New Moon in Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for March 7 to 13, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

New Moon in Pisces and a Solar Eclipse.
Pisces ruled by Neptune (Poseidon) ruler of the sea.
Symbol - Fish. 
Happy New Moon in Pisces!

This week starts off with the Moon entering watery Pisces on Monday. This will set us up for the New Moon on Tuesday, along with the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces now.

This is a dreamy time, where we easily slip into our imagination and feel a more creative flow in our lives. Ocean greens, blues, teals and aquamarine colors have a special glow and affinity now. Showers and baths can have a greater soothing quality in our lives than usual as the importance of water and healing is with us.

Soon before the New Moon, the Sun stands across the sky from Jupiter in Virgo on Tuesday, March 8. Dreaming of how you want to live your life in bigger ways, to see the world and travel are likely to be on your mind now. The desire to go for what you wish for is heightened. The purpose of our one-on-one relationships also takes on greater importance now.

Is your life organized? Are you on track towards the life you want? Is your lifestyle aligned with your higher vision and getting you where you wish to go? Do you have a plan?

It’s officially a New Moon in Pisces on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 8:54 p.m. ET.

This New Moon also brings us a total solar eclipse where the Moon will blot out the sun for a short period and cast a shadow on the earth. This solar eclipse will be visible in the South Pacific but it will be nighttime in Europe and North America so we won't see it here.

The Piscean New Moon encourages us to have a new, more sacred way of seeing the world. An eclipse brings extra emphasis as a turning point where we release the past and begin anew. We are to wake up with fresh eyes and look to what the bigger purpose of all this is, and consider why each of us have been put here on this earth. The solar eclipse brings extra power and potency to the New Moon and encourages that we seek the truth and move beyond illusions, especially those that we've decidedly held onto for long enough.

Sometimes life is challenging, harsh, and confusing. We don’t know all there is to know or why everything is the way it is. Our brains simply don't have the capacity to know all there is to know. There’s ever more to explore and discover in this universe and to become conscious of, and one lifetime just isn't enough. Pisces is the sign of evolution towards our highest ideals. This New Moon and eclipse can bring a breakthrough in awareness that helps you realize how you can experience the flow of your life in more conscious, healing ways.

I recently watched the Life of Pi for the first time earlier last week. Though it’s been out for years, I realized how perfectly timed it was to watch it now with so much ocean and metaphor coinciding with the current abundance of energy in watery Pisces.  I was so drawn by the beauty of the sun gloriously reflected on the deep sea water. A friend then told me they thought it won an an award for cinematography.

The conflict between the needs and wants of survival against the uncontrollable will of the vast ocean brought the main character to deep contemplation of surrender to an unknown will higher than his own.

This captured the essence of the power of Pisces. Where all potentials, possibilities and unknowns exist and we realize how big life and existence really is and how small our own bubble is relative to eternity. Pisces is like being submerged in the depths of Mariana's trench, or peering into subatomic worlds or the far reaches of space and beyond.

The power of this New Moon in Pisces is to realize a universal power that permeates all that exists, a destiny that we can not fully grasp, but we can flow with, relate to, and experience.

The days surrounding this New Moon is when we ask how we are serving the world and others, living in line with a higher purpose, and serving our own soul and karma in the process of living our lives.

Jupiter and the North Node are across the sky from this New Moon. This brings attention to our lifestyle, our practices and the routines we engage in daily. This is an excellent time to get your life in order, to create a new schedule that supports you living in tune with what makes you feel alive, connected, organized and growing towards your highest potential.

The Solar Eclipse has us wake up to the truth and to come out of the fog we may have been living in. This can help lead to new plans that get our lives on track.

Working in partnership with another to organize your life can bring great wisdom to your new way forward. Focus your energy on those relationships that bring a sense of luck and opportunity to your life that gets you on track to a much more abundant, prosperous, destined way of living.

Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn are also connecting strongly with this New Moon. Wherever you feel there are obstacles in your life, this New Moon can bring you transformative power to create the changes you need for a new beginning. It's a great time to get rid of old energy and let in the new.

Wherever you feel you’re being held back, frustrated, limited or lack faith in creating and manifesting the life you want, this is the time to bring your attention to the bigger dream and make a plan. People that are successful are usually those that are organized, have a plan and a mission.

This is when you start putting into place new patterns in your life that feel like you’re heading in the right direction using your life to serve a higher purpose.

Greater compassion for all life is encouraged with this New Moon. To be of service to others and to recognize the unity in all things can give your life a sense of meaningful purpose now.

If you have any particular habits or addictions that have long been weighing on your life, this can be a turning point where you let go of the destructive, mindless, escapist habits, and focus on developing a more conscious lifestyle. Forming new, healthier habits to replace old habits is recommended. The window to clear up your act and your karma is wide open. Focus on creating new ways to live up to your potential and the flow of your life will change for the better.

Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces on Friday, March 11. Our minds are more stimulated and enlivened by spiritual, mystically inclined thinking. Profound thoughts can arrive suddenly, and lift you out of a fog and into the stratosphere.

Meditation practice, tai chi, feng shui, reiki, all these types of spiritual, energetic and imaginative ways of experience our life and energy do wonders for the mind now. Intelligent wisdom arrives when we gaze up at the stars, daydream at the sunlight sparkling on water, or close our eyes and visualize while warm water of a shower pours down the back of our necks.

More ethereal, spiritual concepts can stretch our logic this week. Making time to live more conscious of the more magical qualities of life can change your life.

Noticing synchronicities along with repeating numbers is likely to be heightened now. Messages that show up now can feel especially destined.

An interest New Age philosophies of all kinds ranging from psychics to angels, fantasy novels and Atlantean mysteries to oneness and cosmic unity, Ayurveda to Reiki and Zen can are well suited to the Piscean energy. It is where we seek to be lit up with wisdom by accessing a vast array of concepts. There is a more mystical quality to the next coming weeks with Mercury in Pisces where the mind can access a higher level of awareness more easily.

Imagine an overlay of visual graphics on your reality. Visualization of magical energy is a regular part of working with chi, the energy that is imagined in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and martial arts practices.

It’s a suitable time to listen to meditative and trance music, to use crystal singing bowls, chant mantras, listen to brainwave music or binaural beats to induce a relaxed, even hypnotic state. These practices can take you onto a wave of imagination, mystical visualization where you can access the mysteries of higher consciousness.

If you're a Gamer, this is a great week to pick up a new fantasy RPG to draw you into mystical worlds that heighten your imagination to new levels. The potential in artificial intelligence and virtual reality is the next step.

Venus enters Pisces on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 5:23 a.m. ET. The higher vibration of love, the more spiritual, heartfelt emotional connection to the grand design of the universe and your life is on offer. Use your life to serve and be a conduit that brings love, light and compassion into the world.

This is a great time to add heart chakra meditation to your practice. Turquoise colors in your space bring joy. Rose quartz is also great stone to add a harmonious reminder to your space encouraging an open heart.

Singing in the shower can open up your energies. Humming and letting the tones ascend and descend with a natural flow without any concern for what it “should” sound like is recommended. Surrender to the flow. The positive ions released from cascading water in a shower is also beneficial to your well being.

With so much energy in Pisces now standing across the sky from Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, and spring just around the corner, this is a great time to do some spring cleaning to get your life in order so you can feel more abundant energy flowing through your space.

Opening the windows to let the light and air flow through can do you wonders. Turn on music that you love and let the vibrations lift the energy to a higher place and clear out old energy. Change the karmic energy of your home by putting into place new cleaning routines to keep the energy fresh and uplifted.

This week the New Moon in Pisces and solar eclipse, gives us a reminder of what we’re releasing from our past and what new energy we wish to bring into our lives. This is the time to create new karma. With so much energy in Pisces, it’s time to move beyond our own bubble, our own self-centered ego, and see life as the grand experience of energy and consciousness that we are all a part of together.


Lifestyle Tip - Bring in New Energy

Everything is energy. Bringing better energy into your life is a matter of practice. Now that winter is almost over it's time to do some spring cleaning to make room for better flow for your life.

An easy way to bring in new energy into your space and your life is to open a few windows each day to let new energy flow through.

The fresh air brings in new prana and chi energy flow into your space and clears out stagnant energy.

Additionally you can burn incense or smudge with white sage. This is especially useful if you want to get rid of negative, lingering vibes in your space to allow room for better intentions.

Do this with open windows to allow the old energy to be taken away with the incense smoke.

If you don't want to use incense, music is a great alternative.

Turn on music to clear out old energy. Music with a positive vibe is best. A moderate to louder volume creates a more powerful clearing of energy, while softer music encourages gentle harmony.


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I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Pisces
The Moon travels from Aquarius to Gemini this week
Mercury is in Pisces
Venus enters Pisces on March 12, 2016 at 5:23 am ET
Mars is in Sagittarius
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for March 7 to 13, 2016

Aries: This week we have a more spiritual, mystical quality with us. The new beginning this New Moon brings for you is of a higher order. Thinking outside the box is becoming your forte. Considering new ways to live your life so you are tuned into your body, mind and spirit in connection with a higher calling is with you. Focus on getting your life organized more this week. The desire to get away, to travel, to experience the world is growing for you now. Taking action towards learning new ideas can prepare you for worthwhile growth. The Moon enters Aries on Wednesday encouraging you to take care more for yourself and your spirit.

Taurus: This week the New Moon sets the stage for new growth, particularly in how you connect with others. It is those people that you feel are on the same page as you in body, mind and spirit that you could use more of in your life. Joining a yoga class or meditation group would bring you into the presence of those that can lift your spirit and give you a new perspective. When you have a mission, and you have others around you that are supportive and encouraging, you are more likely to fulfill that mission. Bring the best parts of your personality forward and find ways to express yourself that align with a higher calling for your life. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse can have you realize the types of people you want to make a part of your social life. Consider the types of people that you would like to have in your life in the future will help you decide where you're headed. The Moon enters Taurus on Friday. Feeling more comfortable in your own skin and getting in touch with nature is recommended. A breakthrough in identity is set to take place for you this week.

Gemini: Your career and goals in life are getting lots of attention this week. How you think and feel about what you’re working towards is about to be renewed. Having your home space in order, helps you to feel more organized all around, which helps you more easily manifest the dreams you have for your life. A good cleaning of your space to allow more abundant energy to flow is recommended. Whatever you are ambitious about, and really love, it has the power to light you up, heal you and bring much contemplation. Sunday the Moon enters your sign. This would be a great day to make yourself comfortable spending some time with yourself. Rest and relaxation are recommended on the weekend to infuse yourself with emotional intelligence.

Cancer: Have a look at the pros and cons and trust your gut early in the week regarding finances. Outreach to financial resources works best when you have a smart plan and vision for the future. If you’re spending a lot on what is deemed beautiful, know that fads pass quickly. The New Moon is harmonious for you, and can inspire you to communicate what you believe your higher purpose is to others. Musings, reflections and talking about what’s possible can bring you great ideas that feel destined. Focus on lucky thoughts and words. Discussions on travel and how you could see more of the world so you can learn and grow more are recommended, particularly places that feel sacred and meaningful.

Leo: Accessing wisdom is heightened for you immensely now. With the New Moon in Pisces and a solar eclipse, you are primed to have an awakening. The realizations that come to you this week are going to continue to grow. Your way of thinking about reality will get bigger and go deeper. The opportunity to expand your frame of mind to a much grander vision of the cycles of life is with you. There is a karmic quality to the new beginnings now. Your financial picture looks like it benefits greatly for smart investments, but if there is a lack of information ask for more clarity. Acknowledging that debt is not wealth inspires intelligent decisions. The meaning of love can be rediscovered now. Dreamy, surreal art gets extra magical this week.

Virgo: The New Moon in Pisces stands across your sky and draws you into a more ethereal relationship to life. This is mostly demonstrated in the light that shines in others. Those that are compassionate, caring, and have a more spiritual or wise quality can teach you great wisdom about yourself. Your perception of who you are is intent on growing in leaps and bounds this year. Other people can bring you messages and insights that wake you up to a much bigger purpose, and can restore your faith in a higher wisdom than your own. The more you listen, the more you will learn. It’s a great time to ask questions and get feedback that you can take with you into the future. Your love life is set to feel more romantic and surreal. Meditation that centers on love of others and the world is recommended. Dreamy qualities in others are more magnetic as the week progresses. Synchronicity is more likely to be evident in your life this week. Take notes.

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Libra: Embellishing in your creative pursuits this week can infuse you with a sense of harmony that then leads into your work. Whatever you deem beautiful, with the right harmony and balance is to be celebrated now. The arts can bring you a happy glow. Sparkling light can bring lovely ideas. There is an important need for you to find balance in your work life now, particularly bringing a more spiritualized approach to your routine. Fresh beginnings in your health and wellness are set to begin. It’s a good time to start adding new, healthy ways of living into your lifestyle. It’s recommended that you release old habits that have possibly weighed on you and your karmic path and replace them with new habits as you move forward. A dash of logic and a dose of faith in your potential can help you make a healthy, healing plan for your life.

Scorpio: There is a karmic quality to this week that plays an important role in how your personality develops. A balance of logic and intuition helps you express your feelings well now. Your creativity can flourish this week, particularly if there is a healing, spiritual aspect to what you are creating. Whether it’s an idea, a painting, a new song or a dance routine, tapping into your imagination to explore and express the fantastic qualities of your personality can heal you. Friends or acquaintances who are living their dreams or are working on developing their plans to do so are your inspiration now. If you’re a performer this would be a great week to put on a show. Scorpio musicians and filmmakers will find this time particularly inspiring. There is a new, fresh energy with you. Artists will find releasing the ego and surrendering to the artistic process feels right. Plant the seeds to grow into the wisest expression of yourself now.

Sagittarius: A new, empowering energy is with you now. It’s likely you’re having a boost for your ego these days, and that comes with a reality check this week that could actually feel quite welcome. There is a much bigger universe than your own bubble of personal wants and needs. This week you get to tap into a new, vast pool of wisdom. It’s time to become more comfortable with the unknowns and to have more faith that where you are now has a grand purpose that is beyond the limits of your imagination. Your immediate environment would do well to have a bit of a makeover. Adding more meaningful items and pictures that bring you memories of love and warmth you’ve had in your life is a good start. A new relationship with home and family can give you more faith in life. This week you can overcome obstacles and feel your karma is changing for the better.

Capricorn: The New Moon this week encourages you to think in much vaster ways than you usually do. Considerations of a more spiritual, ethereal, cosmic or wonderous perspective about existence is likely to show up for you. Releasing old thought patterns, and opening up to having more faith in the process of life is healing. Words that show up can have special meaning and arrive in synchronistic ways. Pay special attention to repeating words, phrases and numbers that stand out. They have the power to transform the way you think, and can literally change your future. Strange dreams can lead to wise contemplations now. Artistic, smart people that are open minded and intrigued by fantasy, symbolism, spirituality and surrealism can bring the most thought provoking conversations. It’s a great time to visualize, meditate and commune with your higher self.

It’s important to bring beauty and harmony into your life, and this includes having a more loving perception of yourself. The New Moon brings attention to your financial picture and the work you do. Feeling secure and comfortable is growing in importance for you, and having money is a part of that. Doing work that feels like it is fulfilling a higher purpose in the world is emphasized more for your now as well. Aquarians generally have a more energetic perspective on money than most others do. What you believe has a big impact on what you manifest. Your faith in what’s possible matters a lot now. When you feel gratitude and have a sacred connection to the energy in your life, there is a better flow all around. That flow helps you feel secure. Set yourself up for success by planting seeds of faith in yourself and the work you do. Asking for the resources you need can help you build prosperity.

Pisces: Happy New Moon in Pisces! This is your time to be the magic maker of your own life, to think and dream your reality into existence. The faith you have in yourself is set to be renewed now. Your thoughts and feelings prepare you for a new beginning. This is when you can more easily recognize your place in the grand scheme of the universe where love and compassion become more emphasized. To serve a much larger purpose than your own wants and needs can inspire you to help, heal and give to others. It is in service to others from the most authentic, giving part of yourself that you grow most now. If you feel held back or somewhat stuck in your career or your goals, colleagues, friends or peers can help you transform your perspective. This change can then transfer to a shift in your goals that you may not have considered before. It’s an excellent time to connect with others. Romance can flourish now and feel lucky. If you’re single, knowing there is an abundance of fish in the sea makes it that much easier to trust and have faith that all will be well in your world. Gratitude makes you most attractive.

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