Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for February 22 to 28, 2016 and The Full Moon in Virgo

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

This week starts off with the Full Moon in Virgo on Monday February 22, 2016 at 1:20 pm ET.

Have you been working on organizing your life? This Full Moon wakes us up to how fulfilling our day to day routine and lifestyle has been or not. Have you been refining and tweaking your habits so that you are living at your very best?

A couple of weeks ago we had the New Moon in Aquarius, inspiring us to focus on a fresh, new future. Now, the Full Moon has us waking up to the details around our work and lifestyle choices. To manifest the life you want, you have to have a smart plan.

Jupiter and the North Node are in Virgo for many more months giving us lots of support to see the big, purposeful picture of our lives. We are encouraged to create a roadmap that makes sense so we can get on track towards living a more meaningful, destined way of life.

This Full Moon in Virgo has us waking up to what needs to be done, and puts a spotlight on how our thinking processes are working. Are your thoughts supporting you on a daily basis to help you manifest the goals you are aiming for? Do you have your thoughts, paperwork, emails and schedule organized? It's an important time to take an honest look at your finances and budget as well. It's prime time to take a look at your bottom line and get your accounting in order.

If you haven’t been thinking big and working on developing your long term plans, this Full Moon will make it quite evident that it’s time to wake up to how you are creating your reality.

The days leading up to this Full Moon are likely to have many of us feeling like something needs to change so our life feels like it’s more on track.

The hopefulness for the future instilled in us at the New Moon in Aquarius a couple of weeks ago set us on a positive path for our personal growth. If you got sidetracked, and hopes have faded a bit, this Full Moon is set to wake you up to what you’ve been doing that supports or doesn’t support your goals.

Is your daily routine, work and lifestyle setting you up for success, luck, abundance and prosperity?

If you have health issues or you know you’ve been needing to fix your exercise, nutrition and eating habits, this is the time to have an honest look at what’s been going on with yourself, and work on developing smarts solutions. It's an excellent time to get a massage therapy treatment to put your mind and body in order.

The Full Moon can inspire a key moment of self honesty that gets you to focus on the smarter path. Your way of seeing the world and the purpose of this cosmic journey of life, is likely to change in the days surrounding this Full Moon. The question is, “What am I really here for and how can I live up to using my knowledge and skills to create my best life?” The metaphorical light bulb is turned up brighter so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. From there, assess your approach and create the necessary changes. The two weeks that follow this Full Moon are great for integrating the lessons learned into your life in practical ways.

What’s going on inside your mind has a direct impact and significant influence on what’s manifesting in your life around you.

This Full Moon also wakes us up to recognize how we are being of service to a higher purpose in the world. It’s a great time to see how your ego limits you and to look beyond it so you can recognize how you are united with others on this journey of life. The Sun in Pisces implores us to be more compassionate, wise and united with others. Read more about that in last week’s horoscope here.

The Sun in Pisces standing across the sky from the Moon encourages us to enter the realm of imagination, and reach a level of greater awareness and higher consciousness; where we meditate, pray, dream, daydream and live in attunement with a more existential, spiritual, and creative experience of life. Accessing the higher realms of wisdom can grant you brilliant ideas and insights that you intuitively know to be significant and can help guide you in making practical choices in your everyday life.

Sometimes if we see someone doing well we’ll say, “You’re lucky.” But most usually it is not simply luck that got someone where they are, but rather, it is the choices they made that got them to that place. This Full Moon reminds us to get where we want to go, our choices create the path. If we’re aligned with a higher purpose, the road map to fulfilling it will reveal itself.

Mercury in Aquarius is in harmony with Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday. Many of us are thinking about our future and where we need freedom in our lives. We have hope. For some that future can’t come soon enough. Impatience has it’s place. It acts as a good reminder of what we really want. If you feel like you have limitations, this can be an excellent time to figure out how to work around them to find your freedom, and become that much smarter, having learned something valuable along the way as you climb over that obstacle.

Limitations are not always a bad thing. Traffic lights at an intersection prove that. Limits create structure, and parameters to work within. Knowing your limitations gives you a chance to be able to work with them, or around them, finding smart solutions.

Mercury and Saturn in harmony reminds us to be smart and think outside the box to come up with innovative solutions to work around any limitations we face now. Limitations can be a gift in disguise. They can help you to find new routes to explore you probably would have overlooked.

For example, I recently picked up my paintbrushes after having not painted for many months. Soon after beginning I had breathing difficulties and dizziness, and remembered that this reaction was a common issue for me when painting due to the fumes. Although disappointed that I had to forget practicing and improving my painting skills for the time being, I had to accept that limitation and move on. Knowing that the warmer months when windows can be opened are better suited for me to work on painting, I now have to change my plans and brainstorm what my other options are. What else do I want to try? What can I do that will fulfill that creative drive while I wait for the warmer months to arrive? I’ve come up with a lot of ideas, and photography tops my list to explore. I don’t have to worry about paint fumes or breathing difficulties taking photographs. I may be missing out on improving my painting skills for the time being, but now I'm just as inspired to explore another creative avenue that will surely be just as satisfying.

With Saturn in Sagittarius some of us have been itching to find our freedom by jumping on a plane and going somewhere exotic and far away. Mercury’s wings cover all forms of exchange, and Saturn in Sagittarius points to travel. The need to get away can be on many more people’s minds now, more than usual, as the need for freedom is heightened.

Not everyone can afford to go away to an exotic location, and the timing may not be right for you either. It’s likely that other people you know may be traveling, reminding you that it would be really nice for you to get away to experience more freedom from the everyday routines too. At the very least, exploring places you want to travel to is recommended now to inspire you to set your mind on an adventurous goal you’d like to achieve. If you’re unable to travel, it can be as simple as turning the pages of a good novel that provides that sense of visiting distant lands. You could also close your eyes while the Sun beams through your window warming your face, imagining yourself on that beach with the breeze caressing your skin. Visualization is an excellent practice now with the Sun in Pisces.

Philosophy, the purpose of life, world cultures, faith and religions can lead to interesting realizations and contemplations now as well. Ultimately it is freedom from what restricts our minds, and thus our lives, that we wish for most this week.

Mercury in Aquarius is in harmony with Uranus in Aries, on Friday. Mercury is known as the mediator, as “the messenger of the gods.” Mercury now in Aquarius, and Uranus being the ruler of Aquarius, represents a very strong need for freedom, especially as it is tied to personal identity. It’s a good idea to have a more open mind now to see what possibilities and inspirations come up. Thinking outside the box, and reaching towards higher echelons of contemplation, has a way of bringing the most brilliant ideas to your awareness. It's time for a new strategy moving forward.

Wherever you feel limited, Saturn will remind you of that this week. Wherever you want freedom Uranus will remind you of that. Now it’s up to you how you proceed and find your balance between the two.

Mercury’s talks with Saturn and Uranus now can also speak to more public discussions on immigration. Mercury in Aquarius is about how are we united, and how we interact and communicate as part of a group and community. Talks in the news about how we are similar and different are likely to be explored more fully.

Mercury is moving forward quickly, looking towards the future and the new starts. All the awareness that came up from the Full Moon early in the week takes us deeper within and we can move forward integrating smarter ideas into our lives. Mercury moves fast so catch the energy while you can and fly forward.

News can get old and forgotten quickly as new information quickly replaces yesterday’s news. Each new message, captures our attention but quickly fades.

The Sun meets Neptune in Pisces on Sunday. The Sun entered Pisces on February 19th for a month long journey through the realm of wisdom and higher consciousness. Now meeting Neptune the Sun encourages us to see who we are and to know ourselves as so much bigger than our own egos. Exploration of profound, mystical ideas, pondering the cosmos and thinking beyond our individual lives are recommended now. This is a great time to read books by wise sages and thinkers, to get a glimpse of a much broader perception of reality.

This is an excellent time to appreciate the arts, music, to meditate, pray, visualize and to tap into the most creative, imaginative aspect of our minds to see what is available to us. All of it brings us into a higher realm of wisdom. Surreal art has a way of opening us up to cosmic thinking.

The word Namaste, is perfect to describe this energy - “the light in me bows to the light in you.” We are asked to become better, more compassionate, more understanding and wiser versions of ourselves now. The unity of life and the cosmos includes all of us. Recognizing how we are more alike than different is part of our important path of evolving towards a more compassionate world. I talked a lot more about the Sun entering Pisces last week here.

Overall, looking at life from an existential point of view, seeking wisdom and applying your knowledge in practical ways to live your best life is in focus this week. Fix up your schedule, get yourself on track and let go of the routines and habits that aren’t working in your favor so you can do more of what matters.

If you have personal questions that you'd like to have insight into or if you're interested in what the coming year holds for you, I would be happy to take a look at your personal astrology chart to share insights and ideas with you.

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I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Pisces
The Moon travels from Virgo to Scorpio this week
Mercury is in Aquarius
Venus is in Aquarius
Mars is in Scorpio
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for February 22 to 28, 2016

Aries: This is a great time to get organized. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been needing to get on track, working on creating a sensible, smart schedule is recommended. Trust your gut to guide you to know which practical activities would be the best use of your time. This is an excellent time to pay closer attention to your health and eating habits, and make smarter choices. People in your life now, especially those that are on a mission to do something worthwhile, can inspire you to think about who you are more deeply. Socializing is good for your self-esteem now. When discussing heavy subjects, keep it light and find the commonalities for best results. There is wisdom on offer for you this week especially in your dreams, daydreams and meditations.

Taurus: The Full Moon, big and beautiful, is a reminder of how creative the world is. You are a co-creator, a part of the process. Allow yourself to be guided by your most creative inspirations this week. This can be a great time to show a side of your creativity that you usually keep to yourself. Singing is just one way you can explore your creativity and find a personal sense of freedom. Inspirations that come from a much higher realm of thought than the ordinary day to day concerns can influence your career aims and goals significantly this week. Meditation is your ally. It is in the name of freedom that you are most inspired. An open mind attracts synchronicities into your life. The goals you choose to focus on are most brilliant when you follow your heart.

Gemini: This Full Moon is going to start off your week putting a focus on your home. If you haven’t been keeping your personal space in order, it’s going to be that much more evident now. To make your home your castle takes time. You could be ending one phase of changes in your home or family to prepare for the next. Developing skills at home are also recommended. Other people could surprise you with brilliant ideas, especially those that are philosophical and get you thinking about the point of life in much grander ways. Talking to friends and those in your social sphere can wake you up to the most fascinating contemplations now. Where you feel limited in relationships, now is your chance to come up with great solutions. Use your talent for gab with an open mind and you’re set for brilliance to show up.

Cancer: The Moon is our closest celestial body, and it is undeniably so very beautiful. The calm and serenity it provides as it shines down on us is undeniable. The Full Moon has you finding yourself most lit up through contemplation and conversations now. Talking to those close to you about making plans and setting goals is a great opportunity to shine the light on how you’ve been approaching life. It’s often not until a Full Moon arrives that we see the full reality of what we’ve been doing to get where we are. Talk to people that are wise and that know how to make plans to inspire you to work on improving your own. If you’re business or career minded, this would be the week to work on developing your skills, fix your schedule, reach out to resources for solutions and set new goals for your future.

Leo: The Full Moon brings attention to your sense of security. The Full Moon has you looking at how you’ve been providing that sense of comfort for yourself or not. If you don’t feel like you’re at that level of comfort you’d like, this is the time to take an honest look at how organized your finances are. It’s important to look at all the details, do number crunching, and look at how you’ve been dealing with your budget. There’s a lot of opportunity for you to grow your finances in the coming months, but you’ll need to honestly look at your habits and create a long term plan that makes sense. Are you using your time efficiently to manifest the life you want? If your relationships feel like they’re limiting you, this is the time to talk it out, from the heart. Look at your commonalities, especially in terms of the meaning of life. Good conversations can open you up to a new beginning. Personal self discoveries are likely to arrive at the end of the week. Meditation is recommended.

Virgo: Happy Full Moon in your sign. This is when you take an honest look at yourself and see who you’ve become. Who are you now and how much have you grown in the past 6 months. You’ve got a lot of luck on your side with Jupiter and the North Node in your sign. This Full Moon can feel like a wake up call to yourself that sets you right. Doing something that you know will give you a healthy boost of self esteem so you feel empowered is recommended now. Creating plans, tackling your schedule and looking at your health routine is essential now. Explore your resources and inspirations to inform you of the direction you most want to head in. Thinking outside the box and trying new approaches to how you live and work each day has the power to set you up for a much brighter future. Use your intelligence. A new perspective of reality is likely to show up for you this week. Compassion for others goes a long way.

Libra: This Full Moon starts off the week on a more existential, even spiritual, note for you. It’s a good idea for you to take some time early in the week to contemplate the big picture. This is when you can come up with smart ideas that rise like mist seemingly out of nowhere, and has a brilliance to it that can’t be ignored. Making sure you have structure in your life for personal, quiet time so you can feel connected to something bigger than just the day to day concerns is important for you now. This is a great week to go out on a date. If a date is cancelled, don't worry, it could be setting you up for a better use of your time for another night. Communications in love are blessed this week and you could meet someone out of the blue. Messages from the heart have a way of making synchronicities show up. This is an excellent time to make beautiful art, or find your creative voice. Singing a most beautiful song from the heart can free you.

Scorpio: The week starts off with a Full Moon. The focus is on how you are keeping your social life organized and in order. Are you around your peers? It’s wise for you to assess if those you are hanging around with are stimulating your intelligence in ways that make you better. You have blessings in your social sphere for months to come. It’s important to get out there and meet new people. Some of your most destined friendships are set to expand and grow this year. If you have any financial issues that impact your home life, or you feel limited in being able to make your home look the way you want, creative solutions on a budget are emphasized now. Figure out new ways to get the energy to flow in your space and your mind and body will thank you. Feng Shui is an excellent practice to explore that can help you to think outside the box and pay closer attention to the way energy flows in your life.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon highlights your career, goals and higher ambitions. It’s a great time to take a look at how far you’ve come. Are you living up to your potential? You have blessings in this area of your life this year. Take advantage of them by taking a realistic, honest look at how you set up your schedule and routine. Do they support you manifesting your goals? Are you paying attention to the details and steps required to realize your big dream? This is prime time for you to have most innovative ideas. Conversations with others stimulates creative thinking. Entrepreneurs can come up with the most brilliant ideas to move forward on implementing. A new strategy can show up out of nowhere. Conversations can gets the ball rolling. Keep the lines of communication going and the inspirations will keep coming.

Capricorn: The Full Moon is in your fellow earth sign. You have a lot of growth happening this year that relates to education. Even if you’re not in formal education such as university, you will learn practical, meaningful, smart skills this year through your daily routine. If you haven’t been applying yourself as much as you know you could, this Full Moon can make that apparent. An honest look at your progress relative to the vision for your life, will show you how much more time and effort is required. You should be excited about the possibilities, because this is about you getting on track with your life’s destiny. Smarter money management solutions are recommended for you this week. Your home is where you can find your most brilliant ideas show up out of the blue.

Aquarius: The Full Moon brings attention to your personal power, especially how you attract the things you need into your life. Debt solutions are wise to take a look at now. Imagine how free your mind would be if you didn’t have to worry about paying back loans. This year you can make great gains in finding that sense of freedom. This Full Moon reminds you of how important making that commitment to yourself is. People you engage with socially can help provide you with the structure you need to feel like you are at your best frame of mind. It is communication that you find your greatest freedom now. If someone you usually talk to isn’t around, it could be a blessing in disguise, prompting you to speak with someone else that has just the right, brilliant advice. Love yourself and make yourself feel beautiful in your own skin and your esteem will get a nice boost.

Pisces: The Full Moon puts emphasis on your relationships now. Life feels more purposeful when you share it with others. Being of service to others and bringing more compassion and love into the world is good karma that keeps on giving. This Full Moon can highlight that you need to expand your horizons by relating to a wider variety of people. If you feel like you’ve got some limitations in your career or your ambitions aren’t working out as expected, deep meditation and prayer can bring you great insights. It’s a good idea to consider different types of work opportunities, the kind that brings you financial freedom and a sense of doing something bigger than yourself. At the end of the week The Sun in your sign meets Neptune giving you a reminder of how important it is to Know Thyself.

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