Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for May 25 to 31, 2015

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Mercury is Retrograde until June 11
It’s the last week of May already. The sky this past weekend was amazing with the crescent Moon so close to bright Jupiter and Venus in the sky. It was such a delight to see such a brilliant display of these planets so close and in harmony. It gave me a moment of pause and reminded me once again of how astrology is so much more than reading charts associated with the stars and planets.

It is about being present, living in the moment connected to the awe, wonder and majesty of the cosmos. It is about feeling your own presence and the presence of those distant bodies in the sky united in that special moment of awareness. Such moments bring reverence for life. We are all here together traveling through space and time, which is such a miraculous gift and journey of experience. Although everyone’s life has ups and downs, we are all being given a chance to be here in this world now, participating in the unfoldment of reality, growing, sharing, giving and receiving. Life truly is a gift.

With Mercury retrograde in Gemini, this is the perfect time to reflect on life and how you communicate and connect with the world around you; with people, animals, plants and trees, the stars and planets above. The experience of connecting with the world around us and the cosmos is about the exchange of information. It is about how we understand, interpret, respond and relate to all that is. What we think we can create and become. This is a great time to dive deep into your thoughts and see what’s really going on inside. Through understanding yourself better you will be able to make better decisions and recreate your way of life.

Mercury will be retrograde for a few more weeks. I talk a lot more about Mercury retrograde in last week’s horoscope here.

On Monday, Venus and Uranus are at odds, and Mars and Neptune are at odds too. I think a lot of people will feel tired as the week begins, yet may have little time to get the rest and relaxation desired. A jolt of caffeine will provide energy but with our extra sensitive systems Monday, such stimulants can also contribute to an experience of the day feeling erratic, discombobulated and a little like you're in a faster version of la-la land. It can be a multitasking day, but it may not be as efficient as hoped. If you’ve got a pile of tasks to work on and think about, it’s a good idea to make lists. Forgetfulness is highly likely today, so a to-do list will come in handy.

The Moon in Virgo on Monday is great for considering your routine and habits, but it may be difficult to get a lot of productivity done. Mercury retrograde is great for reconsidering, so if you can’t be effective on Monday, brainstorming new approaches to your work and routine, could help you slowly get motivated.

Wednesday Mercury retrograde meets up with Mars in Gemini. The last time they met up was on April 22 in Taurus. Can you remember what was happening back on that day? The considerations that came up for you then could be touched on again on Wednesday this week. This is a good reminder to keep a daily journal so you can connect the dots of your life.

Be sure to not make hasty decisions on this day. With Mars and Neptune at odds already leading to confusion plus Mercury retrograde, it’s likely that you may be motivated or even excited by an idea, but you just don’t have enough information to make an informed decision. It’s better to brainstorm, write it down, explore the idea, but patiently wait. It can be a good time to look at what strategies don’t work so you can at least rule those out.

Computer and technology issues will be noticeably flubbed this week confusing many and driving many others just about crazy. The mind can feel all over the place and easily distracted. Multitasking can lead to confusion. Lists will help you not forget the tasks that need attention. Make sure you have back up copies.

It's also important to be extra careful and conscious when you're driving. Others may not be signaling correctly or misinterpret signals. Misunderstandings on the road are likely. As well, be careful when operating any type of machinery. It will be notably easier for people to engage in road rage behaviors. Confusion is highly possible as well since Neptune is reaching out to both Mercury and Mars. Others driving under the influence is also an issue to be cautious of.

The Moon will enter Libra as well on Wednesday, so this reminds us that looking at pros and cons, listening to your instincts and intuition, and weighing options is a better way to respond to any ideas you may have. Again, it’s not a great time to spontaneously go forward with an idea because there is more logical information needed first. By Thursday, you should feel like trusting your instincts is definitely helpful.

Friday Mercury and Neptune square off. This ties right into Monday, when Mars and Neptune were at odds. Remember that Mercury is the trickster and Neptune can bring confusion. Be sure that if someone is trying to get you to sign papers they may not be giving you all the information. You may be faced with having to acknowledge that honesty isn’t always some other people’s highest priority, unfortunately. Some people are just simply liars, and don’t give it a second thought.

Well, now with Mercury retrograde you get to be the one to have the second thought. It’s not that you should be skeptical and not trust anyone, it’s just that you should realize that some people are cunning, even deceptive because they are living from their egos and self-interests first and foremost. Sometimes that means some people will go after what they want at the expense of others. So keep that in mind, especially if you have a gut feeling that someone is intentionally making things fuzzy or holding back information. With Mercury retrograde you have to put in more effort to be sure you are clear on things. Friends, neighbors, siblings and cousins are up for consideration.

On Saturday the Sun and Mercury meet in Gemini too. It’s also a great time to take a look in the mirror, face to face with yourself and recognize whether the person staring back is someone who is living true to themselves or not. It can be a great time to read, write and explore ideas to get a better sense of what lights you up and makes you feel like your personality shines and what intrigues your mind.

With Neptune reaching out to the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, it can certainly be a time when addictions, substance abuse can be up for consideration. There can be a conflict of the ego’s identity and spirituality now that needs to be worked through and overcome. This becomes more heightened on Sunday when the Sun officially squares Neptune exact. Common sense may be out the window. Just know that this too shall pass. Confusion can give us an opportunity to reevaluate who we are. If you don’t know where you’re heading and your thoughts are all over the place, clarity will come in time. Be patient.

Also with all this Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Mars energy, be conscious of the marketing machine. Be aware that there can be an illusion, even lies and deception, in marketing that may try to draw you in. Don't get caught up in telemarketing, infomercials, online and text messaging scams that give you big promises, but are really designed to trick you out of your money, or even go so far as identity theft.

The Moon will be in Scorpio on the weekend as well which can have many feeling like they are peering down into the rabbit hole and needing to make a change after discovering some of the not-so-nice parts of themselves. Trust your gut.

It’s not a great time to invest or make financial decisions now. The lack of full disclosure of information can lead to regrets, so it can be better to wait it out for a better time.

Overall, many of us can feel like the week goes by like a dream and summed up as an illusion. Instead of trying to make sense of everything it can be a better choice to just simply coast on autopilot, do your best and enjoy the weekend daydreaming in the sunshine without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Deja vu will likely be heightened greatly this week. Synchronicities are also likely to bring a sense of wonder and awe now too. Pay attention to the clues repeating numbers bring up for you. They will likely show up at key moments. Forgetfulness is highly likely this week so write down anything and everything you think is worth considering again when things become clearer.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun is in Gemini
The Moon travels from Leo to Scorpio this week
Mercury is retrograde in Gemini
Venus is in Cancer
Mars is in Gemini

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is direct in Leo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign - Insights and Advice for May 25 to 31, 2015:

Aries: Close friends, neighbors, siblings, or cousins can remind you that sometimes you just may need to bite your tongue for the highest good. You may want to say something, or have an idea that motivates you, but just know that there is more information to be had first. You can find more valuable ways to use your energy than reacting. You will learn by experience the importance of following your highest ideals rather than getting drawn into your ego.

Taurus: The highest ideals in love are those that liberate you. When the bond is strong, you feel most secure and thus free to be who you are. Realize too that others feel most liberated when you give them the comfort and room to grow as well. Your impulse to share pushes forward this week. Take a second and third look at your finances before you go ahead with any financial decisions.

Gemini: Nostalgia is good for you. Looking back on where you’ve been, and how you’ve become who you are today can be good soul food. It’s easy for you to get lost in memories this week though. Although reflecting is nice, also try to live in the here and now so you aren’t clinging to the past. We all age, and through it become wiser. Enjoy the process and the motivation to move forward with greater energy will come in time.

Cancer: Not everyone is going to like your ideas or your artistic vision, and they may not make you millions, but what matters most is that you are being a creative being in your own right. To love who you are and what you become is what matters most. You don’t need to settle for less. Practice being more loving towards yourself and you’ll be surprised how the beauty inside and around you blossoms.

Leo: The motivations and ideas friends have this week may not jive well with you. If there is a lack of vision and explanation you’ll only be confused. However, this is a great catalyst to put your own creative thinking cap on and explore your resources. Take a second look at what your vision for your life is this week. Though you may go around in circles you’ll pick up some clues worth writing down. Daydreaming may seem like a waste of time but it can actually bring new motivation.

Virgo: You may feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place if you are facing slow downs and delays this week. Whether it is in your career or other life goals, you may want to move forward but feel stuck. It’s okay. Time has a way of changing things. Watch for synchronistic messages that have a dreamy, surreal quality this week. They can point you in a direction you had never thought of before.

Libra: Be grateful for what you have. You have more than you think you do. It is love that matters most. It is the rose colored glasses that can save you sometimes. Even if you feel like you’re sugar coating aspects of your life and it may be a bit of a delusion at times, it can be a good thing if it helps you feel inspired and hopeful. The good energy you trick yourself into believing can be a saving grace that attracts more of the real positivity you deserve into your life. Changing your worldview, changes you. Celebrate what you do have.

Scorpio: If you have a fear of the unknown the only way to release that fear is to find out more information so you become aware of what that unknown really is. Explore the depths of your psyche this week. Get to know yourself and the world around you. That is where you should put your energy now. When you do go into the far reaches of your mind, you’ll access resources and find a light that shines bright bringing you hope and intelligence you can use.

Sagittarius: Communication with others this week, especially partners in love or business, can be a bit off. There can be a lack of clarity that you’d expect and so you may have to ask many questions many times. If you don’t know something, the best thing to do is to ask rather than to pretend you do know. Don’t be afraid to ask. Explore a dream dictionary if you have strange dreams. Reuniting with someone could feel oddly comfortable.

Capricorn: Feeling scatterbrained can motivate you to get your life in order, from organizing your desk and office space to eating healthier. If you’re all over the place and unable to commit this week you could get inspired to take another look at your life and see where improvements need to be made. Decluttering can bring back memories that whisk you away to dreamlands of nostalgia further inspiring you to get yourself on track.

Aquarius: Your mind may be all over the place this week. You creative energy can arise this week if you are willing to take the time to reflect and ponder what really lights you up and why. Creating a beautiful, supporting space can be challenging this week, but can motivate you to make spontaneous changes and play around with different ideas that speak to you. Be careful that fun doesn’t turn into mischief this week, Mercury retrograde can bring out the trickster.

Pisces: Family situations can be complicated this week. Communications and misunderstandings between yourself and family members, or those close to you, is highly likely. However, unexpected lightbulb moments can arise that inspire you to change directions. Know that chances are there is missing information, so if you want to be clear, you’ll have to talk it out and even spell it out. Creating trust takes time and devotion but is worth it.

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