of how the love you put into your daily activities, speaks volumes about your state of mind. Be the example of love you want to see in the world.

Aquarius: Communications are an essential part of all our lives, but for you they are especially highlighted this week. The Sun and Mercury both connect with you this week sparking wisdom, intuition, insight and knowledge that can surprise you and enlighten you. A new way of seeing your potential is on offer. It can be the beginning of new ideas that will start the ball rolling towards the future you want. Talk about it. Share your ideas. Expand on them. Gratitude and feeling the abundance of gifts that your relationships bring as a mutual exchange of energy creates an atmosphere that reminds you of how much you have to be thankful for. Share your brilliance and it will prepare you for a new beginning coming up in a couple of weeks.

Pisces: How wonderful it is that Jupiter will be going direct this week. Jupiter and Pisces have a long history together. Your day to day activities, your work habits and your routines are about to get grow in new, creative directions. Life is supposed to be fun, and so you should do your best to add enjoyment to your lifestyle more fully. Your greatest wisdom will arise when you are tuned into how abundant your life can be. The opportunities for you put real meaning and purpose into into all that you do will be more pronounced this week. The more creative spirit you put into your mundane daily activities, the more rewards you will reap. Your mind on your money will help you realize your greater potential for growth and what you need to get there. Pay attention to sudden insights and synchronicities to point you in the right direction. Light bulb moments of intuitive insights can wake you up to becoming more prosperous. Enjoy the process.

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