Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for February 15 to 21, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

This week we have a couple of shifts taking place that encourage us to grow towards a more evolved way of seeing the world and living our lives.

With Mercury in Aquarius already we have entered into a phase of exploration and curiosity about the future. A more open mind allows us to develop greater awareness and insights. Thinking outside the box helps us to realize what’s possible.

It is ultimately a search for the truth that more of us are looking for now. Reading, speaking, and listening more thoroughly to a broader expanse of ideas helps us to evolve our minds and create new pathways of understanding. Whatever ideas and beliefs that are outdated and aren't working for our lives, we are ready to move on to greener pastures. It’s an excellent time to cleanse and purify our mind through meditation to access more enlightened thinking.

Aquarius has a highly new age, sci-fi, technological and scientific aura. It is the sign that beckons us to move beyond our limits, to reach out and explore. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is currently in Aries, a fire sign with passion and vigor. This gives us the drive and determination to start fresh. Independent thinkers will find their brightest ideas can show up out of nowhere now putting them on an all new trajectory with the desire to make things happen the way they envision.

Mars the ruler of Aries is in Scorpio, which further encourages a passion for discoveries. Mars and the North Node and Jupiter are in harmony this week. Our biggest ideas and our enthusiasm can have us feeling right on track. It’s recommended that your best ideas are written down and assessed deeply, leaving no stone unturned. The smart ideas that show up now can feel destined and we’re ready for taking action. Creating a smart, intelligent plan, making notes and figuring out your way towards your big ideas is right on tap this week.

Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 11:16 pm ET, following along in the footsteps of Mercury whom entered Aquarius just a few days earlier on Saturday, February 13th.

There is a futuristic quality with us now, as if we are heading into a new age, into the future in new ways in body and mind.

There can be a tendency to spend more on refined tastes in clothing and jewelry for a more forward thinking wardrobe. This is when we realize what we define as beautiful and lovely with more attention. New connections online is also likely to find a spike in activity.

But what I see as more significant is that fresh insights and experiences on how we relate to the material world through our senses are likely to arise. Perhaps you find greater appreciation in the beauty of flowers and plants which in turn helps you decorate your home in ways that bring in fresh energy and liveliness. New fragrances can capture your attention making you feel different. You may start exploring the visual beauty around you through photography to connect a love of the material world and nature with technology. Flavorful foods and spices you’ve never tried can capture your attention helping you to feel more embodied.

Spending time in the beauty of sunsets and looking up at the cosmos can bring you a sense of knowing who you are in connection to all things.

Too much time and attention to online activities can have us living in our brains too much and create a disconnect from the body. With Venus in Aquarius it can bring this to our awareness so we create more balance and get back in touch with appreciating and valuing our physical selves.

Venus, the goddess of love, can give those who are looking for relationships new hope that feels refreshing. Rather than feeling depressed and as if you’re going without because you’re single, you become more appreciative of your independence and your ability to consider your options. With Uranus in Aries, a personal sense of independence can feel really good.

Aquarius is about enlightened thinking. It’s about inspiration and invention. With Mercury and Venus here, lovely ideas can show up that can be sheer genius. It is also about the collective. Ideas an individual explorer, or team of thinkers comes up with now can end up having a much larger impact on us all in the long run. This can be excellent for those of you who have creative businesses, whether it is fashion design, creating a new appendage for the space station, or advances and breakthroughs in biotechnology, it is the creativity that is blessed for new beginnings now. Entrepreneurs have lots of positive energy to work with now for new ideas to take shape.

The Sun enters Pisces on Friday, February 19, 2016 at 12:33 am ET. This is so good for getting in touch with spirit, and understanding your life from a much higher, cosmic perspective. This is seeing the world from a much more connected, compassionate and loving place. It is pondering the big questions, having faith and considering how to live in alignment with your highest purpose. How have you been incorporating karmic awareness into your life? This is when you get to sow more seeds of wisdom with the intention of growing towards the light.

Practicing meditation, lying down to stare up at the stars, or sharing energy like reiki or doing chakra yoga are the little things we can do to get that much more in touch with knowing something more mystical and ethereal than our mundane, everyday concerns.

Feng shui, especially using natural stones as a way to bring intentions into your space, is recommended this week. Opening the blinds and letting the sun shine in on your plants during the daytime can bring in a more cosmic, connected feeling to your life.

Mind, body and spirit are more concerned with more energetic, higher ideals now. This week, take action towards getting your life in order so that you can incorporate more of the beautiful and splendid experiences of life into your routine. Find delight in your senses. Let the sun and the moon be a part of your day and night. Look up to the stars and know you are a part of something so much bigger than the worries and concerns that may usually dominate your mind. Let your mind find more freedom by changing up the energy and focus towards bigger, brighter concepts. Fresh energy and new ideas lead us forward.

We each have the power to change things on a grander scale and it starts with the changes we make in our own lives to be better, more loving and enlightened versions of ourselves. Trust your inspirations. Use your intelligence to bring more light and hope into the world and share in the love of life. Create the life you want to live by following your heart, spreading your wings and allowing your mind to soar.

"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioning ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun enters Pisces on Friday February 19, 2016 at 12:33 am ET
The Moon travels from Taurus to Leo this week
Mercury is in Aquarius
Venus enters Aquarius on Tuesday February 16, 2016 at 11:16 pm ET
Mars is in Scorpio
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for February 15 to 21, 2016

Aries: You have cosmic blessings coming forward in your social sphere. You could find yourself having brilliant insights show up from others, but you are also likely to be the bestower of intelligent ideas. Conversations and connections with others prove fruitful. An open mind is your ally. Socializing also has a way to bring your heart out in the open. Authentic connections are most valuable. A plan to tackle debt with full force can empower you. Financial actions based on smart choices can line you up with your destiny and bring you great blessings. An organized life can open up possibilities that would normally be hidden.

Taurus: This is a great week to focus on your career matters and your goals for the future. Pondering your options logically and objectively leads the way. A better mind and body connection helps you all around. An appreciation of your intelligence will lift your mood. Smart, inventive plans are sure to grow this week. Put in the time to make it happen. Other people can remind you of the importance of living more creatively. Look for role models that aren’t afraid to take action. They will give you the insight that can inspire you to become creative, helping you to feel more fulfilled in this area of life. That which is beautiful and appealing to the senses that helps you attract more business now.

Gemini: Travel to exotic, beautiful locations can be so good for you now. It can help you change your way of thinking, bringing in fresh new ideas and objectives for your life. If you’re unable to travel now, pondering the possibilities of where you’d like to go can inspire new lifestyle ideas. Reading more about philosophy can move your perception of reality up a notch towards being more enlightened and worldly. Decisions based on your freshest ideas can impact your future. Considering higher education such as university or working on your thesis for your Master’s degree is well aspected now. Underlying motivations can reveal themselves and have great impact on your evolving lifestyle. House, home and family benefit most from you taking the lead in getting life organized.

Cancer: Focusing more on connecting with your higher self is recommended now. Visualization practices can bring you insights that are out of this world and absolutely brilliant. Your dreams could be extra vivid with messages not to be ignored. Through this you will come to know yourself and appreciate your life more. Money matters may be on your mind. Considering how to deal with debt in smart ways can provide you with a stronger sense of personal freedom. Keeping your mind open and considering your options thoroughly can lead you to make excellent, fortunate moves towards making money. If you invest, anything associated with beauty, technology and nature should be explored. Venus reminds you that love is a valuable resource you can tap into now.

Leo: The Sun has been highlighting your relationships for the past few weeks and now moves on to Pisces. A limitless supply of wisdom is available to us all, but it becomes much more evident for you later this week. Your relationships are still in focus. Venus brings more focus to love and romance for you. Beauty becomes more magnetic. Looking your best will attract more of the same. Giving flowers to a significant other, or even in terms of a business relationship, can strengthen bonds. Especially beautiful, fragrant flowers can leave a fantastic impression. Money matters look auspicious for you. Confidence goes a long way in securing opportunities. Affirm your worth and you can attract fortune. Faith in the higher wisdom of the universe brings light into your life.

Virgo: Your identity is going through a significant evolution. Harnessing enthusiasm to share and communicate what you’re passionate about gives you life. You should feel like your inner world is growing with possibilities and that you are gaining immense wisdom about yourself. It is when you set your intention to become true to your destiny that you reap rewards and attract positive life experiences. Mercury is now imploring you to think more about your future. An open mind helps you to consider more options and create pinpoint accuracy in developing plans. A workable schedule helps you make smart decisions along the way. Loving your lifestyle is essential. Venus asks that you love what you do each day and love what you’re thinking about. That is how your most brilliant ideas come up and impact your future. Good accounting practices are recommended now to help you stay on track.

Libra: Creativity is the potent force in your life this week. Whether it’s making love with the intention of creating a child, or getting your instrument of choice out to make beautiful music, the creative force is with you. Your mind and body are connected to creative energy now. Inventive, new ideas can show up out of nowhere, and can suddenly feel close to the heart. Your subconscious knows how to bring you lucky blessings now, especially in terms of financial stability. When you have a hunch that feels especially blessed, be sure to explore it more as it can lead you towards important actions and outcomes. If you’re single, this would be a great week to go on a date and strike up brilliant conversations. Sci-fi entertainment is especially thought provoking now.

Scorpio: Your social life is especially blessed now. Peers and acquaintances you interact with this week can feel easy to connect with. Those who enjoy a lifestyle you can appreciate can teach you a thing or two about making your own day to day life better. More focus on house, home and family is likely to arise for you. New, smart technologies at home can benefit your life and make you feel like you’re heading into the future. An appreciation for the individuality and uniqueness for family members, with an open mind and heart, helps you to each get along better. Witty banter strengthens bonds, as does a sci-fi movie that gets you to think outside the box, encouraging intelligent conversation about what’s possible. If anyone is needing their own personal space, allowing for that time can be good for your relationship. More plants and flowers in your environment can improve positive energy and encourage clear thinking.

Sagittarius: Your career and goals are blessed by intuitive action this week. Discoveries that bubble up seemingly from the depths of your subconscious mind can have a positive, energizing impact on your plans. Though you may feel like you’re getting in your own way at times, especially if you have any pessimism or lingering self doubts, it is trust, faith and action that helps you feel like you’re moving up the ladder. If you’re having a hard time sleeping, if you have insomnia, use that time well to explore big ideas, and create a roadmap towards your dreams instead of fighting with the clock. Successful, auspicious energy is with you. If you can release the doubts, the blessings are easier to find. Smart talks, especially those about the future, can provide you with hope that takes you a long way. Visualize a more beautiful future.

Capricorn: Venus leaves your sign this week. Your financial situation comes more into focus. Thinking about ways to make money so you feel more secure is likely to rise for you. Having possessions helps, especially having a few beautiful items can give you a sense of material security. New, intelligent and creative business ideas should be easier for you to develop now. A sense of hopefulness can arise when you are thinking about what’s possible for you. This is when you think outside the box, focus on your future wants and needs, and explore ways to manifest into reality what you imagine. If you can recognize the value in what you do to make money, others will as well. Later in the week, communion with the stars and the sun can bring you great intuitive wisdom.

Aquarius: The Sun, Mercury and Venus are each in your sign this week. This is when your appreciation for yourself can start to improve nicely. The thoughts you think become who you are. You are likely to feel a stronger affinity to jewelry, clothes, and all things related to beauty. To make yourself feel embodied and beautiful in your skin, gives you confidence. A new floral fragrance, especially natural essential oils are recommended to give you a boost of well being. An enthusiasm for your goals should be on the rise this week and you’re likely to feel lucky and on track. The law of attraction is heightened for you this week. The resources you need can be accessed best when you put in the energy to make it happen.

Pisces: The Sun enters your sign later this week. Your birthday month is about to begin. Celebrating your life doesn’t need to be reserved for just one special day though. You’ve got positive cosmic support to give you a boost of energy this week. If you’ve wanted to travel with a significant other, this week would be a nice time to get away and enjoy life. It’s also a great time for passionate relationships to flourish for you. You could find yourself dreaming about love more these days. There’s a lot of wisdom on offer for you. Your heart and mind could be pulled towards philanthropy even more than usual now. An open heart and mind helps you to embrace life and to know yourself more deeply.

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