Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for June 8 to 14, 2015

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Mercury stations Direct June 11, 2015
Welcome to another week.

The big news this week is Mercury finally stationing direct in Gemini. 

The past 3 weeks have been quite interesting to say the least. So much confusion, forgetfulness, and misplacing things. Issues with computers, smartphones, GPS devices and directions off track, signals getting crossed, banking and transaction mishaps, and the like have been the norm for so many of us the past few weeks. Some of us may have revisited or connected with people we haven’t seen in a while as well.

Later this week things will start to change course when Mercury stations direct on Thursday at 6:33 p.m ET. Those repeating numbers remind me that the Mercury retrograde brought us many reminders, synchronicities and even deja vu experiences. More on Mercury direct below...

As the week begins, it’s a great time to feel content with yourself, knowing that you have realized a number of your dreams in life. Your imagination is best used to connect to your source and the enjoyment of life.

The Sun and Jupiter are in harmony on Monday. This is a great way to start the week. Let your worries be diminished as you think bigger and better with an eye on achievement, knowing that what you think you can create.

Wishful thinking will be the norm as the Moon in Pisces joins Neptune on Monday. Yes, Neptune’s interaction with Mercury retrograde has certainly reflected a time of confusion for many over the past few weeks. I’m sure many of you have noticed. So, when your mind isn’t working at full tilt in the logical and analytical departments, it can be best to lay low and explore your own private, quieter thoughts. Visualization, and subtle energy work that utilizes your creative and imaginative faculties are well supported now. If you’ve been trying to figure out the details of a project, it can be best to have some down time. Rest is where some of your more brilliant ideas can arise now.

On Tuesday, communications and interactions with others can get a boost of energy. Talking with enthusiasm can lead some brilliant, new ideas. If you’re experiencing any chaotic, or frenzied energy, it can lead to delightful insights you’d least expect.

Even though the Moon is waning from the Full Moon in Sagittarius we had last week, every moment holds the opportunity for newness. After the Full Moon is usually a time of integration of the lessons and experiences that built up to the Full Moon, but a waning Moon doesn’t mean we close down or that life becomes stagnant. It’s a time for intuitive exploration.

On Wednesday, the Moon enters the fresh energy of Aries. It is a great day for fresh, new energy you can feel in your soul. Consider your inner world as a seed that you get to nurture and fertilize with your imagination.

Mercury and Venus are in harmony on Wednesday as well. What a great time to have a conversation with someone you love. Talking about the arts, nature, beauty and creativity are enlivening. It’s a great time to have fun with new looks that give your personality a unique quality. Do something that allows you to express your creative side.

The Sun and Uranus are also in harmony in the middle of the week. It can be a day where revelations find you. There is a strong indication that expressing your individuality is honored. Let your thoughts and words radiate your originality to inspire others.

Thursday is the day so many have been waiting for. The Moon joins Uranus in Aries bringing us the element of surprise, but the big news is later in the day when Mercury stations direct in Gemini. This is a wonderful time to set your intention to turn over a new leaf and head in a new direction guided by what inspires you most. Trust your intuition on this day. Your thoughts and feelings should be in harmony giving you momentum that inspires you to move forward in life. It is a time to be innovative and to think outside the box.

Mercury will still be in shadow for a few weeks as he travels in direct motion over the area of the sky he travelled while retrograde. Solutions can arise, but will likely come about in an abstract way. Mercury and Neptune will continue to be in close aspect over the next few weeks and so the confusion we've been feeling the past few weeks may still linger. If we are to find find clarity it will likely be brought about through the hurdles we must step over. Wherever we see lies, deception and scheming in the world can prompt us to take another look at reality with the hope to create change. It will seem easier to see the difference between fantasy and reality this time around. We will be turning over a new leaf in the way we think and seeking greater clarity in life will be a priority.

On Friday Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces at 5:08 a.m. ET. This is a time to get more real, but the confusion won't simply disappear overnight. Neptune's energy is slower to process. Though our lives have had some confusion the past few weeks especially with Mercury retrograde, we will now be drawn into our inner world to find our way to clarity and wisdom.

It’s also a time to go within to connect with spirit and source on much deeper levels. Appreciate your dreams and write down any key symbols that stand out for you. Explore that dream dictionary and enjoy the discovery of interpretations. It’s a great time to enjoy how mysticism and fantasy are a part of our whole reality and to get to know how conscious we really are. Psychic experiences can be more profound now and feel more connected to the real world. It’s a great time to explore subtle energies such as chi and your chakras as a part of the life force energy. Music and poetry will be especially more interesting now as well. It's a great time for creatives to go within and explore.

The Moon enters Taurus on Friday as well. A connection to the earth will be calming and soothing to the senses. Trust your intuition when it comes to money matters and your sense of security. A massage would be great this weekend to reacquaint you with your physical self. Working with your hands in the soil and gardening would be a great experience this weekend.

At the end of the week, on Sunday, the Sun and Mars unite in Gemini. Conversations, thoughts and ideas can be invigorating. If exchanges get heated, know that the ego loves to hold an opinion and defend itself. Smarts and logic can see both sides of the story and quell the ego. Debates can get lively, but can also bring wisdom.

Saturn retrograde finally leaves Sagittarius and enters Scorpio on Sunday at 10:36 p.m. ET. It’s time for a reality check, but can certainly require some deep digging to get to the bottom of things. There could be a feeling of heaviness and doubts that come up for many, but it is an invitation to explore your motivations and feelings more deeply. The opportunity here is that by going deep, and exploring your own karma, you can rise from the ashes. It will take time, but the process is here to bring forward greater learning and through it achieve a new level of awareness.

When the Moon joins Mercury in Gemini on Sunday night, a feeling of progress, new ideas and a new direction can awaken within us helping to temper the heavier feelings that can come up with Saturn entering Scorpio. The motivation to think better and feel better is with us.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:
The Sun is in Gemini
The Moon travels from Aquarius to Gemini this week
Mercury stations direct in Gemini on Thursday, June 11 at 6:33 p.m. ET
Venus is in Leo
Mars is in Gemini
Jupiter is in Leo
Saturn retrograde enters Scorpio on Sunday, June 14 at 10:36 p.m. ET
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on Friday, June 12 at 5:08 a.m. ET
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign - Insights and Advice for June 8 to 14, 2015:

Aries: It’s a great week for you to stand up and make bold statements with an entrepreneurial, pioneering attitude. Your innovative ideas will stand out and be heard. Be sure not to stroke your own ego too hard though. Trust your gut and you’ll say the right words. You can hold power over your domain now. Desire, ambition, effort and willpower are keys to your abundance.

Taurus: If you’re considering renovations or changes to your home’s decor, this is a great time to be weighing your options and considering the best ideas. In all creative considerations it’s a good time for you to be sure you are within budget and getting the best for your buck. Turn your thoughts to gold this week by entertaining the most beautiful ideas.

Gemini: This week you have the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and change your thinking patterns. It’s time to start talking to yourself in more loving ways. Who you identify yourself as is going through a transformation now. The words you think and say shape who you are so choose the most beautiful descriptions. Any self doubts are signposts to needed change now.

Cancer: This week you are being lead towards a transformation of consciousness. This is the kind that connects you to source. Whatever doubts and misconceptions you’ve had for a while, can quickly change. Seeking new information that aligns you to your spirit is a wise choice. Your higher purpose can be found within. Your thoughts are ready for renewal.

Leo: Friends, colleagues, peers and those you may admire, can remind you of how abundant life can be. It is when you are tuned into a mission in life that is bigger than yourself, that you realize how much you can make a difference. Love for yourself and others wants to be expressed this week. Be sure you have all the information before you hold a firm opinion.

Virgo: Interactions and communications regarding your career should start to switch gears this week and more clarity can begin to reveal itself. It’s a great time for you to turn over a new leaf considering your goals in life. Drive, passion and enthusiasm to be ambitious can come forward this week as you start to think differently. Light bulb moments can be exciting.

Libra: Caring about a mission in life gives you energy. If you can get yourself to be in the company of others that you genuinely like and love to be around, you are better able to share your creativity. Your way of thinking about your purpose in life is changing now and you’re reading to turn over a new leaf. If you’re honest, with an open heart, you won’t be disappointed in yourself.

Scorpio: Saturn retrograde enters your sign again this week, which can lead to you facing some truths you thought you had dealt with. Acknowledging where you are inhibited or feel weak in your personality will help you work through the process so you can achieve new self-knowledge and self-respect. Your doubts will motivate you to do the work necessary to raise yourself up. This is a chance for you to develop your authority through your inborn talents and abilities so you can reach your higher aspirations.

Sagittarius: You will likely feel a bit of a personal reprieve this week. Self-doubts can fade away as you set your sights on the bigger picture and purpose of life. Pay closer attention to others this week, as there is wisdom to be found in how others are changing the way they think and behave. Creative ideas can reveal themselves to you this week that has you seeing more beauty in the world around you.

Capricorn: You could have some trust issues come up for you this week. You may find your doubts regarding others lead you to do some digging. If you feel like you have blocks in your way towards your mission in life, this can be a good time for you to do some research. Apply a forward thinking, preparatory approach to your daily routine. Working towards your aspirations takes time but is well worth the effort.

Aquarius: Your most creative ideas are your most brilliant and they can come out of nowhere this week. Your drive and willpower may be more evident this week. You may feel lit up and ready for thinking and creating in all new ways. Conversations can bring about great ideas. An optimistic belief in the future inspires your creative ideas to burn bright. Follow them with action.

Pisces: Neptune stations retrograde in your sign this week. You’re already the dreamer of the zodiac, but now your imagination becomes much more personal. This is a time to get in touch with yourself and have more quiet time. This can be a time of reform if you have any personal burdens to work through. If you’re feeling out of touch with reality, practice your artistry.

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