Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for July 13 to 19, 2015 and the New Moon in Cancer

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Greek coin - c. 500-465 BCE
Octopus water element - unfolding heart. 
This really can be a defining week for many of us. This is a busy week with a lot of energy surrounding the New Moon in Cancer on Wednesday. *This weekly overview is more of a big picture focus, while personal horoscopes for the signs are below the overview.

Mercury, Mars and the Sun are each hovering in Cancer now and the Moon will arrive mid-week to prompt us for new beginnings.

Kicking off this week, Mercury in Cancer is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces. This is a week with a lot of water element energy. Beliefs, ideas, fantasies, dreams and higher inspiration are with us. Ancestors, lineage and history are important areas of focus. Remembering who we are, where we come from, and our most important connections to our past can fuel our emotions.

The Moon enters Cancer on Tuesday at 2:14 am ET and reaches out to Neptune, putting more focus on the water element, prepping us for the New Moon on Wednesday. It can be an emotional day where music can moves us to tears and poetry meets our softer side. Memories and nostalgia remind us of where our karmic path has been.

Venus in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio (another water sign) are at odds on Tuesday. This speaks to money matters needing a closer look. We need to inspect and question what our financial situations are. Debt, loans and any money borrowed could use better attention now. It’s not a good time to go on a spending spree, instead bills that need to be paid because of previous spending can be a wake up call to past frivolity and bring us back to more responsible choices.

Wednesday is the big day.

It’s officially a New Moon in Cancer on July 15, 2015 at 9:24 p.m. ET. But it’s not just that the exact moment of a New Moon or Full Moon holds “all” the power. I like to think of the exact moment of a New Moon like the heart, but there are wings that expand from the center point. Astrology and life are holistic processes.

There’s just so much happening on Wednesday, astrologically. The Moon connects with Mercury and Mars in Cancer, then each of them oppose powerful Pluto, then the Moon snuggles up to the Sun for the New Moon. That’s a lot of powerful forces coming together in Cancer standing across the sky from Pluto in Capricorn.

A couple of weeks ago I talked a lot about the financial situation in Greece and I would invite you to read that if you haven’t already or would like to again for a recap. You can read that here. The situation in Greece is not something everyone is interested in, but as a collective it is not something to simply ignore as if we are so far removed from it that it doesn’t matter in our own lives. It does matter, because what’s happening in Greece speaks to the financial system, and that is something that every one of us is a part of. The situation in Greece speaks so closely with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio tying in to economics, banking and debt.

Interestingly, Cancer rules the household - "Economics comes from the Greek word 'oikos' meaning household or the management of the household..." (Article - How Greek Mythology Can Help Explain The Economic Crisis)

So here we see the need for new attention given to what is our security, our home and protecting our personal lives with the Cancer New Moon, in contrast and connection to the larger aims of wealth, power, money and society's authoritarian structures denoted by Pluto in Capricorn.

This morning I woke up to news about Greece having to give in to the big debt lenders. Essentially, Greece is at the very roots of our Western society, so it is fascinating that it has the world’s attention again now, and is pivotal in partaking in this critical time of transformation. Greece, a once sovereign country, is now being taken over by banks and is as clear as day for all to see. It is part of a grander conversation about how we live in this world. The banks are showing their muscle off and demonstrating that it’s not the government that has power, or the people, it’s the money lenders that have the power. The consequences of not going along with the banks, can quite literally be life or death. Pluto rules Scorpio, Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio - this is life, death, rebirth, in focus.

This is a giant chess game of the power of wealth for all to see. Pluto rules power games and wealth. This is a critical time as Pluto will not return to Capricorn again for hundreds of years once he leaves the sign. Greece now has to sell off a lot of its assets to the banks in order to survive, meaning, the government and the Greek people will much less left to call their own. What will remain once all assets in Greece are no longer owned by the Greeks or their elected government? This is a demonstration of how people are losing freedom, and even though it sounds harsh, people are becoming slaves to the authoritative system of debt. To pay off such incredible growing debt and the accumulating interest rates will take much blood, sweat and tears, there’s no doubt about it. And Greece isn’t the only country dealing with debt issues, this is literally a worldwide issue.

A woman interviewed at random on the radio said about what’s happening in Greece, “What we need is love.” What a simple, yet powerful statement. It’s so true. And what does love bring? Harmony, connection, sharing, giving, receiving, mutual respect, caring, truth, trust... Those are all things Cancer wants and needs, so this moon is about people. It's about family. It's about caring.

Do the corporations and governments of the world give us true security? Are we comfortable with how we are personally affected by the choices of those in high authority? This is a strong part of the dynamic between Pluto in Capricorn and the New Moon in Cancer brings up.

Interestingly enough, the New Horizon spacecraft traveling to the far reaches of our solar system is now giving us glimpses of Pluto that we’ve never seen before. One of the images shows what looks like a giant heart on Pluto. If that’s not a sign for the times, what is? Pluto, associated with wealth and the underworld, the hidden, is finally being seen. We finally get a close up glimpse of Pluto and we receive an image of it with what resembles a giant heart!

So now, we have the New Moon in Cancer. This is our roots, this is our foundation, this is the softer, more personal side of us needing to be renewed, and standing straight in the face of authority, the structure of society including banks and governments. This New Moon is saying we want a new way forward that nurtures humanity, rather than dominates over us. Democracy, is supposed to be about what the people want and choose.

With Mars in Cancer near this New Moon, people are willing to fight for what’s right for them on a personal level. With Mercury in Cancer now, words will be powerful movers and shakers.

There will be a counterculture that continues to develop. I am already hearing so many people at the grassroots level saying capitalism with corporate favoritism doesn’t work because it encourages a dog-eat-dog competitive, us against them, me against you mentality. In the name of competition for the almighty dollar, people have destroyed countless lives, human and animal, and devastated the environment. Is this really what humanity wants? Animals are going extinct due to poaching because those poachers are desperate for money for basic needs, to put food on their table. Monsanto makes seeds inert so the plants grown do not reproduce, which leads to farmers having to buy new seeds from Monsanto year after year. Is this ethical? Is this really in the best interest of humanity? Suggested Netflix program to watch - GMO OMG. 

Even though we’ve been sold the idea that corporatism is the best option, we have to question, who sold us that idea? Have we been sold the idea from the very people who benefit most from it, those at the top? These are the types of considerations that Saturn retrograde in Scorpio ensures we ask. The tough questions and the hidden side of things. It’s about being a detective and asking hard questions that we usually overlook, or may be afraid to ask. It's about truth coming out in the open.

I find it interesting that we’ve also been sold the idea that in order to have “good credit” we have to accumulate more debt, which means paying accumulating interest to banks. And, if people start paying off their debt instead of borrowing more debt, it’s actually considered “bad” for the economy because the banks get less of a return if you pay it off quickly. The best scenario for the banks is people paying the minimum on their loans and credit cards so the interest continues to accumulate for years. Seriously? Does this sound like a good deal for humanity?

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio is not about saying what people want to hear simply because it’s easier and feels good. It’s about getting real, and asking the tough questions, especially about banks and debt. It’s about really looking deeper at what karma has accumulated and how we can transform it. It’s about looking at the grittiness of reality so we know more, learn more, and can change it.

Saturn in Scorpio is about getting real. When we look at the less wonderful side of our society, and question some of the negative results that the ego has brought forth in our world, we will have extremists saying that if one finds any fault in our western world's system of corporatism, they must be a “communist.” Well now, that’s obviously an extremist point of view, and a very simplistic rebuttal. That’s just more of the same “with us, or against us” mentality, and it’s not reality, and it's not dialogue. It's a conditioned reaction.

The reality is, we need more balance, and the only way to find out what the truth is, is by looking at things without rose colored glasses so we can take into account the whole picture. We can't simply say that the systems we live under have no faults, that it's purely wonderful and glorious, because the truth is, it does have its faults, just as all systems do. It is when people who operate from their ego are at the top pulling the strings regardless of what type of system it is that creates the problems in any system. So, we need to rethink our systems and intelligently choose the best of all systems that support growth in positive ways that includes caring and sharing for humanity and the earth, instead of destroying it, and letting go of what truly doesn’t serve the bigger picture. It’s no longer sustainable to continue on this path of destruction that has changed society from a Democracy into a Plutocracy.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." - Carl Jung

So, in our personal lives, with Venus squaring Saturn right now, we need to get serious about what we’re spending our money on. Do we need it? Does it add real value to our lives or does it simply put us in debt? It’s about figuring out how to put love first and foremost into our actions so that we can purify our karma.

The New Moon in Cancer wants us to stand up and speak up, to trust our instincts and to care for our family, the family of the world. The New Moon has the Sun and Moon in square to Uranus. This is where we meet the challenge and start new with a focus on our need for true freedom.

Living locally will become more of a trend as people want to become more community oriented and in tune with people who have a vision of caring and sharing more. It’s about working together for the common good, but first we must look at what isn’t working so we are informed and aware enough to make better choices.

With this New Moon in Cancer, change your thoughts, change your feelings, change your responses. Mercury, the Moon, the Sun and Mars together in Cancer, is passionate ideas and actions that come from a place of needing to feel safe, secure and comforted in your life.  The New Moon in Cancer emphasizes fresh starts, where we are coming from, who we are on the inside, and evolving from our past towards a more secure way of living. Sharing the wisdom:

Thursday the Moon enters Leo at 10:15 a.m. E.T. Self expression is heightened. It’s a good idea to have some personal time for creativity which will help you feel more alive and inspired.

Mercury joins Mars in Cancer on Thursday. The talks and debates heat up as people voice their opinions and likely from a very deep rooted, emotional place and by the weekend Mercury will square Uranus. Talks about personal freedom will increase and people will notably try to figure out what feels most comfortable between personal space and the group. It would not be surprising to see more people voicing their opinions in protest.

Also on the weekend, no matter what’s going on in the big picture, find your personal freedom. Positive, hopeful feelings will attract more of the same.

Venus and the Moon both enter Virgo on the weekend. Venus enters Virgo on Saturday July 18 at 6:38 p.m. ET, while the Moon enters Virgo just a couple of hours later at 8:46 p.m. ET. Finding practical ways that nurture good health and self love are emphasized. Valuing your body by treating yourself well, and having a healthy daily routine is important now. Art appreciation will help develop and enhance analytical and intuitive faculties this weekend.

Venus is only going to be in Virgo for a couple of weeks, because she’s going to be going retrograde next week and entering Leo again for her retrograde cycle later in July. It’s going to be a great time to take another look at where you are blessed in life and how love and pleasure brings us joy.

Also note this Weekly Horoscope will be updated with more shared insights as the week progresses. Come back Thursday for a recap and reminder for this week's astrology.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Cancer
The Moon travels from Gemini to Virgo this week
Mercury is in Cancer
Venus enters Virgo on Saturday July 18 at 6:38 p.m. ET
Mars is in Cancer
Jupiter is in Leo
Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio from June 14 to August 2
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces from June 12 to November 18
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn from April 16 to September 25

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign - Insights and Advice for July 13 to 19, 2015:

Aries: What’s right for you at home, and what’s right for you in your career? This week you can find your personal power by taking a look at how your career or what you are aiming for is connected to your personal life. How do they support one another, or conflict with one another? It’s best to not make emotional decisions. Being logically decisive helps you feel successful. Wait for clarity before you make your move. New home projects can energize you. Be proud of where you come from and it will take you where you want to go. A job interview can have you seeing yourself in a new light.

Taurus: If you put love into your work, you’ll recognize the value in what you do quickly and easily. Make it fun. Find some time to work on your chosen artistic endeavors this week. The practice of enjoying art will lift you up and show you how much talent you hold, if only you would let it out. You could take things a little personal this week, especially if you are at odds with higher ups, so choose your words. It’s time to find new ways to communicate from the heart to make a difference. Smart shopping can be a lot of fun.

Gemini: Do you feel secure? How do you feel about your money matters and the work you do? Well, if you’re unsure, start asking yourself to fill in the blanks. This week is a chance to find better footing and confidently step up to the plate. Declare what you want and think about a strategy that will strengthen you. Pleasant memories help you feel more supported by life. It’s a good time to go within to find yourself and your roots so you can be effective from a secure foundation.

Cancer: The party is at your house. This is a time for self renewal. The New Moon and so many planets in your sign puts the focus on you starting fresh. Take a look at what’s going on in the world around you and ask yourself, “Do I want that? Does this reflect who I am?” From there you can start to realize what needs to change with who and what you associate with. This isn’t about being egotistical or self centered, it’s about making an educated choice by knowing who you are and being authentically you.

Leo: Your thoughts and actions affect your karma. This is a time for you to assess life from the heart, so you can choose more wisely what your highest ideals really are. Think and do as you wish yourself to be. Putting in the hours, making practical efforts, will give you personal power. Self care and a healthy lifestyle renewal is wise this week. If you’re strongly opinionated, think about how your words will affect your karma. The truth changes everything.

Virgo: You get a touch of love this week - self-love. You deserve love as much as anyone else, and loving yourself is the first step to ensuring you attract more of what you want. Friends and those you associate with could go through a needed renewal this week. A memory of someone from your past could bring up feelings that motivate you to get ahead with your mission in life. When the inspiration strikes, seize the moment. Clear thinking helps you see the power in channeling examples your role models provide.

Libra: The love you have for close friends and confidants lends itself to you becoming more spiritualized. Artwork that represents an idea to devote yourself to helps bridge the practical with the ethereal. A beautiful mandala can entrance you and open your heart. Your ambitions must be heartfelt in order to materialize more easily. The courage to do a job interview, or meet people of importance, is easier to access when you are just being real. Your insight can bring new balance to the workplace.

Scorpio: This is your time to tie up any karmic loose ends. This is about you getting real with yourself and trusting who you are. Self-doubts will probably be lingering for most of us for our entire lives, we’re here to learn after all. But this is a chance for you to find your philosophy on life and move past the blockages so you can manifest your truth. You don’t need to carry the burdens of the world on your shoulders, just live true to yourself. This is when you have the courage to access your wisdom and communicate from the heart. Being kind to yourself will have far reaching results.

Sagittarius: A new plan to care for yourself can include having a healthy, confident debt repayment strategy. This could manifest as you finding a new job, or side-job to bring in a bit extra, or it could be restructuring your debt, perhaps through an all-in-one with a lower interest rate. It’s time to stand up and speak up, to ask questions, and discover the approach that feels new and right for you. If you feel resistance to tread new waters, and feel passive, this can be your chance to willingly push yourself to address the issues so you can refresh your energy.

Capricorn: The New Moon standing across the sky from Pluto in your sign, what a powerful week. Tenacity and exuberance of others should motivate you to new horizons. Whatever needs to change within you, can get strong promptings from what’s happening out there this week. The new moon is a time to go within and face your feelings more acutely. If tears flow this week, you will only become stronger. Love gives life meaning and purpose beyond anything else.

Aquarius: Words and actions can come from an emotional place, but they can propel you to put new structures in your life that help you meet goals. Plans that are smart can energize your life. This week is about thoughts wedded to actions. Letting go of baggage and clutter that is imposing itself on your well being is suggested. For fresh starts, you need to make some extra room. Appreciation of practical and spiritual needs gives you a healthier outlook on life which benefits you on your path of success.

Pisces: Thoughts and feelings should feel united as the week begins. Your words, and the words of others, can find great harmony now. If you sing, sing together. The New Moon in the middle of the week is in a good place for you. Have fun with it. Start something new that you feel is fun and entertaining and you’ll have a nice glow. Change can bring anxiety for some, but you can turn that around by helping to calm others. Where there is stress, bring compassion. Friends and colleagues will benefit from you bringing warmth to their lives, and in return bonds can strengthen.

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