Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for May 4 to 10, 2015

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Venus enters Cancer this week. Sun is in Taurus.
Reflect on the lessons of the Full Moon in Scorpio
The truth will set you free. The Full Moon in Scorpio we just had certainly implored us, and can still continue to encourage us to face reality for ourselves and others.

Truth telling is not always easy, but eventually it becomes essential. The Full Moon was about having buttons pushed so that whatever has been below the surface for too long can come out and be revealed. It takes courage and strength to speak up, but when you do, or someone else does, we can have a great leap of learning that touches us to the core, changing us and our relationships forever. When the truth finally comes out into the open, life changes.

Full Moon’s are an opportunity to wake up and see what is staring you in the face. Especially with Scorpio, it’s about reality coming out into the open because it really needs to. This is when the not so nice things that have been pushed under the rug come into focus so the truth can be revealed. Revelations are moments that we can immensely learn from so we grow on deeper levels of consciousness. Thanks to Pluto in Capricorn in the mix with the Full Moon, whether it be personal relationships or the structures of society, office politics, rules, biases, dogma, or world politics, this Full Moon likely touched a nerve for many where we realize that when we know better, we do better.

This week is internal perspective time regarding the issues that have been arising. Remember that immediate concerns surrounding a Full Moon can be brought forth days before and after the Full Moon hits precision. The phases of the Moon are a process that flows. This week we should start to see some much needed resolution coming together. Remember that the bumps along the way get us to pay better attention to the road. Now it’s time to intend to move forward, integrating the lessons into your life and being better for it. Read more about the Full Moon in last week’s horoscope here.

Now, as this week begins the Sun and Jupiter can have us feeling like there is exaggeration and possibly dramatics. The power hungry types can reveal their attitudes as too big for their britches and dominating. Remember, when it comes to the ego, it’s all theater.

If you’re working on a project you may find it hard to focus on the details and thus miss a few of the finer points. If you’re having troubles with someone in particular, or difficulties in the office environment in general, you may feel like you can do so much better. Well, that may possibly be true, but it doesn’t mean you should hand in your resignation without a backup plan in place, which would simply be self-sabotage.

I would suggest since the Sun is in Taurus and Jupiter is in Leo, this is a good time to enjoy the abundance in nature and to absorb that kind of positive energy to help you feel the majesty around you. This type of practice can help you find perspective when you’re faced with drama. Spend some time in the garden connecting with the new life energy that is springing up everywhere appreciating the grande power of the sun and the earth.

The Sun continues to journey through the degrees of Taurus and on Wednesday reaches out to Pluto in Capricorn. This speaks to finding stability in life through your more harmonious, grounded, down to earth relationships. It is a great time for self awareness, psychological analysis and focusing on things that truly matter to you. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is finalizing her stay in Gemini for now, so the beauty of words will reach minds and hearts. Holding a loving opinion of yourself and others is recommended while communicating.

Thursday Venus enters Cancer. The kind, affectionate, loving emotional bonds will grow. Maternal instinct are heightened helping bonds grow closer with those that matter. This is a time to appreciate your relationships that feel truly secure, to others as well as your relationships to all things in the world that bring you comfort. It is a great time to beautify your home so if you’re considering renovations or decorating, this can be a good time to browse the web and magazines for great ideas that feel comforting and beautiful. It's also a time where many will feel comfort in delicious foods and delicacies.

On the flip side, a clingy, possessiveness can occur with those who feel insecure and needing to hold on to something. Hoarding material goods as an emotional crutch is also possible.

Saturday, Mercury and Neptune are at odds. Mercury is the logical thinker, while Neptune is much more abstract and dreamy. Well, that can be a strange mix. Perceptions change depending on the information presented. A lack of clarity further impacts the way perceptions swing. However, it can be a good time to reminisce and have nostalgic moments that are touched with fantasy.

Both planets are right at home in their territory. Mercury is in Gemini, while Neptune is in Pisces, so both are strongly placed. Since these planets are at odds, be cautious and aware of the trickster side of Gemini coming out and the delusional side of Neptune. Scheming, deceptive, lying types could have a field day. Being honest and encouraging truth is the antidote. However, since some are unable to admit or face facts, it’s best to be cautious. By ensuring you are around those you trust, you can create a protective bubble so you don’t get caught up in the shadow side of others.

If you have any contracts to sign or business dealings, be sure to read between the lines and the fine print closely. Mercury is in shadow now and will be retrograde in a couple of weeks. Loan sharks, shady salespeople and the like can only draw you into their lair if you let them. If you’re not sure, if you’re feeling foggy and unclear about the details, get a second or third opinion.

Since the Sun and Jupiter are connecting as mentioned earlier, be careful if you feel a sense of overoptimism. Yes optimism is good, but it can also make us pay less attention when necessary and gloss over the fine print. Be sure that you don’t sign the dotted line thinking everything is hunky dory until you’ve really had a good look at all the details.

This week can be a great week especially if you connect at the heart with those close to you as indicated by Venus entering Cancer.

Spring is an awesome time of new energy and optimism. Yet, of course, life is a balance. There is a complex mix of many variables, and this week if you keep your wits about you and make choices based on honest facts you will find yourself doing better. Remember that the Full Moon in Scorpio symbolizes our need for awareness and transformation based on truth. This will continue to settle into our lives this week. The truth shall set you free.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun is in Taurus
The Moon travels from Scorpio to Aquarius this week
Mercury is in Gemini
Venus enters Cancer on Thursday, May 7, at 6:52 p.m. ET
Mars is in Taurus

Longer term trends:
Jupiter is direct in Leo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign - May 4 to 10, 2015:

Aries: Money and security go hand in hand in the structure of our society we live in. Spending on material goods should be strategic. Be sure that what you put money into is worth it. Prepare intelligently, make a plan, so your financial picture in the future is smart. Every action has a reaction. Simplicity can give you strength.

Taurus: Communicating your self worth is essential. It is when you know who you are, and stand in your own light that you are effective, present and empowered in the world. Speak from the heart. Those close to you, those that matter, will recognize your worth. Your bonds will strengthen when you know and share the real you.

Gemini: This week you may have very mixed perceptions of who you are. Neptune reaching out to Mercury in your sign can have you thinking less than logically. A more spiritual perspective can work its way into your life possibly relieving you of old ideas you have stuck to. Self-awareness will increasingly become a dominant theme over the coming weeks.

Cancer: When Venus enters your sign you can find yourself more content in who you are. Appreciating the beauty of yourself and all of life brings enjoyment. This is a great time to enjoy the physical world. Nature will give you a sense of well being. The more blessed you consider yourself, the more likely you are to experience a great harvest.

Leo: Seeing your potential through the eyes of wonder is so good for you. Like a child in awe of the simplest thing, you can tap into that abundant feeling. It is when you give and share that you create change and impact others. Show yourself as a goal setter that can overcome the odds because you believe in yourself, and you can change the world.

Virgo: You know that when you do the work that’s when things pay off, but this week confusion about your goals and aims can muddle your progress. Suggestions by others may not always be the best advice. You’ve got to put your thinking cap on and your helmet if you want to get work done. Listen to your inner voice.

Libra: Remember your most pleasant memories, those ones that engage all your senses. Those moments hold wisdom you can carry with you now. They will help you heighten your perspective of life so you can align with goals that are important to you. Though you’re logical, your feelings will be the catalyst to nurture goals that matter.

Scorpio: You’ve made it through the wilderness. The light has shined on you. Now you’ve got to expand your horizons and move forward with greater self awareness. Your ability to understand others and see them as a reflection of yourself and vice versa will heighten this week. Exploring psychological analysis techniques helps you see reality in new ways.

Sagittarius: Details, details, details. You’ve got to pay attention to the details this week. Whatever is presented to you by others should have a second look. Be sure you’re clear. It’s easy to get wrapped up in disconnected ideas and thoughts this week. A plan that gets your finances and sense of security in order helps you feel like you’re on track.

Capricorn: Seeing faults and the lack of awareness in others and society can be daunting. It’s time to work on what you can do. Your ambition and empowerment can get a boost when you spend time engaging in self-awareness practices and psychological analysis this week. Meditation can be the key to waking you up to the joys of life and instill personal power. Know thyself for greater impact.

Aquarius: Life moves in cycles, and we can’t control everything. There are a lot of factors at play in life that mold reality, and much is beyond our control. So, there’s the option of having fun amongst the confusion. The greater mystery of life is always present and life is meant to be enjoyed. Have some personal time this week to enjoy friendships and those close to you. It will boost your spirits and bring comfort.

Pisces: Don’t jump to conclusions this week. Though you may think you have the answer, the finer details may not be so obvious. Misunderstandings and faulty communications are possible. Wait for more information to come in before deciding what is right for you. Write down your ideas and form an opinion later. Sign documents only when you’re totally sure of what you’re getting into for best results.

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