Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for August 10 to 16, 2015 and the New Moon in Leo

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

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The big news this week is that Jupiter is moving into Virgo on August 11th. 

We also have the New Moon in Leo coming up on Friday, August 14th.

Jupiter is the planet that symbolizes growth, expansion, abundance and generally brings positivity to our lives. He’s been in Leo since last summer and now it’s time to move on and bring optimism and wisdom to another area of our lives.

Whatever you want in life, this is going to be the beginning of putting practical plans in place so you can reach your aspirations. Be more open minded. The mind grows when you ask questions.

This is going to be an excellent time to learn through experience, so allow yourself to feel more open to the new. Get your hands dirty. This is when doing more and thinking more brings greater rewards. Procrastination is not going to get you where you want to go.

Putting greater structure and order into your routine is wise with Jupiter in Virgo. Think big, but also be decisive. I read an article last month where a study on successful people found that the main thing they each had in common was decisiveness. So if you’re a flip flopper and can’t make firm decisions, this is the year to practice being more efficient by making a smart choice instead of beating around the bush.

Now, with such a big move of a major planet, it signifies an ending and a new beginning. For some this can be exciting, with anticipation of what’s next. For others, it can be somewhat depressing as letting go of what was and moving on can have a sense of melancholy to it. A lot of people get comfortable with what is, and have fears of the unknown. You can remedy this by being focused, decisive and grounded to tap into that higher Virgo vibration. Meditation and yoga are great practices to find your center while also expanding your mind to new vistas.

Leaving fun loving and creative Leo and entering the more serious and practical Virgo, can take a bit of an adjustment.

It’s a great time to learn though. Once the Sun goes into Virgo at the end of summer we get in gear for work and school. With Jupiter entering Virgo now, learning will become quite suitable for many. Exploring books and stories of far off places, or traveling will also be on a lot more people’s minds. If you want to go to Hawaii, Paris, or the Bahamas, make a plan to get there and you can.

The sign of Virgo is also associated with worry, because it brings with it a lot of analytical energy. But of course, with Jupiter, you can use that analytical energy to make smart, informed decisions and acknowledge that all you are faced with is part of the learning process to become bigger and better.

This can be a great time to exercise, and if you’re into bodybuilding or improving muscle tone, great gains can be made. Of course it can work the other way too. If you have habits of enjoying big meals and indulgences, packing on the pounds can be easier now. But Virgo likes to be productive, so activity will help burn off the weight to keep your balance and health and wellness are priorities for Virgo.

Virgo likes to be detail oriented, while Jupiter is big picture ideas. A great way to take advantage of combining these energies is to keep your desk and your workspace clean and tidy. This will allow you to not be distracted by clutter so the mind can be open and clear.

There is also importance placed on using the most of your resources. By not being wasteful, you use what you have to the most expansive ways. This is a bit of a dichotomy though, which could be seen in how companies will likely continue to shrink package sizes to be more efficient but raise prices. Quality of food could also go down, as cheaper ingredients are used to extend foods. The counter reaction to this though will be that more people will likely explore and find new foods, or perhaps create their own gardens to have a more bountiful food source, and learn new skills such as making homemade bread.

I'll be sharing much more about Jupiter in Virgo. He’ll be there until September of next year, so there’s lots of time to explore this in much more detail as we grow forward into the future.

On Wednesday we have Mercury in Virgo across the sky from Neptune in Pisces. It’s a good time to face facts and see through the illusion, but it’s also a time to calm down an overly judgmental way of thinking to allow for a more compassionate stance. If you can remind yourself of the importance of serving others your very best, you can create more harmonious relationships. Helping others get their lives in order and come out of the clouds and vice versa can create healthy bonds. It's a great time to practice Karma yoga.

It’s officially a New Moon in Leo on Friday, August 14, 2015 at 10:53 a.m. ET.

This is when we each get a new appreciation of our personalities. Self-respect comes from owning who you are and being proud to express yourself authentically.

Venus retrograde in Leo is also very close by. This is a great time to love yourself and value yourself more fully. All your quirks of personality are what make you unique and awesome. It’s a fresh start for you to be more true to yourself.

Get your creative juices flowing. Pick up that paintbrush, sing to your heart’s content and explore new, fun fashion choices. With Venus retrograde it’s not a great time to make a permanent change to how you express yourself like a tattoo, or piercings (scars are permanent), or a nose job, but it’s a great time to explore various looks just for fun. Give yourself a budget for entertainment and pleasure so you can enjoy a little splurge.

Friday night would be a great time to go out on a date. Whether you’re single or attached, it’s the spirit of fun that matters. Express your love with an open heart.

Uranus is also reaching out to this New Moon in harmony, which further instills a sense of freedom to be authentic and true to yourself. You may be surprised by how fresh and exhilarating this New Moon is. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Be spontaneous and step forward with an attitude of liberation.

On the weekend, the Sun and Venus meet and your personality can shine bright. The more authentic you are, living from the heart, the more love you will be open to giving and receiving. It’s a great time to feel the joy of life radiate from your core.

Mercury and Pluto are in harmony as well on Saturday. Communications should go over well, especially with those in authority such as bosses or those higher up in your field. Interactions can create new business alliances or give you career ideas or approaches to working on new projects.

Below are the horoscopes for each sign. 

This Weekly Horoscope will be updated with more inspired insights as the week progresses. Come back Thursday for a recap and reminder for this week's astrology.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Leo
The Moon travels from Gemini to Virgo this week
Mercury is in Virgo
Venus retrograde is in Leo from July 31 to October 8
Mars is in Leo
Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11 at 7:11 a.m. ET
Saturn is in Scorpio
Uranus is retrograde in Aries from July 26 to December 25
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces from June 12 to November 18
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn from April 16 to September 25

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign - Insights and Advice for August 10 to 16, 2015:

Aries: The New Moon this week is so great for you to feel refreshed. As you continue to find your way to living your life with more freedom to be true to your identity, there’s much joy to be had. Expressing yourself, smiling big and bright, warms everyone around you. Enthusiasm for life is so healthy for you. Mars is in Leo too, adding even more fire to your life. Whatever you do, have fun. Share your light with others and your confidence will grow. With so much fiery energy be sure you aren’t arrogant, bossy or high and mighty though. This is a time for you to rediscover who you want to be in your life. Surrender to love.

Taurus: The love of home and family is emphasized this week. Perhaps you may want to remind someone close to you how much they matter. Expressing the importance of love in your life is recommended. Freshen up your home, take care of your plants, and making art in the comfort of your home studio can enhance your aura. The New Moon implores you to feel creative. Taking life a little less seriously helps your creativity flourish. Do push yourself a little to improve your stamina so you can accomplish more productivity and thus growth.

Gemini: Use your skills to speak, read, and write. This is a time to express yourself, whether it be a public display or in your personal diary or blog. Own your talent as the great communicator you can be and shine. If you’re on a date or out with friends, communicating online or by text, your words have potent impact now that stand out. Changes in your relationships can lead to fresh starts. This is also a great time to get your house in order. Being clean and tidy helps you think clearer and make better decisions. It’s time to think in practical terms to create the sense of comfort you want. An open concept to your living space creates a more inviting atmosphere.

Cancer: A new found sense of security can come along this week, one that you decide upon. Changing the way you feel about your work can change your attitude. What do you love about what you do? Career and goal matters can shift this week as you consider how you want to be sure that you enjoy how you’re spending your time in life. Think bigger about the possibilities of your life. You are set to begin learning a lot more about how the finer details can lead to a path of growth. Your mindset and approach is everything.

Leo: You are the star this week. It’s a pretty fantastic time. Gratitude for your life gives you energy and a new level of self respect. This is a new beginning for you. Self-respect, strength and courage help you move onto a new chapter of life. Your money situation is set to start growing as well. Be sure to put plans in place that are smart and you’ll get closer to that level of financial security you know you deserve to experience. Be efficient and you’ll bring out your very best in your work. Your thinking processes and enthusiasm for life are great allies now.

Virgo: You should start to feel more abundant this week. Jupiter is moving into your sign after all, and promises great blessings are coming your way. It all has to do with you and your identity. How do you see yourself and how much more potential do you know you have inside of you? The bigger and better you think of yourself the greater rewards you can manifest and attract into your life. See the wisdom in yourself and let go of the inner critic. It’s time to celebrate yourself. You don’t need to wait around to see what happens, you get to create it. Your Higher Self is ready to be more fully expressed.

Libra: You’re about to start experiencing a spiritual journey of a lifetime that is worth thinking about. The little rituals that you perform in your day to day routine send messages to the universe. Now is the time to bring a more detail oriented approach to your spiritual practice so you can manifest the big dreams you have for your life. It’s all spiritual. It’s all energy. It’s all interconnected. Your mind leads the way to opening you up to new possibilities. This is transformation time. It’s time to let go of the past and to stop clinging to old modes of thinking so you can grow. The love and joy of friendships can help you become renewed.

Scorpio: Friendships are going to become a more important part of your life. Those that are intelligent and have open minds are best suited to you now. You may even want to start thinking of travel options with friends or groups. Social events help bring you out of your shell. Career matters are highlighted for you this week with the New Moon. Creative expression can help you focus on new goals that feel more valuable and worthwhile. The more energy and enthusiasm you put into your career the better.

Sagittarius: The New Moon in fellow fire sign Leo is great for you. You have a window of opportunity now to begin expressing aspects of your personality that may often be dormant. With all you’ve learned with Jupiter in Leo this past year, now is the time to cheerfully live according to your honest truth with a new philosophy on life. Shining and radiating confidence, being culturally aware and having faith in your aspirations is yours to own. Your career is about to become more blessed. Focus on the step by step approach to achieving your aims. It’s time for you to start accepting yourself as having the potential to transform life into a victory.

Capricorn: Jupiter enters fellow earth sign Virgo this week. That’s great news for you. Travel is something you should explore this coming year. Start thinking about how to plan your trip and save up so you can go anywhere you want. Be decisive and choose where you’d like life to go. Great experiences will teach you a lot this year and give you a new perspective on life. The New Moon in Leo signifies a time to find new resources that you are naturally attracted to. The law of attraction is tuned up this week. The joyous experiences found in love and entertainment can shift your energy to a higher vibration helping you to attract exactly what you want.

Aquarius: The New Moon in Leo can bring you new experiences in relationships. Romance is definitely a high possibility with Venus so close to this New Moon as well. What you value and are passionate about becomes more apparent and cherished too. Jupiter entering Virgo signifies you becoming more aware of the potential in your resources. It could be the money you borrow or the money you have been accumulating in your savings account. Find a way to make responsible choices that help you to grow towards your aims. Be cautious of contracts that are shady. Virgo wants you to be smart and make good financial choices.

Pisces: Communication in relationships is essential, and this week you get a chance to get clear on where you stand and thus what you want out of your relationships. Whether they be in business or romance, the lines of communication can open up this week so you’re more in tune with yourself and others more fully. This New Moon is a great time for starting a new routine. Whether it be yoga, dance or some other creative approach, give your daily routine a jolt of fun. Celebrate life. Enjoy entertainment. Make your days more fun with a touch of humor and you’ll be more productive overall. People from distant cultures can make for the most interesting relationships now.

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