Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 28 to October 4, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Overview
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Mars, ruler of Aries, taking a break after
the Full Moon eclipse
The Full Moon in Aries Supermoon Eclipse was quite a sight to see. Incredibly beautiful and majestic, the cosmos once again has caught the attention of millions across the world, or perhaps even billions. Although many of us, and especially those of us interested in astrology and astronomy, often pay attention to the sky, it’s nice to see those that normally don’t pay much attention become interested in these noticeable cosmic events.

The eclipse signifies letting go of what was and stepping forward with a newer, more enlightened perspective on life. Read more about the Full Moon Eclipse from last week’s Horoscopes here.

When I was watching the eclipse, when there was a just sliver of the Moon’s light left before the total eclipse, the clouds came. It was ironic considering there was not a cloud in the sky all day or evening. The skies were perfectly clear, but then in that precise moment when the sight of the moon felt most important, the clouds came rolling in. How appropriate to stir up some of that impatient, irritated Aries energy! The disappointment of the clouds blocking my view, especially so close to the climax, had only made it that much more potent.

When the clouds finally did break, about 20 minutes later, appreciation for seeing the deep red eclipse of the Moon was that much more elevated. In that experience was the reminder that obstacles make the rewards that much sweeter. Having to surrender to what is, when you have no control, can amplify gratitude once things do go your way. Although I didn’t get to see the Moon for its entire eclipse phase, the energy was palpable, and heightened when the clouds dissipated. Experiencing the Sun and the Moon in perfect alignment with the cosmos, is a fantastic reminder of the magic of the cosmos' mechanics we are all a part of.

Now, we get to integrate the power of the Full Moon in Aries into our lives. When the Full Moon was at its eclipse, the dark red made the Moon look like Mars, the ruler of Aries. As we know Mars is the warrior and Aries is the initiator. It is the energy of the entrepreneurial spirit reawakening where we’re ready to go for what we want, to be focused and driven. And now that Mars is in Virgo, this is a great time to consider what steps you want to take to go after what you want and create a strategy. Where do you find your power? Are you self-empowered, and if not, what can you do to become more empowered? What can you do to access greater willpower and determination to get started on new projects and ambitions? What motivates you and inspires you to take action?

This eclipse could have marked a personal initiation for many, where choices and focus become clearer as we move forward. The Moon also connects with Uranus in Aries as this week begins, and reaches out to Mercury retrograde. This is a great time to write down your ideas, weigh your options, and be prepared to have personal eureka moments regarding what you’re going for in life. “This is where I stand. This is who I am. Now, what are my options from here?”

On Wednesday the Sun joins Mercury in Libra. Intuition gets turned up, and reflection on the truth can help us make sense of anything that initially seems confusing. If there has been miscommunication during this Mercury retrograde, especially in relationships, sharing honestly can help smooth things over. If your mind isn’t giving you the best answers, the heart will step in to guide you towards the right point of view.

This week's main mover in the sky is the Moon. As she travels from Aries through to Cancer she reaches out to many planets along the way signifying changing emotions. With the Full Moon in Aries setting the stage for this week, it is a time where we are to learn to own our personal power, knowing that we have the ability to create our lives from inspiration to materialization. Feelings will determine how we navigate the week and respond to life. Reactions have great power in changing the flow of our lives.

First I would suggest not getting into disagreements with bosses or higher ups early in the week if possible. With Mercury retrograde more information is likely needed, so it can be great to gather notes, facts and figures to present in the future. It's not the best time to share now, especially if you’re irritated by anything. Biting your tongue can make a big difference on how things play out. Sometimes it’s better to be silent and just wait.

As the week progresses the Moon will enter Taurus. Tuesday and Wednesday can be power days when you feel like actions are grounded and helping you to make progress. Initiative, drive and willpower can turn lofty ideas into real results. Wednesday would be a better day to share a grounded, calmer perspective with a higher-up or colleague.

Thursday is October 1st. Happy October! The Moon enters Gemini to start off the early days of the month. Thoughts and feelings unite. If you want a relationship to grow, wit, charm, intelligence and honest effort are your best bets. Whatever is getting between you and a significant other, can be the exact requirement for the bond to strengthen. Working through issues so you can get to the ideal place in your relationships will benefit most from more caring and careful reactions now. If anger or conflict arises, time apart can help. However, if you punish someone with silence as a passive aggressive tactic, egos will clash and misunderstanding will just escalate. Comfort can be hard to find when there is tension, so take a break and regroup later. Discomfort can be especially strong now if you are nit-picky and too critical. So, let your heart help guide you, as Mercury retrograde can lead to less than optimal interactions.

If you want fairness, equality and diplomacy, Friday and Saturday are a great time to focus on feeling at peace by communicating from the heart in gentle ways. Later on Saturday the Moon enters Cancer for the rest of the weekend. Traditionally associated with family and comfort, this weekend will be great for unwinding. Comfort food is easy, but not always the best choice. To feel well nurtured emotionally, smart, measured food choices are best. Mars in Virgo implores us to start an exercise routine to influence our decision making about foods. Working out at home can make you feel really good about yourself, but it’s also a great time to create a better routine at home in general. Making your home space feel like a little oasis, the type of retreat atmosphere you’d expect when traveling is good for the soul this week and taps into Jupiter’s energy well now.

Overall, this is a goal oriented week where Mars, the ruler of Aries, prompts us towards finding solutions and taking real action. Since Mercury is retrograde, it’s just not the best time to make decisions to commit to, as more information may be needed. Research, then, is a great way to explore options. Greater clarity will coming in a few weeks when Mercury is finished the retrograde cycle. When it comes to contracts and agreements, there can be lots of confusion and miscalculations on projects, but Mars still wants us to at least take some action, and start directing our energy towards goals. We may need to make adjustments and corrections to our approach along the way, but momentum will build once you push off from the starting line.

*Thank you so much for reading this Weekly Horoscope. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing the love. Namaste.

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Libra
The Moon travels from Aries to Cancer this week
Mercury is retrograde in Libra
Venus is in Leo
Mars is in Virgo
Jupiter is in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is retrograde in Aries from July 26 to December 25
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces from June 12 to November 18
Pluto is direct in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign - Insights and Advice for September 28 to October 4, 2015:

Aries: The Full Moon and Eclipse in your sign will color your week. When one door closes another opens. Living up to your potential is a choice. Whatever you felt in your life needed closure, or needed to be put to rest, know that it held it’s purpose in getting you here today, and now you’re stronger and ready for new horizons. You don’t have to decide all at once, and it’s actually better if you don’t. Tweak your plans as you go. Each step will reveal itself when you trust your motivations. It is inspiration, creative energy and willpower that takes you forward. Your downtime is also essential, as it will help you find yourself. Sudden inspirations can arise when you are well rested and alert, and they can greatly shift your trajectory.

Taurus: Having a strong foundation is essential for you, and now it is your home that needs your attention. When you love your home space you will feel you're most comfortable now. That is where your power is. It’s also a great place to entertain, not only others, but yourself. Turn up the music, belt out a tune, dance, decorate, paint, and let your creativity flourish. As a creative sign, ruled by the Goddess of Love and Beauty, it is the little luxuries you can afford that make home feel like a place where you can express yourself and be authentically you. A new spiritual perspective will likely become more ingrained in your psyche over the next couple of weeks. The eclipse let you release the past and step into the future with a higher vibration. Enjoy making it a part of who you are becoming.

Gemini: If you’re single, dating can be a mixed bag for your right now. Going out on many dates could leave you unsure of what you really want, but will have the benefit of giving you lots to think about. More importantly this week is exploring your creativity. It is when you bridge your heart and mind that you feel most alive now. Concepts of truth, justice and law can be especially enticing subjects to explore. Judge Judy is a great example of someone who cuts right through to the heart of the matter with strict logic. She won’t let anyone twist her words. But you do best adding more heart to your responses this week. Artistic appreciation of symmetry can be especially attractive now. Puns, paradoxes and conundrums can be intriguing and entertaining. Games that get you to think and stretch your creative mind, and laugh at the confusion, can be quite enjoyable. The trick is, let loose this week, and let your mind be lit up by all sorts of possibilities and points of view. Life doesn't always need to make sense.

Cancer: The eclipse has turned over a new leaf in your career sector. Letting go of what was, so you can move forward with new energy that feels right deep down, is essential. Now is a time to regroup so you can feel like you’re honoring how you really feel. Your ambitions need to be your own, not someone else's, or else you’re never feel like you’re really following your heart or your dreams. If you disagree with those in your immediate sphere such as those you consider close like family, still try to find the truth between the lines. Being polite may not always be easy, but it’s better to bite your tongue sometimes. Listening more than speaking in family situations is suggested this week for you. Keeping your thoughts to yourself for a while so you can reflect can make a big difference in your reactions which can significantly change the outcomes.

Leo: Joy, love, happiness. These are just a few of the things that Venus brings out in your personality now. When you feel good about yourself, you can be your very best. Your potential comes through with glowing reviews when you’re loving who you’re being. The eclipse was intended to bring you higher wisdom, the kind that makes you feel like you’re living on purpose. By letting go of what you no longer need, you create a clearer path and a stronger drive to achieve and succeed at new frontiers. Listening to your intuition and your heart is best this week and will help you make better decisions, especially when logic is out the window. It’s a great time to be more flexible. When the Sun meets Mercury this week, it’s asking you to trust your core instincts first and foremost. You don’t have to make firm decisions now. Instead, pausing to reflect on your choices suits you best.

Virgo: Having Mars in your sign now is excellent. Well, the eclipse we had was ruled by Mars so that brings a lot of strength your way. Having new, energizing energy should start to bring you confidence and determination to have courage and conviction. It is your personality that is changing. Who you identify yourself to be is growing and becoming stronger. Others will notice you developing more core strength. Character building will come more naturally. Your financial picture comes into focus this week too. Especially notable will be what you’re doing wrong with your money will come to light, so that you can reconsider what options would suit you better. Being too stingy and cheap isn’t the answer, but being more conscious of how you’re spending your money indicates what you want to put your energy towards in the world. What you spend your money on and where you spend it is a direct indication of what you care about. When it comes to money, it’s not just what you are getting for it that matters. Spending money is like voting for what you want to contribute to more of in the world.

Libra: The eclipse for you brought to light what you needed to shed in your relationships so you can move forward with new intentions. Now, the Sun in your sign connects with Mercury. This is about you, first and foremost. You’ll likely have a few light bulb moments this week. Listening to how your heart and mind are in alignment or not is a great self-assessment practice to utilize now. Self-doubt is likely, but it’s only because you need to have that doubt and lack of clarity to push you to ask more pertinent questions to yourself about what is really the true, authentic you. Are you really living up to your potential and on track to fulfilling your destiny? Only you can truly answer that for yourself. Friends and colleagues can give you advice and insight that can help you see somewhat more clearly, but it’s in your own moments of self inquiry that you can have those real eureka moments.

Scorpio: The eclipse put into focus your habits, your routines and how you find power in your day to day activities. Whatever has held you back, or felt like procrastination was sucking the energy out of you, now is time to shift gears. New plans and motivations need to become a part of your reality. How you get from inspiration to manifestation takes dedication. Mars, your ancient ruling planet, now indicates that you need to make plans with a social angle. Friends, colleagues and confidants that are organized, motivated and driven are your best allies now. Social support means a lot now. You could try to do everything on your own, but it’s when you have someone by your side that you get an extra boost of motivation. Owning your power and working with others to enhance it can improve your lifestyle immensely.

Sagittarius: Did you enjoy the eclipse? The Full Moon in fellow fire sign Aries is great for boosting your inspiration and vitality. There is a highly creative quality to life you can integrate into your reality now. Career matters are in great focus for you. Getting going on your resume updates and edits can be a good practice to boost your confidence. It is when you see on paper your accomplishments that you realize what you’re working towards professionally. There is motivation and ambition with Sagittarians now. Tap into that energy of growth, ability, skill and aim for success. The possibilities for you strengthen when you are engaged and actively pursuing your power. Getting organized is one of the most productive, effective practices for you now. Organize and clean up your office, your emails, your paperwork, your resume, and anything that is business related now. Shoot for the stars.

Capricorn: Pluto now direct in your sign is a great boost to your personal power. All that was hidden and swept under the rug is now ready to be cleaned up. Using your best assets to proclaim your power is recommended. This is also an excellent time for you to travel and see more of the world. Mars and Jupiter want you to get excited about your life and find new ways of exploring. You can do it on a budget if you’re smart. To get to where you want to go is just a matter of creating a plan. With Mercury retrograde you’ll have to be extra careful with the details though and be sure your tech devices are charged. Losing keys and wallets is easier to do now. If you’re taking a vacation or a break, your best ideas relating to career matters can arise in your downtime. Thinking clearly isn’t many people’s forte now, but it is in the more reflective moments of pondering that light bulbs can start flashing for you this week.

Aquarius: Early in the week you could have a surprise encounter in person, by email, text or in some other manner of communication that impacts your emotions. You can actually be strengthened by the interaction. The eclipse has asked that you release old patterns of thoughts and feelings so you can step into a new way of experiencing and sharing your power. What comes by surprise this week reiterates that you can react in new ways that serve you better. If you need funding, this could be a good time explore what resources can get you closer to manifesting your big ideas. Contemplating an action plan is a great start. Though Mercury is retrograde so it’s not the best time to make agreements or sign contracts, it’s still a good time for you to start brainstorming practical ways to strengthen your financial resources. Paying your debts can also be highly empowering now, allowing you to tap into a greater sense of personal freedom. Listen to what your heart wants this week. It can teach you many things.

Pisces: Did you enjoy the eclipse? Being a water sign, a fiery blood moon eclipse may feel a bit off, but no matter what your sun sign is, we all have each of the signs and planets in our charts. So, nothing is too foreign. For you the eclipse spoke to what you do to survive, the work you do and the money you bring in to feel stable and secure. Letting go of what you’ve done that doesn’t work may not be easy, but it just may be necessary for you to move forward towards a greater sense of security. Motivation is key. What motivates you most to get up and do your job? Give yourself an incentive. When you’re interested in the type of work you do, it feels less like work and more like you’re fulfilling a desire. Ponder that concept this week. What would you really desire to do that would feel like a joy every day? It’s a great time to brainstorm what would truly be satisfying and why. Romantic inclinations and passions can strengthen this week with Mars charging forward in your relationships sector.

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