Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for January 11 to 17, 2016

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David Bowie. We miss you.
Thank you for reminding us of how meaningful,
creative and magical life is.
This week there are just a few major aspects happening with the planets. This can be relieving for many after so much going on last week. So many felt the tension last week, that's for sure!

Venus and Uranus are in harmony on the 12th. Then the focus is put on the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Jupiter retrograde on Wednesday and Thursday.

Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are in harmony on Tuesday. This is great for having an all new philosophy on life, on the material world and your purpose in it, as well as a new sense of personal identity. Honoring your physical body, and all the gifts of experience it grants you in life, can bring you an all new perspective on the wisdom of who and what you are. Uranus is the bridge between the individual and the collective. We are encouraged to have a new philosophy on the world based in love, that reaches far and wide. We could also have a moment of awakening on what money really represents to us. Venus is close to Saturn this week in Sagittarius as well bringing a more serious tone, encouraging us to realize a sense of responsibility and duty to who we are and what we’re creating and manifesting in the world.

With Venus and Uranus in harmony, it can feel like you are seeing the beauty in the world again for the first time, in a new way. It can be like you wake up to what the real value of life is.

The middle of the week, is when the sky is most active. On Wednesday, the Sun in Capricorn reaches out in harmony to Jupiter retrograde in fellow earth sign Virgo. Then on Thursday, Mercury retrograde meets the Sun in Capricorn and also reaches out to Jupiter retrograde in Virgo in harmony.

This speaks volumes about how we are rethinking what we’re doing with our lives, what aims we’re reaching for and how we go about using our time and efforts wisely. The real meaning and impact behind what we’re thinking about and doing day to day is up for reconsideration.

Jupiter and the North Node are getting very close in Virgo and this asks, "What can I do to make a difference? Am I living true to my purpose? How can I embody wisdom and use that to live in line with my destiny?"

You know you can pick and choose what you focus on in life. Astrology is complex and covers all areas of life from the most positive to the negative. We live in a world that is a combination of the most sublime to the most horrible, the most transcendent to the most devastating. We all know this is true. The world is where it all happens, positive and negative, yin and yang.

Our time here in this world as the person we are today is so very limited. We are only here for a short while really, a few years, just a blip in the cosmic scheme of things, and so this is the time that matters. What you do in this lifetime counts. Your time in the world as you, is the time that you have been given where you get to make a difference for yourself and for the lives of others.

Some people choose to be Polyanna and see only the most positive things in the world and ignore the negative. Others focus only on the negative and see very little good in the world - generally the news is a great example of this. Neither of these are the fullness of reality. There is always balance. There is always a spectrum. Seeing the world only one way or another is merely a perspective, it is not wholeness.

Although people have various reasons for what is a decidedly selective bias, it’s important to take a step back and look at the larger picture of life, who you are and your place and purpose in the world now. So many think, “How can I have more love, abundance, peace and prosperity?” But what about asking, “How can I bring more love, abundance, peace and prosperity to the world?”

Ignoring the wholeness of reality in favor of always wearing rose colored glasses doesn’t serve us except to preserve our own bubble of comfort around our egos, and that ultimately just allows ignorance to perpetuate. To be Pollyanna, pretending everything is wonderful day in and day out, is choosing to live in a comfortable illusion, not reality.

Recognizing what we want to move away from can be such a powerful catalyst to defining what we want to move towards. So much of healing is needed in the world. In order to change our ways, our lives and the world around us, we must acknowledge the whole reality for what it is, and that includes the negativity, the pain, the suffering and the atrocities. It may not be what we want to hear, but it can never change unless we pay attention to what really is. Challenging the status quo is a necessity if anything is going to improve.

There is lots of positive energy this week, but there is also the importance of responsibility and doing something that makes a difference. There’s a difference in asking, “How is the world bringing positive energy to me?” compared to,  “How am I bringing positive energy to the world?”

Mercury retrograde wants us to think more, contemplate more deeply and do a reversal on our thoughts and ideas to see what different types of information comes up that we can get a closer glimpse into.

Intentionally ignoring aspects of reality, which many do, does not give us an honest, true foundation to work from. Whether you're mainly in la la land of positive affirmations and rainbows, or in the dark recesses of conspiracy theories, one way or another a veil needs to be lifted to see the whole picture.

When we go beyond our comfortable bubbles and face reality with a determination for the better, that is when we can start to move away from complacency and start bringing positive change to where it is needed.

Without acknowledging what is negative, what’s really happening in the world, we can not very well create the change necessary to make a real difference. If there is suffering, destruction or corruption in the world and you’re silently doing nothing about it because it’s more comfortable to look the other way, the suffering, destruction and corruption will only continue. Seeing the world for what it really is, with all it's good and bad, helps us make progress towards changing our reality for the better.

Once we acknowledge the not so nice side of life, love shows us where we need to go and how to make the necessary changes.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn lit up by the Sun and reaching out to Jupiter retrograde has us asking some serious questions about what we do, what we’re aiming for and how we are living to our potential. What are you really doing with your life and what does your life really mean if you're in the rat race of society, accumulating stuff, and superficial desires are at the top of your list of priorities? If you’re slaving away day after day to accumulate money so you can buy more and more stuff in the hopes that it will eventually bring happiness, are you really using your life to it’s full potential? Is that what you're here for?

We know for a fact that the flip side of that coin of the pleasures found in excess consumerism has devastating impacts on the world and life in the world. This we know for sure. The Story of Stuff demonstrates this clearly. Pollution, slave labor, deforestation and animal abuse are clear examples of how the wonderful world of consumerism has a dark side so many simply ignore. So, do we continue to ignore it day after day, year after year to stay in our comfort bubbles and knowingly contribute to the world’s problems in a detached way by turning a blind eye? Or, do we acknowledge something, anything, and choose to live differently so we can bring more love and harmony into the world for others and ourselves?

With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, taking a closer look at the economy is a good idea. What's really going on in the stock market?

The power of positive thinking is great, it can lift us up and help motivate and inspire us to do better. But if it only remains in the mind and is not used to create change, it is not free. Uranus encourages us to bring freedom from our hearts now, and to use it, not hoard it for ourselves. When we are mainly focusing on the positive, we also need to be conscious of what is overlooked or forgotten in the process? What parts of reality that really need our attention are set aside and ignored if we’re always living in positive thinking mode, believing everything is just hunky dory simply because it feels good to do so?

Realistically, nobody can think positive all the time. That’s not how being human works. We are a complex combination of positive and negative energy in every way. That’s reality. But what we can do with positive thinking, to use it to its fullest, is to consciously attempt to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. We have the potential to make a difference in this world. Each of us, with our time here on earth can make a difference for the better. Your efforts guided by your heart are worthwhile and meaningful. This all becomes more evident this week.

We all know that as a collective we impact the earth, from plastics that devastate the oceans, and chemicals that destroy habitats in streams and lakes, our actions and continued ignorance have real consequences. Intentionally making best choices with awareness of the consequences is a necessity if we are going to bring greater harmony to life. Our choices have shown us that we need to honor ourselves, honor life and honor the world immeasurably more. With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn this also speaks strongly to how businesses and corporations also need to take more responsibility for the outcomes and effects their actions. But it will not happen without the will to make the changes necessary.

Venus represents money. If we use money from a heart centered place, we cast a vote for what we want more of in the world. When we don't give money to corporations that damage the earth, harm animals, or use slave labor, we create change. We are creating karma with every choice we make and every action we follow through with.

It is our responsibility to acknowledge what needs to change if we are to get anywhere truly good and whole. By recognizing what needs change, and that means facing the hard side of reality, we can bring more awareness, more love, and more light so we can manifest a more positive experience of life for ourselves, for others, for life and the world. To manifest change in the world that is meaningful and that matters, we need to take on the responsibility of making a difference and making informed choices.

Of course, having money, traveling, going on vacations, buying yourself things that make you feel good, and enjoying the finer pleasures of life is perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing life’s pleasures. But if that is mainly what you’re doing with your life, caught in base desires and your egos needs, if that’s what you’re working for, are you really living up to your potential? Are you really using your life to its fullest? Are you having an impact that is making a difference to the world?

This week is about asking yourself more questions about how you are using your life, how you are impacting the world, and how you are an important part of the process of what happens in the world.

This week the Moon travels from Aquarius to Taurus. This is when we start to feel a stronger connection to how we are impacting the future of the world and what we’re actually doing with our lives to make a difference. There is a lot of work to do in this world. Life needs you to see what’s really going on, so you can have an impact.

You only have so much time and you are here for a reason. Use your life to bring more love and happiness where it is needed most. We are all here to make a difference. We can work together to bring more love and light into the world, but we need to face reality if it’s going to happen. The Moon is growing away from the New Moon in Capricorn we had last week. It’s time for us to grow towards new goals, ambitions and higher aims that really matter.

This week I’m going to leave it at this for today because I think the main message of this week really is enough, it is important enough. The horoscopes for each sign will be posted on Wednesday. The main overarching theme for this week that touches all our lives is what is most important for me to share with you now.

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I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Capricorn
The Moon travels from Aquarius to Taurus this week
Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn
Venus is in Sagittarius
Mars is in Scorpio
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes for each Sign January 11 to 17, 2016

*Special Notice: I've been debating if I should continue with the Weekly Horoscopes for each sign. I know Mercury is retrograde and so thinking about options, mulling over idea's is a good thing. Let me know what you think. How would you feel if only the Weekly Horoscope Overview was available and not the individual horoscopes for each sign? Let me know what you think by sending me a message here.

Aries: There's a lot of love coming your way this week. Venus in fellow fire sign connects harmoniously with Uranus in your sign. You could find you wake up to realize how love brings great meaning to your life. Love is what you need to feel truly free. When you give and receive love more freely you'll feel more comfortable in your own skin. Love validates you. Travel brochures may make their way into your life now. Exotic locations may be beckoning you. Work and career can keep you extra busy this week. It's the big goals that matter and need more of your attention.

Taurus: This is a great time to listen to music that takes you to another world, to philosophize and explore new mystical ideas. If you add a spiritual perspective to whatever you're aiming for you are likely to have revelations that inspire you to experience life more fully. A greater sense of your place in the world wakes you up and enlivens you. Dreams can draw you to mythic, subconscious realms and give you an all new perspective on your place in the world. Your creativity goes to the next level when you put in the time. Arts are most inspiring to explore this week.

Gemini: The opinions of others can change the way you think about your goals. Moments of personal reflection can change you deeply this week. It's a great time to ask yourself more questions about what you're going for and how your motivations vary from the motivations of others. This can be a great week to go on a blind date. If you pop the question the answer may not stick. Checking travel brochures and what you can afford can inspire you to consider new possibilities of where you'd most like to consider home.

Cancer: Conversations with a significant other should go over quite well this week. Even though Mercury is retrograde, if you’re speaking more intimately with someone you trust the conversations should go somewhere good. Exploring ideas and looking at various angles has a way of opening you up to wisdom. The desire to create can rile you up and get you motivated to push forward to change your future. The weekend is great for socializing, especially in warm, cozy environments.

Leo: Money matters get more focus this week. What you do day in and day out to create wealth, prosperity and abundance is going through some transforming times. This week you can have a light bulb moment about the type of work that really matters to you. To feel like you’re on the right path, doing something meaningful as a way of supporting yourself is essential for you now. Having faith in yourself and your abilities to achieve your dreams is highlighted. Reconsidering how you take care of yourself, and assessing your progress counts this week.

Virgo: This can be a most creative week for you. Whatever type of creative endeavors call you, go for them. Exploring your creativity is ultimately about exploring yourself and the wisdom the world has to offer. Movies, music, theatrical performances of all types have a way of changing you. It’s a great week to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most inspiring artists and arts that have been a part of your life growing up. Through it you will remember yourself and the magic creativity brings to your life.

Libra: Relationships can bring some lovely surprises this week. It is sharing and talking that matters most in how your relationships develop and grow now. Interacting in more loving ways, and telling others how much you love, value and appreciation them makes an impact. When someone reminds you of how much you are valued, it can touch your heart deeply. Feeling free to be yourself and still be loved, faults and all, is a perspective you can get used to. Adding more spiritually oriented touches to your home changes the energy and invites prosperity. A bit of Feng Shui can go a long way.

Scorpio: You should be feeling like you’re getting in your element more as the week goes by. Working towards exploring your creativity gives you a sense of self empowerment. Whatever is mystical and mysterious should be explored further. The more ethereal and abstract the better. Exploration of your personality in its most creative capacity can bring on discoveries that can transform you forever. The more social you are, the more the world opens up to you now. A new idea on how to work more efficiently can boost your income.

Sagittarius: Spontaneity is valuable. If you are the creative type, and I hope you are, as we all need creativity in our lives, making some changes to your style can give you a boost in self worth. Taking some pics of yourself out of the blue, at different angles, just for fun is a great way to appreciate how beautiful you really are. Your career, goals and money matters are highlighted this week. This would be a good time to go to interviews without getting too attached to the outcome. You can learn a lot through the process and new ideas on what you are really wanting to go for can come about simply by exploring your options. Most of all, have fun this week and be creative.

Capricorn: Do you want to travel, explore, go further than you ever have before? Do you want to learn more and experience your life as more meaningful? This week is a great time to redefine your personal philosophy on life, to remember what your higher purpose is and to reconsider your steps to fully becoming who you were meant to be. You’re growing. The New Moon in your sign last week has started a new cycle for you and it’s heading you somewhere good. Exploring who you identify yourself to be and seeing your place in the bigger picture of life is top priority. Your highest ideals and creative potential can wake you up out of the blue. It is when you’re relaxing at home, daydreaming or sleeping when your most creative ideas can dawn on you.

Aquarius: Feeling comfortable with yourself as this week begins is essential. It’s highly important that you socialize with those who have a love of talking. The beautiful, luxurious, sensual and creative subjects of interest are your best talking points now. They will help you define your aims more clearly. A more spiritual perspective on money, attracts more to you. The energy of blessings is with you to tap into. The practice of visualization is highly recommended for you this week and the power of the law of attraction is at a high point for you. It is when you’re seeing the world from a philosophical standpoint that you feel more supported. Little rituals that symbolize your highest intentions are recommended. From burning candles to lighting incense, send your intentions out to the universe to open yourself up to blessings and opportunities.

Pisces: Harmonious energy is growing this week to be enjoyed more fully next week. Attractions to those from far away lands, with unique customs and qualities can certainly be on the rise. Those who stimulate your intelligence and have an adventurous spirit are most attractive. Friends can be your best allies now. Social environments are excellent places to stir up romance, and you are lucky enough now that you just may meet someone that feels destined to know. Spending some time reminiscing with friends is recommended. There can be a fated feeling to your relationships now. Career matters and money matters can change in an instant, and most likely for the better. Doing what you love and feeling financially free go hand in hand.

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