Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for October 19 to 25, 2015

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Gorgeous Ancient Roman ruins. Structures of society. 
The Sun is enjoying the last few days in Libra, and will enter Scorpio at the end of the week on Friday. Mercury, Venus and Pluto exchange glances for a powerful week.

You can read your New Moon in Libra Horoscope from last week here.

Where we find our center best this week is when we communicate tactfully and with respect, especially when dealing with those in positions of authority. If honesty and peace are your top priorities, you'll find your empowerment.

Much of what's happening earlier in the week is emotional changes where we seek our own inner power, leading us towards finding greater energy and renewal we can apply next week.

When Mercury and Pluto are in a challenging position on Thursday this week, we could find our way with words are tested. But for those of us thinking ahead, as astrology helps us do, we can give ourselves extra pause before putting our feet in our mouths.

This is especially important when dealing with anyone higher up, such as a boss or authority figure. It’s best to bite your tongue if necessary to stay in good standing with those that may write your paycheck or make decisions that affect your life. Choosing your words carefully to make the most powerful impact can take extra effort and forethought. Sometimes it means waiting to respond, and thinking through the pros and cons more diligently.

With Mercury in Libra, a peaceful approach brings best outcomes. Do your best to speak harmoniously, and don’t fan the flames. Online, we all know that there are those who enjoy a bit of banter that can get heated, and somehow find pleasure in creating verbal chaos, but you don’t need to feed the trolls. Silence can sometimes be your best choice so you can focus on bigger and better things with your time.

There’s also a bit of secrecy with this configuration that can play out. For most, secrets are what we hide about ourselves for fear of how others may judge us. As Mercury and Pluto reminds us now, so much of what we may feel the need to hide about ourselves is really just based on subjective opinions and judgment by others. Judgment is often based on other people’s fears, prejudices and narrow points of view that they have been conditioned to believe by those before them. Fears are often handed down from the past, from generation to generation.

I will give you an example from my family. In the days when my mother was conceived and born, it was a very different time, back in the 1950s. My grandmother got pregnant with my mother before marriage. Having sex before marriage was a huge issue back then. It was considered very taboo, and pregnancy before marriage was considered not only highly shameful but downright sinful. The father of my mother had left my grandmother’s side immediately when he found out she was pregnant, terrified of the responsibility of being a father at a young age. At that time, a newly pregnant mother would have gotten married to the father right away to try to hide the fact that conception happened in wedlock. So, my grandmother was left alone to be a single mother. Once my grandmother’s stomach started to show, it brought a lot of shame with it unfortunately. When people would visit the house, my grandmother would have to hide in a closet under the stairs so nobody would see her growing belly. My mother’s birth created lots of complications in the family dynamic and so she was brought into the world with much shame and regret attached to her. The hiding continued afterwards as well. In their eyes, my mother felt more like a burden than honored. All that shame could have been avoided and replaced with love, but tradition had taught people to be chained to the negative way of seeing things, to hide and be ashamed. Eventually though, they did come to terms with reality, and affection and love became a part of my mother’s life. Her grandmother (my great grandmother) once finally accepting what was, became the light in my mother's life. The father, long gone, had left a hole though. My mother tells me that there always feels like there’s a part of her missing, and that she grew up not fully knowing who she was because she did not know her father. She admits that a sense of emptiness, not belonging and not fully knowing who she is has remained with her throughout her life.

I mention this because Mercury in square to Pluto brings up such an illustration of how we can make better choices to surrender to being more loving in life. Mercury is in Libra now, and Libra is ruled by Venus. At the underbelly of this conversation is that when faced with the conditioning and lack of equality and fairness in old traditions, we can choose love to replace our fears.

This also speaks to the need for real trust if you are to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. When there is trust, you don’t need to feel like you’re hiding to protect yourself. Discussing personal issues, or deep rooted problems are likely to be well suited for a therapist. A professional therapist has a responsibility to confidentiality and as such brings a level of trust with it that is important when sharing your most intimate parts of yourself usually hidden from the rest of the world. A therapist can give you the tools and knowledge to change your way of thinking for the better. Astrologers and Tarot readers also fit this symbol as those who can provide insight and self-knowledge to help you to rise from your ashes to a higher level of awareness. It can be a deeply transformative time for many to work through fears, shame and self-doubts now, and to find a more loving, peaceful way of perceiving yourself.

Pluto relates to our most primal self. Ruling sex, death and rebirth, it is all about the regeneration of life and rising from what was to be renewed. It can be a time to purge yourself of deep seated fears so you can live life more fully.

With Mercury in square to Pluto now, investigation into exchanges in the stock market as well as cryptocurrency can get more notable attention.

If you are seeking a job, make sure you really weigh your options. In interviews, listening is a better idea now than talking too much. Pay attention to the way the higher ups speak and interact, and assess if they have the type of personality you want to deal with regularly. Also pay attention to scheduling issues. It's important to make time for your personal life too. Make your pros and cons list to help you make a decision. Just be honest and yourself in your interview. Be you.

We're also quite likely to see people disagree with authority and challenge the structure of society. Many will be asking more questions seeking the truth with a strong need to know what really going on behind the scenes. Dishonesty will be less tolerable now than usual. Political voices can create great change now. Words and choices can have especially powerful effects now. Those who want peace as a priority will raise their voices against political and patriarchal ideals that aren't aligned with real justice. Challenging the status quo is highly likely.

There is a need for diplomacy now. Creating change peacefully is truly powerful.

Mercury and Pluto declare now that when the truth is sought, it is often not an easy task, as it is hidden beneath so many layers, and needs to be uncovered so it can shine. If you want to know the truth you have to search for it, and sometimes you have to search hard below the surface.

If you were having trust issues with someone about six months ago, this could be when the veil is lifted.

Another important point with Mercury and Pluto now, is that you can't control communications that happen on social media, but you can choose wisely to be your authentic self, from the heart, and shine. Let any communication challenges you have this week with authority figures end up becoming your best allies. In the long run, what you learn about power now will help you to bring your most authentic self forward later in life.

Tech businesses will likely make strong pushes to change the game this week and into next. Usurping power from one corporation to another through strategic advancement, and domination long in the making, is quite possible. Legal matters, including patents, trademarks and copyrights can weigh heavily on the minds of those in power. Control issues can show up as more evident in relationships as well now. Power games are recognized for what they are.

When Venus and Pluto are in harmony on Friday, it’s a great opportunity to put a plan into place that replaces your fears with love. How can you do that? You can start by being more mindful of how you channel love into what you do on a daily basis. Whatever it is that you wish to achieve, you can pour love into your decisions and actions to get there.

Pluto also rules wealth, and Venus loves money. In society we’ve been taught that money is the root of all evil, but money is actually neutral. It’s really just numbers. It’s the beliefs, feelings, ideas and actions we associate with those numbers and agree upon that make the difference. It is all the decisions, rules and ways people use money negatively that make it seem negative, but it’s also true that we can give and receive money in loving ways. It’s not money that does anything at all really, it’s people’s choices that guide and direct it according to their will that makes the difference one way or another.

It’s about how you relate to money and how you work with the concept that matters. You can obsess over it, cheat, lie and steal to get it. You can hate it, loathe and despise it because you don’t have enough of it to be comfortable. You can respect it, and love what you can do with it if you have more of it. You can enjoy luxuries with it or be very giving and generous with it. There’s lots of possibilities one way or another, but it’s about how you relate to it that matters. It’s not the money itself, it’s who you are in the process of relating to it that counts.

With Venus in Virgo and and Pluto in Capricorn having this harmonious connection now, it’s a great time to assess yourself in the way you feel about money and how it plays a role or not in your ambitions in life. It's an optimal time to look at your possessions and how you respect, care for and acquire material goods.

It can also be a good time to ask for a raise, by showing that your work ethic and progress is harmoniously benefitting the company and higher ups. It can also be a great time to put a lump sum on a debt so you can clear that out of your life.

The Sun enters Scorpio on Friday at 1:46 p.m. ET. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and so he’s really getting all the attention this week. Many of us will feel much more emotionally involved in our lives. Careers, ambitions and goals will get more emphasis now.

Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio as well, so with Pluto and Mars being the highlights of this sign, we can expect it to be a very potent, active time of investigating your life, uncovering what’s been hidden below the surface, and creating substantial change to your lifestyle. It’s a great time to channel your power, to activate your life, and practice the law of attraction as part of manifesting your reality.

On Sunday, Venus meets Jupiter in Virgo. This can be a great time for considering business deals, especially those that are wide-eyed with a big vision for what’s possible. There can be a tendency to enjoy food and wine a bit too much, leading to an expanding waistline. If you can avoid overindulging, it’s a great time to work on creating beautiful art, enjoying the magic of nature, and feeling beautiful in your own skin. Dressing smart and put-together enhances your beauty now.

If you feel inhibited or are a worrier, especially about what you look like, this could be emphasized now, and in turn motivate you to start loving yourself more. Whatever type of work you do, the need to find more meaning and pleasure in your day to day routine is magnified now.

Finally on Sunday, Mercury stands across the sky from Uranus. It is especially important to be tactful in what you say now. The urge to say something could come up quickly giving you little time to think first. If you have a tendency to babble, you may end up saying something without realizing it before it’s too late. Try to slow down if possible to be more thoughtful with your words. On the other hand, you could have epiphanies and realizations that come out of nowhere and suddenly hit you with a eureka moment of inspiration and heightened clarity. Experiencing synchronicity is heightened for many of us on Sunday.

Overall this week Pluto is the powerhouse to watch. Self-analysis is recommended this week. Purging yourself of thoughts that have long been embedded in your psyche can be a major step in progress on your path to success and achievement. Change the way you think and you can not only change your own life, but also have an impact on the ways of the world.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun enters Scorpio on Friday October 23, 2015 at 1:46 p.m. ET
The Moon travels from Sagittarius to Aries this week
Mercury is in Libra
Venus is in Virgo
Mars is in Virgo
Jupiter is in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is retrograde in Aries from July 26 to December 25
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces from June 12 to November 18
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign - Insights and Advice for October 19 to 25, 2015:

Aries: There’s always something to do. Your work ethic this week is valued. When you speak with those in authority choose your words wisely. It is in how you relate to others, especially through your words, that makes the difference now. Fairness is essential. Be alert, practical and have an inquiring mind. Focus on what you know you can accomplish. You can have a mindful awakening at the end of the week that wakes you up to the truth.

Taurus: Set your mind to giving your life more balance every day. If you overwork, you’re going to feel it. If you don’t take time to breathe, you’re going to notice. Breaks throughout your day to get your thoughts in order helps immensely. Not having all the answers is okay. When you don’t know, ask. Your attention to creative detail can uncover a rich supply of wisdom. Your creativity is well blessed this week. Feelings of abundance are the ones to embellish more. You are your own lottery ticket. Whatever you need to let go of personally so you can feel more abundant, be grateful for what was, and now move on to new opportunities.

Gemini: Getting real about your finances and your debts can help you choose your fun more wisely. There’s a strong indication that friends and entertainment will wake you up to new ideas. You could have a breakthrough moment where you realize just how worthy you are to receive. The more truth you put to work in your daily life, the more your problems will stabilize. You can attain your goals when you make honesty a priority. When you’re more conscious of how all things are connected, you’ll be able to use your mind better to attract what you need.

Cancer: Communicating in relationships from the heart gives you a sense of power. Not power over others, but power to be authentically you. There is harmony in love this week for you, but be careful of your words. Speak honestly, and with forethought of how your words affect others, and you’ll do well. If you have a sour outlook on life, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. Tolerance helps your days go by much more smoothly.

Leo: Good communication skills are essential for your work to go better this week, but it could be challenging. Finding the right words before you speak or write is needed. Be sure to consider how your words will be perceived by others, especially those with an authoritative role. You could end up securing a good project this week that can bring in money. Focus on feeling abundant to attract the same. Being greedy, self-indulgent and excessive will leave you feeling out of touch. Be sure to take breaks at work so you don’t burn yourself out. Find that harmonious flow.

Virgo: This is a great week for you to realize how amazing self-love really is. You will find love for yourself grows immensely when you are enjoying creative projects and experiencing the abundance the natural world offers you. Whatever challenges you face financially will help you find a workaround. Money matters benefit from you owning your creative power. If you’re disorganized, get organized so you don’t miss opportunities that are right in front of you.

Libra: You could discover something at home that impacts the way you think. The important thing is to know that you have the power to choose what you focus your thoughts on. A strong epiphany arrives later in the week, likely brought about by surprise by someone else. If you feel a fear of change, know that there are great blessings to be had this week when you’re open to the bigger possibilities for your life. Your spirit can be transformed by a higher form of love this week. How you communicate and how you're perceived will be on the minds of many Libras this week.

Scorpio: The Sun enters your sign this week beginning your birthday month! You may think your prayers or wishes aren’t being heard now, but all rewards come in time. A pessimistic outlook won’t get you far, but will eventually make you realize that changing your thinking patterns to be more fair with yourself is necessary. Someone easy to talk to could end up being a love interest. Keeping the lines of communication open, including an open heart, can make this a transformative week.

Sagittarius: Career and money is in focus for you this week. It is your choices that draw more to you. Changing the way you approach the work you do, and how you earn money starts with how you think. Make the switch to better thoughts, and set honest intentions, and you’ll realize your power to create wealth for yourself is in your hands. With an imaginative and bold outlook, you will become very aware of where you’re going in life. You could find yourself feeling quite blessed after all.

Capricorn: Pluto in your sign is activated this week. Push through to set real goals this week. Your highest ambitions need your attention. Trust that any obstacles before you are helping you make better choices in the long run. This is a great week to broaden your outlook on life, giving you new meaning and a feeling of greater purpose. All of it is meant to light you up to your self-worth like you’ve never known before. A desire to be successful and advance upward brings you joy. Put the attention on you and what you want.

Aquarius: Your subconscious mind is trying to teach you something about thinking from a more heart centered place. Little freudian slips can reveal your unconscious as much as your dreams now. Pay attention to the messages, especially those that come out of nowhere but somehow feel quite meaningful. The law of attraction is good to practice this week as you’ve got luck and blessings on your side. If you feel misunderstood, it’s time to work on being more clear.

Pisces: Serving others is highly blessed for you now. This week can reveal that an open heart brings greater feelings associated with prosperity. Whether it is your partnerships in business, romance or otherwise, it is your ability to give that makes your life feel blessed. It’s not a great time to lend money to friends though as it can simply create unseen power dynamics in the relationship. If you’re going to give, just give, without turning it into an owed debt. Telling secrets among friends could get a little weird this week, so it may be best to have a tight lip.

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