Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for July 20 to 26, 2015

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Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

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Venus is now in Virgo. She entered Virgo this past weekend on July 18. Venus will be going retrograde at the end of this week on July 25, so she will only be in Virgo for a couple of weeks before reentering back into Leo on July 31.

This 2 week period of Venus in Virgo grounds the Venus energy to help us get in touch with our physical world and our bodies in a mindful way. When she goes retro we will be encouraged to look at how our relationships are productive and healthy.

Venus in Virgo also signifies how we perceive our bodies as beautiful, or if we are critical of how we appear. In this way many will rethink their health habits, including exercise,  nutrition and self care, in relation to the health and wellness of the body. There can be a bit of an obsessive tendency with appearances though. The Virgo energy can lead to worry and self criticism. Be cautious that you aren’t starting a new diet that is extreme and ultimately unhealthy for your body, mind and spirit. If you are obsessing, you’ll need to check yourself. Are your motivations truly healthy? Is my perspective and association to my body good karma all around? Is what I'm doing really demonstrating authentic love for myself?

This is a good time to pay attention with a more conscious, closer assessment of where you hold fear, worry and tension in your body and where you can replace that with love. Self-care practices that bring you in tune with your physical body and the earth are recommended now.

It can also be a time where shopping habits are reconsidered. Wanting to have more “stuff” is one thing, but this would be a good time to ask yourself if you really love it and if you really need it. There is a bit more of a seriousness to money matters as Venus is hovering in close orb to squaring Saturn. Now that Venus is in Virgo, there can be some intelligent gains when exploring reasoning to financial matters, especially regarding debt and borrowing.

Dressing smart and showcasing your intelligence is most attractive now. A daily routine of yoga to unite body and mind is suggested now, along with healthier eating habits. There is a more conservative approach to beauty now. Stepping up to a higher level of sophistication can get more notice and admiration.

As a side note, I thought it was just so fascinating last week how Pluto got so much attention in the media. Pluto started getting so much attention everywhere when there was a New Moon in Cancer with the Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury standing directly across the sky, looking at Pluto. The cosmos are incredible.

The Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio are in harmony on Tuesday. The water signs bring forward emotions. Saturn and the Sun ask us to get real about what makes us feel well emotionally. How can we find a healthy balance between living joyfully while also meeting our responsibilities with maturity? To have a happy family and close knit relationships, comfort and nurturance are required. We also have to be sure that we are able to take care of the bills, pay down debt and keep the home environment updated and maintained. This is a good time to get on track so you can make positive karmic decisions to support the needs of your home life.

On Wednesday, Mercury in Cancer follows in the Sun’s footsteps and reaches out to Saturn in harmony too. Seeking out the facts and information we need to get our home space at the comfort level we want, helps us to make an achievable plan. This would be a great time to take a look at your debt and figure out a payment plan that provides your life with balance. Speaking with those who have experience helps make decisions. If you’re renovating, this would be a great time to rethink your plan and tally your expenses so you’re sure your priorities are in order.

Late Wednesday night, at 11:30 p.m. ET the Sun moves into Leo. If you’re in Europe or beyond, of course the Sun entering Leo would occur on Thursday simply due to time-zone differences.

This promises to give Leo a lot of attention. This is time to get creative and enjoy having summer fun. Strength, courage, self expression and entertainment get amped up a notch.

The next day, Mercury tagging along closely to the Sun, enters Leo as well. A dramatic flair to words can get noticeable attention. This is an excellent time for writers to share wordplay with more creativity and less inhibitions.

It's also a great time to think and speak like a leader. Planning and organizing in a way that others want to support is a sign of good leadership. The difference between a boss and a leader is that a boss acts as if they are above you with commands, demands and orders and is often feared, while a leader inspires and motivates people to be part of a group effort and is admired. It is in how you choose to communicate and interact with others that makes all the difference. Bossiness can certainly be present now, but it is the leaders that stand out and make a difference that matters now.

Later in the day on Thursday, fast moving Mercury catches up to the Sun in Leo where they meet. In many ancient cultures the Sun symbolized God and Divinity, and Mercury is considered as the Messenger to the Gods. This is a great day for accessing and sharing inspired thoughts and words. Mercury is accessing information that is directly from the source and will take it forward to utilize in creative ways. You can apply this reference to your own life and make the most of creative intelligence. It’s a great day to meditate and explore your chakras, especially the uniting energy of the heart.

On the weekend, Venus in Virgo stations retrograde in Virgo on Saturday at 5:28 a.m. ET. Instead of judging your body, love your body. This beautiful gift you’ve been given to experience life is yours to honor. It is your temple and is sacred. It is a great time for getting a massage and feeling connected to your body more deeply. The mind needs to be in touch with the physical world more now.

If you usually live with your focus more on the mental plane, such as spending hours on computers, televisions, smartphones and the like, now is the time to come back down to earth. Bringing your mind in touch with nature and the intelligence of the earth is such a healthy practice now. Being more present in reality and engaging in your senses more fully now will bring you to understanding another way of interacting with the world that opens up doors within your heart. Bringing your mind back into the perception of being physically present within yourself can help reduce worry, anxiety and over-rationalizing reality. Spending some time with your houseplants helps bring you in touch with the subtle vibration of the life force energy and the earth.

With Venus retrograde, looking outside to find validation won’t work, you have to find the love for yourself within and that starts with changing your thoughts towards more loving words and ideas about yourself. It would be a great time to start practicing affirmations that support a healthy, loving perspective on yourself. This will prepare you for the summer journey Venus will be exploring in retrograde. In terms of beauty, this is not the time to be making permanent changes to your look as you'll likely change your opinion of what looks good or not. But, trying new quirky things and even dressing a little geeky now can be a lot of fun. Attractions can become more magnetic now, but not long lasting.

Venus also rules money, and with her retrograde in Virgo your relationship to money becomes more personal. What value do you place on money and what do you spend your money on? How do you attract money into your life? How does money come between you and others or bring you and others together? With Venus squaring Saturn, it's an important time to reassess your finances and debt situation. How have your past decisions affected your current state of finances? Do you have any fears about money matters? There can be a tendency to hoard material objects and money at this time as well, keeping things close because of sentimental attachments, but also because of a fear of losing that which you have acquired over time. Debt issues can feel heavier at this time. Just what is your relationship with money really like and what does that say about your way of thinking? Practical plans about dealing with money can help ease worries you may have.

The question is, "What exactly is the reality I'm living in here and now and do I love it?"

Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Aries are at odds on Saturday. Sudden irritability can show up out of the blue and is likely prodded by a need for freedom. Either someone in your life is being self assertive and rebellious in trying to find their own expression, or you will feel the need for space yourself. Be cautious of drivers that have little patience this weekend.

On Sunday Uranus will station retrograde in Aries. This can add more rebellion to the mood, where people will find personal freedom to be a higher priority than usual. People will question where they are getting lost in the decisions of others, and reevaluate what is right for themselves. People will start to take a more notable, personal stand on their rights and freedoms now. It can be a time where self-empowerment is prioritized first and foremost for many. With Mars in Cancer in square to Uranus, the need for self-liberation can be emotional and explosive for some which can kick off a personal revolution in your life and in the live's of those around you.

This Weekly Horoscope will be updated with more shared insights as the week progresses. Come back Thursday for a recap and reminder for this week's astrology.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun enters Leo on Wednesday at 11:30 p.m. ET
The Moon travels from Virgo to Sagittarius this week
Mercury enters Leo on Thursday at 8:14 a.m. ET
Venus stations retrograde in Virgo on Saturday at 5:28 a.m. ET
Mars is in Cancer
Jupiter is in Leo
Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio from June 14 to August 2
Uranus stations retrograde in Aries on Sunday at 6:38 a.m. ET
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces from June 12 to November 18
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn from April 16 to September 25

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign - Insights and Advice for July 20 to 26, 2015:

Aries: As the week progresses a sense of irritability may increase. Emotions and determination mix to give you a push to figure out how to find the comfort you need. Talk it out. Conversations at home with those close or with someone you feel comfortable talking on the phone with can be productive and insightful. Self-care is highlighted. Exercise can help you feel better about yourself while burning off steam. As the week ends, you may feel a strong need to make a personal change that alters how you identify with yourself. Reconsidering your health and your dietary routine are recommended.

Taurus: You know you want to enjoy life more, but to fit in those happy times, you need to be productive and organized. Schedule in some time for creativity so you can be sure you get to it. Consider it as important as you would any other task you schedule in. It’s time reevaluate what you think is worth your attention. Surround yourself with the most beautiful visual stimuli to inspire you. Good health and a sociable approach to living is suggested. Emotional talks or musings on your own can bring surprise revelations.

Gemini: Put spirit and enthusiasm into your work. Whatever it is that you personally do to make money and find personal security, deserves to have a higher intention that motivates and inspires you. If you’re just living paycheck to paycheck, this would be time to ask yourself how you could bring more meaning to what you do and why. With higher intentions infused into your work, you signal the universe to respond with rewards. It’s not a great time to do renovations, but it is a good time to think about how to make your space more beautiful. A vision board is a great practice for you now. Family affairs need more love this week. Instigation and sneakiness should be avoided now. Responsible interactions are encouraged.

Cancer: The New Moon in your sign has set the stage for you to begin again. It can be a talkative week. Sharing your personal, intuitive wisdom with others can be healthy for you, but putting it into practice in your daily routine is even better. Exercise isn’t about anybody else but you. Your own willpower, determination and success has nothing to do with what others think, it’s about you proving to yourself that you’ve got backbone and stamina to stand up straight and honor and appreciate your physical self. Try not to be overly critical of yourself or others this week. Keep yourself in check. Organize your thoughts and bring more love to your thinking processes.

Leo: The Sun enters your sign this week, which means your birthday is coming up soon enough. That big, beautiful, brilliant orb in the sky that rules your sign is here to remind you that you are a star. You can bring so much light to the world through being your creative, courageous self. You’re here to bring personality and vibrancy to the world. Own it. Your money situation gets reconsideration this week. Your daily routine may need a revamp. Do you love what you do for work? Bring your vision and your artistry to the forefront in whatever you do. Bring charm and optimism and you’ll be a shining example.

Virgo: Do you love yourself? Do you think you’re beautiful in your own way? Venus dips her toe into your sign for a couple of weeks. This week you get a chance to change your habitual perception of yourself. Look in the mirror and see who is staring back. That person deserves to be loved, as much as anyone else, and it starts with you. A daily routine that shows the universe you do love yourself, will only multiply that in reality the more you do it. Friends that have a glow are those to surround yourself with now. Hang out with those who show their light and share it with you. You’ll know from how they think and speak who is most supportive. It’s not a great time to lend money to friends, as it could create a bit of a mess. Those who are clingy, needy or unpredictable should be avoided. Those who are more giving are best for you now.

Libra: A spiritual practice that focuses on becoming more attuned to uniting inspired consciousness with love would be great for you now. It is your relationship to something bigger that opens your heart. When you look at your body, know that this is your ancestors. All those people united together inside you. How magical and amazing is that! Focus on honoring your incarnation here in this world, knowing that you are part of an incredible experience of life that is so much bigger and meaningful than can be perceived. Reunite with love as a driving force in your life and you’ll raise your vibration. It’s time for a change, even a reversal of perspective. Surrender minor concerns to a higher purpose.

Scorpio: Saturn is retrograde in your sign and connects in harmony with the Sun and Mercury this week. Whatever your personal troubles are, you could see a light go on this week that shifts your perspective. Emotions can become a bit lighter. Speaking and sharing your journey helps you to know yourself more. Words can arise that describe your life and your purpose that you hadn’t considered before. There is an intensity to your life that teaches you deep insight and a philosophical pespective others wouldn’t understand so well. If you are living in fear in any area of life, or if you are stuck in your own opinions and block others out because of it, this would be the time to get real about how you are affecting your karma. A shift away from pain and towards wisdom can bring your light into the world. At the foundation of true friendship is love.

Sagittarius: This time of the year is good for you to energize your life, and yes, that can include having lazy times to rejuvenate yourself. Fun in the sun will remind you of how there is much wisdom to be gained from living joyfully. It can be a good time for you to publish your writings and promote your creative projects. Put the spotlight on what you have to offer that teaches others the subject you fancy most. A creative project could end up being more costly than expected. Be sure that if you are borrowing money that you have the willpower and a smart plan to repay the debt. A change of heart in career is possible now where you ask yourself if you really love what you’re aiming for. How much you love your goals will determine your approach. Your instincts and emotions will become more apparent by the end of the week.

Capricorn: If you’ve been having some relationship tension lately - romantic, platonic or business wise - you should find some progress this week. In romance, it could be passionate, but in business or general relationships it may be that emotions and differences in power dynamics have been getting in the way. You get to reevaluate your purpose now with love perching higher on the priorities list. You may reconsider how you value material objects as well. Decluttering helps you realize what you are holding onto and why, and what is ready to be released. What you use most is worth keeping as a matter of function and practicality. Friends that bring light to your life and pleasant memories will provide you the comfort you need. Well being and harmony are choices.

Aquarius: You could have a sudden wake up call about your health and food habits now. If you are pushing yourself too hard you’ll get the message. There’s a lot of focus and energy in the work sphere now, but you need to be sure that you are also taking care of your health intelligently. If your emotional needs are pushing you towards a goal full throttle you may find an obstacle is actually the best thing to get you to slow down a bit, for your own good. Relationships take on new energy this week too. Fun in the sun and the joys of entertainment are where you will find those you can relate to. You may need to reconsider your approach to debt and finances this week. Make sure you are putting money towards what you really love.

Pisces: There’s a lot of energy in your fellow water sign Cancer now. There can be a strong need for you to be creative. You do need to be careful that you aren’t spending too much on your fun and entertainment, or that new projects don’t lead to money issues though. You should also be extra careful when driving, and keep rambunctious, distracting behavior to a minimum when behind the wheel. Cautious, responsible, wise fun is best for you this week. Wordplay and crafts are a great idea. Enjoying the beach is also recommended. Your best ideas can come forward while near the water. Romantic relationships do best when you turn off the critic and replace it with an open heart. Steer clear of anyone that is power-tripping now.

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