Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for April 25 to May 1, 2016

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Sun, Mercury and Venus in earthy Taurus. 
This week, Taurus brings all of us back down to earth. It’s spring, and the buds and flower blossoms are ready to present themselves in all their glory and beauty. The earth is a bountiful place, it is where abundance is revealed to us again and again. Nature is where we see the real wealth of life. All the elements work together, earth, air, fire and water to bring us the sustenance of life, nourishment and all the beauty around us. This is a time for gratitude and respect for all that is available to you.

The Sun in Aries last month brought us the spark of the seed to begin growing. Now we enter into the lush territory of Taurus where the earth’s abundance becomes more apparent with greenery, bursts of color and fragrance, and the song of birds with each passing day. Life becomes more alive.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and strongly associated with nature. Money is also associated with the earth and Taurus. We live in a world where money has become the primary focus of how a majority of us relate to and value the material world. Everything can have a price placed on it, and it usually does. But with Taurus it is the work that dominates, money is simply a means of quantifying the work. Taurus knows it is that which the material world provides and what we do with it that matters most.

It is the experience of life, the Sun warming your skin, the fragrance of a flower, the grapes growing on the vine ready to be eaten and enjoyed for all their sweetness, nourishment and energy where the real wealth of life is found. It is the time we have in the material world and what we can do and experience while we’re here that is so precious and meaningful.

Mercury is related to the transaction of money and exchange. In Taurus, Mercury now has us rethinking the value of money and how we work with it. Though money is essentially a neutral energy at its essence, there are a whole lot of rules placed on the transactions of money that can make it ever-so complicated. The value of money goes up and down depending on countless factors, ideas and opinions and so money itself can never provide 100% sense of security. Money comes and goes, and changes hands continuously, so it is never truly stable. Money is mainly a concept.

Taurus teaches us that it is the material world that is the real source that meets our needs. Regardless of financial ideas attached to the material world, the flower still blooms and the grass still grows. Humans are the only ones that believe in money. We attach the idea to the material world. All creatures, all plants and flowers, all living things can continuously exist, grow and multiply without needing a dime.

Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus on April 28, 2016 at 1:20 pm EDT. Mercury will be retrograde until May 22, 2016. This signifies taking a closer look at how you’re communing with nature, your body and how you relate to material possessions - those you have, and those you want.

This is a great time to meditate, to go within and focus your mind on your physical body. Mercury also has a magical energy with it, which is aligned well with wellness therapies like reiki, yoga and tai chi. Even spending 10 minutes stretching, running, or lifting weights will tune you into the present moment and bring you down to earth, grounding you in the physical world.

Getting in touch with your body will help you to be more present with who you are. From there you will be better able to know what you want for your life and what is worth putting your attention on.

Taurus is also about doing practical work. It’s about tilling the soil and doing the work necessary to eventually reap rewards. But, it’s not just about reaping rewards for yourself. Taurus isn’t about self centered motivation. It’s about being responsible, doing something that matters that is worth your time and effort that creates blessings all around, for yourself and the lives of others.

If you are in the stock market, this should be an interesting time to see how ideas about nature based businesses get reconsidered.

As you know, Mercury retrograde is a great time to re-do things, or return to things that perhaps you may have put off. Reading and writing more personally is recommended - it’s a great time to go back to visit your journal. It’s also a great time to enjoy singing to yourself without the need for any type of external validation. Just sing for the pleasure of it. It's also a great time to get back in touch with people from your past you haven't connected to for a while.

For those of you in love with nature, talking to your plants has been shown to have positive, harmonious results. Studies have also shown that looking outside at lush scenery is helpful for calming the mind and body of tension. Birdwatching can bring up greater reverence for life now.

Repeating patterns, numbers, words and phrases will become more obvious. Places can give you a sense of deja vu. It's a great time to write poetry.

Environmentally, this is a good time to update your recycling habits and reflect on how your choices and actions impact the environment.

Conversations about transgender issues we are seeing more in the media are in line with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn in harmony with Mercury retrograde in Taurus. Deeper conversations about the physical body and transformation of established norms are up for consideration.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will be coming home to Taurus on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 8:36 pm EDT. She brings with her a lot of love, a lot of self worth and helps us to see just how beautiful the material world is. This is treehugger territory.

In all that you do, this is a time to be present and slow down a bit to enjoy smelling the flowers. In all of nature we know there is a lot of love. The beauty, the creativity, the artistry found throughout the natural world is incredible and awe-inspiring. There is so much to be grateful for all around us. This is a great time to decorate your home with more houseplants and flowers to bring that lush, life force energy into your space. Getting your hands dirty in the soil is a beautiful thing.

In terms of work, whenever you are working, are you putting love into what you do? Do you do it with joy and reverence? Are you doing what you would really love to do? Or, are you doing the work you do mainly for the dollars and cents?

This brings into question, how much do you believe your skills, talents and abilities are worth? Are you living up to your potential? How do you envision your life as being truly wealthy?

As mentioned earlier, money is a way of quantifying the work. For some it is the type of work that takes priority. For others, it is the quantifying (the dollar value) of the work that takes priority and leads to deciding what type of work one will do. With Mercury retrograde and Venus in Taurus, this is the type of consideration to ask yourself, “What is my real motivation in doing the work that I do and does that motivation satisfy the vision I have for my life?”

It has been said countless times that when you do what you love, the money will follow. This is because when you deeply interested in something and your goals go beyond money itself, then you tend to be more creative, driven and excited about what you are creating and contributing to the world. With an attitude of thriving at being you and doing what you love, more joy and pleasure is created and it shows. That positive attitude builds on itself and opens doors.

Jupiter in fellow earth sign Virgo is in harmony with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus. There is much harmony for blessings to arrive over the coming weeks. Jupiter in Virgo encourages us to get our lives in order so we can do the work we love and live a meaningful life, every day.

You are encouraged to get your ducks in a row, to get organized, so that you may be able to manifest your lifestyle doing what you love and bring in abundance without having to compromise yourself in the process.

With Venus, Mercury, the Sun in Taurus in harmony with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, it’s a good time to also consider getting your home and work in order. Organizing is paramount in creating success. If you can’t keep your home organized, it’s most likely that other areas of life, including finances and work routines are disorganized too. This is a time to get rid of things you don’t need, gain more focus, prioritize, and organize what you do have.

It's a good idea to to observe your habits now. For example, some people choose to have a housemaid arrive at regular intervals, perhaps every week or two to clean and organize their house as part of their routine. That seems great, but it’s not unreasonable to wonder how does it affect their lives overall if they are not being responsible for the small, simple things like picking up after themselves? By leaving their environment messy, not paying attention to organizing routines, expecting someone else to do the work, that approach to living could lead to a habit of laziness in other areas of their life. Pay a little more attention now to how your routine, or lack of routine, is affecting other areas of your life.

It can be especially helpful to create a routine or designate areas for such things as your keys and wallet over the next few weeks. With Mercury retrograde it’s easy to lose things. To counter that, you can become more conscious of what you’re doing. Instead of wasting time searching for everyday items, create a pattern that helps you maintain clarity.

Overall, whatever you contribute to the world can have value that goes beyond money. The value of what you do can simply be in the smile of another, or in knowing that you saved a living thing so it could live to see another day of this beautiful world.

Your presence here in the world matters. You make a difference. Your choices, motivations and actions always lead to results, and they usually come full circle. The material world is a part of our lives, just as karma is. If you are rooted in honoring and loving the world, your life and the lives of others, you can move mountains.

Gratitude for the gifts the material world bestows is a beautiful thing.

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Taurus
The Moon travels from Sagittarius to Pisces this week
Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 1:20 pm EDT
Venus enters Taurus on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 8:36 pm EDT
Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto stations retrograde Capricorn on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 3:26 am EDT

Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for April 25 to May 1, 2016

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Mercury is Retrograde from April 28 to May 22, 2016. 

Aries: It’s a great week for you to take a much closer look at your finances. Wherever you feel like you may be falling behind in getting your accounting in order, this is a great time to count your blessings. Attention to your body this week helps you increase your sense of self worth. Rethinking how you make your money is well supported by diving deep into research on what you really want. Time outside will do wonders for your body, mind and spirit. Take a step back to consider different ways to bring in more income and how to save more efficiently for the things you love.

Taurus: It could be a beautiful week for you. A different perspective about yourself could help you feel more at ease and comfortable in your own skin. Communing with nature and taking care of yourself helps you to enjoy life more. Step outside and enjoy the fragrances, the warm sun on your skin, and the beauty of the lush greenery popping up all around. You are blessed with creative flair this week. Get your tools in order for whatever creative task you desire and make something from the heart. It will have lasting value. Looking up the history of your name on an ancestory site would lead to greater self awareness. Where you are coming from, determines where you are going. Look at your foundations more closely for blessings you already have within you.

Gemini: Beautiful dreams can take you into the realms of fantasy, giving you an all new appreciation for a more mystical view of life. You may have to revisit ideas from your past. If people show up you haven’t connected to in a long time, keep your heart open and enjoy a trip down memory lane. Creative arts and visualization are especially potent for you now. Tai chi in the park is the perfect way to get grounded and in touch with your higher energy now. The love you deserve to feel is in the world around you. Look deeper and appreciate the magic of life around you.

Cancer: Outdoor adventures are blessed this week. Hanging out with friends in nature or joining groups like yoga in the park is great for your frame of mind. You could simply enjoy alone time meditating under a tree, but it’s when you’re able to shine your personality with others that you feel most blessed now. Breathe deep, and feel the energy around you. There is so much beauty to appreciate when you open your heart and eyes. The people that you don't feel a sincerely deep connection with may be more elusive and distanced. This will give you time to rethink who you want to have most in your life and who you value most and why.

Leo: You may be rethinking career options now. It’s a good time to do a bit of research to figure out what career direction you would most love to move in. You may need to take a few steps back to gain clarity, but your heart will know. Work out some ideas you have for making money on paper. The act of writing and rethinking your goals has a way of getting you down to the details that matter. It’s an excellent time for you to reshape your skills. More natural surroundings suit you well now. Plants in your office can refresh the energy with liveliness you'll appreciate. The experience of hiking trails and climbing up hills in nature can remind you of goals you once had in your past worth thinking about again.

Virgo: The world needs you to be at your best, and to get there sometimes you need to step back to reconsider your priorities and aspirations. You’ve got a lucky streak on your side. Traveling closer to home, with road trips out in nature can help you clear your head. If you live too much in your mind, the magic and beauty in the countryside will help bring you down to earth. When you’re feeling grounded you are able to be more productive and optimistic. If you're in the mood to travel far from your area, this is a great time to do research to figure out where you would love to go. Travel ideas can open you up to new, personal perspectives that teach you more about who you are. Keep your options open and have fun figuring out the details.

Libra: This is a great week to do research. Whatever it is you’ve been wondering about, this is the time to take practical action, do the work and figure out where your best resources can be found. Leave no stone unturned. Blessings in disguise are likely to find you. It’s also a good time to reconsider your money situation, particularly how you approach debt. Love can end up being your source of real power to transform your life. Appreciate all the sources of love that are available to you, from family, friends, pets, strangers and you will feel more grounded.

Scorpio: If you don’t understand someone else, it’s a good time to start listening to what they have to say with more attention. Ask for clarity if you aren’t getting their perspective. It’s a great week for relationships to feel physically connected. Your senses are likely to be heightened. From a touch, to a fragrance, to a sight, magnetism is turned up easily this week. If you’re tired from overwork, take a much needed rest to recharge. But if you’re being lazy, you’ll have to put in extra effort to find your motivation. Be honest with yourself and you’ll know what to do. If you are unsure about a relationship, or communications seem to be fizzling out, you may find yourself reading between the lines. If you really want clarity where someone else stands, you'll have to ask.

Sagittarius: This week has you rethinking your day to day routine. It’s a great time for you to get yourself figured out so your lifestyle and your work are more in harmony. It can take you a few weeks to get it figured out, but it’ll be worth your time. If your duties and responsibilities are weighing on you, it’s a good idea to start doing more of what you love with your spare time. Nature wants your presence. Dressing weather appropriate will help you enjoy the elements. It's a good time to think more about what you're doing to make an income. Reflecting on where you are not satisfied in your day to day work routine will help you discover new goals that can help you improve your financial situation.

Capricorn: Are you as creative as you’d like to be? This week that question can bring up a whole lot of further questions and ideas. Making something substantial is in your blood. You were born to achieve great things. You’ve got leadership qualities. But what about the fun things you’ve long said you’d get to? There is a greater appreciation for all that is natural, beautiful and artistic this week. Spending time outside can be the right kind of entertainment you’d love most. Emotions can arise later in the week that have you asking yourself what your next goals are that will make you feel like you're living a more meaningful life.

Aquarius: Bringing more beauty into your home is recommended for you this week. Even just a few flowers or plants in your space can make a huge difference to your energy. Home should be where you get to nurture your deepest thinking and reflection. Making your space clearer by getting rid of excess material objects and placing the ones you love in just the right spots helps you to feel grounded. Open the blinds, let the light in and appreciate what you have. Deeper reflection on the origins of your family ancestory and lineage can empower you to do your best with what you have and what you know.

Pisces: If you don’t feel like being particularly social this week, that’s okay. Time to yourself can be highly prized. When you have time to think for yourself, you get to understand your wants and needs that much better. If you do socialize, those that you know have good hearts are the best option. Sitting near a garden, having a cup of tea, and reading your favorite book can spark an internal dialogue that leads to answers that are usually hidden. A down to earth approach in your interactions with others can remind you of the types of people that you appreciate most in your life.

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