Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 21 to 27, 2015 and the Full Moon in Aries Eclipse

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Venus is now direct in Leo and connects with Uranus in Aries on Tuesday for the third time over the past few months and then she'll move on. While Venus has been in retrograde this summer we saw a lot happening regarding relationships especially with the Ashley Madison thing. That was totally Venus retrograde in Leo. Whenever she reaches out to Uranus expect sudden surprises. Leo is all about publicity and public displays. It is the spotlight and of course that came out in the news so everyone found out about it. It's been a time to rethink what love really means. More relationship issues will likely come out in the open publicly now.

Venus in Leo reaching out to Uranus in Aries can emphasize this need for personal freedom and shining light on your identity. It’s a great time to feel like, “Yeah! I love being me! I love the way that I dress. I love feeling comfortable with who I am and celebrating myself and feeling really positive and abundant and just so beautiful and alive.” Leo is a very theatrical sign, so it’s great for dressing the way you like and having fun with it, feeling creative and beautiful. It’s about just allowing yourself to feel that kind of energy inside. With Uranus retrograde in Aries what's most important is how you feel about yourself inside, how you come alive and how you feel renewed, free and magnetic. It’s great for feeling true to yourself, loving yourself first and foremost. When you love yourself you open up so much opportunity for yourself to create. Feeling good in your own skin is essential.

The Sun enters Libra on Wednesday at 4:20 a.m. ET. This is the official beginning of Autumn marking the Fall Equinox. This is one of my favorite seasons. I love it so much because of the trees changing color, the air becomes more crisp and the smell of fallen apples and crunchy leaves with their sweet, earthy fragrances is just so lovely to experience. Insects start to go away as well, so it’s easier to enjoy being outside without being bitten! Steaming morning tea or coffee while sitting outside at sunrise to welcome the day is such a joy.

It’s getting obvious that the nights are getting longer and the days shorter now. Once the Sun enters Libra we cross over the mid-point where day and night become equal in length. The balancing scales is the symbol for Libra. Astrology is based on the symbolism of the natural world and so nature gives us the clues about the energy we are entering into. This is a time to seek peace and harmony in life so you can shine. The weather is also conducive for nice walks, which is always pleasant for romance. Libra is about relationships, and it is where we meet in harmony.

Thursday, Mercury retrograde connects with Pluto retrograde (just before Pluto stations direct on Friday - see below). You want to be careful with communications for sure especially with those in authority or in business. Misinterpretations are highly likely, so contracts or agreements that are very wordy should not be signed now. If there are agreements to be signed there could be a lot of confusion, with lots up in the air or rushing around. Be sure to think things through and weigh the pros and cons before making a big decision. Ask lots of questions and try to cover your bases so you aren't missing important information. If you don't feel prepared or if you are being pushed by someone in authority into a decision you're unsure of you should definitely have a rethink. Perspective is likely to change now.

Also be sure that anything you share with a coworker, boss or higher up is what they want to hear. Be extra careful with what and how you communicate around this time. If there is a miscommunication at the office, it could ultimately lead to realizing the need for a change. Be conscious of what you share, in person and online.

Although it's not the best time to make decisions, it can certainly feel like a time that you realize you need to transform your life. This is a great time to reflect on what you want to change, why you want to change and how to find balance in your life. Not everything will be clear, but exploring and weighing options can bring up some amazingly intriguing ideas to reflect on further.

It's also is a key time to intentionally change the way you think about yourself and your relationships. How you communicate in tone, language, and body language may need an adjustment. It can be an important time for you to speak more lovingly as a transformational practice. Let go of words that you say that don't serve you. Pluto will be stationing direct on Friday so you want to let go of what was and release any negativity you hold and replace it with love so you can rise higher in your life.

On Thursday, Mars enters Virgo at 10:17 p.m. ET. This is going to feel so much like, “I have to get this done. I have to do it right. This is important and it's going to be done properly.” This is about having enthusiasm and a strategy to get things done. Use your willpower and drive to accomplish great things and set things in order.

The Sun has been in Virgo for the past month shining light on what needs to get done in our day to day lives, and now Mars is going to give us that extra push to follow through and tackle those tasks we may have been putting off. It’s a great time to get yourself moving on some of your goals, and strengthening your plan forward. To get things done efficiently, organize your schedule. It’s a great time to feel like you’re intelligently using your drive to put in the work and time full force. It’s not about torturing yourself though. It’s about being genuinely driven, energized and empowered to get moving on your goals.

The downside to this is that you can be very critical of other people or yourself. Of course, who's more critical of anyone than themselves? You’re probably going to notice that people tend to be speaking up for themselves a bit more than usual when faced with opposition. When people feel this kind of energy they can get a little feisty. Some will find it extra easy to be critical of people, so it could get a little nasty if you’re around those who live mainly from their egos. Competition with other people can lead to a bit of an ego battle, and it could be wise to bite your tongue, especially if you have a knack for words that strike.

For those who are living more consciously in tune with aligning with your own goals and sense of accomplishment this is a great time to outdo yourself. The battle is ultimately only with your yourself, and it’s not really a battle, it’s more of a personal empowerment. The Sun in Libra will help with encouraging that kind of balanced perspective this week too.

Mars in Virgo is great for having a business meeting that requires you to be strategic and courageous. Since Mercury is retrograde, be sure you do lots of research and are sure that your presentation is clear and concise so you minimize misunderstandings or misinterpretations of your intentions. Also, with Mercury retrograde, be sure you double check who you are sending your emails to before clicking submit.

On Friday Pluto goes direct in Capricorn at 2:57 a.m. ET. This is another great omen for getting ready to climb up that mountain towards accomplishment. Pluto is finally switching gears after so many months of retrograde. This is time to prepare for success and it can definitely feel like a long time coming. This can be a pivotal moment for some, a rebirth of sorts especially the kind that feels like it has to do with your goals and your career or the things that you are really interested in working towards. Remember that Pluto is a super slow mover though so it’s not always that the shift happens suddenly. This can be a more gradual shift that builds. Think of how the turtle won the race.

Now it’s time to move forwards to take everything that you've learned while Pluto descended backwards into the underworld and now go forward with power, integrity and doing what's right to get your goals on the path to success. You may not be able to find all the answers on how to move forward yet as Mercury is retrograde, but it's certainly a time to be considering the possibilities. Those with lower ambition can feel the need for change starts becoming more evident. The motivation to create change that aligns you with your goals starts to grow. You can reach the summit.

Mars and Saturn are at odds on Friday. This can be a strong push to work on your goals and to assess them, and make sure they are realistic. This is also when you can realize that you need to do the practical work every day with a stronger routine. Realizing that it’s going to actually be a lot of work to get to that dream, and to get to that place where you truly feel accomplished. The important thing is knowing that Mars in Virgo is a time to do the work, but to be enthusiastic about it, strategic and energized. Whenever you face obstacles know that they are helping you get more focused and you can try another way. This is the time to get yourself a new routine and make sure that you set yourself some goals and checkpoints so you feel rewarded along the way. It’s time to get your head out of the clouds and be realistic about what needs to be done. It’s about the process. It’s the journey that matters. Saturn teaches us that time is of the essence. Use it wisely.

Finally, we have the Full Moon in Aries.

It’s officially a Full Moon in Aries on Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 10:50 p.m. ET. This is also a Lunar Eclipse! This is a time between eclipses where we can tap into our spiritual source with greater affinity. We had the partial Solar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Virgo last week. You can read more about that here.

It’s going to be a marvelously beautiful red moon with this lunar eclipse. A lot of people for eons have associated such red Moons with doom and gloom, apocalyptic stuff, but we're more evolved than that now, aren't we? However, if you’ve been on YouTube you know for sure that there is an endless stream of doomsday videos. These fear based videos have become so common these days with doomsday predictions, that there’s actually a name for it online now, “fear porn.” Well, in life, there is always hope, and pretty much most of what happens in life comes down to choices people make. What you choose to focus on and think about is really up to you. There’s a higher vibration available to tap into. When you are living at a higher state of consciousness you think about how to improve the world, yourself and raise others up. Bring love into the world.

With the Full Moon in Aries it's about fresh, alive, core energy. It’s about identity and taking a stand in the world saying, “I am who I am! This is me! I am here! I’m alive! I can be and do anything!” This is self-directed energy and an entrepreneurial spirit reaching new heights.

Since it’s the Full Moon and especially because it’s an eclipse, this is a great time to assess yourself and see how far you’ve come in accomplishing your goals. How much have you grown in your skills, talents and abilities leading up to this Full Moon? Have you been putting in the effort so you can honestly say, “Here I am. I deserve to be here. I am taking ownership of being here right now because of what I have done to get here. All the things that I've worked on have brought me here.”

So then, if you're not where you want to be then this will be the time to be honest with yourself and figure out what you didn’t do to align with this energy. Where did you fall off the path or sway from that path you wanted to be on? With the Full Moon, truth comes to light. So now you can assess yourself and make a decision to move towards asserting yourself in the world more fully so you have self-respect and greater energy to work with. It’s not about beating yourself up. It’s about assessing where you stand, taking stock of yourself and setting yourself up for being realistic and present in your actions and decisions moving forward.

Also, as it is an eclipse this can be you taking that assessment and letting go of what was that didn’t work so well or didn’t feel right and turning over a new leaf. When a door closes another always opens. Choose which door you are knocking on and opening.

*Thank you so much for reading this Weekly Horoscope. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun enters Libra on September 23 at 4:20 a.m. ET
The Moon travels from Sagittarius to Aries this week
Mercury is retrograde in Libra
Venus is in Leo
Mars enters Virgo on September 24 at 10:17 p.m. ET
Jupiter is in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is retrograde in Aries from July 26 to December 25
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces from June 12 to November 18
Pluto stations direct in Capricorn on September 25 at 2:57 a.m. ET

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign - Insights and Advice for September 21 to 27, 2015:

Aries: This can be your time for you to feel like you have greater self-possession and own who you are with greater assertion. You are coming into your own. Self-identity and self-assessment are on the radar. This is a week of growth for you. Whatever you’ve been holding off on and waiting for, or whatever obstacles have been in your way, especially self-imposed obstacles, this is the time to overcome them and shine brightly in your strength. A new way of thinking and behaving is on the horizon. Efficiency, directness and dedication serve you well. Use criticism constructively. The Full Moon is a time of empowerment where you are taking an honest assessment of your potential. It’s time to elevate yourself to the next level. This is a, "Who am I?" moment.

Taurus: Your home or immediate environment could be going through a renewal this week, but it could also be of a much more spiritual premise than the mundane. You could have some really profound epiphanies this week that shifts the way you feel about yourself and your spirit. It’s like new ideas just come out of nowhere that are so inspired it just feels good. Write them down. We have Pluto going direct in fellow earth sign Capricorn too, which is so great for you. The meaning of your life goals takes new shape and focus. The Full Moon in Aries can be a real turning point for you spiritually. Focus in on your spiritual routines and practices (whatever they are, unique to you) and you could feel elevated to another level of consciousness. Decorating a new sacred spot in your home is recommended. This can be a highly revelatory period for you, when you have eureka moments and realizations of higher wisdom, especially when you are in your comfort zone enjoying the pleasures of your home space.

Gemini: Fresh, new energy can arrive this week. The inspiration to clear up your paperwork, files, emails, and your living space is likely. I know some Geminis that are actually information hoarders with boxes full of paperwork, Digital Video Recorders (DVR) so full of recorded shows they don't have time to watch yet that they are on their third DVR... This could be a time to consider how you are collecting and storing information more efficiently so you don’t feel bogged down. With Mercury retrograde this is a great time to go back and revisit what you feel is out of order so you can create more balance in your life. The Full Moon is a great time for you to focus on your hopes, dreams and wishes. Are you living up to them? If not, make a plan. Organizing a vision board would be a fantastic practice for you this week.

Cancer: The New Moons and the Full Moons tend to impact you most. The Moon is our closest heavenly body, and so you have an intimate, sensitive relationship with the flow of energy in our lives. This can be a turning point for you in terms of goals and career objectives especially. What do you really want to do as a large goal to work towards that will help you to feel secure but also feel like you’re thriving with enthusiasm, inspiration and innovation? Spending some quality time at home in reflection on your life is good for you now. Connecting your mind and body is essential. Open your windows to let more air in while you pondering life. The pranic energy is good for your thinking processes now. This Full Moon could likely put a spotlight on whether or not your finances are in line with your aspirations in life. It can be an inspiring Full Moon that gets you fired up about life, deep down to your core.

Leo: The meaning of life is not static. It changes. Every moment that we encounter new information, new people, new experiences, changes the way we see the world. Your worldview is changing more dramatically this week than usual, but that’s a good thing. You could be surprised by new insights about your life purpose. Who you see yourself to be as an empowered person, as a loving person, as a driven, courageous person, helps to define this Full Moon and eclipse for you. You’re also moving into a highly communicative time later this week, where you could find greater importance in well thought out, balanced exchanges. You could certainly have some moments where there is a lack of clarity, especially since Mercury is retrograde, but with a diplomatic, peaceful approach with your words you can draw others in.

Virgo: This is a week to focus on your finances. Reassess where you stand and see if your budget balances and is in line with your vision of financial security. In order for you to get where you want to go, you’ll need to be clear on your money situation. It’s so important for honesty to be first and foremost on your mind now, and this could be a great time for you to let go of false ideas and replace them with thoughts closer to the truth. New energy visits you this week when Mars enters your sign. This is determination to be strong, resilient and affirmative in knowing where you stand as You. The only competition is ultimately with yourself. The Full Moon also speaks to your finances, especially concerning debts and borrowed money. You may end up having a completely different perspective on money with this Full Moon. A positive mindset, with strategy can actually make money matters feel like a game. Setting goals of paying down your debts can actually be satisfying.

Libra: This week the Sun enters your sign. Your birthday is on the horizon! What a gift it is to be able to travel through the zodiac every year as we circle the Sun. What a blessing. This is a time to be grateful for your life, for being here, for being alive and able to shine your inner light into the world. Changing the way you think about yourself is essential now, especially with Mercury retrograde. This is when you get to rethink who you are and redefine yourself to be more than you ever thought possible, but to do that you have to let go of negative thinking patterns. It is wise to be conscious of how you are speaking about yourself now. If you feel undervalued, this is a good time to change the way you talk about yourself. Positive affirmations can help a lot. The Full Moon is great for your relationships. Those people that you really adore, that you feel close to are the ones to focus on. You may have to let go of some relationships that have felt too heavy, so you can get back in balance. It is the more optimistic, loving and entertaining relationships that are emphasized this week. You can shine bright.

Scorpio: Are you so happy that Saturn has finally moved out of your sign? This is the first full week where Saturn is officially out of your sign. Congratulations for all the lessons you’ve been through that have taught you to know yourself and respect yourself so much more. There’s even more good news now that Pluto is stationing direct. This will be a great time for you to use your voice, your thoughts and mind to communicate from a much stronger place. You are stronger now and so your words will reflect that, and can lead to great opportunities. It’s like now you are ascending upwards towards accomplishing great things and it’s just beginning. Get smart with your finances and make well planned decisions. You could have an awakening with this Full Moon about how you have been living your day to day life, and realize that it’s time for you to create greater freedom for yourself. Your career is highlighted with lots of positive energy this week. Put love into your goals and the inspiration is going to flow. You could be surprised by the energy coming your way.

Sagittarius: Saturn is now in your sign for the next couple of years. This is time for self honesty. It can feel heavy for some but with the more heightened energy associated with your sign it may not be such an issue for you as it may be for others. However, this will be a great time of learning about yourself through experience. If your self confidence is an issue, it’s a great time to write down all your skills, talents and awesome things you love about yourself. It’s kind of like creating a resume, but more personal. Saturn is also the task master, so self-improvement is a great way to use this energy. Speaking of resumes, with Jupiter in your career sector over the next year, this can be a great time to have another look at that old resume. Mercury retrograde is a great time to make edits. The Full Moon is in harmony with you as well, and can bring epiphanies about your creative abilities and talents. It’s a great time to feel like you’re ready for finding freedom and inspiration through expressing your personality.

Capricorn: Pluto is going direct in your sign. How awesome is that! How you perceive yourself is about to go through a shift, and it can actually feel like a rebirth. There is potential here for you to become a new you. Prepare to elevate yourself to the next phase of your personal growth. Saturn has also moved to a new sign, and so this also signifies a shift in your focus. You will likely become much more interested in spirituality. Because Saturn is also highly traditional, you may want to actually visit shrines and temples or power places to get a feel of the energy associated with different spiritual cultures. It’s about finding the right energy that resonates with you may want to incorporate into your highest vision of reality. This signifies more practical spiritual practice as a means to higher consciousness, so yoga, prayer, and little symbolic rituals that feel right to you can help you access that heightened frame of mind. The Full Moon for you can feel a little erratic with so much fire energy, but can also be inspiring. You could also feel like moving to another location, or significantly changing the energy of your home space so it feels more comfortable.

Aquarius: This Full Moon could have you sharing a lot of who you are more openly, with more freedom and lots of love. Relationships are highlighted for you this week, where the communication becomes an important part of you finding your energy. If you can keep things light, fun and loving, you will likely find that the conversations you have bring you to a bigger appreciation of how blessed you are. Pluto going direct this week can also bring you towards a renewal or a rebirth of your spiritual purpose and intentions. Where you may have felt you were unsure of your connection to a higher source at times over the past few months, this is a time to refresh your spirit and rise to new heights. Travel could cause you to miss out on some communications, so if you’re on the road or in the air, be sure your emails and messages are going through and being received.

Pisces: If you want to feel your most secure, you’re going to need to have a good financial plan. This week’s Full Moon is a great time to focus on financial matters. This Full Moon and eclipse can be a wake up call where the truth comes to light. You may have a revelation of sorts that helps you to align with a more blessed financial picture. You want to enjoy life, and have fun as much as anyone and so this is the time to put that in your budget and make sure that it’s feasible. Venus is now direct and she’s imploring you to enjoy your daily routine and your work, to put love into your tasks. Making your to-do list a game of accomplishment helps make it more fun while also being highly productive. Pluto direct now has more of your practicalities lit up. It would be wise for you to align yourself with people who hold the same vision. Find the ones that you can work with and socialize with that make you feel renewed. This is a great time for you to rise to the occasion to fulfill hopes and wishes.

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