Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for April 11 to 17, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Mercury in Taurus has our mind on how we relate to and interact with the material world. Practical matters are in focus. In order to achieve anything of value, to build something that lasts, work needs to be done. Forethought and planning is essential.

In all your practical endeavors this week, discussions, brainstorming, writing down what needs to be done, and making lists will help take ideas from the realm of thoughts down to earth where they can make a real difference.

The Sun, Venus and Uranus are in Aries this week. It is the early signs of the zodiac that have the most activity now. Aries is the sign of newness, of birth, of coming alive in the world and being recognized as an individual. The New Moon last week set us up for new beginnings which will continue to grow this week. If you feel like you’re behind, no worries, you can always start from where you’re at. The moment that counts the most is always now.

Mercury and Neptune are in harmony on Tuesday. Visualization about what you want to create and manifest in the world is a great place to start. There can be a magical quality to this day. This would be a great time to start a vision board of the things you want to achieve and experience in life. In particular, with Mercury in Taurus, the possessions and material objects that you would like to acquire are in focus. The best items are those that are practical and useful so they can help you do meaningful work. Think, “What do I need so I can best do ____?”

Venus and Mars are in harmony on Tuesday as well. Mars is at a standstill this week as he stations retrograde at the end of the week in Sagittarius. This retrograde cycle of Mars will last for many months. Mars will station direct in Scorpio later in June.

The connection between Venus and Mars now has a lot to do with self-esteem and self-worth. The ego plays a big role in how we identify with ourselves and the world. As Mars retrogrades in the sign of possibilities, it’s a great time to strategize what you want to do for your life. What are your real aspirations that you have for yourself? Is where you are living in the world the right place for you to live to your fullest, with vitality and energy? Are you living your life according to your own self directed determination? Do you believe you can live up to your potential?

The next few months will be a time of discovering what your motivations are. With Venus in harmony with Mars at the beginning of his retrograde cycle, this is a good sign. Self-love and self-respect are highlights to self discovery. The need for honoring who you are and having personal freedom and empowerment will be significant in molding your actions and motivations.

Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony on Thursday. Brilliant insights filled with hope can arise this week. The harmony between these two in earth signs can bring a touch of luck and smarts that open you up to new possibilities. New ideas (the bigger, the better) about organizing your life are likely to show up giving you a sense of having a firmer ground to stand on so you can think smart without distractions.

Thursday would be a great day to jump right in and start working on a plan for your life. Write down all the details, all the wants and wishes, as the foundation to formulating a smart plan. This can be for work and business, or for your health and lifestyle. Whatever area you know for sure needs more attention and work, start writing down your ideas. This would be a great time to buy a new book, or start using a new productivity app that you know will be practical and useful to get you on track.

Mercury and Pluto are in harmony on Sunday. This is great for working together in business and career matters. When the foundations are strong and well thought out and organized, achievement is possible.

This also signifies an awareness of the importance of each role in any organization working in harmony together to accomplish goals. An understanding of what needs to be done to create a good work environment for all who are involved in a project is highlighted now.

In order for any company, or relationship to work, there needs to be agreement and teamwork. If you are butting heads with your boss or your partner, don’t expect to get anywhere good. It is when you are working together, not against each other, that real accomplishment can take root.

Discussions on what needs to be done and how to build financial stability are recommended in business partnerships.

Grassroots level thinking also has the power to change things at the top. Intelligent dialogue is essential.

Mars stations retrograde on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 8:14 am EDT. As the energy shifts it is likely palpable for most. The actions, reactions and motivations shift priority. This can lead to reflection on what you’ve been doing with your life, what you’ve been going for, and what hasn’t been working so well. It’s a time to look at your priorities, aspirations and wishes you have for your life.

If you have an inactive lifestyle for whatever reason you may find that there is a bit more fatigue than usual that shows up, leading to a bit of a slowdown. Finding inner reserves of energy may require more effort or caffeine. Mars retrograde is also likely to create a change in what motivates you to take action. Mars will be retrograde in Sagittarius until the end of May, and will enter back intoScorpio at that time. For now, the priority is on developing inner strength, willpower and determination guided by your hopes and wishes for your life.

If you’ve been a procrastinator and not been able to create the life you wish for yourself, this is a great time to learn more about what motivates you and what the underlying reasons for your hesitations are. Being able to more clearly identify what you hope for in life and what’s holding you back from going full steam ahead in making it a reality, will help lead you to purge yourself of your fears. The purging of doubts and underlying fears will be highlighted during Mars retrograde, particularly in June this year.

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I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Aries
The Moon travels from Gemini to Virgo this week
Mercury is in Taurus
Venus is in Aries
Mars stations retrograde in Sagittarius on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 8:14 am EDT
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for April 11 to 17, 2016

Aries: You have wishes, but have you been making them a reality? Wherever you feel like you’ve been holding yourself back in life and not living up to your potential, this week is going to give you a head start in making the changes necessary. It may feel slow at first, but putting your mind to it and thinking in practical terms can set you up well. Getting your budget and finances in order helps immensely. You get to reassess where you’ve been putting your energy and where it can be better placed so you can make your dreams a reality. Honest self respect and an open heart works in your favor this week.

Taurus: Whatever you want to start in life requires a dream. How you imagine yourself, is precisely who you become. Your thoughts are that powerful. Self esteem, self awareness and self respect are high on the agenda for you now. Your creative potential is lit up this week. Whoever you see as a role model, whoever is doing what you know you’d love to do, in your own way, is worthy of paying attention to now. As you see how others are achieving their dreams, the inspiration will help you make smart choices towards manifesting the reality you want.

Gemini: This week can start off feeling very personal for you. Feeling comfortable with who you are helps you all around. It’s a great week to make your home reflect intelligence and higher consciousness. This can be done by placing objects with intention in specific locations that remind you to feel lucky and abundant. Dreams can become reality. If you are in need of borrowing or taking out a loan so you can build your dreams, you could find the right organization that can help lend you the capital you need. If you need to borrow, always borrow smart, and have a plan for successful repayment. Forethought gives you power.

Cancer: This is a great week for your to socialize. Interacting with people online and in person can be equally as fruitful. Particularly, it is talks about practical plans and lifestyle choices that are most useful. Interactions with leaders, bosses, and romantic interests each have blessings on their side. It is when you approach others in an intelligent manner with good intentions that you can create harmony that makes a difference. Opportunities for work or money-making endeavors benefit from discussion this week. Social settings that are conducive to good conversations can give you the framework necessary for your best ideas to flourish.

Leo: Life needs to be fun. You being such an expressive, creative sign, knows this to be true. This week a more spontaneous quality to your life continues. Though you are a fixed sign, and like to have a sense of stability, these days it is the possibilities, the wishes and the aspirations that feel most natural to enjoy. There is a beautiful quality to life when you know you have the power to start new from wherever you are, right now. Your career and money matters are highlighted this week. Thinking of new ways to build something of value that grows your bank account, empowers your routine and draws an abundance of fresh energy into your life is recommended. Put pen to paper and write down your highest ambitions to get started.

Virgo: This week is well suited to you. There is an abundance of practical, intelligent energy to utilize to your advantage now. Expressing your creative ambitions can manifest great changes in how you decide to live your life. Looking to role models is particularly useful for you, especially those that are empowered to create whatever they set their mind to. You may also find that considerations of traveling can stimulate your mind in substantial ways. Planting your feet in a different location can give you an all new perspective. If you want to go somewhere for a change of scenery, it may be just a click away.

Libra: Your relationships have added emphasis this week. Spontaneous interactions can light you up best. In any of your relationships, it is the unique, even quirky, qualities of others that are most intriguing these days. An open heart and a heightened enthusiasm for life attracts the very best to you. Your ability to take an authoritative role at home this week can help you gain access to resources you need. If you’re purchasing or renovating a home, this is a great time to have smart talks about borrowing and financial arrangements. Consider the long term goals in any practical endeavors you are going for. This is also a good time to consider financial plans regarding wills and estates. Dream big about the overall picture of your life and the practical tools will be obvious.

Scorpio: Mars will be stationing retrograde at the end of this week. The motivation for money is going to take on a different role in your life. You are likely to reassess what you are putting your energy towards and why. The vision you have for your life and what you’ve been working towards is going to become an important consideration as you enter a more of a reflective phase. If you don’t feel particularly financially secure, you are going to want to consider new strategies. This is an excellent time for you to talk to others about what you want to achieve. Bouncing ideas off of a significant other about money matters is recommended. Those who are doers and achievers are best to talk to this week.

Sagittarius: Once Mars goes retrograde at the end of this week, you’ll have both Saturn and Mars retrograde in your sign. This is great for personal reflection about who you are and what you’re going for to satisfy your life. It can feel like you’re going through significant change now. As you may become highly reflective on who you are, you may recognize where your energy has not been most helpful. Rather than dwell on your shortcomings, this time is likely to be the beginning of developing a new strategy you have for living the life that empowers you. It will take time, but patience will bring blessings. Career and money matters are blessed by smart lifestyle choices now. An intelligent schedule and an organized plan will give you a real boost.

Capricorn: The earth signs are all working in harmony this week which is great for Capricorns. Mercury is the star player that reaches out to bring lots of smart energy to life. Creative thinking and using money in smart ways can help you experience life in bigger ways. Traveling has a way of helping you grow wiser now. Internal reflections on the purpose of your life can open you up to bigger aspirations than you have considered before. Writing as an outlet for your creative ideas can help you feel grounded and stable. Your sense of identity is likely to feel more empowered this week. Singing is an excellent way to become more grounded and present in the moment and to feel connected to yourself, in body and mind. Focus on letting all good things in your life help you grow towards your big wishes.

Aquarius: It’s such a great time for you to connect with those you love. Whoever inspires you and gives you a warm feeling, this is a great time to have a talk and see where it takes you. Conversations with family members, or those you consider close like family, are especially likely to bring you blessings. There can be a karmic quality to this week to your interactions with others close. It’s a good time for estate planning, and discussing pooled resources and developing plans related to home and mortgages. The big ideas for your life benefit from clear discussions on wants and needs for all involved. You are likely to be blessed with a dose of higher wisdom this week that changes your perception of reality for the better.

Pisces: A good conversation this week is likely to give you a boost to your sense of self esteem and worthiness. Your daydreams are also likely to give you a new perspective. If someone you talk to holds a firm, or even a stubborn opinion, you can explore it more on your own. It could lead to just the right personal reflections you need. Conversations should be smooth without excessive debate to offer the best rewards. Being receptive and listening can reap good results. You may wish to change your social circle a bit this week. Be open to those that are smart and well rounded. Those who are worldly with lots of experience can impart great wisdom. Talking about traveling can help you formulate a plan for your future.

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