Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for January 18 to 24, 2016 and The Full Moon in Leo

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Welcome to another week. This week begins with Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter retrograde in Virgo at odds. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius so Venus is in his domain.

This says that we want the good blessings in life, but we’ve got to learn how to make it happen. Abundance and prosperity usually don’t just fall into people’s laps. Sometimes people are lucky, sure, but usually you need to make things happen by figuring out how to get to that place of comfort you wish for. It can be difficult for many to feel grateful for where they are now.

With Jupiter retrograde in Virgo, it’s about having faith in yourself, to believe in yourself and live from that place every day. It’s time to learn how to do the inner work to grow. New routines, new approaches and putting a system in place that allows you to be productive and make gains step by step is recommended now. It’s about taking the time to develop your skills so you can grow from the inside out. Once you have put in the time and effort to grow your talents and skills, you can then use those abilities to attract and create the abundance and prosperity you seek.

Jupiter is also joined with the North Node now in Virgo in very close orb. Your day to day routine is where the magic is found. Each of us are implored to bring greater attention to how we’re living our lives day in and day out, including our health and work habits. Is what you’re doing every day, and are your habits adding to the bigger picture and helping you get closer to your aims? This is a great time to reevaluate your habits and to replace them with better choices.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. With Mercury retrograde in Virgo’s fellow earth sign Capricorn as well now, this adds to the atmosphere of rethinking your routine. For instance, if you tend to go to the same gossip websites, passively scroll through social networks, are addicted to your phone or to the news on tv, and excessively waste precious time as so many do, you may try replacing that mindless information consumption habit with researching subjects you’ve been meaning to learn more about. Actively changing your habits makes room for your better intentions and aims to grow. Each small change sets the stage for better things to come.

When Mercury is retrograde we can also see people coming back into our lives, making appearances again in the media and in Capricorn politicians can show up again in the news. On a personal level memories of people and pets from our past can come up, and physical objects found can bring back reminders of those from your past.

Venus in Sagittarius has us finding greater value in our lives. Living with purpose can help to attract the good things that will support us and help us feel enthusiastic and grounded. But, since she’s at odds with Jupiter now, the dream of having a glamorous, abundant lifestyle can come with a reality check. If for instance you were to attempt to use your good looks as a way of getting whatever you want, you may have a wake up call where you’re instead asked to show your skills. The famous phrase by Judge Judy comes to mind, “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.” Maybe that’s a bit of an extreme, over the top statement, but Venus and Jupiter at odds does speak to being a bit excessive.

With Venus and Jupiter at odds it have us asking, “What’s holding me back from my blessings?” The answers will lead to creating new habits that are in line with your vision.

Jupiter retrograde in Virgo speaks to smart, articulate, intelligent inner growth. Changing habits, and learning new skills are highly recommended to make the most of this time.

Neatness and tidiness are also recommended. You can be reminded now of how much more beautiful you can make your environment by seeing how much improvement can be made. Valuing what you do have, and being grateful for your material possessions can prompt a cleaning and caring for your space. Health and wellness, including waking up to realizing your bad eating habits and replacing them with better choices is likely to show up for many now as well. If you need motivation, just watch an episode of How Clean is Your House with Kim and Aggie to see how bad it can get when people are not keeping up with their day to day routines, and how much of a difference a bit of focus, attention and care can make.

On Wednesday, the Sun enters Aquarius. Happy birthday to all the Aquarians out there! This is when we start to pay more attention to where we’re headed in the future. As you’re aware Mercury is retrograde now. He was in Aquarius when he began his retrograde phase, and now is back in Capricorn and in a few weeks as he heads forward will return to Aquarius. This has us rethinking where we're heading in our future and what needs to be addressed further to help clear the path.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn reaches out to Uranus in Aries. This Mercury retrograde cycle is bringing more attention back to the Uranus-Pluto square.

Mercury retrograde has us rethinking a lot of things and asking a lot of questions. Some of them can be more personally oriented around our goals and careers, but a significant area of focus now is the economy. Mercury rules commerce and when he goes retrograde we need to take another look at what’s happening in the exchanges of money. The stock market has been dropping significantly for all of January so far. Mercury retrograde is the trickster and it’s not uncommon for lies and manipulations to be under the microscope. Mercury was all set to go forward into the future in Aquarius, but then right away it was like he said, “Wait a minute. I’ve got to go back and take another look at what’s been going on in the economy, with big business and the big players on the world stage.”

Mercury will also be meeting Pluto in Capricorn this week during this retrograde phase. Capricorn rules authority, government, politics, business and larger institutions that govern society and business which of course includes banks. Pluto is the planet that signifies transformation, death and rebirth, he is the ruler of the underworld. With Mercury retrograde here now this is when we take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes in the economy, business and the stock market. There’s a big pullback now, with stocks dropping significantly for all of 2016 so far. Pluto also rules Scorpio and resources, much of which, as we know, boils down to debt.

The Uranus-Pluto square is up for consideration again with Mercury reaching out to Uranus and meeting Pluto now. Are we going to be able to figure out a way to find freedom from the dark side of the political-socio-economic system?

On Friday, Mercury reaches Pluto and they conjunct in Capricorn. Expect the media to be in full force this week with lots of rhetoric and talk about the economy. Political discussions on finances and even war are also likely to be amped up with Uranus in Aries.

On personal levels this has us thinking more deeply, but not having all the answers or all the clarity. Information can be missing, and so researching in depth on subjects you want to learn more about will take extra time. The process of going around in circles a bit can be beneficial though by revealing various, random points of view you may not usually consider. It is easy to get distracted from your own focus though and get caught up in gossip and political ideas.

On Saturday Venus enters Capricorn. Money matters in business and the economy get even more attention. People’s values will increasingly become more front and center. Commitments in love can become a more prominent goal for many.

It’s a Full Moon in Leo on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 8:46 pm ET.

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been working our way from the New Moon in Capricorn toward this Full Moon in Leo. The New Moon had set the stage for us to focus on our goals, careers and higher aims.

Now with the Full Moon in Leo, we are likely to see people’s personalities come out more. For some this will be finally allowing creative expression to come to life. Whether it’s through arts or entertainment, the creative spirit can flourish now.

There’s a lot still happening in Capricorn, so world politics and the economy is a big issue. When people in top positions of authority are feeling high and mighty it can also bring out the bossiness, domineering side of people. With a Full Moon in Leo, the ego can be unleashed and clash in grand displays by those who live from a highly self serving perspective.

But, now that the Sun is in Aquarius, and we have a Full Moon in Leo, people are going to want to start paying more attention to what the vision of the future is. Who we are expressing ourselves to be is essential in how the future unfolds. How can we be more inventive and create more joy, enthusiasm and happiness in life? How can we focus on improving our relationships? It’s important for us to start communicating hope with one another, and sharing our very best in our relationships.

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I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 20, 2016 at 10:27 am ET
The Moon travels from Taurus to Leo this week
Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn
Venus enters Capricorn on January 23, 2016 at 3:31 pm ET
Mars is in Scorpio
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for January 18 to 24, 2016

*Special Notice: Thank you everyone for writing in, showing your interest in the Weekly Horoscopes for each sign. The overwhelming amount of responses last week had me feeling so very grateful and honored that you guys like to read these horoscopes. I'm so glad you find them useful and meaningful in your life. Thank you so much!

Aries: Changes in your career or ambitions can lead to reevaluating how you identify with your position or role this week. This could also be you rethinking your investments, finances or how you deal with business concerns. More information is needed for you to make better judgment calls, but inquiring further is an essential step. You could also be reconsidering how your goals may not be giving you the freedom you want. This need for freedom can be the catalyst to figuring out what changes you need to make. Love can become one of your dominant goals as the week progresses. The Full Moon asks that you wake up your creativity to feel more whole.

Taurus: You may find yourself more intrigued or attracted to those that know what they want. Enthusiasm, courage, strength, confidence, determination and even a bit of ego has a way of drawing your attention. You could have a complete reversal of what you thought you once believed. Discoveries through trial and error are likely and you may uncover a secret that surprises you. Do a little more digging though as there could be misinformation. Comfort in your own skin and in your home environment are in focus this week. Find creative ways to add some flair to your space. Feng shui can be delightful.

It’s a good idea to look at your finances this week, especially debt and credit cards. Make sure you read the fine print of agreements when it comes to borrowed money. If you’re an investor, the stock market is likely to leave you feeling unsure this week. Hidden expenses you hadn’t thought about can crop up. Getting your house in order can help you feel more grateful for what you have. A lack of appreciation for your material possessions won’t help your relationships or your romantic life. Expressing your creativity is the highlight of the week for you. Share, talk, engage, entertain. Feeling happy should be your focus and your priority.

Cancer: How you relate to others is up for reconsideration. You may feel a need to make big shifts in your relationships, but be conscious of possible misconceptions you may form due to a lack of information. With only a fraction of all the info you may make decisions that would have been best to wait on. Mars in your dating sector can have you feeling a bit frisky or intrigued by passionate people. Energy put into creative endeavors feels good this week. The Full Moon puts emphasis on your sense of security and your finances.You can make money while still having fun. Intuitive creativity is the answer.

Leo: Happy Full Moon in your sign later this week. The spotlight is on you, so enjoy it. Feeling in tune with the creative side of your personality can do you wonders, giving you an extra boost of esteem and confidence. If you are unsure of what you are going for, this would be the week to do some self reflection on how you’re using your time. Figuring out a better schedule can put you on the path. You won’t accomplish it all at once, but analyzing your day to day activities, can help you chip away at bad habits and replace them with more attention to goals that matter. Someone in your life can be a bright light later in the week. Hope and optimism you see in other people can rub off on you. Soak up their rays of light.

Virgo: Your bad habits can be revealed to you this week, perhaps in the form of tough love by someone at home or in your family. However, this can be the catalyst you need to help you hone in on your best skills and realize how much potential you have. Becoming more in tune with who you are, and who you are creating yourself to be so you can live your mission more fully is becoming more potent with each day. Be careful of expenses that show up out of the blue relative to your creative endeavors. Spending too much on entertainment may need to be reigned in. You’ll go through a period of reflection this week that can lead to dramatic changes in your creative pursuits. The Full Moon could reveal a secret or a universal truth of mystical proportions. Practicing visualization can do you wonders.

Libra: Talking about beliefs, philosophies and religious ideologies, particularly if you’ve got a point of view that doesn’t jive with whoever you’re speaking with can leave you feeling out of touch. It can be better to be more quiet and develop your own ideas that feel most right to you. you don't need others to validate your beliefs. Questions on love, faith, compassion and sacrifice can weigh on your mind. Beautifying your home and immediate environment is recommended later in the week. Gratitude for your material possessions can provide you with comfort you need. It’s not recommended that you make drastic changes, but small enhancements that are easily changed later are best. Being social during the Full Moon, getting out to enjoy entertainment and creativity is well suited for you.

Scorpio: This week you could have a major change of perspective. Mercury retrograde reaches Pluto, your ruling planet. Conversations, especially those that lead to misunderstandings, can have you reflecting on your thoughts and ideas much more deeply. Certain questions can suddenly wake you up to what you don’t want. You are likely to be ready to let go of a frame of mind that has been with you long enough. Thoughts are things. Sometimes you have to say no so you can let better things enter your life. A new sense of empowerment can be yours. Self confidence comes from real actions and a willingness to go for your ambitions. This week the Full Moon emphasizes your goals. Release your pessimistic, doubtful thoughts so you can make things happen.

Sagittarius: Mixed feelings are likely to come up for you this week. It is a question of self worth that really is at the heart of it. What you’re meant to do for a career or your higher aims is under the microscope. You’ve got to figure out what you love about yourself so that you can pour that into your goals. The Full Moon tunes you into living with more joy and purpose. You are here, and you can bring a lot to the world. It is your destiny to use your life well. It is essential for you to have self love. If you aren’t where you want to be yet, loving yourself is the best route to take. Honoring yourself helps you realize your skills and gifts. Issues with money can force you to be more creative. Difficulties can lead to your best changes.

Capricorn: Mercury retrograde meets Pluto in your sign this week. This is self-transformation time. Confusion and a lack of direction can prompt you to reconsider who you are. Someone close, in your family, could shock or surprise you and put you on the spot. It may feel uncomfortable but it will lead to important self assessment. This is an essential time for you to wake up to having more faith in the meaning of life. Figuring out a plan to take your life to the next level is time well spent. Not all the answers will arrive now, but self reflection will tune you into your destiny. The Full Moon can remind you that there are resources all around you. Tap into them and get creatively inspired to manifest what your heart desires.

Aquarius: Keeping secrets isn’t always easy to do but sometimes it’s necessary. This week you may need to keep things under wraps when socializing. You also want to be sure you aren’t overspending on friends. You can’t buy love. Mercury retrograde is not in harmony with your ruling planet, so being extra cautious about what you communicate can serve you well. Dreams should be pretty intense and interesting. A mix of past and future ideas can be exhausting though. The Sun enters your sign this week just before the Full Moon in Leo. This highlights you in relation to others. Do you feel connected in your relationships? Whoever brings the most light into your life, that’s who you should focus on.

Pisces: There can be some sticky issues between your career and your relationships. You may be overly ambitious this week or have to work a lot to bring in the money, but perhaps you just need to spend some quality time with a significant other. There will be lots of emphasis on your relationships in business, platonic and romantic for many weeks. This would be a good time for you to figure out who exactly is it that you want to be around and who you don’t. Who is it that you see as part of the bigger picture of your life, and who feels destined? The Full Moon puts emphasis on your health, wellness and day to day routine. Spending some time organizing and getting yourself in tune with self care can do you wonders this week. Have fun with it.

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