Full Moon in Libra Lunar Eclipse Weekly Horoscopes for March 21 to 27, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Happy Easter!
Easter is always on the first Sunday
after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox
Ostara is always on the Spring Equinox
Welcome to Spring! On Sunday the Sun entered Aries for the Spring Equinox! We are now moving forward from the very beginning of a new astrological year as we journey through the seasons of the zodiac, starting with Aries.

For many weeks the focus has been on Pisces. We still have Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, but the focus is now shifting towards Aries. But it’s not like the flick of a switch where everything changes when it comes to the seasons and the signs. Life is a process where we build on and transform our lives and who we are as we continue on. We still have the karma of the past with us to work through as we head towards the future.

Pisces is a sign that can bring about a lot of goodness, but it can also bring us to face our subconscious, our inner world and parts of ourselves that we may not like to look at. Many of us have been working through challenges in our lives that need to be healed. How did you end up where you are, and where do you go from here?

Now we’re here. It’s spring. The transition into Aries has us questioning who we are, our identity and who we want to become now. Aries is the athlete, the courageous warrior, the initiator. This is an excellent time to be focusing on how to get our lives in order so we can stand strongly in who we are and go forward with optimism and renewed energy, focus and direction.

Aries is the sign of sportsmanship. Now I know a lot of people don’t like sports, while others thrive on them. But either way, what we do know about sports and athletes is that it’s about focus, dedication, stamina, drive and willpower. Sports may seem meaningless to some, “What’s the point of focusing so much energy on trying to get a ball in the net? Who cares?” To those who are more intellectually, philosophically or creatively inspired, getting a puck in the net can seem pretty pointless in the grand scheme of things. But stepping back and looking at the benefits of that type of attention, precision and intention to set a goal and meet it, it’s easy to see the benefit of what may at first seem so trivial. Plus, there’s the added benefit of adding healthy activity and social benefits to your lifestyle that’s good for your well being overall.

Aries is the initiator, the starting point, and here we are. It’s also important that we are not just focusing on what our goals are and what we want, but who we are in this moment. I particularly love how dance connects to both the Pisces and Aries energy. Dance and movement grants the benefit of being right here, right now, in this moment, accepting of who you are, where you are. It’s not about the future. It’s about being present and in tune with the flow of life in this moment.

If you feel like your life has been disorganized for too long, or the way of your life has been dragging on and not improving the way you’d like, this is a new beginning for you to push yourself a little more to muster the strength to put your life into practical action.

Mercury follows the Sun and moves into Aries on Monday, then reaches out to Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) in Sagittarius on Wednesday. These are really good symbols for become more aware of who you are, and how to best use your energy to become the person you know and believe you can be. So start something, anything this week that you know will energize you to experience your life more fully.

It’s officially a Full Moon in Libra on Wednesday March 23, 2016 at 7:47 a.m. EDT.

This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse. As you likely remember it was a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces a couple of weeks ago. So, we’ve been between eclipses. For a lot of people the time between eclipses can feel like you’re in limbo. A lot of confusion can come up as you’re working through real life issues.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces put emphasis on starting new, and the Full Moon this week and Lunar Eclipse is about what we’ve become. When the Eclipse hits, it’s like a moment of pause and reflection again, where we accept what is and then again we’re ready to let go of what hasn’t been working in our lives. These are cycles of renewal, of release, and finding out the truth about our lives.

If life feels topsy turvy, and unbalanced, this eclipse can represent a point where you say enough is enough and let go of what was and focus on something much brighter. A new realization for your life and can arrive this week. Realizations about relationships are highly likely to show up in significant ways now.

Weighing options and debating for too long can have us feeling like we're on a teeter totter, without enough balance. If a lot of back and forth with a lack of clarity has been an issue for the past couple of week's between these eclipses, this Full Moon can bring a realization of how a lack of decisiveness is showing up in many areas of your life. When you become aware of this pattern developing you can then move to resolve things better. Mercury in Aries now can find many are ready to get rid of whatever is vague or lacking clarity so we can take on a more direct approach with quicker decision making.

The Sun and Mercury are standing across the sky from this Full Moon, which puts a lot of emphasis on who we think we are. It’s about identity, and relationships with others and with the world around us. Wednesday is an excellent time to be having conversations about who you are and what you're doing with your life, especially with those who you trust and can be open with.

It can be like seeing the person you are with for the first time again, in a new light, in a new way. This isn’t only reserved for romantic relationships either, it can be anyone in your life that you are connected with. This week can wake you up to your life, where others act as mirrors that show you who you are because of how you interact and relate to them. Knowing your true identity can feel like a veil is lifted.

Saturn goes retrograde this week in Sagittarius on Thursday. This puts greater emphasis on what we are learning through our life experiences, what we believe, and how we see the world. Lots of questions about what you believe in and have faith in are sure to arise. This puts a lot of focus on how you are responsible for the life experience that you have. With a retrograde, we go back and pay closer attention to what we’ve done before and revisit the past, which eventually can help us make better decisions.

If you’re the type of person that wants to go travel and experience more of the world, this can bring some challenges. For instance, if you don’t have the financial means to travel, you could really feel stuck, and the desire to go out and see the world can escalate. It’s very possible to feel stir crazy when Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius. If you feel like you’re being held back from getting out there and enjoying the bigger dreams you have for your life, this can be challenging and have you question how you are holding yourself back and how you can change your situation so you can enjoy life more abundantly.

Saturn retrograde is in Sagittarius, a fire sign. The fire signs love to be active. But with Saturn here, it slows things down, and that can feel frustrating. However, it can benefit you by putting some needed limits in place that help you to make better decisions.

A lot of people think, “Oh no! Saturn is so limiting,” but that’s not really such a bad thing. Limitations are necessary. Consider your car brakes. If it were up to the fire signs you’d be going full steam ahead putting the gas peddle to the metal. But the stop signs on the road are there for good reason and brakes are really helpful when it comes to driving. Imagine a city street with no stop signs, no stop lights, and no car breaks. It would be total chaos. Slowing down, making responsible choices, and doing things in an orderly fashion is not a bad thing at all.

One of my friends was having a difficult time finding a job. For well over a year, she sent out countless resumes and nothing good came up. The pay was terrible, the location was terrible, the hours were terrible, the commute was just not going to be good at all. Obviously she was getting depressed. But then a job came up and it’s just a walk away, on the waterfront, and happens to be perfect for her past experience and fit like a glove. She loves it. Now imagine had she gotten another job a year ago or six months ago that she didn’t like at all just so she could get the money she needed. She could still be there, at a job she doesn’t like, feeling stuck, with little prospects or satisfaction. But now, after all that time of not having a job, the right one finally came along, and now she’s happy. Sometimes waiting, stalls, and obstacles are actually a gift in disguise.

So, with Saturn retrograde over the next few months, if you feel like you’re stuck, and things are just at a standstill, it just might be for the best overall. Remember that Aries is great at living in the moment, so worrying about the future is just draining. Just do your best with where you are right now. Your faith is likely to be tested, but you will get through it.

I do not know a single person that does not have challenges in life. There’s always something to work through in life, and it always teaches us something that we can benefit from in one way or another.

Venus in Pisces is the main focus for the rest of the week. She connects with Jupiter and Saturn on Friday, and then on Sunday she connects with Pisces.

As mentioned earlier, Pisces has been the focus for many weeks with so many planets here. We still have Neptune and Chiron in Pisces for years to come. Whatever you’ve been going through over the past month that has had you needing to heal your life, it is going to come up again around February and March over the next few years. It can show up in different forms and circumstances, but each year there is going to be this focus on healing your life and looking at the karma that you’ve been creating for yourself.

Old habits can be hard to break, and for a lot of people, the Piscean focus recently has brought up a lot of questions about habits and addictions that need to be released in order to heal and create a better life.

So, even though a lot of the energy is shifting towards Aries now that we’re in spring, Venus in Pisces now is going to continue this process of making sure that we bring more love and compassion to ourselves and the situations in our lives. It’s looking at all the stuff that has accumulated in your life and working on healing it. There is great power in transforming your life now, and to tap into your Higher Self (that part of you that is your greatest potential and purpose) is where the change and healing is going to take place.

Jupiter in Virgo is going to continue to have us reassess the habits and patterns in our life so we can live up to our potential.

Putting love into what you do day in and day out, builds on itself. It shifts your karma as you pour more and more of your highest self into the life you are living. Even though love and your highest self is an ethereal concept, it can create significant practical changes to your life and affect the world around you.

The Sun in Aries reaching out to Mars in Sagittarius on Saturday is the piece of the puzzle this week that reminds us that you can become new. Be strong in who you are and have faith in yourself that you can do what really matters in your life to be the person that you envision. Say to yourself with conviction, “This is who I am and I’m going to be proud of being this person, faults and all. I have gifts and talents that the world needs and I’m going to honor my life by doing my best whenever possible.”

More updates are likely to be added this week as inspiration arises with the Full Moon. Come back again this week to read more.

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Lifestyle Tip - Feeling Your Energy

Most people are not that well connected to their energy. Too many distractions and too much business in our lives can have us feeling disconnected. Here's an easy way to get in touch with what your energy feels like so you can feel more alive, and less on autopilot for a few moments. 

Turn on slow graceful music that connects with your essence. Move your body in any way that feels right to you that connects with the music. Breathe calmly and deeply with the moment. Connect with the flow of the energy within you and around you. 

Just let your body flow to the vibrations and harmony of the music, feeling your life force being here in this moment right now. Allow the your energy to flow freely with each movement and breath. Be with your body, mind and spirit.

When you can spend some quality time just being here now, enjoying your existence, you can find freedom in that personal space.

This practice can peel away layers of doubt and judgment in yourself that you’ve held onto long enough and give you a healthy connection to your body.

Being present in the here and now, conscious of your energy can bring you all new, fresh perspectives.

When you are more aware of where your energy is now, it will help guide you in the direction you need to move in to reach the higher vision of your life. 


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I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Aries
The Moon travels from Virgo to Scorpio this week
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is on Wednesday March 23, 2016 at 8:01 a.m. ET
Mercury enters Aries on March 21, 2016 at 8:19 p.m. EDT
Venus is in Pisces
Mars is in Sagittarius
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn stations retrograde in Sagittarius on Wednesday, March 25, 2016 at 6:00 a.m. EDT
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for March 21 to 27, 2016

Aries: Spring is here and it’s your birthday month. This is time to celebrate who you are and regain faith in yourself. Your smarts come in handy over the next few weeks. It’s a great time to focus on yourself to get your life in alignment with who you know yourself to be at your very best. Your relationships with others can remind you of who you are being and give you a needed message to renew your identity. When others want you to do as they wish, it’s ok to say no. Choose what is best for you and others will understand you better.

Taurus: There are introverts and there are extroverts, neither is better than the other. Honor what works for you and where you thrive. The Full Moon eclipse has you wake up to your habits and what needs to change. Letting go of patterns is not always easy but it’s necessary. Same actions, same results. Social interactions can alter your creative direction in big ways. It’s not a great time to be spending credit, loaning or borrowing money for group activities that you’re not really that interested in. Spending on a long lasting, meaningful item or going on the trip you want are better options.

Gemini: Your social life could get more active. You’ll likely feel even more chatty than usual. A group activity like running or biking with friends is good for strengthening your social circle. Meeting up with someone you’re quite fond of this week can bring more excitement and happiness to your life. Embellishing humor is the way to go. A new creative direction is likely to open up for you this week that feels more true to your talents. Trust that those that are meant to be around you this week will stand out, while those that aren’t will be harder to find now.

Cancer: The Full Moon Eclipse this week can have you seeing your family and home-life in a different way. Sometimes it’s necessary to let go of old energy and bring in the new and this week marks such a change. Ultimately it is harmony and a loving, balanced home that we each would like most. Identifying with career also lights up this week. Thinking more about your goals and how you fit into the current role you’ve chosen is recommended. Dreams of travels with a significant other can inspire you greatly now.

Leo: This is a great time to travel and see the world. The flowers are starting to sprout and new life is thriving. Take some time to consider where you’d like to visit in the world. What experiences would make you feel like you’re thriving and stimulating your interests? Going away for education or learning could also be on your mind. At the very least, talking about it is recommended. The Full Moon Eclipse can help you see the pros and cons that you may usually overlook. Conversations are sure to reveal important information this week. Listen as much as you talk.

Virgo: Your money matters are highlighted over the coming weeks. The money you earn and the money you may get from other resources are up for consideration. It’s up to you to make financial decisions that benefit your life balancing income with borrowing. With Jupiter in your sign, you’re sure to come up with big ideas, hopes and wishes for your life. Strategic thinking and planning is right up your alley, and a necessary part of your growth. Putting your energy and efforts in and around your home is recommended. Smart, responsible financial investments in your home can be a lot of work but could increase the value. Lots of research could find Virgos on the hunt, a new real estate deal worth contemplation.

Libra: Complaining is one of the easiest things in the world to do. Everyone can find something to complain about, and especially with your strong ability to see right from wrong, it’s even easier to point out what’s the matter. Taking greater responsibility for your life and who you know yourself to be is highlighted now. Putting your thoughts into action, and walking the talk is suggested. The Full Moon Eclipse highlights letting go of the negative and focusing more on the best potentials. A more loving and compassionate approach to all your habits goes a long way. Doing the work to find the most loving words isn’t always easy, but your need for harmony definitely helps the effort. Giving your home some nurturance and love this week is empowering.

Scorpio: You may find working hard at your job and securing an income is a lot of work. This week your habits are in focus. Is your energy being put to its best use? You can figure out a lot of ways to improve your routine this week that will help you strengthen your sense of security. Focus on feeling empowered and on track. The Full Moon Eclipse has an existential side to it that has you considering how your karma has led you to where you are today. Take some time to daydream and look back on your past and answers will arrive.

Sagittarius: This week asks you to do something different to define yourself. If you’ve been doing the same thing and aren’t getting any further ahead, it’s time to figure that out. Sometimes life can feel like you’re going around in circles and needs you to step up and make the change to get different results. The Full Moon Eclipse asks who is it that is a part of your life and are they on the same wave length, in tune with your vision for your life? The light bulb can arrive revealing where your doubts are and where the real power is in yourself. Does your career support the life you want at home? This week asks you to answer this question.

Capricorn: The Full Moon Eclipse has you looking at where you were and where you are ready to go in your career. If you’ve landed a new job lately, this week can clarify if it’s the right one for you. Talking about love has the power to transform your identity this week. Saturn goes retrograde at the end of the week. Questioning your faith is likely to come up a lot over the coming months. If there are no concrete examples of your faith being a part of reality, you could change your perspective. You need to see results to feel like it’s real. In that sense, you may end up having more faith in how your practical actions lead to tangible results.

Aquarius: The best thing to do is to talk about what’s on your mind. The more you think about it the better, but talking takes it to a whole other level. It’s the social interaction that has your mind changing course and shifting your perspectives. Speaking with those that you trust and believe in because they have proven they are there for you helps you get a lot off your chest. You could feel like you need to get away and travel a bit to find your balance. The Full Moon Eclipse can bring you realizations about the meaning of your life that helps you weigh your options so you can reach a happier place. Let go of what isn’t working so you can stand in your light.

Pisces: Real love allows you to be the real you. It allows you to trust and to be open to sharing the very best of yourself to others. The restrictions of a 9 to 5 job, or whatever the case may be, likely won’t jive well with you this week. Instead it is the social scene that has you feeling more like you’re doing and becoming something worthwhile. It doesn’t mean to give up your day job, but rather it's a shift towards the benefits of social life that can change you. There is a magical quality to the Full Moon Eclipse on Wednesday that can reveal how you are attracting or repelling what you want in life. Some personal time to contemplate what you truly want will not be time wasted.

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