Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for February 1 to 7, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Ancient Gold Coin depicting Zeus (Jupiter)
I hope you’ve had some time to purge your life of the thoughts and things you don’t want last week. To release and let go of old energy and welcome in the new is the perfect practice now. Whether you are getting rid of dust in your home and organizing your space, getting your finances in order, reading self help books to replace negative thoughts with new ways of thinking, it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

It’s also a good time to start working on your chakras, especially beginning with the foundational energy of your root chakra for stability and creating transformation. A yoga practice or meditation and visualization practice can help you get started. This ties into the potent Capricorn energy we have with Venus, Pluto and Mercury here now. This practice can help you feel more grounded and connected to the earth element, your body and your sense of security. When you have a strong foundation to work from, you can go for those new ambitions and reach for the stars.

For those of you that like using candles, and associations to colors, a white candle is always a go-to for symbolizing purifying energy. But with the purging and renewal energy of Pluto so strong now, a black candle can symbolize burning away and getting rid of what you don’t want. This practice is good for the intention of getting rid of your deep rooted fears, worries, anxieties and any negativity you hold in your mind. Follow that up with a green or white candle to bring in the positive, abundant and prosperous energy. If you don’t have colored candles, it’s no big deal. What matters more than the color is the intention in your mind of why you’re doing the mini ritual to symbolize the change you want for your life. Personally I prefer bees wax candles for their positive health benefits and sweet fragrance.

Pluto and Mercury are about alchemy and transformation with a magical quality so adding a little bit of these kinds of practices can help you get to a better place psychologically. Ultimately the intention is to replace the old, with the new.

Most of what’s happening this week has to do with the planets in Capricorn - Venus, Pluto and Mercury in connection with other planets in the zodiac.

On Wednesday, Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are in harmony. This can bring positive change, but there can be some intensity and passion to it. Feeling the need to change, and having the will to make those changes can lead to powerful results. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio so there is a strong affinity between these planets now. This can speak to deep psychological changes and manifestations. When you know what you want you just might be unstoppable. Exercise can literally make you feel like a different person physically, emotionally and mentally. It is the process of taking action that leads to significant changes in how we think and feel now.

The Sun in Aquarius is in harmony with Saturn in Sagittarius on Wednesday as well. This is knowing yourself, knowing the big picture, having hope and taking responsible steps to manifest the better things you want for yourself and for your life. Knowing your aims and staying focused helps bring you more hope for the future. The Moon comes along on Wednesday as well and meets with Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing an emotional, heartfelt experience that can wake you up - reminding you of where you are now and where you’re headed.

On Friday, Venus meets with Pluto in Capricorn. The power of love comes in and we're ready for a change at the heart level. Love can change everything. It's a shift in perspective we have now that Mercury is moving forward, and love changes the energy. For instance, I was recently given a pair of handmade slippers. I wouldn’t say they are particularly beautiful, but rather I would say they aren’t my preferred style. However, out of respect I tried them on, and once I realized how much love was put into them, how much time and effort my significant other's grandmother put into them, I now cherish them and they mean so much to me. Because I put my guard of aesthetic preference down and opened my heart to what really matters with a genuine appreciation, the love is flowing and everyone is so happy. It’s not what they look like that counts, it’s all the energy of love that was put into them that matters, plus they are really comfortable. The slippers now symbolize a loving, caring connection to my extended family and I feel glad to have the opportunity to share in this fun and happy family experience that makes us feel that much closer.

Venus loves comfort, she rules the earthly pleasures and delights we experience with our senses. Love is a higher perspective that empowers life and the world. With Venus meeting Pluto in Capricorn we get an extra focus on the power of love and how it can transform our lives.

With Venus in Capricorn meeting Pluto we also have greater focus on career and money matters as well. When it comes to career and money, this is the time to ask how much do you love what you’re doing? How much do you value yourself and how much do you think you’re worth? How much is your time worth? Is that time you are using from your life worth trading for what you are receiving in return financially? When it comes to career so much of it depends on how much you know yourself and value yourself so you can do the things that really matter to you. Are you going through the motions just for the money, or are you in love with what you are devoting your energy towards every day so the money becomes icing on the cake? Although circumstances and necessity can take many of us away from this ideal, it is a worthwhile goal towards your happiness.

Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn
Use your wisdom to create real change.
Magician Tarot Card is ruled by Mercury.
Also, remember that Pluto in Capricorn is about transformation of the systems of government, social structures, and especially related to the economy now with Mercury here as well. With Venus meeting Pluto we are considering the value of money, and in particular because of the alchemical association of Mercury and Pluto here, it naturally leads us to consider gold in a literal, material sense. Pluto is concerned with the truth, and facing reality. With the economy in such flux now, we are considering what truly is valuable. I’m sharing a video on gold and the economy at the end of this forecast that you may find interesting. It certainly is in tune with the astrology of now.

The Mercury and Pluto association happening these days also speaks highly to the philosophical, alchemical sense of turning lead into gold. This is a metaphor for spiritual transformation from our lower habits and instincts towards higher consciousness.

The Moon comes along in Capricorn and meets with Venus, Pluto and Mercury one by one on Saturday. This can add an emotionally vested quality to your concerns regarding career and destiny. Your dreams can also reveal to you important messages on how to get from point A to point B on your journey towards living a life of success defined by your terms.

On Saturday, Mercury in Capricorn is in harmony with Jupiter in Virgo. Now, Jupiter is also in conjunction with the North Node in Virgo as well, so this is an important time when your mind is focused on the big possibilities for your life that feel destined. Mercury reaching out to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo is about having a big idea, making a plan, seeing the vision for your career and ambitions and understanding that it’s possible to make it happen. Step by step, by making a plan of action, goals are achievable. This is a strong symbol for so many of our lives. The area of life this touches for you will depend on your own unique birth chart. Of course, I would be happy to look at your chart to provide personal insight on where your best opportunities are along with interpretation of significant key dates for you over the coming year. You can learn more here.

Concerns for earth changes can be more pronounced now. A respect for life, and the changes that need to be made in the world become more evident. Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, along with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo bring our attention to honoring the earth and becoming more attentive to how we can make an impact.

Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are at odds on Saturday. This can certainly speak to surprises that show up in relationships, and a need for freedom that can force changes in your goals for your relationships. But because we’re in this potent place in Capricorn with Pluto and Mercury speaking strongly to career, the structure of society, the economy, government, and banking Venus here speaks a lot to money matters. The way we view money and value is up for consideration, and the way we feel about it can change quickly this week leading us to want more freedom and a new understanding of what money means to us.

Finally, on Sunday we have Mars reaching out to both Venus and the Sun. The Sun and Mars are at odds, which can give a bit of a blow to the ego. The Sun in Aquarius says to have hope for the future, while Mars in Scorpio can bring up envy for what others have already that you may not have yet but want. It’s possible for many that pent up energy can cause expressions or outbursts of excess tension.

Venus and Mars are in harmony, so although the Sun wants our brilliance focusing on the future possibilities, our wants, needs and passions of now can take center stage. Making love can be the key to dissipate tension that has been building. Venus disarms Mars.

If you're interested in what the coming year holds for you, I would be happy to take a look at your personal astrology chart and cards to give you insight on the key dates for your year ahead in 2016. If you enjoy these horoscopes you may consider getting a Personalized Reading here.

I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

**Educational Video about Gold and Money: I'm all about sharing, especially when it comes to educational content relevant to the current astrological climate, which I do from time to time on social media. I wanted to share this video series with you starting with episode one. There are 6 episodes so if you'd like to watch the rest, they'll pop up on YouTube. This series is called The Hidden Secrets of Money. It talks a lot about the economy, and so, it is very much in line with the abundance of energy with Venus and Mercury in Capricorn now with Pluto in square to Uranus in Aries. After all the talk in last week's horoscope about how your time in your life is what's really valuable, I thought this was quite synchronistic and appropriate to come across and share with you.

This video talks about the history of money and gold and the issues of the current system of money and currency that are strongly in focus for us during this pivotal decade of Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto is about big changes and transformation, and after this next decade, Pluto won't be in this part of the sky for about 250 more years - not until around the year 2260. Where Pluto is, big changes happen, and in Capricorn, it is all about the business world, politics, and the economy. Now, I do realize that the host and creator of this series, sells gold, so he has a vested interest in sharing this perspective, but either way, he does reveal the significance of this transformational time in history regarding our current monetary system. It is well produced, educational and well worth the time. Enjoy!

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Aquarius
The Moon travels from Scorpio to Capricorn this week
Mercury is direct in Capricorn
Venus is in Capricorn
Mars is in Scorpio
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for February 1 to 7, 2016

Aries: This week is great for you to put your recent discoveries to work for you in transforming your career goals. Self-analysis can lead to significant changes. If you discover that you are doing something you don’t necessarily love, this can be a catalyst for you to wake up to what really holds value in your life and focus more on that. Impatience can bring you tension. Borrowing and lending could be an issue this week as well. Lending to, or requesting repayment from, a friend or acquaintance can create tension so it’s not the best time to deal with such concerns now. The good news is that you are likely to more easily recognize what you’re passionate about and make moves towards the goals you love.

Taurus: Your worldview is likely to change this week and it’s likely to do with love and money. When you feel valued, life just feels better. If you aren’t being shown significant signs of being valued by others, you know it’s time to focus on valuing yourself. Your creative abilities can go through a huge boost this week. If you’re an artist you may find what you imagine just isn’t translating to the medium you are using to express your vision the way you’d like. That gives you all the more reason to practice and play with new ideas even more. Venus in Capricorn values the hard work towards achievement. Relationships can have an added dose of passion, just don’t mix business with pleasure.

Gemini: This is a great time for you to be exchanging new ideas that can literally change your life and the path you are taking. Home is in focus for you now. Whether you are buying, selling, renovating or making upgrades, this can be a good time for you to work on getting the resources you need to make it all happen. If you need to take out a loan, this is a good time to get your paperwork in order. Planning is necessary. With focus, determination and willpower the work will get done. Purging your life of things you don’t want and having a better vision for what you want to make your life more comfortable is recommended now.

Cancer: The Moon is making the rounds in the most active parts of the sky now bringing lots of changes to your life. Creativity and imagination coupled with drive and determination can bring out a side of your self-expression that needs attention now. Responsibilities take center stage in the middle of the week where your work and daily routine require more structure. As the week progresses your relationships with others are the main attraction. The way you think and feel about partnerships is going through a period of metamorphosis. Love and beauty can transform your state of mind. Your perceptions on love are likely to change significantly and dramatically this week. Having faith in love and communicating in harmony can put you on an all new path.

Leo: One of the most ultimate expressions of creativity is of course to have children. This is where the magic of life manifests in the real world. Of course it is best when you have children with someone you love, respect and honor and when you’re a responsible parent. Not everyone wants children though, and not everyone can. If you do want children this is a good time to speak with your doctor. If you’re single, dating with a mature approach works well now. You will come to know yourself better for being in the presence of someone who can share their own wisdom with you. Discoveries or secrets revealed at home could lead to some sticky situations that have you questioning your relationships. Work and money matters are likely to get on track this week. You’ve got a lot of harmony in your financial sector. Using your smarts for work and going after what you love in an intelligent manner can make all the difference.

Virgo: Well you have Jupiter and the North Node in your sign. I’m going to mention this time and again as we progress through the next few months because this is really a significant occurrence that isn’t going to happen again in your lifetime. This is when you come to the greater self realization of all that you are capable of being. It speaks to your destiny. Mercury reaches out to Jupiter and the North Node in your sign in harmony this week. Your most creative, inspiring, ambitious, joyous thoughts should be entertained. Do not miss out on putting on your creative thinking cap this week, and write down all your inspirations. Who you know yourself to be is better for having creativity a part of your reality. You have the potential to grow immensely this week into a new way of thinking that elevates your life and gets rid of old doubts.

Libra: Changing your home environment is a necessity. Getting rid of old junk and clutter is essential. Beautify your space so you can feel more comfortable. When your space is renewed you will have renewed energy and a new perspective on your life. When the energy flows better it just helps your life in so many ways. You could find you have a bit of a hiccup this week in your relationships that tests your comfort zone. Your drive and determination to create a strong, secure and comfortable home base can be a priority over all else, and this can put a strain on your relationships. Do what feels best for you and feels right with your energy and you’ll be fine. The goals in your home life take precedence now.

Scorpio: Mars and Scorpio are quite active this week. So much of what is happening with you has to do with how you are actively engaged in communications. There’s a lot of potential for self-discovery and transformation happening with you. A loving approach to how you interact is recognized by others. A healthy ego, and self understanding makes for pleasing conversations that connects you well with others on a mind and heart level. You may wear your heart on your sleeve. An issue at home lit up can have you reassessing your motivations. A step back to double check how your ego is operating is suggested. You’ll know when you’ve crossed the line from self confidence to domineering. Pull back and know that your future does best when you have a healthy sense of self to share with others.

Sagittarius: A good conversation can change the way you see yourself and your circumstances immensely. When communication is open with the intention of learning and awareness, you can gain considerable ground in self-mastery. Though you may be experiencing personal challenges this year thanks to Saturn, there are lights that come on along the way helping you to make sense of the hurdles. A boost in self confidence is likely to arrive this week. You’ve also got excellent support for career and finances. The North Node and Jupiter in harmony with Mercury gives you the chance to think bigger and better about the goals you set out for yourself and the potential you have to succeed and accomplish your wishes. Use the positive energy on offer and you will feel empowered.

Capricorn: You’ve got a busy week. There is so much happening for you. Self awareness is going through the roof and your concept of self love and self worth are transforming in big ways. Moving forward with a new frame of mind is so good for you. Your perception of what’s possible for you in this world is gaining momentum. A new path to prosperity can open up to you, one that you hadn’t really thought of before. Perception is everything and yours is changing in leaps and bounds. Exposing yourself to new ideas and how to connect with the world in bigger ways is perfectly aligned with your changing sense of self worth. Enjoy it and make the most of whatever your heart is calling you to become. You can manifest your dreams into reality. It takes time, practice, dedication and hopefulness.

Aquarius: This week you’re coming into your own. A more stable future is on the horizon, and you can see the power and wisdom of your social interactions. Your highest ideals about love can go through a metamorphosis this week. Your need for freedom can have you question how to balance your commitments. Your ambitions are heightened this week as well. Do be careful that you don’t worry about the competition in career matters. Envy won’t serve you. You have greater power when you use your strengths for a much higher vision. Your dreams can reveal to you paths to prosperity. One of your greatest resources is your imagination. That coupled with faith and a feeling of destiny being on your side can awaken a new you.

Pisces: Your relationships are so in tune with your destiny now. Especially the ones that get you to think bigger and outside the box. Socializing is good for you all around this week. You are likely to meet new people. Being at the right place at the right time can only happen if you go out. To be social this week can bring out lots of love in you and that can change you for the better, drawing more of the types of people you want into your life. You are likely to receive gifts in the form of knowledge and wisdom from others. Your dreams are also lit up this week. They can reveal the karma your are resolving so you can have a brighter future. Letting go of all that doesn’t serve you, and that includes thoughts and certain types of people that just aren’t suited to you anymore, will make room for you to create new relationships and new ways of thinking.

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